Red hair is much more than a hue It’s an attitude. Redheads are adventurous, tough and ready to conquer the world! If you’re searching to have a red hair color that you like, then you’re at the right spot. Red hair shades are natural, and rely on the melanin levels of women’s. The hues are amorphous and range from strawberry copper, auburn, or the burgundy. All you need to do is determine the perfect red hair color for your skin tone as well as the color of your eyes. Prior to your the next appointment for hair dye, take a look at these photos of the top red hair colors.

#1 A ferocious red mid-length hair with loose waves

Stunning Ginger Red Hair Color

#2: Stunning Ginger Red Color

Give a youthful look to your complexion and hair by putting on a striking ginger red shade. Ideal for those with warm skin tones, a striking red gives life and vibrancy for your hair. The copper and red tones reflect light and will make the shine of your hair.

Vibrant Fire Engine Red

#3: Vibrant Fire Engine Red

This fiery red of the fire engine is so smoky! Isn’t it amazing that the bright red hue seem like hair?

brick red middle-parted hair

#4: Brick Red Middle-Parted Hair

Middle-part hair that is brick red looks very attractive. You’ll be able to wear it every day! Keep your hair long and let your red-haired elegant locks shine. The additional color is accentuated too.

Deep mahogany for women over 70

5: Deep Mahogany for Women older than 70

The deep mahogany shade for women aged who are over 70 is a great way to glam up any outfit and adds spark to any shade. The best thing about darker shades of reddish/purple is that they look more neutral and brown when they are not in direct sunlight, resulting in the illusion of subtleness, and not immediately overwhelming.

Coral red hair

#6: Coral Red Hair Color

The red hair color of coral is an excellent shade that can be used as an all-over color. Coral is the perfect blend of warm tones that work well with many skin tones. The red tones tend to fade faster therefore regular visits to the salon are highly recommended.

Bright strawberry red hair

#7: Bright Strawberry Red Hair

Red hair with a bright strawberry hue is radiant, glowing and vibrant in its the color. Red tones with rich copper tones are ideal for those who are naturally redheads looking to bring depth and increase their color. The red hue of strawberry hair is vivid and looks stunning when viewed on fair or more dark tones of skin. To showcase your fiery red hair employ a flat iron create loose waves that showcase the vibrancy and lustre of the hair.

Copper tones for women over 60

#8: Copper Tones for women over 60

Beautiful copper tones for women over 60 appear best on medium skin tones that have undertones that are slightly warmer. The warm copper hue will enhance the warmth of your complexion.

Peachy Pink Undertones on Red Hair

#9: Peachy Pink Undertones on Red Hair

Pink undertones that are peachy on red hair create an eye-catching combination of shades. This balayage in peach pink for long hair highlights the candy shades.

Auburn Highlights

#10: Auburn Highlights

Auburn highlights are a simple method to achieve that trendy look of hair with a reddish hue. Cut off your bright red hair by adding darker hues of hair dye, and create that chic and fashionable look in your pictures.

Hints of Strawberry Ombre

#11: Hints of Strawberry Ombre

The strawberry ombre that is evident in this hair color will transport you to other everywhere! Show off the color with long hair, and take pleasure in the beauty of a long red-hair day!

auburn red hair coloring

#12: Auburn Red Hair

The auburn red hair has Copper color melting. It has a look a similar to Christina Hendricks. When coloring your hair red make sure you protect it by applying the top products recommended by your stylist of choice.

auburn red hair coloring

#13: Vivid Red Highlights

The vibrant red highlights paired with an edgy ombre, are stunning! Make sure to use color-safe products to keep the colors vivid. Do not worry about black roots as you’ll be fine growing out.

Peachy Pastel Red Hair

#14: Peachy Pastel Red Hair

This pastel peach red color hair is blend of pastel pink with peach undertones. This color melt looks great on fair to neutral-toned complexions.

dark ruby red hair color

#15: Dark Ruby Red

The dark red balayage style makes your hair look sharper and more detailed. Hairstyle your hair in subtle waves and then finish it with a gloss spray and watch how the color is reflected even more. The ruby red shade is a stylish option for those that have dark hair and wish to make a statement today as a redhead!

