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20 Chunky Highlights Ideas to Rock in 2023

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The late 90s and early 2000s fashions for beauty are definitely seeing a massive revival right now. We’re now more attracted by fashions of the past more than any time before before, particularly in regards to hairstyles. Take, for example, big chunky highlights. If you’re sceptical about this style due to its origins it’s likely that you haven’t noticed the stunning way that chunky highlights could appear! So, relax and take a look at our top selection of trending chunky highlight ideas to help you plan your next style. Chunky highlights, also referred to as highlighters for money, are the preferred style of everyone who keeps up to date with the latest trends. In contrast to the ’90s chunky highlights were reminiscent of zebra-like stripes The 2023 version is more of face-framed ribbon highlights that are woven into the lengths. Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, and Dua Lipa have already dazzled all with their stunning face-framing looks If you’d like to be a part of them Here are some stunning designs to look at.

What Are Modern Chunky Highlights Like?

#1: Chunky Blonde Highlights

Do you have a memory of the big, slender highlights Kelly Clarkson wore back in the 90s? This is a contemporary version of this trend. Change your chubby blonde highlights by adding pastel pink balayage that will make it clear that this style is not from 2023 but the ’90s.

Blonde Plus Pastel Pink Chunky Highlights

#2: Dimensional Copper Highlights

Copper is one of the hair shades that are in current fashion, however, If you’re not looking to dye your hair only in a single hue You can play around with vivid , bold highlights. This is a great choice for guys who want to take a step up with a classic copper shade.

Vibrant Copper Highlights

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#3: Chunky Ash Highlights

If this looks is making you want highlights in the hair of yours, you’re aware of how to freshen up your hairstyle! The ashy shades that cascade down will bring a lift to dark hair, and visually thicken your hair’s thin locks.

Ashy Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

#4: Chunky Highlights on Curtain Bangs

Give your straight, fine hair more density and volume by mixing natural hair with thick blonde highlights. With a fringe that is a curtain hairstyles will appear much more attractive, and it can help emphasize your facial features.

Curtain Bangs Plus Ashy Highlights Hairstyle

#5: Longer Neck Hair using Money Pieces

The blonde strands of face-framing hairstyles that frame brown hair look gorgeous! Highlights with a hefty amount of sparkle will add additional dimension to your hair and take your long brunette locks into the top tier.

Blonde Money Piece on Medium Length Hair

#6 Black Hair with Contrasting Pieces of Money Pieces

Sometimes all it takes to revitalize your hairstyle is a bit of colour in a few places. Select a lighter hue to lighten your appearance and bring your dark hair to life. It also works well with virtually every skin tones.

Long Layered Haircut with Chunky Highlights

#7: Soft Blonde and Caramel Highlights

You prefer a glam look that blends well with your brunette hair? Choose soft caramel highlights to give subtle depth. You can also blend blonde highlights for face framing into the darker shade of your hair to match your skin tone.

Caramel Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

#8: High-Contrast Chunky Ribbon on Dark Hair

If you feel that your hairstyle isn’t impressive enough, put a cash piece of ribbon to the hair’s front. Make this hefty ribbon dyed in a different shade to create a stunning design that is strikingly different from other hairstyles.

Contrasting Money Piece on Dark Hair

9: Curly hair with highlights of blonde

The swathes of honey blonde are truly beautiful! Bring some enticements to your medium-length locks with curly hairstyles and blonde money pieces.

Blonde Ribbons on Curly Hair

#10: Gorgeous Golden Copper Locks

There is no need to dye your entire mane bright colors to highlight the wavy cut at mid-length. Make sure to highlight individual locks with the golden copper tone to match your hair’s primary shade. This stylish look will make heads turn!

Copper Highlights on Black Hair

#11: Red Hair with Strawberry Highlights

Do you want something spicy and hot? Let the lustre of your gorgeous red hair with these stunning strawberry blonde highlights. With these hair pieces you’ll look stunning and fiery like ever before!

Strawberry Blonde Chunky Highlights on Red Base

#12: Yellow Highlights and Money Pieces

If you’re fond of vibrant hues then you should try to mix this gorgeous yellow hue together with your natural hair for something truly captivating. Utilize a curling iron, or a heated brush in order to make stunning curls that add depth and texture to your new hair color.

Bright Yellow Money Pieces

#13: Subtle Money Piece

If you’re looking to test the waters by wearing something less formal pick this delicate money piece highlight. Lighten the look of a smaller portion of hair that frames your face to highlight the classic bob and draw focus to your appearance.

Beige Money Piece

#14: Icy Blonde Chunky Highlights

The color of hair that is contrasted is the hottest trend for 2023. If you’ve never seen the way this trend appears on brown hair you’ll be amazed at the way it is paired with blonde highlights that frame your face! Bring this image to your stylist to recreate this color in an appointment.

Chunky Blonde Highlights on Brown Base

#15: Toasted Caramel Money Pieces

Request your hairstylist to bring the warmth to your dark hair with beautiful caramel large highlights. The warm caramel hue will be a great contrast to the darker base color, and adding face-frames will make the hairstyle more full and airy.

Caramel Money Pieces on Wavy Hair

#16: Blonde Ribbon Highlights

For those looking to be bolder in their approach to the trend for chunky highlights the platinum-colored ribbon highlights black hair exactly what you want. When paired with a funky hairstyle this shade is stylish and distinctive.

Platinum Blonde Money Piece on Black Hair

#17: Blonde Highlighted Curls

On first look, the large blonde highlights appear to be barely noticeable and that’s the reason that makes them so appealing. These highlights are simple to maintain because they’re not really different from the natural hair color and you don’t have to go to a hairdresser frequently.

Light Blonde Highlights on Dirty Blonde Wavy Hair

#18: Pinstripe Annie Blonde Highlights

This shoulder length with a side cut is our number one favorite. Highlights that are chunky and blonde draw the eye towards the layers of hair, creating a gorgeous glow all over your face. Wear them with a smile, and practically every outfit!

Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

#19: Two-Toned 90’s Hairstyle

Check out how these two distinct and complementary shades of caramel and brown complement one another. With these attractive hair highlights that are blonde, your standard shade will be given a more modern appearance, which will make your hair look more sexier!

Brown and Caramel Hair

#20: Blue Chunky Highlights

This highlights for hair is an excellent illustration of refreshing the trend of ’00s chunky highlights. Add some color to your black bob by adding a blue shade to create a modern and stylish appearance.

Bob with Chunky Blue Highlights

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