22 Stunning Haircuts with Long Layers for Straight Hair

Long layers of straight hair provide an elegant style that has a gentle and delicate movement that gives greater opulence. If you’re looking to get a straight hairstyle is no longer a reason to wear a boring hairstyle that is dull and boring! The stylist Celeste Docherty from Manahawkin, NJ offers a few benefits of having a layered cut. “One is that it lifts some weight off extremely long hair. It also provides the opportunity to play with your hairstyle options,” she notes. The long layers of straight hair must be cut in specific methods, based on how you would like to style the style. This will prevent any excessive cut-off. Docherty claims that “bounce as well as volume and fullness are the results you can achieve through the proper layering.” Hair density and texture are two other aspects to consider. The haircut could result in thinner ends , especially if you’ve got thin hair. Instead, opt for an eye frames or bangs for the curtain that can alter your look without removing of the density. Take a photo of your preferred hairstyle and ask if you could duplicate it at your home. Docherty suggests asking questions such as “Will it work with your routine? Does your hair style work well with this style?” Get a whole new haircut without losing all length. These pictures will help you wear trendy long layers to wear straight hair!

1. Long Blonette with Bangs that are Wispy

Long Brunette Hair with Wispy Bangs and Layers for Straight Hair

Sexy and stunning with long brunette hair that has hair that is wavy and sexy. Long layers of straight hair give it life and keep hair from hanging.

#2: Light Brown Extra Long Layers

Light Brown Extra Long Layers on Long Straight Hair

Extra long, light brown layers are great for women who have length, however, they also need to reduce the weight of their hair. Great for fine or straight hair, long layers eliminate excessive bulk but provide some movement and an extra texture.

#3: Long Layered Bangs

long layered bangs on straight hair

If you’re looking to add more volume and movement in your straight hair, consider long layers of bangs. This straight cut gives the illusion of having thicker hair. When styling long-layered straight hair, you are free to add curls or beach waves for more body. Spray with a light spray in Redken Control Addict hair spray and then run your fingers through to create a touchable hold . You can then finish the look with a.

#4: Long Tousled Layers for Thick Hair

long tousled layers for straight thick hair

Are you considering trying long, tousled layers to smooth your thick, straight hair? Textured layers take excess weight from hair, making it smooth and manageable. Long layers can be styled for straight, thick hair with Kenra Silkening Gloss while tresses are damp. After that, blow dry to control and smooth your locks.

#5: Long Swoopy Layers of Bangs

Straight Long Swoopy Layers with Bangs

Try long swoopy layers that have bangs for this season. Black straight hair that is slicked back with bangs are the best way to go if you’re looking for something new to enhance your appearance. Face-framing layers made of long, straight hair are efficient in concealing an unnatural jawline. Request your stylist to smooth your ends before cutting them to create this gorgeous appearance.

#6: Layered Blowout for Women Over 40

straight layered blowout for women over 40 with long hair

Try the layered hairstyle for women who are over 40 to add some zing into your steps. Layered haircuts for long hair offer a lot of movement and are very versatile. For styling apply Kenra Silkening Mist over the long layers of straight hair, to get the record-breaking shine.

#7: Layered Red Hair with a Fringe

strong long layered red hair with a fringe

Are you feeling adventurous? Try long, red hair layered with fringe. It’s a flattering color for nearly every skin tone! The blunt bangs give an edge, and the classic layers create motion. The layers are among the most low-maintenance styles for straight long hair because they’re simple to remove from your face when you need to.

#8: Flattering Layers for a Round Face

flattering straight long layers for a round face

I’m awestruck by these flattering layers that flatter faces with a round shape. If you’ve got hip-length hair you must bring the eyes up towards the face using frames that frame your face like these. Long layers and bangs for straight hair make an attractive hairstyle that shows the features of your face and helps you feel young and refreshed.

#9: Bronde Highlights on Subtle Layers

long bronde highlights on subtle layers

Try bronde highlights on delicate layers this season to look different and exciting. Long straight hair with layers is extremely flattering and offers lots of movement when compared to single-length hairstyles. Hairstyles that are suitable for hair with long, straight lines that have sides and layers need styling. Apply a uniform dollop of Redken aerate all over your hair to give it volume and the ability to hold it with a soft, touchable grip.

#10: Blonde with an a middle part

long layered straight blonde hair with middle part

Have you ever tried long layers of blonde straight hair, with an angled middle? This might be the ideal haircut for your. Layered hairstyles can create lots of movement, which makes the middle part look stunning. Discuss with your stylist how to maintain your blonde before you decide to go for it.

