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51 Inspiring Long and Medium Bob Haircuts

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A lob is the perfect cut for those seeking a long-length hairstyle that is incredibly versatile. Don’t be afraid by this new hairstyle It will look stunning on any type of hair, regardless of the angles you’re trying to conquer be. Long bobs, also known as lobs, are among of the most sought-after hairstyles in the world today. They are adored because of their lengths that are longer and fresh, clean cuts which can be styled to meet your requirements. Long bobs, often referred to as lobs are one of the most sought-after hairstyles in the world today. They are adored by their long lengths and fresh, slick cuts which can be styled to meet your requirements. The long bob hairstyles are perfect for growing shorter hair, and yet they’re short enough to keep out of your way. If you’re searching for an in fashion hairstyle that doesn’t need many hours of styling and maintenance you should go for an elongated hairstyle like a bob. Long bobs look amazing with curls that are textured, bangs or a styled pin straight. They look stunning in natural shades and are extremely enjoyable in brighter ones. The only thing to decide on is whether you want you cut it to an chin-skimming length, or cut it all the way to the tips the shoulder blades. Medium bob hairstyles are classic and elegant. They look different based on the haircut and hairstyles. Straight and wavy shaggy and sleek symmetrical and symmetrical hairstyles can give you the trendy appearance, versatility and style you’re looking for in a haircut. Are you looking to have a happy medium cut? Take a look at these styles of lob hair and get motivated to shed just a few inches. (Or more.)

1: Curly jaw-length Bob and Choppy Layers

Hairstyles with jaw-lengths and thick layers of choppy texture create the vitality that is required for those with weak or thin hair. For blending chin length hair with your other cut layers, simply curl the top sections of your hair away from your face to create a glossy and elegant look.

Bronde Wavy Bob

#2: Asymmetrical Long Bob

This long bob gains its sharpness due to the front pieces that are considerably longer than the strands layered together, approximately two and an inch. The peekaboo highlights of blond that frame the face and the lighter ends make this look not only fashionable, but also extremely flattering. Keep hair silky and soft by using smooth hair styling creams.

Shaggy Angled Lob

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#3: Graduated Long Bob Cut

If hair is styled straight and slicked back, a lob cut that is graduated makes an appearance of a more bouncy hairstyle that looks like a slick, elegant. To take your minimalist ‘do up a notch, wear the tresses colored in the same color, or go for the delicate balance.

Angled Layered Bob For Straight Hair

4. Long-A-line, with Ombre

Hairstyles that are uneven in lengths are really enjoyable to wear. You’ll enjoy the convenience of short hair while being able to have it long enough to wrap around your ears. Additionally, you’ll be able to create an aura of mystery. The ombre effect is skillfully created. It’s not just that the transitions perfect however, the tone is perfect.

Angled Layered Bob For Straight Hair

#5: A-Line Lob for Fine Hair

A long bob cut will really compliment women who have fine hair. If cut in an A-line locks seem longer, but they appear fuller and more hefty! You can request cute extra long pieces to the front of the lock to create this dreamy wispy look.

Steeply Angled Blonde Bob

#6: Textured Lob, with Highlights

This is an example of today’s most sought-after style: long, textured lobs with highlights and babylights few shades less pronounced than your base shade. This hairstyle makes your hair feel fresh and healthy Your complexion appears brighter and warmer , and you overall, look fashionable and fashionable!

Choppy Long Bob With Subtle Balayage

7: Long Bob Cut with Chunky Layers

A lot of women prefer layered cuts over shorter ones as they offer more texture and movement. A lob cut that is choppy looks fashionably piecesy, and can be paired with other stylish outfits. To take it one step further, opt for the icy hue of white or silver.

Platinum Blonde Choppy Lob

#8: Bob of Colors

Do you want to be blonde but prefer the simple maintenance of brown hair? Enjoy the best of both by putting on this two-toned lob which gives texture and enjoyment to hair that is otherwise boring.

angled dark brown lob with blonde balayage

#9: Medium to Long Style

Keep your medium-long length hair neat and messy with an attractive haircut that gives plenty of body and shape. This is crucial when you have small hair. This cut will give it more body without overdoing it.

messy blonde lob with dark roots

#10: Smooth Cinnamon Bob

A cut that is lob-like is an excellent option to let your shade shine. Because simplicity is an important aspect of this style and color, all-over with straight locks can be very elegant. If you have a medium freckles and skin tone Please, please, take a look at this shade. It’s…yes you’ve heard of it…everything.

