There are wonderful spring hair color trends that can help every lady look gorgeous. When considering the list of shades to try, take into account different factors, such as skin shades, the color of your eyes, and, of course, your mood and preferences. Healthy hair can withstand nearly any hair color change, so do not be afraid of experimenting and implementing unique ideas in the style. Going through various hair color great examples will surely help come up with interesting thoughts. Whether a girl prefers aggressive or cute hair colors, blond or dark shades, vibrant or tender choices, she will be able to find a perfect option.

1. Astonishing Chocolate Brunette — Go Yummy!

Rich chocolate hues have the power to turn Brunette hair into a gorgeous frame for almost any skin tone. Surely, girls will need to opt for different shades of brown to balance darker or paler complexions: warm tones add tan to cool skin, while ashy brown hues create a stunning contrast with warm undertones. Anyway, deep brown hair complements green and hazel eyes perfectly; so, if it is your case, don’t hesitate! Want more reasons? Chocolate brunette has a natural look, which is in vogue today, but it is far more affordable and low-maintenance compared with many expensive brunette hair color trends. But ladies can have some fun by adding highlights to their, say, dark oak hair color or by asking their coiffeur for balayage. However, keep in mind that darker hair tends to deliver more sheen due to better reflection of light.

Long Wavy Chocolate Brunette Color

2. Have You Ever Thought of Having Copper Red Hair?

The super-bright shades of copper always get on the list of the best spring hair colors, but we do believe the chic flaming red copper deserves sporting it throughout the year. The more so, that by adjusting its intensity and playing with shades, girls can customize the copper red color to any skin tone, from the fair complexion of Nicole Kidman to the deep tan of Rihanna. Don’t want to land in electric orange? No problem: a red-brown tone is a perfect hair color shade for brunettes searching for natural-looking red. And with those new trends towards color blends, women can creatively combine dark roots with coppery highlights or let a copper base melt into a fancy coral.

Medium-length Bob Copper Red Hair

3. Create Your Own Killer Combo: Incredible Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

Speaking of fancy spring colors for hair, we are bound to share a secret here: ladies with a natural blonde can elevate the look with warm highlights. Tiny rose gold pieces will create a soft play of color, while chunky highlights of bold red will produce an eye-catching contrast. And dimension — you will have plenty of it. Yet, ladies do not need to be born a blonde to do red highlights. Honey blonde or a bit darker golden blonde hair color chimes well with warm red hues — just find your perfect shade to get a unique mix.

Medium-length Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

4. Turn into a Mysterious Queen with Amazing Black Cherry Hair Color

Black cherry shades look fantastic in dark hair. Whether hair is straight or curly, long or short, thick or thin, everyone can add a glamor twist to their look. Sweet black cherry color is not just a mix of red and purple. The hue can be customizable to make it burgundy, more violet, or create a new favorite shade, depending on individual factors and preferences. As for skin tones, anything is suitable because a dark black cherry tone can be made cooler or warmer.

Short Bob Black Cherry Hair Color

5. Become Unforgettable with Bombshell Aubergine Hair Color

Aubergine is a bright red hair color with glossy purple undertones. The number of options to pick from is large, such as dark ombre, highlights, and more. Aubergine hair dye is not expected to cause any damage; so, whether it is short blond or medium brown hair color, trying something elegant and coquettish at the same time may be a good idea for a new season. While this gorgeous color looks awesome, it requires high maintenance. In a few weeks after dyeing, the color starts losing its vibrancy. This means that it will require refreshment. It is possible to add new shades the next time.

Long Wavy Aubergine Hair Color

6. Melted Caramel Balayage for Charming Appearance

Caramel tones look fabulous on women with dark hair color. It is an optimal option for them to go lighter without becoming blonde. Face framing balayage is ideal for a subtle fashion. The color melting allows enjoying a delicious color blend. The light tones can be chosen, depending on the colors of skills and eyes. Those can be golden highlights for a brighter appearance or natural highlights for a gentle look. Melted caramel balayage can create different styles. It is up to the lady how to look — a bit chaotic, cute, gentle, etc.

Long Wavy Melted Caramel Balayage

7. Stay Gorgeous with Flattering Inky Black Hair Color

Inky black shades are easy to achieve with any hair and color. This solid color creates a look of a night queen, regardless of the length of the hair. Girls can dye the whole head, or they can opt for other interesting techniques, such as leaving some part of their hair untouched to create a natural base with a few accents. Black is a natural color of hair for many nations. However, it may be suitable virtually for everyone regardless of the color of skin and eyes.

Thick Inky Black Hair Color

8. Shine Every Day with Glossy Chestnut Brown hair

Eye-catching chestnut hair color has a beautiful silky look. If a lady wishes to add some sun to her hair, it may be the right choice. It is possible to achieve a wonderful natural hair color with lovely warm shades. Every girl will look like a real lady with such a hairstyle. Also, hair with glossy shade looks strong and healthy.

Long Shiny Wavy Chestnut Brown Hair

9. Add a New Twist with Trendy Dark Auburn Hair Color

Didn’t find the previous red-themed ideas impressive? What about softer red-brown colors? Auburn made a sharp come-back the past year and brought some updates, which are still trending. From medium ginger and dirty auburn to violet or even burgundy tones — we have an abundance of dark auburn shades to complement most skin tones and bring out eyes with some warmth in them. And although the color looks rich and silky when done all over the head, it is possible to get it infused with sun-kissed highlights or, vice versa, weave it into a warm brown base.

Short Bob Dark Auburn Hair Color

10. Express Yourself through Multicolored Hair

Multi-color hair is not something ordinary. Rainbow hair color will quickly draw attention. The combination of funky hair colors will look amazing regardless of hairstyle and hair length. However, it is unnecessary to use only bright colors. Baby blue hair with shades of white and other light colors will make every lady look like an angel. It can be different variations with strawberry blonde, brown, and other colors. Dyeing is possible in various ways, such as layers, ombre, and others. High maintenance may be necessary, depending on the technique used. However, it is possible to shadow roots if a girl does not want to bother with that so much.

Long Wavy Multicolored Hair


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