#11: Layers and Face-Framing Bangs on Straight Fine Hair


If you’re looking to experiment with something totally different, consider using face-frames to frame bangs over fine hair. This style is layered and gives the illusion of a lot of volume to long hair but without sacrificing any length. For preparing long layers to straight fine hair apply Morocco Oil Dry Shampoo to the root, and then rub it into the hair for more volume.

Check out more long-layered and bangs-styled hair here.

#12: Loose Waves with Soft Layers and Bangs

Straight with Loose Waves, Softened Layers and Bangs

Everyone loves loose waves , smooth layers and bangs. Soft layers flatter straight hair. They make a haircut look more interesting without cutting length. The long straight hair layered with bangs is able to be rearranged into a ponytail , and will remain adorable and lively. Layered mid-lengths are a great method to reduce weight if your locks are bulky.

#13: Layering Blended Long Curtain Bangs

Straight Blended Layering with Long Curtain Bangs

One great way to add some spice to long-layered straight hair that is suitable for Asian women is through blended layers and long bangs that are curtain-style. If your stylist cuts or utilizes razors to cut your layers , it creates a seamless blend and still add a unique look to the cut. A large, round brush can allow you to achieve beautiful but simple hairstyles.

#14: Face-Framing Layered Cut on Mid Back-Length Hair

Face-Framing Layered Cut on Mid Back-Length Hair

If you want to try something new this season, consider the face-framing cut for the mid-back length of hair. This is among the most effective hairstyles that can be used on long straight hair as it creates a fuller look and exciting. The long layers of face-framing for straight hair can be styled using just a few drops of Olaplex No. 7 Bonding oil to add the softness and shine.

#15: Piecey Layers and Long Bangs

Straight Piecey Layers with Long Bangs

If you like long straight hair but are looking to experiment with something new Try experimenting with layered pieces of long bangs paired with soft and messy hairstyles. Long straight hairstyles are often boring and monotonous, however, this style is just the opposite! Long straight hairstyles that have textures and layers can help you appear fresh and playful.

#16: Textured Long Shag

straight textured long shag with layers

If you are considering whether or not you should attempt a long shag that is textured I suggest you try it! These long hairstyles with layers that are suitable for straight hair could be combined with different hair texture. Shaggy layers on straight hair aid in removing unwanted weight from the hair , which gives a smooth and feathery appearance.

#17: Dimensional Balayage and Highlights

Straight long layered Dimensional Balayage and Highlights

Consider a dimensional balayage with highlights to create a stunning and photo-worthy straight hairstyle. The dimension that highlights from balayage give to straight hair that is layered is effortlessly chic and easy to maintain than normal foil highlights.

#18: Waist-Length Straight Layers

waist-length straight hair with layers

An excellent cut to test on hair that is long is to wear waist-length straight layers. This cut has long thick layers of choppy hair. They look attractive and provide straight locks with motion and the appearance of. Be sure to apply a heat protector prior to applying the heat to your hair that is longer than your waist to stop it from drying out and becoming dry and brittle.

#19: Long Wispy Layers

back view of long feathery layers on straight hair

If you’re looking for ways to increase the body and volume to your long straight hair, consider wispy layers. The blended elevation of this cut provides an airy feel that helps create an incredibly full hairstyle when you style. Redken Guts 10 is an incredible volumizing spray mousse that will also assist in styling these long front layers to create straight hair.

#20: Back View of Long Feathery Layers

straight hair with long Cascading Layers

This rear view of long feathery layers is the basis of our hair fantasies consist of. Feathered layers provide an incredible amount of motion on straight hair. This makes it appear smooth and blended. To keep long layers in place of straight, blonde hair ensure that you get the hair cut each 12 weeks.

#21: Long Cascading Layers

beautiful long blonde layers with a middle part for straight hair

Long layers of cascading are the best style to consider if you want for your hair to remain length but you want to add some spice. Long layers of straight brunette hair with highlights of blonde can be compared to a microwave that cooks popcorn. It creates an impressive look. Use Olaplex No.7 Bonding oil to create the shine of your hair.

#22: Gorgeous Long Blonde Layers and a Middle Part

If you’re a fan of the latest trends, these gorgeous long blonde layers that have middle parts are sure to steal the show! A face-framing piece that is rounded can add great motion in your blow-outs.


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