Long Layered Bob With Side Bangs

11: Midnight Black Lob with Waves

The all-over black shade can be a bit too harsh for casual style, particularly when worn with straight, long locks. However, when dark, midnight shades meet smooth long bobs that roughness will be replaced with pure energy. We recommend wrapping loosely around a barrel that is large and without clamps to create the messy look.

Long Asymmetrical Choppy Bob

#12 The Bob with Long Bangs Bob featuring Blunt Bangs

It’s incredibly low maintenance. This elegant long bob that has the balayage style is an excellent choice for people who want to ensure the color will last. Additionally, the sharpness in the bangs is contrasted the soft wave of overall look giving messy (but still elegant) appearance.

Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Bangs

#13: Burgundy Lob Cut

Why not dye your bob cut in an exciting and trendy hue? Burgundy is mysterious and makes brown and green eyes sparkle! Whatever shade you decide to go with ensure that its undertone, whether cool or warm is flattering to your skin.

Shoulder Length Layered Hair With Bangs

14: Voluminous Brunette Bob with Layers

A very popular (and often misunderstood) features of bobs that have an extended length is that they have no depth. With the correct products, styling tools and layered cuts the lobs (such like the one shown here) are as gorgeous and full as a big blowout.

Centre-Parted Shaggy Brown Lob

#15 Inverted Lob with Platinum Highlights

Inverted lobs are comparable to an a-line in that both of them have the longest hair in the front. But the different is that inverted cuts feature stacked layers in the back. Lob hairstyles with platinum highlights are ideal for the cooler months or for women who favor ashier shades.

Dark Brown Lob With Blonde Balayage

16: Long Bob Cut with Balayage

Fun, sweet, and yet so natural This ombre balayage lob employs soft, subtle tonality and a relaxed cut to create that freshly-out-of-bed all-over look. To style, we recommend spraying locks with a mild texture mist, and then finishing it off with a tool for styling with a particular focus on the elements in front.

Shaggy Bronde Balayage Lob

17: Honey Blonde Lob with Layers

Lobs are usually as dark brown or platinum blonde however, let’s not forget the sweet and delicious mid-tones! This style is gorgeous in honey blonde, and it oozes warmth and softness to the cut, which is usually viewed as sharp. Long layers can soften the entire ‘do.

Layered Caramel Blonde Lob

#18 Blonde Lounge with Gentle Lowlights

The most appealing thing about a long bob haircut is the effortless messy and unquestionably sensual – appearance it exudes. One rule of thumbis: the longer pieces are in back, the further unfinished the overall appearance. The soft honey color with soft lowlights give the strands an extra depth and depth.

Long Brown Blonde Bob

19: Long Bob with Ombre for Thick Hair

Hair that is thick can be challenging when it comes down to bobs that are longer. If cut too short, you’re at risk of ending up with a sloppy, unflattering hairstyle. Make the bob too long you’ll be unable to maintain the shape. This style is a step beyond the extremes of both, by using a variety of lengths, and bleached, light-catching pieces to make hair more lively.

Angled Messy Brown Balayage Bob

#20 Textured Crop with Partially Balayage

This is a modern take on the hairstyle known as lob. It’s smoothed at the ends and accented with a subtle shade. Long bobs that has bangs frame your face beautifully. Wispy and dense bangs work well with this style.

Angled Messy Brown Balayage Bob

#21 Lob with super long front pieces

Hairstyles that are long bob hairstyles can sometimes get excessively long however they never lose their feminine shape or appeal. This adorable hairstyle is a perfect example of mixing the sweet face-framing highlights of balayage and wispy texture in the long asymmetrical hairstyle.

Honey Brown Asymmetrical Lob

#22: Long Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Senior ladies and professionals might want to think about a long bob with layers that boost the crown area. If you don’t want to cut your hair to short for any reason, this look will allow you to maintain the length you desire while looking elegant and sophisticated.

Blonde Layered Lob

#23: Layered Angled Lob Cut

For those who are looking for a youthful ‘do an angled lob with layers is certain to take years off your look. The inverted look of the long bob hairstyle is fresh and modern and looks very contemporary when worn in solid shades.

Asian Layered Long Bob Cut

#24 Straight Lob with soft Babylights

Elegant, chic and sophisticated This long bob style made with soft babylights is the perfect style for those who want to cut their hair shorter but being able to manage the length. The ends are curled as a classic bob. However, its length allows you to wear it loose and with different stylish hairstyles.

Long Brown A-Line Bob

#25 Textured Lob with Blonde Streaks

In addition to the modern and trendy look The popularity of bobs that are long can also be attributed to the versatile they can be in terms of styles. When worn straight, in solid tones , or highlights and textured the cut is appealing to any hair type.

