20 Trendy Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas for 2022

Once you have an idea of the types of shades of platinum be the most flattering for you, let’s take a look at the stunning assortment of shades that you can find with the platinum blonde shade! Take a look at the pictures below to discover the perfect platinum shade perfect for your.

1. Arctic White Platinum

The maintenance of a clean, brilliant white platinum color is a challenge by itself and it certainly has the WOW effect. The stark, arctic color has a faint trace of silvery sheen. It is awe-inspiring due to its pure, uniform hue.

2. Violet-Tinged Platinum

Violet is among the three undertones that are found in the basic platinum blonde hair color (along with blue and silver). It is logical that platinum with a violet hue looks attractive with this metallic hue particularly when paired with cooler skin tones. With some violet hue visible in the shadow areas of hair, you’ll see captivating purple pops of color on any kind of texture or curl.

3. Platinum With Blush Roots

Blush pink roots effortlessly transform into pure cool-toned platinum for a style that’s different. The darker shade of platinum takes certain blush hues that originate from roots, and it blends beautifully to the pinkish tone of the model.

4. Icy Gray Platinum

Platinum with cool-tones is the most desired hue. If you’re looking to subdue your color by adding a bit of thickness then an icy gray shade is the ideal choice. Gray tones produce the illusion of natural shadows, and also deepen the hue of platinum to make it more manageable to maintain properly toned.

5. Rosy Platinum

A hint of rose gold is evident in this platinum blonde bright with the warmth. The pink-gold tones underneath give it a different look from blue and violet-toned platinum, and is perfect for ladies with neutral or warm undertones.

6. Platinum Blonde With a Hint of Honey

A few of the interesting aspects of platinum hair is its chameleon-like capability to show different shades with subtle differences in light. The platinum hue appears almost white , with some shadowy depth underneath. However, when you look at it in the right light you’ll notice some warm honey blonde, which adds some color.

7. Beige Platinum Blonde

Beige blondes can be tinted with yellow and pale silver tones, which add more body and depth to the hue. Beige platinum blends the shine and brightness of platinum and the solid richness of beige blonde for an incredibly unique color that sparkles like a diamond.

8. White Platinum With Silvery Depth

We love brilliant white platinum, but it could be too sharp for certain. If you’re looking for a natural-looking shade that doesn’t leave your hair looking dull and colorless, opt for gray-silver hues to give an illusion of shadow and depth. The effect is most noticeable when you have a shorter pixie like this.

9. Ash to Platinum Blonde Balayage

We are big fans of balayage and this colorist has really mastered the technique. The cool-toned ash blonde that runs from the root to mid-shaft provides this look with a bit of dimension and depth. Bright platinum comes in at the midshaft, and brightens the appearance to a pristine brightness that keeps the cool tones of ash.

10. Silver-Washed Platinum

Platinum and silver work well since they possess a metallic glimmer that is cool with undertones. The silvery platinum is cool toned all the way through with the darker peekaboo root to provide the tiniest of contrast.

11. Lifted Platinum With Warm Shadow Root

A warm, warm shadow with platinum is a colour clash that’s waiting to happen but if you apply these warm tones through your hair, it can work. The golden, dirty blonde hair effortlessly transitions to sparkling platinum with the slightest hint of golden honey in the shadowed areas throughout the hairstyle. It’s a fantastic way to create platinum to create warmer undertones.

12. Cool-to-Warm Platinum Transition

It’s not often that you can achieve a color change that has warm and cool tones However, this is the case! The cool-toned ashy root transitions to a bright white platinum, before exploding into an explosion of gold-toned warmth towards the end. There’s a mix of neutral, cool, and warm tones with this look, which means it is suitable for any skin tones.

13. Ethereal Gray Platinum

There’s a distinct line that separates shades of gray/silver and platinum. This hue is light enough to be in the platinum part on the spectrum. Do you notice how the gray hues at the root lift to a more vibrant white near the midshaft? It creates a shadow effect on the roots which creates this vibrant, ethereal appear more natural.

14. Neutral Champagne Platinum Blonde

Champagne blonde tones create this hue of platinum neutral, but not warm or cool. This balanced shade works well with cool, warm and neutral undertones when paired with the correct roots tones. If you’re warmer-toned, sprinkle some warmer blonde (honey or even golden) on the root for some shadow. If you’re cool toned, go for an dirt blonde or ash root to help blend the color.

15. Silvered Violet Platinum

Are you not a fan of white platinum shades? It’s best to go with silvery violet hints to make the platinum hue shine. When you cut your hair short, such as this adorable pixie, it gives an almost whimsical style that recalls fairy-tale hair.

16. Pure White Platinum Blonde

If you’re looking for the brightest platinum with the whitest color Pure platinum is the ultimate goal. It’s nearly colorless, and it’s elevated up to 11 levels, which is the lowest level of platinum and whiteness you can attain. The tone is adjusted to get rid of any hints of warmth, or the typical blue-violet hues that are typically found on platinum-plated strands. We love it! can be said to understate it!

17. Dimensional Platinum With Dirty Blonde Shadow Root

A full-on platinum look is a significant commitment to maintenance and it’s more manageable if you opt for a darker shadow. Dirty blonde sprayed into the roots can create an organic color transition and won’t appear as sharp against your scalp. When your roots begin to expand they’ll be much easier to blend the tones of dirty blonde as opposed to having them perfectly blend and tone platinum roots.

18. Soft Platinum With Rose Undertones

Platinum looks great with vibrant undertones, and can transform the overall appearance of a standard platinum shade. The warm undertones of this light platinum shade work to reflect the model’s skin tone to create an attractive shade that complements cool undertones extremely well. With those rings? This is a stunning result.

19. Shimmering Pearl Platinum

Pearly blonde is a fantastic neutral or cool shade however when it’s combined with the metallic, shimmery sparkle from platinum it’s awe-inspiring. The color appears like it’s iridescent due to its shiny shine and reflection smoothness. We like the contrast between the darker roots, however it is possible to take this color up to get a more pure look.

20. Platinum With Sunny Yellow Undertones

The warmer undertones of the skin could clash with pure platinum, but adding even the slightest hint of yellow to the tone will resolve the issue. It’s unlikely to give the “yellow blonde” appearance at all when you have the right tone – simply a warm shading that bounces off the platinum to create an appealing warmness.


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