20 Juicy Underlayer Hair Color Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Hair color that is underlay often referred to as the peekaboo trend or the color blocking trend is the ideal method to get that pop of fun color , without all the effort. These hairstyles could be subtle or visible as you like by the use of different colors and placements. palettes. There’s no limit to the creativity you can put to these haircuts! Here are 20 exciting hair color styles that are sure to grab all eyes.

#1: Candy Apple Red

Infusing natural brown tones using an overly thick layer of bright red is an exciting way to completely transform your style. With this vibrant color, you’ll surely attract attention at you!

Vibrant Red Underneath Hair Color

#2: The Best of Both Worlds

Dark hair that has this beautiful radiant white glow that pops under can provide you with the most beautiful of both worlds, without the hassle of keeping it clean. There’s no need to fret about your roots when they’re hidden beneath!

Blonde Underneath Black Hair

#3: Mermaid Peekaboo

The addition of multiple colors is an exciting method to showcase your creative side. The different shades combined make the perfect color blend to showcase regardless of hair shade.

Purple and Blue Underneath Platinum Blonde Hair

#4: Spooking Vibes

The dark and orange combination keeps me spooky throughout the year. The black hue contrasts beautifully with the orange. It’s a great way to make a statement!

Black and Orange Peekaboo Hair

#5: Purple Rockstar

Purple is the perfect starting color for those looking to get their feet wet in the vibrant hair color world. It’s a perfect match with any natural shade and, when positioned such as this, it looks amazing in braids.

Purple Underlayer on Natural Hair Color

#6: Subtle Statement

This delicate piece of hair dyed yellow and canary really adds more amazing. A sexy haircut is ideal with an interesting shade.

Subtle Yellow Color Block on Short Hair

#7: Ice Queen

Cool tones and the icy blonde complement the other. The light blue color can transform any icy girl into an Ice queen.

Blue Highlights on Light Blonde Hair

#8: Curly Pop

There’s nothing more gorgeous than natural curls. This underlayer halo design of the color will enhance your curls more.

Dark Hair with Blue Dyed Strands

#9: Rainbow Road

There’s nothing more exciting than having hair with rainbows. This mid-layer color may appear shimmering when you look at the rainbow-colored pops coming through your natural hair color.

Bright Colors on Blonde Hair

#10: Emerald Green

This vibrant green color works beautifully together with the dark brown hue. The green color that peeks through is so refreshing and a bold accent.

Green Half Dyed Hair Underneath Brown Hair

#11: Silver & Black

The combination of black and silver is an enticing combination. Another instance of the halo technique was applied, in which the silver hue was applied along the hairline to ensure that it sparkles at the top and under the hairline.

Silver Under Hair Dye

#12: Fire & Ice

Opposites attract with this vibrant red and white blonde combination.

Bleached Strands under Dark Red Hair

#13: Jewel Tones

The layers of various colors are a fresh take on the hairstyle of an underlayer. The multiple layers of color keeps people amazed with every style.

Different Shades Underneath Blonde Strands

#14: Slime Time

Neon green and black are beautiful to look at. These two colors provide a beautiful contrast.

Neon Green Hair Dye

#15: Undercut

This style features the most obvious underlayer. The pixie’s textured cut and the shortest buzzed cut provides the most bold shade of color.

Vibrant Hue of Purple

#16: Yellow Line

These shades complement each other well, but this design is a departure from the usual. The striking line of yellow at the ends is an excellent way to show your creativity.

Yellow Hair Dye Ideas

#17: Money Piece

A money-piece is a dramatic accent of color in the front, perfect for those looking to be a bit bold but not ready to completely commit to a particular color. This style uses two shades of color along the hairline for the appearance of layers.

Pastel Pink Peekaboo Hair with Money Piece

#18: Short Layers

For those who require a splash of color, this style is the best choice. In this particular look the splash of color was positioned underneath short layers, and will remain visible regardless of the look.

Green Hair Color Ideas

#19: Pastel

Everyone is a fan of soft pastel colors. This blonde style with a layer of pastels creates the softest, most romantic fashion.

Pastel Pink Peekaboo Highlights

#20: Watermelon

The watermelon colors look amazing on a cut that is textured. A lot of layers and a great layout like this work well together.

Green and Pink Highlights

This fun collection of styles for underlayers provides amazing ways to alter the appearance of you or your client. Moving away from a traditional shade of hair and adding in a dash of bright and bold can elevate any kind of hair to a new level. Take your time and never forget to let your creativity show through. Perhaps, I will bring you some fresh and innovative styles in the future. my Instagram vanity by rose. I am lucky enough to have amazing clients who provide me with the pleasure of making hair art every day. Check me out. I’m excited to see your amazing and new hairstyles.


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