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22 Stylish Layered Bob Haircuts 2023

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Layered bobs are layered bob is a bob cut into layers of various lengths. When you layer layers on the bob, it gives motion, texture as well as the illusion of volume. I’ve discovered that this is a fantastic haircut for women who have thin hair. However when you have hair that is thick, it will help shed lots of weight. The bob is an essential hairstyle that will never to be out of style. Although it’s an iconic hairstyle, there are a variety of variations of it that you could try. A lot of people opt for straight bob cuts, but have you thought of adding layers? Layers lift hair with weight and create a more softer cut, and give hair a more full-bodied appearance. In addition, they can also add a glam to the look of a bob. That being said there are 22 stunning layered bob haircuts to show you. There are long layers, shorter bangs, and some cool shades. Take a look to discover your ideal bob style. The length of your hair: you may keep the length you have now and add layers. But, the longer your hair is, the bigger the layers will have to be. Benefits: Maintain your hair’s length and only add layers to create the movement and texture. Layers cut from mid-shafts towards the bottom will add volume to fine or thin hair. Pros: When you wish for it to appear appear as a single length blunt cut the hair will take an extended time to grow. It can cause additional styling time, especially for your layers if they naturally tend to face inwards and you’re looking to straighten them so that they go downwards. Face Shape: Think about speaking with the stylist you are working with about the face-framing layers. They can help balance round and square faces. I frequently advise my clients with long faces to have bangs added to help balance their appearance and also. Styling If you have smaller layers and you like curling your hairthen you’ll end up with more of a messy and textured appearance. Hair Type If you have thin or fine hair, ensure that your stylist doesn’t overdo your hair. The finer and thinner your hair more long you’ll need the layers of your hair to grow. So, take a look at these beautiful photos of of this year’s most well-known layered bob haircuts.


We’ll start with this smooth and wavy bob. The hair has been cut to the length of a chin, includes a side-part and is styled in waves that are beachy. It’s a chic and comfortable look that is suitable for everyone. These waves look ideal for the summer months. In addition, the curls really showcase the layers. There will be online tutorials to help you create this style.

Textured and Wavy Layered Bob


We’ll follow with another gorgeous bob, but this one is longer. This style is long enough to sit right below your chin. A longer hairstyle like this one is perfect for women who are looking to experiment with this style without cutting their length too low. The hair is smooth and soft that really showcases the layers. Make the blonde version to create an edgy style or try the bob with any color.

Beautiful Blonde Hairstyle

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If you prefer your hair to look stylish This is the perfect style for you. This is an ombre dark brown hairstyle. The hair is cut at an angle. This means that there is more length on front than back. In addition, subtle layers have be added. A slanted bob like this is simple to wear and is suitable for any woman. With this hairstyle you will be able to look like a fashionista since it evokes Victoria Beckham vibes.

Inverted Layered Bob Haircut


The next hairstyle is adorable and chic. Hair can be cut in a longer bob and has an length that is beneath the cheeks. It also has an asymmetrical side section. The layers in this look are subtle, but prominent in the front. We like the added blonde shade as it makes the hair appear more lifted. This is a fantastic hairstyle for women who love stylish hair which is easy to maintain and keep in style.

Cute Layered Bob with Highlights


Bobs can also look stunning with bangs. Don’t just believe us for it, take a look at the next style. Here’s an elegant layered bob with straight across bangs. It’s such a beautiful appearance as the long bangs frames the face perfectly. You can replicate this style or experiment with side-swept bangs. A shorter bob could make a cute appearance as well.

Layered Bob with Bangs


The next hairstyle will be among our favorite ideas. We have a striking blonde bob that is placed just below the cheeks. The hair here is thick and makes an impact. The many layers of this make hair appear light and chic. The cut and color can make the hair fresh for season of spring and summer. Try the same style or experiment with an alternative hair color.

Modern and Trendy Hair


We will then have another texture bob. This is a more long hairstyle that has layers of waves. It’s a fashionable and comfortable style to wear. Layers are a fantastic method of bringing fresh life into hair that is dark as they give the hair an extra lift. It is an easy to wear look that will fit women of all different ages. Of course, you can you can try this style with shorter lengths too.

Textured Long Bob


If fashionable cuts and bold shades aren’t your style then you could opt for an old-fashioned bob such as this one. Hair is cut in that well-known bob style. More layers of longer length have been added. You can pick any length of layer, however longer lengths are less obvious. This is a stylish and elegant hairstyle that will never be out of fashion. This cut looks stunning in any hair shade, however, keep in mind that lighter hues will make the layers pop.

Classic Blonde Bob Cut


Another option to make your hair look more attractive is to highlight it. This is an excellent example of hair that you can experiment with. This hair has been cut in a short bob which is placed just below the cheeks. The bob’s dark color is complemented by more highlighted hair in red. It is possible to choose any color to highlight. More warm shades will work well with dark hair while blondes create a sun-kissed appearance.

Bob Haircut with Layers and Red Highlights


The hairstyle that follows is very modern and trendy. This is an elongated bob hairstyled with long side swept bangs. The hair is gorgeous blonde shade and is gorgeously layering. We love it because it is a popular cut with a slant, but since it is swept over your face it creates an entirely different look. Hair like this is ideal for people who are bored in their locks and are looking to experiment with something different.

Trendy Layered Bob with a Side Part


Next, we’ll look at the cutest hairstyle called a bob. It’s an iconic bob length, and it is styled in loose and loose curls that showcase the layers. This kind of bob is versatile and can be styled in a way that suits every occasion. This kind of hairstyle is ideal for those looking for hair that is simple to style with easy to style.

Cute Blonde Bob

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