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For many thousands of years this unique metallic hue has symbolized wealth, luxury and wisdom. From catwalks to pages of Vogue the color is always going to stay trendy. It’s great for any occasion or season You can sport this style and feel like a king. If you’re a fan of jewelry or stars, and logomania, we’ve got some ideas that will inspire you to consider. If you’re looking to switch the look of your manicure, look at these trendy design ideas for gold nails.

1. Cosmic Pastel Nails

Make sure you get your next manicure across the universe using these nail designs for space. The combination of golds and pastels is a great method to display your zodiac sign while staying stylish at the same. This look is suitable for many lengths. You can also add more intricate designs using an elongated tip. Take advantage of an French manicure and then paint the tips with different shades. Some great choices are sky blue, lavender, and delicate pink. Small decorations for your space can be the perfect final accent and can provide a feeling of brightness.

Cosmic Pastel Nails

2. Natural nails that are adorned with Tiny Gold Detail

The smallest of details can make the perfect piece of art and you can observe it working with this elegant manicure. A glossy canvas is the ideal option to begin this design Stick to shorter lengths and clean beds to get the best results. Make sure to decorate the edges of your nails by putting tiny gold shells on them. The most appropriate styles for these are pearls, or any other shape you like. Metallic shades provide your nails with subtle sparkle without overwhelming the subtle hue. They leave you with a classic and gorgeous nail designs.

Natural Nails With Tiny Gold Detail

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3. Pretty Flower Nail Art With Gold Detail

If you are a fan of classic elegance This manicure is perfect ideal for you. The combination of light pink and white with floral designs and gold accents is the ideal way to showcase your passion for fashion. To create this look, choose three fingers to make white petals. Add small gold dots in the center the petals of every flower. The rest of the tips could either be flesh or soft pink. put medium-sized pearl stickers on the middle finger, defining the design with the smallest gold beads. If you’d like more accents Apply similar metallic streaks onto at the very top of your nail bed. No matter if you’re attending the bachelorette party or take pictures for Instagram the style draws the attention of others.

Cute Floral Nail Art With Gold Detail

4. Gold Abstract Art Nails

Get your fingers on the canvas for your next masterpiece. The appeal of this art form lies in the diversity of patterns, colors and styles which don’t become difficult to comprehend. Beginning using a clear base pick a brush of a medium size and paint pastel pink, blue gold, and lavender polish on top of that and leave a small amount of underneath coat visible. Fill in the area of the nail by putting small black dots to every third or second fingertip. This style is all about fluidity therefore, you can enjoy mixing and matching various colors, and let loose your imagination.

Gold Abstract Art Nails

5. Gold Stars Nails

Looking for the stars became a bit easier with this glittering nail art. Although it’s simple the manicure is guaranteed to attract attention, and it’s clear the reason. To replicate the design paint your nails with pale pink or neutral nail polish. You can create the nails look as tall or short as you want. After that, carefully place your gold stars on the nail’s surface Place them on your nail wherever you like and as many you’d like. Then, you can blend a little by applying the design on your finger, creating the nail. There are endless options however the simple elegance is timeless.

Gold Stars Nails

6. Gold Feature Nail

Longen your fingers , and then add a bit of personality by choosing an original style. To stand the gold out by painting the base so that your fingers appear longer and well-presented. Utilize a small blade to slice the metal sticker into pieces that are small and then spread them evenly across four nails. This is an alternative to the standard style that you encounter, as it appears to be the cracked mirror has fallen onto your hands. The sparkling , subtle art creates instant awe and make you feel as if you’ve been dipped into a gushing river of gold.

Gold Feature Nail

7. Gold Flake Nails

Who said gold leaf is only used to paint portraits and paintings? This chic and sophisticated design is a modern take on classic nail designs and flips it upside down. To recreate this style, begin with dusty rose and then paint over the entire fingertip. With a stencil or smaller brush, meticulously cut an outline with white polish at the tip of each and add half circles to the edges of your fingers. The flakes can be applied with a gentle stroke and cover any gaps with shimmery textures. Use a matte topcoat to secure the added layers, and then leave the manicure to be neutral.

Gold Flake Nails

8. Gold Nails With Green Jade Detail

Let everyone know how royal you truly are with this elegant combination of colors. The striking gold polish like 24-carat flakes while the jade nail provides an exquisite hue that’s unlike any other. Select any gemstone shape you like and put the gem on your finger to lengthen your fingers. This manicure reminds you of submerging your hands in gold liquid and leaving nothing but an elegant and simple style that everyone will admire.

Gold Nails With Green Jade Detail

9. Gold Glitter Nails with Jewels

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of drama? It’s a bit over the top however it is incredibly captivating in the same breath. Although it is possible to recreate this at home, it is recommended to choose an artist that is skilled in fine work using gemstones for the most stunning results. Paint the bottom of your nail with gold and then begin placing the various colored round stones on the bed. Apply silver dots along the edges of your fingertips to bring the vivid shades to the canvas of gold. You’ll be able to give your mani-pedi to the museums since it’s a beautiful piece of art.

Gold Glitter Nails With Jewels

10. Gold Tips

You can take your traditional French manicure up a notch with gold. This casual and glamorous style is perfect for every occasion and is simple to create. Similar to traditional nail designs, you must start with a naked and neutral foundation. Apply a thin coat of tape at the ends . For enjoyment, you can add an additional layer of tape in the middle of the bed. Finally, apply a matte color to the other side. After drying you can paint the entire surface the tip of your fingers with shimmer polish. It’s an elegant and modern alternative to the classic fashion that can make you feel like a fashion iconic figure the first time you experience it.