Burnt Orange Red

#16: Burnt Orange Red

Hair dye that is burnt orange red is an excellent method to spice up your boring ginger hair. Hair dyes can be applied to your hair using blonde highlights and pink tones inside for a bright orange tint to give your red hair a more dimensional look.

Deep sandy red shade for women over 50

#17: Deep Sandy Red Shade for Women over 50

The deep, sandy red shade for women who are over 50 adds personality and a sense of edge to the woman who wears it. Beauty Therapist Soubecas Ioannis from Greece has made this vibrant hair color pop.

“It is essential to have a high quality of hair for it to shine and radiate elegance. Color-enhancing and moisturizing masks are essential for maintenance of your hair,” Ioannis explains.

Mahogany With Blonde Highlights

#18: Mahogany With Blonde Highlights

It’s a simple, red shade with a touch of spice! This particular shade was developed by stylist and salon owner Nicole LaFrance of Millbury, MA. “Warmer red hair shades like mahogany look gorgeous,” says LaFrance. “Ask for your hair stylist’s help to maintain the mahogany base in your hair. You can then add copper pieces for balayage to give it more depth.” Red can fade more quickly than other colors. LaFrance suggests that you touch up your balayage every 6 to 8 months. “A short routine color melt will leave the color looking fresh!” “I always remind women that these colors are more maintenance-intensive than other colors due to their speedy fade,” she adds. “Use cool water in order to clean your hair. Hot water will open the cuticle, making the process easier for color to slide out. Also, as with any other color procedure make sure you use a great leave-in conditioner at least once per week! This can help repair any damage to your hair caused by color and will restore the moisture of your hair!”

#19: Scarlet Red Balayage

This balayage in red scarlet is an amazing color and is perfect for long-length hair.

scarlet red hair color

#20: Scarlet Red Hair Color

This red shade is a savage one-color shade that creates an illusion of lows and highs in hair. If you’re thinking of going with an intense scarlet shade must be aware of some aspects. The first is that it can create beautiful undertones in your skin that you haven’t seen before. There are a variety of shades, from coppery red to violet-red , or true red. They also fade fast so make sure you use a quality shampoo that doesn’t scrub the gorgeous new hue straight off your hair’s strand. The hair that has this color needs regular touch-ups every 4-6 weeks. It’s also normal for these shades to stay slightly on the outside on the shaft of hair particularly when you’re semi. It is common to see the color run off into the water during washing, or bleeding onto towels is normal, so make sure you have older ones or darker ones!

natural redhead

#21: Natural Redhead

Natural red hair is among the most rare hair color available to modern ladies. There is nothing wrong with the lucky women with the natural hair color of red. This natural shade is a modern version of the shag cut to length hair. You can air dry your hair with a salt spray but you’ll still end up with a messy hair.

deeper red lowlights

#22: Deeper Red Lowlights

Deeper red lowlights give an intense hair color that women will want to swoon over. The flattering reddish tone is great on thick, short hair. The subtle choppy layers can enhance the hue even more.

Magenta Red

#23: Magenta Red

“Magenta red is super exciting,” says hairstylist Nicole of Derry, NH. “The deep cranberry shades give the perfect amount of subtlety to create something playful. This is the combination of vibrancy and depth together.” The women with red hair dye options should be aware of the following The fantasy colors require very demanding to maintain. Nicole suggests that you make an appointment appointments with your hairdresser every six to eight weeks in order to keep the color in a fresh state. “If you’re looking for an hair color similar to the one that has been dyed, dry shampoo is the best choice. The less often you wash it and the longer it stays.”

