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25 Mahogany Hair Ideas to Richen Up Your Color

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Have you ever felt depressed about yourself due to hairstyles that are “Plain Jane” brown hair? Then we have wonderful news for those of you who are suffering from this! There’s an easy solution. The color mahogany has everyone screaming and rushing into the closest salon for a dye of their hair as part of the brunette mahogany group who are swaying through the latest fashions. Check it out!

Mahogany Hair Color Inspiration

A deep blend of red and brown creates an intense mahogany color that makes a wonderful complement to a dark red-brown hair color scheme. Some hair color charts include burgundy locks that include purple and brown shades mixed in, which is an alternative to the mahogany hair colors. Explore them all in our gallery gallery to master the intricate deep hue and pick the right shade for your locks.

#1: Dark Mahogany Hair

If you are a fan of natural hair colors , but would like to get into the trend of mahogany hair colors You can opt for an ethereal mahogany tint to dark brunette hair. The subtle mahogany color looks elegant and stylish and will definitely boost your natural hair shade.

Dark Mahogany Hair Color

#2: Mahogany Balayage

The stunning hair color comes from mahogany balayage over the dark brown base. The secret to this stunning appearance is the mahogany hue with the cool plum undertone that is suitable for all skin tones from the paleest to the darkest skin tones.

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Mahogany Hue with Plum Undertone

#3: Red Tones Rock

The stunning combination of mahogany highlights in a variety of shades is certain to attract attention. If you’re a fervent redhead, but you’re tired of the usual red shade you should consider changing to the warm red hue of mahogany and the more hues you have, the more appealing.

Light Mahogany Highlights

#4: Copper Mahogany Highlights

Mahogany highlights could be the ideal option if you wish to highlight your natural hair color by adding a vibrant, bright appearance. Copper mahogany hair strands look gorgeous on long dark hair. Soft waves add an elegant, dramatic style.

Rich Mahogany Shades

5: Dark Mahogany with Copper Highlights

Dark, rich mahogany hue combined with soft waves is the epitome of elegance and class. To make your mahogany hair look more appealing and to give an air of youth, you can apply a few copper highlights. The process of pre-lightening can be beneficial for those with darker hair and helps you achieve your desired brightness.

Chic Mahogany Hair Color

#6: Mahogany Ombre for Curly Hair

The color mahogany hair is a great option to show off your natural curly curls with a bounce. If you’re not sure if mahogany hair is what you’re looking for, then you can choose an ombre in mahogany which allows for easy growth out. This is a fantastic example of an amazing curly ombre that perfectly matches striking red mahogany ends with the auburn-colored base.

Mahogany Ombre on Long Curly Hair

#7: Deep Mahogany

If you’re not a lover of red tones, deep mahogany that has cool tones is an excellent option to get into the trend for mahogany hair coloring. But, keep in mind that this shade of hair isn’t easy to maintain. If you want to keep that gorgeous mahogany-colored hair in the cooler end of the spectrum it is possible to review your regular regimen for maintaining your hair. Utilizing color-safe shampoos as well as protective products for styling with heat is a must.

Dark Brown Hair with Slight Mahogany Tint

#8: Light Mahogany Hair

The mahogany-like light shade perfectly complements dark skin tones and the natural kinky texture of hair. Mahogany gives a completely different sensation on curly short hair which allows you to achieve an enthralling yet sophisticated style.

Mahogany Hue for Darker Skin Tones

#9: Messy Mahogany Balayage

This striking dark mahogany balayage may be the best option for those who want to give a tiny bit of color, but not go too light or bright. The mahogany streaks stand out enough to give them some depth yet are still subtle that they blend in with the natural hair shade.

Long Mahogany Hair with Soft Waves

#10: Red Mahogany Hair

Are you looking for ways to lighten the natural dark hair shade? You should think about mahogany balayage. It is a great choice for long hair that is straight and curly. To make an informed choice make sure you research the mahogany shades that (warm or cool) that will complement your skin tone the best.

Mahogany Ombre on Dark Brown Base

#11: Deep Brown Locks

In a way, it’s like darker bitter chocolates, the sloppy curls showcase a sophisticated brunette color combination at the point where the hues start and merge effortlessly. If you’re in search of something simple and sweet Look no further! We’ve got you covered. If it’s brunettes, we’re experts on our hair.

