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Short Layers on Long Hair: 13 Examples of This Hot Trend

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Short layers of longer hair are a cut which is cut in different lengths in order to increase more volume, eliminate any weight and frame the face and provide a flexible styling. Long hair can be burdensome However, by having shorter layers, you’ll increase your style! Different lengths change the monotonous appearance to a more interesting, lively one. The hair stylist Gabriel Deodato’s layered hair designs show how stunning and gorgeous any mane could look when styled in layers, regardless of the texture. Hairstyled with Bangs, waves highlights or a shag shorter layers of long hair are essential to creating that modern, messy, lived-in look everybody is raving about. With the right products for hair styling you can create a variety of hairstyles at home and remain fresh and distinctive each day. A great fit for anyone This style requires regular visits to your hairdresser since the overall appearance depends on the length the hair. If you’re looking for more convincing, look at the stunning Boho styles of Hollywood model Amanda Seyfried, Dakota Johnson as well as Elizabeth Olsen! Read on to see the most popular styles as well as more information about how to style long hair while wearing shorter layers!

Short Layers for Long Hair

#1: Long Thick Hair with Short Layers

If you’re looking to make your hair to grow long enough to form layers of it make it happen! Make sure your hair is noticeable from all angles!

Layered Long Wavy Hair

#2: Layered Long Wavy Hair

The long-layered wavy hairstyle offers you the opportunity to experiment when styling your hair. It is possible to style your hair with soft or straight curls or extremely long and wavy. This is the perfect haircut for women who love having long hair. It’s a youthful, fresh sexually attractive look. It’s perfect because it can be altered to fit any shape of face. When my hair is wet I prefer using Seven Second Detangler Leave-in Conditioner from Unite Hair Care followed by Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray to increase the volume of my roots.

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Short layers on very long hair

#3: Shorter Layers on Very Long Hair

Making shorter layers of waist-length hair creates a texture. If you’re looking for more rugged look it’s worth trying this technique.

short layers for long thin hair

#4: Short Layers for Thin Hair

The thin, graduated layer aid in volumizing straight fine hair.

Short layers on medium to long hair

#5: Layered Medium to Long Hair

The addition of layers to the shoulder length cut can result in longer flared ends. By keeping your layers down to an absolute minimum will be more organized.

Short layers on long straight hair

#6: Short Layers on Straight Hair

Begin by splitting the hair horizontally. This creates layers to cut. Cut each layer in stages. Blot dry and then apply a brush to get the maximum volume.

short layers for fine hair

#7: Short Layers for Fine Hair

Layers of delicately cut-up hair to add body and volume for hair with fine texture. Get those flowing locks, while keeping a an edge on the ends.

long hair with short front layers

#8: Short Front Layers

Long hair in need of short layers could drastically alter your appearance, but in the best way possible obviously. You can achieve that soft appearance while still maintaining length.

long shaggy hair with bangs

9. Long Hair with Bangs

Simple and natural with a few smooth-cut fringes as well as long, thick locks. Do you think this black shaggy hairstyle doesn’t look amazing?

Short layers on long curly hair

#10: Layered Curly Hair

What do you do if you’ve got curly hair that’s volumized? Add more volume! The layers give vitality to the curls which can completely transform your look.

Short Feathered Layers

#11: Short Feathered Layers

This is ideal for people with thick hair who would like to balance the hair’s body. It’s a stunning golden beige balayage that is set on an icy chocolate base. It’s an excellent option for anyone who wishes to be lighter or more blonde, but not completely switch into a blonde. The ability to maintain the depth of the root/base as well as the entire length gives a more softer appearance and a much more softer growth out. The cut is kept in place while adding an airy, volumized and texture. This haircut is an updated take on Farrah layers. This cut is extremely versatile for everyday style it can also be blow up straightened, curled, or curled and still show the layers’ movement. Because of the shorter layers on top this style can be much easier to achieve when the top is bulky and flat. It’s amazing to add elegance and life to hair with fine texture too. If you have naturally curly hair, a great leave-in treatment, which allows the hair to dry, works very well and is beautiful and beachy.

Choppy Layers

#12: Choppy Layers

The look is a perfect combination of classic and modern which is why I love the most about this look. Think of Brigette Bardot and the modern woman or man. We’ve seen a continuous trend of long hair, and the use of shorter lengths in the face as well as across the top is an excellent method to add some color to the hair while keeping the length people love. When you have a hairstyle that is so varied on in terms of structure within the haircut, the color and the placement of the hair are things to take into consideration. I always try to achieve an overall, cohesive appearance with the haircut and color. This is definitely a haircut that is suitable for any hair type and texture and face designs. The most important factor in highlighting or delaying the emphasis on facial features is in the placement of layers. Customers are embracing the unfinished, “less is more” style. This look is perfect for people who prefer minimal maintenance during the daytime. Texturizing products are great for giving the hair the vitality it requires. The variety of this cut offers infinite possibilities for changing the appearance depending on the number of layers you have and how short you decide to cut them. You can opt for a dramatic style by adding texture to the hair by using different lengths, or opt for something more traditional with the layering longer in length. As stylist, I am thrilled the moment when clients bring pictures in! When you are researching cuts such as those, look up words such as “shag” and “modern shag”.

Long Hair with Short Layers on Top

#13: Long Hair with Short Layers on top

I am in love with this cut! It’s a long-haired with a layered cut. It is comprised of face-frame layers and long layers as well as short layer. It is extremely simple. It looks amazing when flat-ironed and air-dry it curl it or air dried. Be sure to get the right product to achieve the correct cut. This cut can take the weight of hair. This is why it is ideal for those with thick, long hair. If you have hair that is fine you can achieve this look , but with smaller number of layers.

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