Layered Wavy Lob

#26: A-Line Brunette Long Bob

The most appealing thing about any longer bob that has layers is the flexibility. The cut and color combo could look contemporary messy and messy as this example demonstrates. If you’re using an effective styling tool it is possible to create the look of a professional, sleek hairstyle as well as a curly vintage style.

Angled Chocolate Brown Lob

Layered Bob Hairstyles as They Are Today

Styles that are casual are popular among numerous red carpet regulars. Nowadays, everybody wants to look refreshed, relaxed and appear as if they came from a luxury resort. Layered bobs are a great way to expand the variety of options for styling such as sleek flat designs, lightly well-groomed and large curly bobs are all available this season. Chin-grazing cuts and shorter cropped cuts are taking the top positions as the most fashionable Bob styles. They showcase stunning edged or fringy edges with fun asymmetry, and beautiful textures. “Demi-bobs” with longer length options can be worn in loose and stylish braids. The most fashionable long bobs today usually include stunning highlights or an ombre. Texturized bobs look amazing on medium and thin hair. Hair that is thick and curly or straight that has a bob cut carries the potential to form the triangular shape, which isn’t very attractive. Texturized, thourougly ends and layering heavy can help prevent us from becoming a triangular. One option that is loved by many modern women is the stacked or graduated hairstyle with shorter layers stacked on the nape and longer tresses at the front. Now, it’s time for photos!

#27: Pretty Pale Blonde

If you have hair that is thick then you don’t need the tricks of dye to make your hair look more full. Instead , a solid shade adds an elegant look to your layered hairstyle. The pastel blonde color is romantic and playful with a touch of toughness. It’s perfect for women who are romantic and charming.

short tousled blonde bob

#28: Modern Blonde Bob

If you want a layered bob that has urban style, go for an elongated side part or longer bangs which blend together with your cut. There are many options to style the layers to make them to stand out. Sea salt spray, or pomades made for shorter hair. Test to see what you like best.

Blonde Choppy Bob With Highlights

#29: Stylishly Wispy Bob

Do you need an bob cut that can leave you feeling feminine and contemporary in the same time? This bob cuts mainly one length, with some wispy parts that give it a silky feeling. What really ties the cut in are the flowing hair on both ends and also the volume at the back.

Short Black Layered Bob

#30: Finely Chopped Tousled Bob

A bob of color that’s been cut finely makes a chic and elegant style with an added dimension. Attention to detail helps take the burden off of thick and heavy hair, and the highlights and the layered styling give the sensation of a sun-kissed and breezy breeze.

Honey Blonde Layered Bob

#31: Elegant Bob and Subtle Layers

A layered bob that has sharp edges will be more vibrant when it is paired with a deep or bright hue. The delicate layers give the texture and shape of your hair while allowing your colors to shine. Straighten your hair for a neat elegant, polished style.

Brunette Layered Bob Without Bangs

#32: Half in the Shadow Bob

This bob has shorter layers, which are great for those who want to experiment with the all-one length look , but also needs an extra depth. The shades are breathtaking! From deep, dark purple to orchid fuchsia, and finally white…we’re in the love. With the dark underlayers the colors are enhanced to create more visual appeal.

Purple Bob With White Highlights

#33: Touchable Easy Wear Bob

This look will make you want to play with your hair, twirling it back and forth throughout the day long. For a cut cropped with layers that are expertly crafted you’ll need to find the top stylists you can find. Check out their photos via Instagram and Facebook to make sure they’ll be able to achieve the style of layers you’re looking for.

Chin-Length Brown Layered Bob

#34: Tousled Lavender Feathers

Beautiful! Layered bobs are definitely in fashion. Did you remember when girls of the younger generation rarely chose to wear short hair, as a bob cut was viewed as more than the “mom” haircut? That’s no more. People are experimenting with shorter hair because it’s so liberating. These lavender, pink and soft brown blonde shades are definitely worth trying.

Pastel Purple Layered Bob

#35: Cute Straight Bob

If you want a classic bob, opt for hair that’s slightly longer in in the front (near your ears) with bangs on the sides, body in the back with soft, soft layers. This hairstyle gives you many possibilities for styling. To create a modern style you can split it out more to the sides and add the look of the natural wave or heat styled Crimping.

Short Angled Bob With Bangs

#36 Messy Chop Bob With Extra Short Back

A youthful and super sassy look This stacked bob thickly layered and has an additional shorter back, which boosts the volume in the crown on your scalp. Long bangs can be kept curled, or tucked or blow-dried straight based on the event and mood.