Cinnamon Red Fashion

#24: Cinnamon Red Fashion

This fashion-forward cinnamon red is a vibrant and fiery color! It’s a sure bet that you’ll have an elegant Queen Elizabeth appearance with this shade. It’s lightened prior to being applied from the roots until the ends and colored with an two-part formula that gives the maximum amount of dimension. If you’re interested in an red hair color consider your eye color, skin tone color and natural hair color into account.

garnet red for short hair

#25: Garnet Red for Short Hair

Garnet red for hair with short lengths is a rousing sign of energy. Request your stylist to apply the reddish hue on the first visit. Ask for the plum tone at your next visit. This hair color is fantastic for instant lift for your hair. It’s a very high maintenance color that must be maintained with toners.

Red and Rose Gold Balayage

#26: Red and Rose Gold Balayage

Rose gold Balyage is a fiery red hair shade. It has a lot of depth which is perfect for curls or waves.

Chocolate Red Highlights

#27: Chocolate Red Highlights

“This color is distinct from more contemporary colors of the red hair” hair stylist Katie Spidle of Columbus, MS. “Red can be difficult to take off from your hair,” she notes. “This shade is ideal for women who prefer a more auburn, copper tone instead of a brighter shade. It’s also the color which is perfect for freckles and may enhance blue eyes.” Spidle says there are two major aspects to take into consideration which shade you’d like to have and the kind of maintenance you’ll need to take care of. “There are numerous hues of the red such as red-orange, red-violet blue-red, auburn, and many more!”

cherry red balayage

#29: Sunny Red Bronze

This bright red bronze is an energizing copper shade that works for a wavy bob cut. The color was designed by hairstylist Jennifer Ebbinghouser of Sparta, NJ. “Ask your stylist for an equilateral triangle when you’re looking to refresh your hair balayage,” says Ebbinghouser. “While Toning your highlight with red bronze make sure you ask for redken shade.”

dyed red hair with bangs

#30: Dyed Poison Apple Red

“This dyed red poison apple color is brightening your face. If you are looking for a similar color, then you need to opt for professional-grade products. Use a coloured shampoo and conditioner to keep the color such as Davines Red Alchemic system. Reds that are dyed look fantastic on pale women as well as women who do not have pinkish shades within their complexions.merlot red hair color


#31: Merlot Red Hair Color

The merlot red hair color is a deep, true wine shade with balayage-colored pieces. The hair pieces are painted along the ends and on the front of the face to frame it. The deepness of this shade makes it suitable for all skin types. The merlot hue is ideal for bringing out stunning eyes! The bright reddish hue is a great choice for different hair types, but it is best when paired in healthy hair.

Mahogany With Blonde Highlights

#32: Mahogany With Blonde Highlights

It’s a shade of red mahogany that has lighter highlights that are blonde and color melting. “It is a bright copper orange , with gold balayage highlights. The golden hairstyle is the best way to make you look like Nicole Kidman” says senior stylist Ashley Bahm of Stillwater, OK. This shade is ideal for women with fair and warm skin tones. “I particularly love a golden-red shade on women who have green eyes! The mahogany shade is perfect on women of all hair kinds,” says Bahm. Bahm suggests using the base color and then balayage through (alternating) in order to give depth to the color. “Using an sulfate-free shampoo as well as conditioner, and always washing and rinse with cool water can aid in maintaining your appearance and help keep it looking stunning and lively. If you use a hairspray on a regular basis be sure to stay clear of hairsprays with high levels of alcohol. The alcohol in the hairspray can cause it to fade more quickly and become very brassy” she says.

Crimson Red Ringlets

#33: Crimson Red Ringlets

These crimson red rings feature vivid coppers and reds. They were designed through the styling of Meagan Eldridge from Nashville, TN. “Ask the stylist you trust to mix the vibrant crimson color with coppers and bright reds” she says. The ideal tone and shade must be selected following a thorough discussion. These gorgeous curls in crimson are breathtaking and full of life and are worth every penny.

