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21 Cute Medium Length Bob Hairstyles: Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas

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Hairstyles for medium lengths, commonly called MOB are the ideal option for women who want to keep some length and still have a active hairstyle. These 21 adorable Medium length hairstyles will cause you to want MOB hairstyles!

Blonde Relaxed Waves

Are you looking for that ideal summer style? Look at this! This gorgeous hairstyle is comprised of beautiful, gorgeously blonde locks, with a hint of sun kiss. The hairstyle was soft waves, which is a perfect style we love.

Textured Medium Bob Hairstyle

Lightly Curled Ombre

Are you taking an outing and would like to give your hair an elegant look? It’s no problem! She adds thin, light hair to the lower half of her hair, giving her a feminine style that is casual enough for a day , but fun enough to be suitable for an event of a higher quality. I like the mouse-like brown tips, which contrast beautifully against her chocolate-dark top.

Medium ombre Bob Hairstyle with waves

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Short Side Swept Bangs and Underflip

Youthful vibes are evident in this photo! The bangs are short and slide right over her eyes and let her eyes with dark brown shine brightly. Both ends of the MOBs are curled and point downwards toward the face. They frame her features and highlight her face. An excellent option for an oval face.

Sweet medium omrbe bob hairstyle with side bangs for Asian girls - Thailand

Coquettish Curled Ends

This is hilarious and adorable! It’s adorable! The tips of her hair are curled to create an enthralling and charming hairstyle that is able to be worn everywhere. The addition of highlights to her hair is a wonderful method to create a cute look and texture.

Layered bob hair style for shoulder length hair

Chocolate Brown Relaxed Curls

A little more attractive than relaxed waves, however not quite full-on curls. these curly curls are the perfect medium for those casual occasions when being cute and flirty is the top priority.


Front Volume and Ombre Coloring

I am in love with this natural ombre hair color with brown roots that fade to honey blonde towards the ends. The curls are twirled around her face, showing her face, let her eyes shine brightly. A gorgeous natural look which is great when paired with soft makeup.


Underflips with Ombre Coloring

Another beautiful ombre color that starts with super dark hair at the top, and an lighter shade on the bottom. She twirls the ends over her face, and gives her a perfect frame. Perfect for a square face.

Medium Dark to blonde Ombre Bob Hairstyle

Voluminous Curls and Choppy Bangs

Uneven hairstyles are guaranteed to appear stylish and fashionable and add a vibrant look to the front of your face. The look is finished off with a flirty look with super-voluminous locks that are a little tangled for a seductive, sultry look.


Loose, Tousled Curls

It’s impossible to get it wrong with hairstyles with texture! This style is simply stunning it is an excellent concept for females of every different ages. Curly, loose curls make the appearance a lovely shape. Short hairstyles, combed to one side, are still in style.

Medium wavy bob hairstyle side view of mob

Angled Waves

Her vibrant, shiny white locks shimmer with gorgeous wave-like waves that run from bottom to top creating a stunning style that fills the whole room. We love her soft forward angle, which adds an element of edginess her style. It looks great with soft pink lips!

medium wavy bob hairstyle 2016

Casual MOB Cut

Even even if you have hair that is thin or hair that is thin You can still rock MOB! The cut is easy and casual, yet nonetheless looks adorable. She is extremely thin in angle from the front to the back to add some interest, and her long, wavy bangs hang off to the sides.

casual short haircut for round face shapes

Slick Straight

MOB that has a side-parting and a long bang slashed on the side; can it get any more luxurious than this? This elegant, simple style is a perfect everyday look that is wearable almost anywhere. Simply use your straightener to get the trendy, smooth, straight lines.

medium straight ombre bob hairstyle - mob hair style

Casual Style

It’s cool, calm and relaxed. Who would have thought that a gorgeous hairstyle can’t be decorated using hot instruments? Simply twirl your MOB a little and get out on the road. It’s not much more simple than this!

Back view of simple easy medium bob hairstyle for girls

Volumized Side Sweep

We are in love with her choice of the copper blonde hair that matches her beautiful complexion. But what exactly does it accomplish?

adding a little flip at the ends of your hair will quickly change your look, changing dull and boring straight-edged hairstyles to a new, more attractive level. They’re sophisticated enough for work yet sexy enough to wear to wear on a date- apply some makeup to make the hairstyle in a variety of ways, either way.

cute blonde medium length lob haircut

Subtle Flipped Ends

Her gorgeous waves give a gorgeous, elegant look which is enhanced with her choice of light blonde highlights across her chocolate brown hair. Gorgeousand gorgeous with a lacy dress or dress.

shoulder length long bob hairstyle

Sultry Waves

Get rid of boring, boring hair, and change it up applying some vibrant and wild color. This gorgeous woman has picked an amazing light pink shade that is among the most trendy hair colors of 2016.

sexy shoulder length wavy bob hairstyle for thick hair


Beautifully refined, delightfully artistic with just a hint of edgy The hairstyle she wears is perfect for her. The slight angle from forward to back gives it a look and edge. The sharp bangs that are cut to the top of the eyebrow are striking and striking. This style is great with darker hues of clothing and brows that are well-shaped.

trendy shoulder length pink lob hairstyle

Subtle Angle and Blunt Bangs

It’s impossible to get more cute and adorable than this! Simple curls that are tucked in just little make the perfect complement to short MOB hairstyles and create a cute bounce that is hard to ignore. Be the envy of everyone else with your stunning hairstyle and your flirty smile.

cute mob - medium length bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Flirty, Tousled Curls

These gorgeous, voluminous curls are made using a curling tool with larger barrel. The result? curly lips that will be a show-stopper and guaranteed to catch the attention of all those around you. You’ll look stunning with the red of your lips!

medium bob beach waves mob beachy wavy bob hairstyle

Voluminous Curls

The look is very simple, yet it’s got just enough body to make it an extremely flirty and fun look! It’s simple: just dry your hair with your head upside down, to get that full-body look and, if your hair isn’t straight naturally you can use a straightener to it before heading out.

Most popular medium bob hairstyle with beachy waves

Straight Volume

Are you in you already in love with the MOB? Yes, you should be! Pophaircuts.com What medium-length haircut are you planning to rock the next time?

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