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22 Shades of Grey: Silver and White Highlights for Eternal Youth

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For a trendy, stylish, and fashionable look, silver highlights are a must-have! It has been one of Mother Nature’s most secretive features, but now you can show its amazing effects!

Highlights in Silver and Grey

If you wear a bold color, it tells the world you are the creator of the world. For years, men have been able to get away with wearing grey and enjoy the term “distinguished”. Ladies, now it’s your turn to make the fashion statement. Ask your hairdresser for gray highlights to give your hair a glamorous look. The silver look is popular among celebrities, models, and teenagers.

#1: Brownish Grey Enchantment

Ash Brown Hair Color

Do you want to add some pizzazz to your natural hair colour? Try some grey hair pieces, instead of the usual golden streaks. They don’t need to be large or thick. It does not take much to make a big difference. You can always ask your stylist for more.

#2: Multi-Toned Sleekbob

brown bob with ash brown highlights

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This blunt bob is transformed by micro ribbons of color that blend colors of silver, cayenne pepper and cocoa onto naturally black hair. Lowlights capture a unique mix of colors that combines the coolness and crispness of winter with the colours from fall. It has a soft, voluminous look that is easy to admire wherever you go.

#3: Grey Highlights For Light Brown Hair

Long Brown Hair With Gray Highlights

Gray streaks can be added to your brown hair. This combination of silver and golden ribbons looks sophisticated and new. It’s a stunning style that doesn’t require root growth.

#4: Silver and Brown Waves

Brown Wavy Hairstyle With Gray Highlights

It is not an easy choice to go for a solid gray silver hair color. Grey brown hair is pretty easy on its own. It only gets better when you use the highlights and main color of the two shades. For a brightening touch, add thin white highlights to your hair.

#5: Straight Lob Black and Grey

Black Hair With Gray Balayage

You don’t have to keep your classic hairstyle. However, it is possible to experiment with color. You can enhance your hair with unique dye jobs like this grey balayage. This mix of light and darker grays gives the cut a whole new dimension. You can see that you haven’t gone too white by the way they are mixed and distributed.

#6: Brown to Gray Babylights

Brown Layered Hairstyle With Gray Ombre

On dark brown hair, grey highlights look amazing. Contrast is very stark with black hair, but you can create a soft and blurred look by adding layers of brown like this to your hair.

#7: Silver and grey highlights on black hair

Medium Black Hair With Silver Highlights

While black and white might look different at night, that doesn’t mean they should be treated differently when it comes to hair color. It’s not true. Because of the addition silver and medium gray, her dye job makes contrasting shades work.

#8: Titaium Pearl Dimension

Medium Brown Hair With Gray Highlights

Take a look at the way that all these colors mix together. Although they may appear to be completely different colors at first, grey and chocolate brown create a unique and attractive combination. The grey’s bluish hue is our favorite.

#9: Long Ash Brown Hair

Subtle Gray Highlights For Ash Brown Hair

Light brown hair will look best when silver shades are slightly muted. These grey highlights glow! These grey highlights look great when woven into long, curly hair.

#10: Grey Hair and Brown Underlayer

Bluish Gray Highlights For Brown Hair

Gray hair doesn’t mean you have to completely change your hair color. You can have fun with gray sprinkled throughout the top layers and your natural color on the bottom. This will make your hair look great when worn down. However, it can also be a striking effect when done up.

#11: Ash Blonde with Lowlights

Brown Hair With Gray Highlights

Grey goes well with medium brown and ashy blonde. This combination is great for people who are afraid to change their hair color to grey. It’s subtle, and can only be seen under certain lighting.

#12: Violet Grey Hairstyle

Dark Brown Hair With Silver Balayage

Brunettes and Asian women especially love brown hair with silver highlights. For effortless results and minimal maintenance, highlight your hair a few inches from the roots.

#13: Angled Silver Lob

Choppy Gray Balayage Bob

You don’t have to be subtle when your options are unlimited. Grey silver lobs are bolder and more daring for fashion-conscious people and those who take risks. Add highlights in pure white to give your lob more dimension.

#14: Brown Hair and Silver Babylights

Brown Hair With Subtle Silver Highlights

Babylights are a cousin to highlights and balayage. They are hand-painted streaks of color that are very thin. This is a natural-looking technique for brown hair that gives it a natural look. It’s great for people who are just starting to dye their hair or for people who don’t want to worry about color maintenance.

#15: Grey Silver Baalayage

Choppy Brown And Gray Balayage Lob

There are so many benefits to Balayage that women all over the world are taking part in it. The grey dye fades quickly so if you don’t want to spend time root-upkeep, a balanced balayage with silver highlights focusing towards the ends may be the best option.

#16: Dimensional Streaks

Brown And Silver Balayage Hair

You can create a strong contrast with thick streaks that are many levels higher than your base color. These multi-tones create a 3D effect that gives hair a fuller look to thin hair.

#17: Blonde hair with silver hints

Silver Balayage For Light Brown Hair

Grey silver hair looks great with warm or cool base colors. Your hair will be alive with highlights, lowlights, or highlights mixed with a darker natural colour.

#18: Smokey Charcoal Baalayage

Black Hair With Soft Gray Balayage

All grunge queens, please! Smoky charcoal hair is best paired with dark brown hair. This style is perfect for women with dark skin and brown eyes.

#19: Almost Grey Ash Blonde

Ash Bronde Choppy Lob

A lighter shade of blonde is best for paler skin. This is a subtle way to add silver tints to your hair.

#20: Traditional Highlights

Dark Brown Hair With Ash Blonde Highlights

Tradition is a reliable way to get the results you want. You can add some style points to your dark hair by adding highlights.

#21: Bob with Grey Highlights

Brown And Gray Choppy Bob

Do you have a lot of black clothes in your wardrobe? Are you afraid of color? Your new hairstyle is for minimalist ladies. For a nonchalant look, sparse grey highlights can be a great choice.

#22: Long Silver Hair

Dark Brown Hair With Silver Balayage

For a long time, Unicorn and Mermaid hair have been very popular. But, if you don’t like pastels, this is your alternative! The beauty of long silver hair is impressive and well worth the effort required to maintain it.

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