Maroon & Violet Burgundy

#34: Maroon & Violet Burgundy

This maroon-violet-burgundy shade is a deep maroon that has highlights from balayage. “I am a fan of the bright copper flecks that recur throughout,” says hairstylist Amelia Rempel from Canada. This shade is ideal for women with cool skin tones or for women who have fair skin tones and pink undertones. “Use cool water and don’t over-wash your hair in order to keep the hair’s color,” says Rempel. “Wash your hair using conditioner and shampoo that is color safe like Goldwell Fade Stop and R+Co Gemstone. If you’re interested in an exact shade request a range of shades of violet, red and copper. The dimensions will allow you to have a beautiful fade-out, and it will last until you’re able to get back the stylist.” This shade is best for those with cool skin tones, or fair skin with pink undertones. Rempel offers this advice to your stylist: “The base was applied first. Utilizing Topchic Effects and Silk Lift were applied with an unintentional balayage technique. This was to ensure that the base color blends into. The process took 30 minutes before being toned in the basin for fifteen minutes.”

Burgundy Red for Summer

#35: Burgundy Red for Summer

This red hue was designed by master colourist Sarai Speer from Kansas City, MO. “This is a lovely hairstyle that requires little maintenance,” notes Speer. “The shade should be retouched every 6-8 weeks to keep the vibrancy.” For women who have dark burgundy undertones to the skin tone, this shade will help to enhance those. Utilize Joico Lumishines as well as Schwarzkopf shades (and obviously Olaplex) to get this red hue.

Western Europe Reddish-Brown

#36: Western Europe Reddish-Brown

It’s a Western Europe reddish-brown base color is broken up by copper highlights. It’s a great choice for those who don’t wish to settle for old brunette or dark hair. The warm red hues provide the skin with a needed shine. This shade is ideal for women looking to tone down hair that was previously dark. Microfine copper highlights make the overall red hue while also giving the original color a sparkle! If the color fades, it will appear like Amy Adam’s hair color. Copper is great for women with hairstyles that are reddish-brunette. However, other colors include bright copper along with strawberry blonde.

rusty brown red

#37: Rusty Brown Red

This dark brown-red-rusty color is great for a more dimensional redhead. Add brighter pieces to create an imposing base. This dark brown-red shade is perfect designed for women who want an interesting style, and is willing to keep the rich shade.

Ruby Red Ombre

#38: Ruby Red Ombre

This vibrant ruby red ombre with a dark root was created by hair stylist Marinna Guasto of Long Island, NY. “A darker root adds an extra energy and makes the color last longer between appointments,” says Guasto. “Redheads are extremely difficult to keep because it’s difficult for hair to keep this shade.” “I always try to remind those who are considering using boxes for color and that they should see a licensed hairdresser who utilizes professionally-made color” She adds. “Wash your hair with a red ombre in the least amount of time you can and always apply a hair protector that is heat-resistant and uses moderate temperatures. The color fades with high heat so quickly.”

warm red hue

#39: Warm Red Hue

The warmer red shade is creating autumnal vibes! To get this hue you should ask your colorist for an intense orange-red hue that brings out cheeks flushed.

soft apricot red hair color

#40: Soft Apricot

The soft apricot copper color has reflection tones. It’s bright and was invented by stylist Evie Williams from Essex. “A delicate apricot copper shade will suit every woman, but it’s essential to choose the correct shade,” says Williams. “Women who have a warm skin tone should opt for an copper gold base.”

Light Auburn

#41: Light Auburn Hair

Hair with a light auburn color never fails to turn heads. The tasted hair color like this can be made by using an ombre method.

Medium Copper and Irish Red

#42: Medium Copper + Irish Red

Medium copper and the Irish red are a fiery shade that will make you crave more warm shades. A vibrant red glow is stunning in medium-length hair.

dark brown and indian red

#43: Dark Brown and Indian Red

The dark brown, Indian red with highlights combination is an innovative way to bring brightness to your dark locks.

Dramatic Rosewood Balayage


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