Dark Mahogany Hair

#12: Deep Aubergine

Rich, deep and vibrant playful…Need we go on? These are the terms that pop up in your head when this stunning hairstyle walks through crowds. Incorporating the real nature of mahogany, the style is truly unique with a hint of purple.

Dark Burgundy Hair with Highlights

#13: Deep Wine Red Hair

Amid subtle and obvious This style walks the line between subtle and overt. It is growing in popularity…and quickly! Where does the red begin and where does the purple mix in? Who is to say? Who cares? The most important thing is that this fresh style is all about looking sexy and cozy within your self.

Layered Burgundy Hair

#14: Dark Mahogany

The color is so rich and is a perfect match with black. The curly hair highlights the glossy mahogany color that develops a shimmer and gives the desired texture to dark hair.

Black and Mahogany Long Balayage Hair

#15: Burgundy and Mahogany Blend

The mood is definitely going up a notch by the mahogany hair shade and we are leaving the brown behind and embrace our red-hot roots. Starting from the roots and the violet red hues slowly descend into a stunning mahogany shade that deserves all the attention around the globe.

Burgundy Hair Color

#16: Dark Violet on Black

This look is ideal for an attractive woman who’s not worried about anyone’s opinion that isn’t valid. With a fresh , bouncy bob accentuated by a perfect blend of red and purple with the hint of blue you’ll walk out of the salon with a stunning appearance and ready to tear through any wall that gets against you.

Black Bob with Purple Balayage

#17: Dark Chocolate to Chestnut

This stunning balayage makes an ideal transition from light to dark within a single color, without getting too wild in terms of contemporary style. Starting with a rich mahogany brown hair shade and moving to a sweet chestnut color is the ideal way to get the perfect reddish brown style.

Mahogany Balayage for Dark Brown Hair

#18: Winter Violet Curls

Are you ready to take a break from the red hues and opt to a soft violet hue? Perhaps hinting at a touch in silver. This hue is chilly enough to make everyone in admiration. Make sure to allow them to get warm, so that you can reveal all your secrets to hair color!

Burgundy Hair Color Idea

#19: Shining Chocolate

The shine of a new trip to the salon, this hair color is truly original. Although at first glance, it might appear to be an old-fashioned chocolate tone, you might be pleasantly surprised by the cool blue undertones that make the stunning hue even more fascinating.

Dark Brown Hair Color Idea

#20: Sassy Medium Mahogany Color

The most sassy and glamorous hairstyle just gotten better with A long bob that is that is paired with a reddish-brown shade? Absolute perfection! The style is more on the auburn-side of the spectrum of red, this style is sure to make you feel comfortable to be who you are with a touch of elegance.

Medium Layered Mahogany Hairstyle

#21: Light Mahogany Brunette

This hairstyle is perfect for women who are looking for hairstyles that are soft timeless, classic and never out of fashion. If you opt for a lighter shades of mahogany you will not be disappointed with this neutral shade that locks flawlessly.

Medium Mahogany Hair Color

#22: Vibrant Merlot Curls

The mahogany red hair shade is one you should “DYE” with. The soft dark red shade isn’t as glam like other reds, largely because of its brown-based base. The combination of these two shades brings the look to its peak as it is enhanced by delicate and light locks that provide the necessary strikingness.

Long Wavy Mahogany Hairstyle

#23: Vibrant Crimson Curls

The color of mahogany usually is a reddish-brown hue however, you can take the brown completely by sporting this daring style! Take advantage of the fiery crimson in your life, and opt for this bold style that’ll make you feel confident and allow your red-colored flag to fly.

Medium Burgundy Hairstyle

#24: Aubergine Waves

Wow, take a look at this gorgeous look! For women who are attracted to making a dramatic style statement it’s the new look you’ve been looking for! This shade is unique and vivid, bringing out the purple components of the shade we’re discussing.

Long Bright Burgundy Hair

#25: Mahogany and Raspberry Accent

The classic, all-over mahogany shade This look is spiced by a few striking lines of raspberry red which define the facial features and accent the main color beautifully. The ends of the face are a burgundy-like hue. Absolutely gorgeous!

Long Mahogany Hair with Face Framing Balayage

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