This very easy diy tutorial will show you how to make your own inexpensive set of hand-holding outdoor witches for some spectacular Halloween curb appeal.

Supplies Needed (Per Witch)

  • plastic grocery bags (i.e. Publix or Walmart)
  • clear packing tape
  • black plastic round table cloth 84 inch round
  • 2 black cable ties 11 inch
  • 1.5 yd black tulle
  • 1 black hat
  • 1 stake (2×6 board)

PLEASE NOTE: You will also need 1 rectangular black plastic tablecloth and an additional 2 yards of tulle to create the arms for your set of witches. I made six witches total.

outdoor witches supplies used

Step 1

Create a head and body for your outdoor witches using a collection of plastic grocery bags. Use clear packing tape to shape and secure.

I used one plastic Publix bag for the body. I stuffed it with lots of plastic bags and used the clear packing tape to shape it.

I used a fruit/veggie plastic bag from Publix for the head. This type of bag will give you a nice round shape for the head. Again, I used clear packing tape to secure and shape as needed.

outdoor witches how to make head and body using plastic bags

Step 2

Create a stake for your outdoor witches.

I used a 2 x 6 pine board. I measured out 4 feet and marked it. Then I cut a 60 degree angle at the bottom of the 4 ft to create the pointed end of the stake.

Afterwards, I taped the head and body to the top of the stake. I left a little wood above the head portion to allow for hammering in the ground later. You won’t be able to see this because the hat will cover it.

outdoor witches tape body and head to wood stake

Step 3

Now, it’s time to dress your outdoor witches.

First I opened my plastic tablecloth until it formed a semi-circle.

Then I slid the stake between the two folds (basically in the center of the semi-circle).

Propping the witch upright, I draped the plastic tablecloth around the witch, and then secured one cable tie tightly around the neck of the witch between the head and body (think giant lollipop).

outdoor witches use plastic tablecloth to create head and dress
outdoor witches use cable tie to create neck and secure head to stake

Step 4

To give the dress some texture, add black tulle.

I used about 1.5 yards for each dress. Once I had this measured and cut, I found the center of the material and pinched it on the folded end. I used scissors to snip off the tip, creating a neckline for the witch dress.

4 photos step by step how to make tulle dress for outdoor witches

Then I slid the “tulle dress” over the witch head.

slide tulle over witch head to create dress

I used the second cable tie to create the waist.

outdoor witches use cable ties to create waist of witch dress

Step 5

Finally, add hats to your outdoor witches, as well as arms so they can hold hands outside.

For the arms, I cut a rectangular plastic tablecloth into 6 strips (the strips were about 4 inches wide). I also cut the additional tulle into six even strips.

I tied the plastic/tulle strips around the neck and knotted it.

outdoor witches add black hat and ribbon arms

Here’s a quick look before the girls head outside!

The arms are longer than needed right now, but that’s okay. Once the outdoor witches are positioned outside in the front yard, and their arms are knotted, I can cut away any excess.

four outdoor witches holding hands

Here’s a little glimpse outside.

These outdoor witches look absolutely fabulous at twilight. They’re like a silhouette of witches!

six outdoor witches holding hands in yard

I am so happy with how they turned out! Hope you enjoyed!


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