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21 Flattering Pixie Haircuts for Women

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Pixie haircuts are bold and dramatic choices that few women dare to try. Cutting off most of your hair is a big commitment, but many enjoy the ease and style of a pixie cut. Before heading to the salon, research trendy pixie haircuts that suit your personal style. Straight short hairstyles can be versatile and range from bold and elegant to professional and chic. Finding the right cut is key to avoiding a plain or difficult-to-style look. Explore these 10 trendy and easy-to-style short straight hairstyles for inspiration!

Pixie Haircuts

Ombre A-Line Bob, Cute Straight Bob Haircut

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair Cuts

The ombre bob fades from a striking dark brown on the roots to a calming honey blonde that accentuates your face features. The subtle, slanted, A-line cut is positioned between your chin and shoulders, creating a length that flatters nearly every face shape.

A Bleached Buzzed, Short-cut Mohawk

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair Cuts

This striking bleached mohawk is the ideal short, straight style for the daring woman who wants an edgy, trendy cropped look. The buzzed edges highlight your jawline, while its longer, mohawk-styled center gives this cut a unique look and provides a chic and adventurous look. If you’ve got an elongated face there’s a good chance you’ll be able to make this cut. The smoky sides and the strong style of this pixie provide an element of balance and trendy edginess to the more delicate hearts-shaped faces.

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Side-swept Pixie Haircuts with Lavender Highlights and Layers

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThis delicate side-swept pixy is straight from an old fairytale. The longer layers of sideswept hair on the front add a hint of femininity to the cut. The lavender highlights set this pixie apart from others of the same style and create an impression of soft, fairy-like beauty.

A Short, orange Pixie with Bangs

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThis simple ultra-short pixie cut looks elegant and effortless to style. Details such as short, wavy bangs with a crop make this cut look more feminine and elegance despite its tiny length. The fiery orange hue that this basic style has an eye-catching and striking look that isn’t boring. Since it’s small enough to allow your entire jawline exposed This is the perfect pixie to showcase the delicate bone structure of women who have oval or heart-shaped faces.

Bleached Rose Gold Pixie with Side Bangs

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsRose gold can be among the most fashionable hair shades of this season. This cut combines the soft elegance that rose gold offers with the vigor and adventure of a bold Pixie, creating a distinctive and striking look. The pinkish shade of this pixie gives the appearance of a cheerful and trendy look. The pointed, shaped ends and several layers with different lengths give an exciting, fashionable design to this cut.

Pink Bob and Long Bangs Ombre short Balayage hairstyle

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThis Pink banged Bob has a lively and bouncy style that gives an optimistic style to any outfit. The eye-catching pink cotton candy color and long, rounded fringe create an attractive and feminine look. Its straight and wispy sides and the voluminous layers of this style are ideal for faces with heart-shaped features.

Purple and Silver A-Line Bob, Ombre Straight Short Haircut

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThis sleek, straight silver and purple bob looks stylish and sleek. The slanted cut and distinctive coloring, by fading violet hair to cool silver shades make this style modern elegant, polished finish that is ideal for a short cut. The clean, angled design of this bob is a work of wonderfully to soften and lengthen more square-shaped, sharper faces.

Textured Chin-Length Bob

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThe cut at the chin’s length and curved edges of this bob-style frame your face, drawing more focus to your facial features. This flowing, textured style is particularly attractive for women with large faces, pointed chins and features that are angular. The wispy edges reduce angles and its cropped length helps balance out more pointed chins and face which are larger than wide.

Short Layered Orange Bob

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThe bright orange color of this cute cropped warms up your skin and catches your attention in the best way. The multiple layers make this cut light and easy to maintain. This style is great for women who have hair that is natural and straight, or even completely straight. When your hair straight or has just a tiny hair wave the styling process is simple. You just need to smudge a little of texturizing spray in your hair to create a chic messy-on-purpose look that will last all day.

A-Line Bob with a Sharp Slant

Latest Short Straight Hairstyles, Female Short Hair CutsThis stylish hairstyle has ultra-short layers at the back, and longer layers on the front, which sit just above your shoulders. The short hairstyle appears to be more fashionable and dramatic take on the classic slanted A-line haircut. If you’re looking to balance the appearance of your face, this slanted cut will work. The sharp, A-line cut balances natural rounder features and makes make your jawline seem more attractive and sharp. You should definitely look into the wide variety of hairstyles to get your perfect appearance.

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