Disheveled Razored Stacked Bob

#37: Teased Layered Bob

Our top layers bob hairstyles make a woman feel like she’s a millionaire. If not, then what’s the point? This fashion is actually appealing and the reason for this is quite simple. Volume! It’s much easier to create body when your hair is shorter because it’s lighter. Make sure to tease your hair high and take it off.

Blonde Stacked Bob

#38: Curly Bob with Highlights

To create a striking and dimensional bob, go to layer your hair in layers that highlight highlights and shadows. Due to the stunning shades, these curls look much more like swirls. You can curl the bottom layer below and over the top and middle layers with alternating directions to create a beautiful feminine look.

Curly Layered Brown Blonde Bob

#39 Steeply Angulated Bob with Layers

The dramatic lines of a sharply bent bob suggest that it’s not designed for the weak-hearted. When it comes to this cut, the more pronounced the slant, the more attractive! To style, curl your locks to the root and apply a styling gel or mousse to your lengths to highlight the natural volume.

Stacked Angled Blonde Balayage Bob

#40: Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Layered bob hairstyles with balayage colors are a hot trend at the moment. If you love the style of the bob however don’t want cut off their length, opt for an angled collarbone cut that taper and you’ll not be disappointed!

Blonde Tapered Bob

#41 Medium Shag, with Subtle Highlights

The idea is to wear it messy, a medium shag is laid out in various lengths before being feathered through. This method implies that your hair is generally thicker but fuller on the edges, leaving an airy and relaxed look.

Shaggy Brunette Bob

42: Short Layered Bob with Sharp Edges

It is crucial to be precise when it comes to achieving the perfect bob short and layered with precise edges. Inspired by the retro style and Mary Quant’s hairstyle in Sixties times, this style has been given a modern twist with highlights and the choppy layers.

Mushroom Bob With Layers

#43: Neat Rounded Blonde Bob

In order to create the circular appearance that this layer bob has edges have been cut. If you’re a round-faced person make sure you wear the long layers that frame your face straight. One word of caution for bobs that have been pulled back can make your face appear more round.

Ash Blonde Balayage Bob With Layers

#44: Steeply Angled Brunette Bob

The quirky and distinctive photograph demonstrates that this sharply bent bob is designed look uneven, and disconnected. Instead of creating a seamless slope the stylist chose an unpredictably detail: long front pieces that stand slightly apart to the other cut. The subtle warm brown highlights contribute to this striking look.

Warm Brown Layered Angled Bob

#45 Curly Bob, with cool toned highlights

This stunning bob is full of thick layers with blunt-cut ends for a sleek, contemporary fashion. The ashy tones of the brown and blonde highlights in balayage is definitely on point. If you’ve got cool toned hair, you should reflect that in your makeup, too. The black shadow and berry lips are a gorgeous combination the hues of curls.

Black Wavy Bob With Subtle Highlights

#46: Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair

The inverted shape of a Bob looks sleek and sexy when viewed with straight hair, especially because the nape is elevated. With shattered layers, you can create a rough look that makes your face look more attractive by contrast.

Stacked Bob With Wispy Layers

#47: Wavy Layered Bob

This cute style features adorable short curls and a lovely cinnamon-honey hue that could be life-changing for those who has hair of red or brown. Hairstyles that naturally have curly hair will get hairstyles that are as close to waking-up-and-go as is possible.

Short Chestnut Brown Curly Hair

#48: Ash Blonde Voluminous Shaggy Bob

The floppy bob haircut that has layers of hair gets its shaggy look thanks to backcombing styles. The ash blonde color is a fashion-forward look. No matter if you’re sporting the shaggy bob, smooth and straight, or more edgy with a messy tack you’ll surely be noticed for the proper reasons.

Teased Long Layered Blonde Bob

#49: Stacked Bob for Poker Straight Hair

The stacked look of a bob poker straight creates a sharp and deliberately unbalanced appearance. Since the layers are shorter at the crown as when compared to the length of their collarbone in front it creates a visual contrast that is striking and gorgeous.

Inverted Choppy Bob

#50 Bob: Elegant Bob with a Midshaft that is Angled

Layered bobs can gain the appearance of a dimensional bob by using an angled midshaft layer. Consult your hair colorist about how to lighten your hair’s ends for an added spark. Allow your hair to fall naturally to create a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

Brunette Layered Inverted Bob

#51″Disconnected” Bob using Dynamic Waves

A bob that is short with layers of long hair always creates an impact, regardless of whether it’s asymmetrical or not. You can inject the energy and vitality to your long hair by adding new and lively waves. For styling, choose some of the best sections and loosely curl with an iron for curls.

Edgy Wavy Caramel Blonde Bob

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