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25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We Love

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Are you thinking that all asymmetrical bobs are alike? We hope that you’ll feel the range and variety of this trending haircut after you look at the various examples we’re sharing below. Take inspiration from these asymmetrical hairstyles of different textures, colors shapes, and lengths!

1. Ombre Asymmetrical Crop

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We Love

The fans of the ombre style will appreciate this cool approach to the asymmetry. On the left side, the face-framing pieces are tinkering to emphasize the look and are left longer than the opposite side. We love the way this bob focuses the extra length on one side while leaving the sides and back shorter.

2. Sleek Yet Jagged

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We Love

If you’d like to keep your bob smooth and sleek , but you hate blunt ends, here’s an attractive option! The fact that one side is smaller than another one makes it symmetrical. However, the overall look is a well-balanced effect.

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3. Rihanna’s Teardrop Lob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveRiRi was sporting an asymmetrical variation of the long bob in the past and, somehow the style is trending! If you’re not sure about being too short, but are looking for to take advantage of the off-balance effects of asymmetry the classic.

4. Silver and Rosy Mauve Bob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveForget gold and silver We’re looking for silver and this mauve pink! Cut a little smaller on the other side. The symmetry draws your eye to the colored edges that gently curve beneath. It is a polished and universally attractive cut.

5. Balanced With Blunt Bangs

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveHaving the one end that is shorter than the other, you’ll require something to keep the cut in check and connect it all. The precise, blunt bangs bind the look and provide a bit of equilibrium.

6. Flipped Out

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveYou’ll look at this bob, with sultry curls along the long side. Left side of the bob is cut shorter and the length slowly increases towards the back, until that side.

7. Rose Gold Blonde Bob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveAsymmetry doesn’t need the appearance of being obvious and even extreme. The rose gold-glazed blonde bob is only slightly different between the lengths on either side, however it perfectly fits the jawline, highlighting the gorgeous shape of her face. the longer side draws the eyes towards the collarbone.

8. Fuschia Fusion

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveShades of the colors of fuschia and magenta mix in this asymmetric cut to create an appealing look you’ll appreciate. The soft layers keep an open and casual style which is perfect for naturally curly or curly hair.

9. Asymmetry + Volume

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveHere’s an attractive appearance for ladies with heart, oval and square faces. Faces with round faces should stay clear of this style since the volume of the sides may visually widen the face.

10. Boldly Asymmetric

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveFearless fashionistas and trendsetters We’re excited for you to experiment with this unique take on the hairstyle! The side that is just above your ear emphasizes your cheekbones. the longer side emphasizes the jawline.

11. Best of Both Worlds

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveCan’t choose between long or short? Why not pick both with a cutting-edge and striking cuts like this? The hair cut is an chin-level bob on one side. It gradually changes into a more voluminous cut other side.

12. Undercut With Asymmetry

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveNot scared of clippers? Take a look at this exciting undercut bob, which is cut perfectly and seamlessly changes to longer lengths on the other side.

13. Stacked and Slanted

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveThin and fine hair which has trouble getting enough volume? Get your stylist to do an asymmetrical, stacked bob! The shorter layers on the back add volumization, while the larger side slims the face.

14. Updated Classic

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveHave some enjoyment with your bob, without trying to achieve a huge variation in length on either side. This modernized version of the chin-length bob of old has the characteristics of a lob as well as a hairstyle in one cut that is easy to style!

15. Extreme Asymmetrical Lob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveThis is a different version of the lob that we’ve never seen before! If you’re feeling creative take this highly unsymmetrical look for yourself.

16. Seeing Red

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveAll eye will turn focused on you thanks to a the coppery color that highlights the new asymmetric cut. The chunky, jagged bangs on the forehead tie everything together and the various lengths draw the attention to your jawline and cheekbones.

17. Mulberry, Black, and Gold Bob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveChoppy layers blur the range of colors used in this modern style of the classic Bob. One side is cut down to shorter lengths and the other one looks great in the form of a side-swept, below-the-ear length.