Gold Tips

11. Gold Jewel Nails

Inspired by Gucci’s famed jeweled shoes, this nail art is to be bold. Begin with naked nails that are cut short, and then keep them tidy – you can apply the glitter in a thin layer to give it a little sparkle. Next applying nail glue add large ornaments on your fingers. Be sure to completely cover the nail bed, giving the appearance of stones that is directly glued to the nail. Although it’s not an ideal manicure for all the time but it’s a fascinating and unique option to conventional art you would like to try.

Gold Jewel Nails

12. Gold Leopard Nails

Get your wild side out with this leopard-themed design. The mix of gold, silver and black gives the manicure a sophisticated look and the design adds a the trendy look. Create an imprint on the three fingers, and leave two pure gold. To get the best results, use the smallest, thin brush to create fine designs. For fake nails, you can purchase them in a gold leopard print for those looking to recreate the design with minimal hassle. It takes hours of work to create the perfect template.

Gold Leopard Nails

13. Gold Logomania Nails

Logomania is among the biggest trends of the past times that has been sweeping the world, both off and on the catwalks. If you are a fan of Dior and adore Louis Vuitton, or go mad for Chanel this manicure is perfect for you. The combination of white, gold and clear shades gives your nails instant glamour and the striking designs give them a contemporary appearance. For the final touch include your preferred designer brand onto one of your nails. This style is ideal for those who have stiletto almond or coffin-shaped nails. It is also great for longer tips. If you’re doused with Dolce or in the tracksuit this nail art style can give you the appearance of a celebrity.

Gold Logomania Nails

14. Gold Metallic and Glitter Nails

Get your hands in stand out by using this sparkling nail art. This gorgeous manicure is ideal for parties and red carpet as well as the perfect evening. Make it look like this by applying gold nail polish. You can then cover each tip with an assortment of gems and stickers – sprinkle glitter on top for sparkle. To create a subtle look you could leave the majority of your fingers in a metallic color and leave one for a variety of multicolored gemstones as well as gold nail polish.

Gold Metallic And Glitter Nails

15. Matte Nails with Gold Detail

Have a look at one of the most loved styles. This nail art is made up of some of the most vibrant shades: blue, bottle green, pastel pink and sand. Paint each finger with your personal shade and then apply an opaque top coat to give an even appearance. Once the tips are dry put to the tape with gold at an angle to the bed of your nails. You can begin at the beginning and work your way towards the middle and stop half way. Add the thin black line.

Matte Nails With Gold Detail

16. Gold Stripe Nails

Be bold and discret by adding a gold stripe your fingers. To do this, it’s not required to use the paint color, or varnish. It’s about creating a blank canvas and a lavish accent. The first step is to give your nails the shape you want and then polish them to a natural shine. Place the stickers one at a time in the middle of the nail bed. This will increase the length of your fingers and also add shine to the hands. This look can be worn at work, to the party, or for dinner with your friends. Make it a bit more interesting by placing the stones horizontally or leave the stones on to create a beautiful nail.

Gold Stripe Nails

17. Gold Metallic Nails

Bring your manicure up a notch using the look of a metallic. This gold-plated design is a fantastic option to play around with an edgy style and feel modern at the same time. Nail art gets its inspiration from catwalks but it’s great for nearly any occasion. You can create a metallic look with metallic nail powder , or you can apply fake nails using gold nail paint that is pre-painted. The appeal of this design is the range of shapes and lengths. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for a costume event, or even a home party with your daughters it’s a fantastic option to finish your outfit.


18. Gold Nails with a Flower Detail

Flowers to celebrate spring? You can make your manicure more original by using a gold leaf base. This flirty and fun nail art is a combination of contemporary metallics and romantic flowers, making it an excellent choice for those who like mixing and matching. For this style Apply glitter gently on the bottom of your nails. Add the top coat to seal the shade. Utilizing a fine brush, paint a flower arrangement on the corners of your fingers. Include them on your preferred number of fingers to create an artistic look.

Gold Nails With Flower Detail

19. Ombre Nails with Gold Stripe

Enjoy the feel of summer with this bright and vibrant ombre effect nail set. To create the effect, you need to touch the upper portion of your nails to the cuticle using a clean sponge paint two shades on top of each other and apply to your fingertip. The result should be an overall gradient across the distance of your nail that will make the appear longer. Attach the lacquer to the canvas using an average-sized gold strip positioned on the horizontal side of the bed of your nail. This is a unique take of a manicure with a silky smooth finish which is a fantastic choice for all kinds of events.

Ombre Nails With Gold Stripe

20. Gold Sun Nails

Go after the sun and soak up the warm sunshine wherever you go with this gorgeous nail design. The mix of pure and gold is vibrant and cheerful, while the matte-like finish is a great way to neutralize it for wear every day. Begin with clean nails and apply an even layer of base coat that is nude to a smooth surface. Next, using a fine brush, trace the outline of the sun on areas around the edges of your nail bed and then draw the rays of light along every inch of your fingertip. Pick different spots for your moon’s design, and don’t be afraid of placing only the light rays wherever you’d like. With such a beautiful manicure it will instantly lighten your day.

Gold Sun Nails

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