20 Juicy Underlayer Hair Color Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Underlayer hair color, also known as the peekaboo or color blocking trend, is the perfect way to have that pop of fun color without the full commitment. These combos can be as subtle or as in your face as you want through using different placements and color palettes. There is no end to the amount of creativity that can go into these hairstyles! Here are 20 different fun under layer hair color looks that are guaranteed to catch everyone’s eye.

#1: Candy Apple Red

Spicing up natural brown tones with a thick underlayer of bright red is a fun way to completely change your look. With this vibrancy you’ll be sure to turn heads your way!

Vibrant Red Underneath Hair Color

#2: The Best of Both Worlds

Dark hair with this gorgeous glowing icy white blonde popping underneath can give you the best of both worlds without the trouble of high maintenance. No need to worry about roots when they’re hiding underneath!

Blonde Underneath Black Hair

#3: Mermaid Peekaboo

Adding multiple colors is such an exciting way to bring out your creative side. These different hues combined create the perfect color melt to show off under any hair color.

Purple and Blue Underneath Platinum Blonde Hair

#4: Spooking Vibes

This dark and orange combo keeps me in spooky season all year long. This black color contrasts perfectly with orange. A perfect way to stand out!

Black and Orange Peekaboo Hair

#5: Purple Rockstar

Purple is the perfect starter color for anyone wanting to dip their toes in the vivid hair color world. Goes perfectly with any natural color and with a placement like this, it looks awesome in a braided style.

Purple Underlayer on Natural Hair Color

#6: Subtle Statement

This subtle piece of hair dyed canary yellow really makes this awesome haircut even more awesome. An edgy cut is always paired best with an edgy color.

Subtle Yellow Color Block on Short Hair

#7: Ice Queen

Cool tones and an icy blonde always complement each other. This light blue can turn any icy babe into an ice queen.

Blue Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

#8: Curly Pop

There is nothing more beautiful than a head of natural curls. This underlayer halo placement of color can make your curls pop even more.

Dark Hair with Blue Dyed Strands

#9: Rainbow Road

There is nothing more fun than rainbow hair. This technique of mid layer color can even look almost iridescent when you see the pops of rainbow coming through your natural base color.

Bright Colors on Blonde Hair

#10: Emerald Green

This rich green color pairs so well with a dark brown color. This color peeking through is such a refreshing and bold accent.

Green Half Dyed Hair Underneath Brown Hair


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