18. Face-Framing Tendrils

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveMake the asymmetrical-style hairstyle your own by adding the addition of these ultra-long tendrils for face framing. Plus, if you become bored from it you could cut it back into the exact length to create an elegant style.

19. Spiral Undercut Bob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveThe cut is a perfect downward slant at the back, and the length shifts between short and long. The area that is exposed on the shorter side has been removed using clippers, giving the hairstyle bob a slick look.

20. Deep Ash Brown Graduated Bob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveThis style is graduated and symmetrical, which means you’ll be able to see two styles in one when you wear it. Use a longer bob in the front for length without the weight of a longer side.

21. Rocker Vibes

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveBring to life the bulky eyes, the metallic accents and combat boots as it’s the version that’s asymmetrical Bob looks great! The shorter side is shaved off the side with a deep part acts as a dividing line, where the more long side starts.

22. Sassy, Shaggy Lob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveThis shaggy hairstyle with layers that are generally the lob (long long bob) length. It is chin-length on one side and the length of the collarbone in the opposite. The short layers at the back give the appearance of volume and could even be approved by Karen (not that you’re concerned about the approval of Karen).

23. White Hot

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveSkip Platinum shade for those who aren’t a person who likes high-maintenance styles however, don’t miss out on this hairstyle that is symmetrical! The softly layered length above the ear on one end, which blends into longer, chin-length to the opposite. It’s great for highlighting your most attractive facial highlights.

24. Dissymmetric Undercut Bob

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveThe rear view of a cut that is not symmetrical such as this is simply stunning! On the front, you’ll notice the same length differences. The front is just below an ear on the long side, and is just above an ear, on the smaller side.

25. Chopped and Cropped

25 Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts We LoveHere’s an alternative that’s perfect for women that have straight hair, who like to let their hair air dry before going. This simple style can be layered in a harsh way to create choppy rough lines that give an intriguing, asymmetrical shape.

Things to Consider Before Getting an Asymmetric Bob

These hairstyles are ideal for somepeople, however, they’re not for all. Consider these things about prior to getting in the salon chair to try an asymmetrical haircut.

  • Be sure to select the kind of bob you would like. Asymmetric bobs look so adorable however they’re not the only kind of bob available. You must ensure that this is the one you’re looking for. A lot of people confuse inverted A-line Bobs (which are more long in front than in back) with the asymmetrical styles. Be sure to know the specifics of what your stylist is asking about.
  • Think about your typical part. The way you usually cut your hair can affect the way that your bob will be cut. Be sure that your stylist cuts your bob with the part you normally wear on a regular basis. If your stylist cuts your normally parting hair on the side into a bob when it’s split down the middle, the other side will appear to be longer once you split it off to the other side later.
  • Explore various lengths. Do not be afraid to make one side ear-length , and the one side being lengths for your chin. The idea behind this kind of bob is to have some enjoyment with it! Perhaps you’ll be impressed by the way the super-short (even shaving) side appears when compared against a more long collarbone-length side. Perhaps you like only the slight differences in length. You can play around with several lengths to determine which style you like the best.
  • Cut the shorter part to a length you’ll be able to bear across. It’s tempting to choose the super-short or shaved length of one side however the rule of thumb is that you should not cut it to a length you’re not able to manage all over. The reason for this is that should you become bored from the cuts and decide to keep the same length, you’ll need to cut your hair identical to that shorter part.
  • Don’t dress like the character of Karen. If you don’t want to make people at the counter look at you with a snide smile the moment you step foot into the premises, you’ll want to steer clear of any asymmetrical hairstyle that is too much reminiscent of the Karen haircut. Beware of spikes on the back, avoid choppy highlights, and don’t straighten your hair to be straight as pins.

We hope you’ve gained some ideas from our asymmetrical photo bob guide! From all the different kinds of bobs available, this is certainly one of our top choices. If you’ve been wanting to experiment with a new hairstyle and are looking for something that is attractive and simple to create, the asymmetrical style of the bob might be the perfect choice for you. In the end, if you’re bored with the unbalanced look of this cut you can cut it to the same length, and begin seeking out your next unique haircut. We’re guessing you’ll desire to wear your Asymmetrical cut for the duration of.

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