20 Bixie Cuts That Make Us Want to Go Short

Every now and again you see the cut that is so cute and attractive that you think of cutting your hair to make it shorter. The bixie style is definitely one of those. It’s medium-short, which means it’s not as huge as a shock for the system like the traditional pixie. It’s also stuffed with flexible layers that are lightweight and offer lots of style flexibility. The more we look at these bixie cut styles that are trending and the more we want to cut some hair and give this fashion an attempt! Here are 20 of our most-loved examples of different ways to wear the Bixie cut.

1. Bixie Cut With Soft Layered Bangs

The bixie is just below the ear for an easy cut that doesn’t cause any weight on straight or fine hair. The longer bangs offer more style versatility and add a bit of weight on at the top of the hairstyle to provide balanced. With soft layers all over cuts, the signature shape of the bixie sits at the front and central.

2. 90s Inspired Side-Swept Bixie

Bring back the funky, everything-can-happen 90s with this fun and feathery bixie stuffed by soft, layered. Layering helps keep the bulk off of the ends to create an appearance full of movement and is perfect to square, round and oval-shaped faces. A side part that has bangs that have been styled downwards as well as across your forehead gives the appearance of “vintage” impressions.

3. Wispy Layered Bixie With Full Bangs

One of the great things about Bixie cuts is how well it can be worn with various types of bangs. A thick, full fringe gives shape to the cut, while wispy pointed ends keep the look lighter overall. The bangs are split down the middle to create a totally distinct look whenever you wear it!

4. Tapered Bixie With Boosted Crown Volume

A little volume added on top is simple to achieve using the thin layers of the cut bixie. The extra height makes this style appealing for square or round faces as it visually lengthens your face to give it slimmer lines. Hairstyle the longer bangs from front and out to the sides to highlight the cut back and sides! We love the length added beneath the nape of the neck for balance and look.

5. Graduated Blonde Bixie With Distressed Waves

A vibrant blonde shade is the ideal one to highlight a bixie cut short particularly with graduation and waves that define and shape the style! Longer hairstyles that do not taper make the style look seamless on the front, and the layers on the sides and back make sure the style stays and tapered at the top for that classic pixie-like shape.

6. Sleek Side Part Bixie

Bixie cuts don’t need to be layered heavily or choppy. Blended, layers that are invisible can produce an elegant profile for the cut , if you’d like to keep it that way. Side parts and point-cut layers can remove weight and bulk at the ends while creating a sleek Bixie that is perfect for square and oval faces!

7. Shaggy & Tousled Bixie With Wispy Fringe

One of our most favorite ways to rock a bixie style is by embracing that shaggy and tousled style. In the end, with all the gorgeously light pixie-style layers why not take a few fun shots with the style? The thinner layers make the form for the look with wispy, piecey bangs on the forehead. This style has all the great features of a short bob the pixie cut

8. Throwback Side-Swept Bixie With Extra Volume

This extravagant style is a great method of arranging a basic bixie cut that has numerous layers and longer bangs. It’s reminiscent of Courtney Cox’s wavy hair of the 90s and is a flattering universal style for all facial shapes. Make use of a spray for volume or mousse on the roots after drying using the use of a round brush to create this gorgeous volume!

9. Layered Bixie Blowout

Many layers that make up a style can always appreciate a bit of more attention in the process of styling. A blowout that is turned back towards the back with an ethereal style is a great way to create a modern Bixie that has a 90s feel! Make the front part of the bangs longer to create the bob portion of the bixie appearance. The tapered shape and layers are borrowed from pixie styles!

10. Bixie With Chic Flattened Waves

A variety of light layers can be the foundation for a variety of hairstyles, like beautiful and chic waves. Curling in spirals using the curling iron pulled while warm can flatten the waves to create an elegant and stylish look which highlights the short bixie cut.

11. Layered & Styled Forward Bixie With Bangs

Making your own unique styles is easy thanks to the multi-faceted Bixie Cut. Blending those layers with a feathered look is a great way to play with. Long, brow-grazing bangs that are styled to the side, match the styled-forward layers on sides to create a cohesion using the wavy, point-cut texture.

12. Tapered Bixie With Side Bangs

This airy and fun cut resembles an oversized bob on the front and side bangs that add some youth to the look. On the back and sides the hair is tapered to form the pixie style without much weight or bulk, for an enviable slimming effect.

13. Blended and Shaped Bixie

If you don’t like spending hours creating your style every morning, an bixie that is blended and shaped is a fantastic solution. Layers that are blended sit perfectly over one another to avoid unnecessary bulk or bulkiness at the base of the hairstyle. A quick side part and a an easy blow dry are all you require for this style to come to life!

14. Layered Lightweight Bixie

A part that is off center is an easy and easy way to base on a variety of casual, smooth styles using the bixie. Soft layers flutter back to create a shape and give an element of texture and a shorter length makes it a the bixie style, not bob the same area.

15. Beach Hair Bixie With Choppy Layers

If you’re a lover of messy, messy looks and a choppy layer on your bixie are essential. A lot of texture and gritty sea salt will aid you in achieving the fresh-from-the-sand style without even stepping into the sand.

16. Asymmetrical Platinum Bixie

This is an attempt to take half bob, half pixie to an entirely new level. The one side has a tapered to the head to create an asymmetrical pixie style, and the other has the length and the fullness of an Asymmetrical bob.Full bangs bring both looks to create an unifying style. platinum colors add to the chic look.

17. Chic Softly Feathered Bixie

This style is about adding volume and fullness without adding bulk to the base of the look. The shorter length can help define your jawline, and emphasizes the shoulders’ shape perfectly. A side part that has an easy blowout can help to define the layers for an elegant, feathered look that is easy to put together without any effort.

18. Tapered Split Bixie

As tapering gives the head-hugging shape, the graduated layers along the top create a stunning frame that complements oval, heart and square shapes well. Make a middle section and then split the bangs down the center to reveal the face and showcase the form of this tucked-under Bixie.

19. Inverted Bixie With Highlights

Pick your pixie bob, and add some length to the front of your hair for an inverted version of the bixie fashion! If you’re looking to flatter your style that has longer layers of face-framing the reversed version is the perfect choice. It offers the comfort of a pixie that is short in the back , but the styling flexibility of an reversed bob in front!

20. Long and Wavy Bixie Shag

The primary characteristics of the bixie could be integrated into other short styles to give a distinctive fashion like this heavily layers wavy bixie. It’s slightly larger than a traditional bixie , and it’s layered high up to give a choppy effect. With a voluminous, wavy texture and the heavy, blunt bang it’s a cute and attractive option that has an excellent form.


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