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20 Gorgeous Medium Blonde Hair Shades for Major Inspiration

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The list goes on and on. From Veronica Lake to Debbie Harry Many of the gorgeous women in the world have been able to make medium blonde hair a part of their own image. Different variations of this cut and color have been reformulated over the years however, flaxen shades and shoulder-length locks remain to be a popular hairstyle. Blonde hair looks gorgeous however bleaching can cause lots of strain on your hair’s strands. This is why long fair hair is often rough and damaged. The idea of keeping length close to the shoulder allows for a beautiful feminine appearance and easy styling. It also keeps your hair healthy and neat. Haircut choices include blunt or layers, straight or curly as well as edgy or conservative. These 20 styles offer a variety of options to suit every type of hair and character. If you’re in search of some fresh ideas or something completely new, you’ll find inspiration in the pictures below.

Best Shoulder Length Blonde Hair Looks

#1: Sleek Ash Blonde Hair

Medium Ash Blonde Hairstyle For Straight Hair

Lowlights and subtle highlights are joined by the titanium glaze that creates this hairstyle for blonde shoulder length hair that flows as silk. Ends are made of texturing and without layers to give a smooth finish with a smudge-free finish. It’s an excellent option for fine hair with a high density that is straight naturally.

#2: Shoulder-Grazing Strawberry Shag

Caramel Blonde Layered Hair

Its medium blonde hair features a fashionable rose gold hue as well as shaggy layers. The strawberry hues like these flatter all skin tones. The bob-like shape is ideal for those who love shorter silhouettes but don’t want your length to your collarbone.

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#3: Blunt Cut White Gold Lob

Long Platinum Blonde Bob

Being lighter can thin hair, making it appear duller. A better option is a sharp cut that increases the amount of weight and shine. A side piece helps to keep things interesting and provides an attractive peek-a-boo view from the front. Keep your style sleek and clean with an angled brush.

#4: Shaggy Fade

Messy Blonde Balayage Ombre Lob

You can give your medium-length blonde hair an ethereal feeling with glowing ends. The dark roots will require less maintenance; lighter tips accentuate the edges. This is an excellent option when your hair is feeling heavy or you desire a change, but without losing length.

#5 Color: Bi-Color Blonde with Bangs Bangs

Ash Blonde Balayage Hair With Bangs

When your hair’s naturally dark, it’s simple to lighten it. This makes it the ideal base for trendy styles like this striking ombre. The rainbow bang assists in visually change between the different shades and draws the attention of the eyes.

#6 Loose Curls with Streaks

Curly Brown Blonde Long Bob

Simple cuts like those shown below can be a great backdrop for creating complex color schemes. Traditional highlighting creates defined streaks that highlight twists and turns of hair. Pictures like this can be a source of inspiration.

#7: Soft Layers and Side Tuck

Sandy Blonde Layered Hairstyle

This earthy shade and soft layers give an easy, girl-next-door look. Moving hair on the other portion creates instant volume, without the need for heat styling. Then, tucking the opposite side behind the ear is an attractive appearance.

#8: Ice Blonde Lob

Bronde Lob With Silver Highlights

Get your hair looking fresh by highlighting your hair with this glam long hairstyle. The straight line of the cut are ideal to air dry, especially when you have hair that is curly. The pale color and cool tone help make the otherwise subtle appearance to make a splash.

#9″Creamy” Blonde Bangs and Waves

Blonde Layered Hairstyle With Bangs

Make your porcelain look more attractive with cool neutrals , like the natural beige that is woven with tiny flecks of cream. Making your own wispy lengths using bangs can modernize your look and make your appear more full. For loose, bouncy waves, curl the middle of each section with an angled wand for styling and alternate directions.

#10: Amber Waves

Brown Shaggy Bob With Blonde Highlights

The warm chestnut roots give the depth of the medium-length hairstyle. It can be adapted to suit it to skin tones that aren’t typically suited to blonde. Light highlights in pale shades illuminate the sides and ends, while the central part of the hair keeps the rumpled style tidy.

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