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26 Shades of Burgundy Hair: Dark Red, Maroon and Red Wine Hair Color

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For hair dyeing brunettes, Burgundy is a dark red, or red wine color. This noble hue is often used by blondes and women with medium-colored hair to make them appear brighter. Redheads can experiment with a variety of shades. They may choose a warm tint that contains cinnamon, or reminds them of burgundy. You have to decide which color you prefer: classic, vibrant, old burgundy or maroon, oxblood, or even maroon. These 26 examples show you how dark red can be used to dye your hair, or refresh it using colorist techniques.

Amazing Opportunities for Burgundy Hair Color

It adds life to your hair, gives it a mysterious undertone, or makes them the most bold shade you can imagine. Burgundy can be adjusted to your natural hair color and helps you reach your goals. Are you looking to grab everyone’s attention? Create a smart retro look? For the fall season, add a splash of color that is in keeping with nature’s changes. Introduce some spice tint and shimmer for your brunette locks? You can look at the photos below to help you choose. The burgundy hue was initially considered the perfect shade for brunettes. Some blondes are now bold enough to be that bright and striking. You might be hesitant to take bold, vibrant, vinous colors, but ombre with red and purple shades using demi-permanent dyes is an option. You won’t be bored by your bright, flashy hair after 24 washes. This looks great on medium-brown hair, too. Vinous highlights are another compromise option that works well for medium-brown, dark-brown, and black hair. Let’s take a look at some photos.

#1: Dark Red Velvet

Dark Burgundy Hair With Highlights

You can channel those red velvet cupcakes that you love into your hair. The results are equally delicious. Choose a deep burgundy color that will blend well in a beautiful balayage effect. You can say “yum!”

#2: Sunset-Inspired Balayage For Brunettes

Bright Burgundy Balayage Hair

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Balayage, which emulates naturally lightened hair by the sun, is softer and less visible than traditional ombre. This trend can be combined with the red sunset hues to create a unique, artistic look.

#3: Bright Burgundy Locks

Long Straight Burgundy Hair

It’s easier than you might think to show off the burgundy purple hair that you have invested in. You can give your hair a smooth, silky look and let the hair dye shine. Use a paddle or round brush to run through damp hair. Follow it up with a blowdryer.

#4: Deep and Dark Purple Hair

Dark Burgundy And Violet Hair

Dark red-violet hair is as natural-looking as natural, but not natural. You can try a shade with a subtle purple tint that isn’t too noticeable until you get out in the sunlight. Watch the sparks fly.

#5: Dark Purple Loose Locks

Very Dark Burgundy Brown Hair

Many people associate purple hair with fluorescent violet locks. Try dark, deep purple hair instead. This is a great look: The rich color can be used to transition seamlessly from summer to autumn.

#6: Dark Red Ringlets

Bright Burgundy Balayage Hair

For a stunning hairstyle, mix your dark hair with your natural roots. This is a great style for people with medium-to-dark skin. Wrap the hair loosely around a 1-inch curling iron, and let the ends cool down. You will get gorgeous, bohemian waves that shout “cool girl!”

#7: Deep Violet Highlights

Black Hair With Purple And Brown Balayage

You can give your purple hair an ethereal, dreamy look by adding jewel-toned highlights. These lustrous strands will make “unicorn hair look amazing” and give it a new meaning.

#8: Dark Violet Cascades

Long Burgundy Hair With Maroon Highlights

Maroon hair is a fun way to play with your hair color. This color isn’t quite red or purple but it’s absolutely stunning. Try it out and you’ll be flooded with compliments.

#9: Espresso Hair With Red Wine Highlights

Burgundy Highlights For Black Hair

Red wine highlights can be added to an espresso base to create burgundy hair. This gives the hair a stunning reddish-purple hue that catches the light.

#10: Brunettes Need a Barely There Burgundy Tint

Subtle Burgundy Highlights

You don’t have to go all out on burgundy if you love your brunette hair. To make your hair look more dimensional and colored, add subtle balayage highlights. This subtle dye job is great for any skin tone and any outfit color.

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