Thin hair is a battle in itself. While you never have to worry about it getting “big”, it can be difficult to get it to retain texture or desired volume. While it’s desirable for those who don’t have it, those who know there’s a fine line between chic and casual. Fortunately, there are many beautiful short haircuts that skillfully emphasize the beauty of fine hair, and not shortcomings. Here are a few looks that will look amazing on you if your hair is in order.

1. Sleek Angled Long Bob Hair Cut

Sleek Angled Bob Sleek Angled Bob/via

This gorgeous look is sure to look amazing on anyone.

2. Sweeping Bob

Sweeping Bob Sweeping Bob/via

This haircut not only looks great, but it will also add volume to your curls.

3. Emma Watson Pixie: Very Short Haircut

Emma Waston Pixie Emma Waston Pixie/via

This British beauty showed us all how stunning a pixie looks.

4. Boy Short Cut with Layers

Boy Short Cut Boy Short Cut/via

Or be bold like Charlize and get even shorter!

5. Waves with Flair

Waves With Flair Waves With Flair/via

A few waves will go a long way to add great texture.

6. Smooth Pixie

Smooth Pixie Smooth Pixie/via

There’s a reason this is the third pixie cut on this list. Because they look phenomenal.

7. Side Swept Bob

Side Swept Bob Side Swept Bob/via

Don’t get carried away with layers. This look proves that the right haircut looks amazing.

8. Tousled Bob

Tousled Bob Tousled Bob/via

Get confused and splatter your head. It will definitely help you look fresh and naturally beautiful all day long.

9. Elegantly Framed

Elegantly Framed Elegantly Framed/via

Framed hair is a flattering look that will work with both your hair and your face.

10. Wavy With Fringe

Wavy With Fringe Wavy With Fringe/via

This look is perfect because it perfectly balances the weight of Rashida Jones’s hair.


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