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25 Best Examples of Long Hair with Side Bangs

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There are endless options in the world of long hair that has bangs on the sides. From bang-styles that are suitable for informal occasions to elegant updos There are so many different ways to go. The great thing about longer hairstyles is the fact that it gives you plenty of space to experiment with different styles – and hairstyles that have side-burns can be an attractive look that you can try! The fringe trend will make people excited by the stunning effects that side-bangs bring to your overall appearance. Side bangs that have long hair are renowned for their slimming and face-framing capabilities! Longer haircuts with side bangs are usually placed in layers to create an even appearance. Understanding your face’s shape and your stylist’s experience, is the key to achieving the perfect, flattering and customized hairstyle that enhances your facial features as well as your skin. Side-swept hairstyles are extremely effective for covering larger forehead areas. Jennifer Garner and royalty Duchess Kate Middleton both own this style as their signature and haven’t looked less amazing! In terms of maintenance it is essential to trim your side bangs often to keep your side-burns in top condition and looking flawless every time! Before you go to your next appointment for hair go through our gallery of long hair that has side bangs!

#1: Gorgeous as well as Full Long Hair with Side Fringe

Beautiful and Full Long Hair with Side Fringe

Long hair that looks beautiful with a side-frird is easy to achieve with the right hot hair products and tools. Utilize a curling iron, and pull your hair to the side, keeping your hair looking natural. Apply a hairspray with a great hold in order to maintain your hair’s appearance full and full throughout the day!

#2: Hair Long Blonde Hair with Big Swoop Fringe

Long Blonde Hair with Big Swoop Fringe

Do you want to see all the glamour of your hairstyle? Take a look at this long hairstyle with a large fringe has all the big Hollywood glamour. Coloring your hair with to a golden blonde while making the hair’s roots couple shades darker gives your hair a blended however striking, contrast look. The most effective method of achieving this style is to use the curling wand, and then pin your curls until they dry and cool. Then, you can use a spray that is tousle and then gently comb your curls using an oversized brush.

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3: Eye-Catching Long Wave hair with Side Bangs

Eye-Catching Long Bob with Side Bangs

This is a stunning long hairstyle with side-swept bangs which is an excellent choice for transitioning from short hair to long. Long and medium cuts create striking contrasts when combined with fringes and hair that is wavy.

#4: Blunt Fringe For Long Haired Women

Blunt fringe for long haired women

A short, slender fringe for women with long hair is an excellent option to create movement on the face. Long hair is often too much for a face with a smaller size. However, with an angular fringe that draws attention toward the face, and creates an elegant look.

5: Long Hair with Curled Ends and Blunt Bangs

Long hair with curled ends and blunt bangs

Bring some glam to long hair by incorporating curly sides with blunt bangs. The fringe is a great option for long hair as it breaks into lengths. It is possible to choose blunter bangs that keep the fullness of the ends. If you want to add curly ends, try blow drying using a round, large brush. If it’s too difficult, leave your hair within large Velcro rollers to create the effect of blow-drying.

#6: Hair Long Ombre Hair with highlights

Long ombre hair with highlights

Long-distance ombre hair with highlights can be created using Balayage to break the color base and give it a fresher look. This style isn’t so expensive, but it is distinct. If you are deciding on the right shade to wear, go with natural shades to complement the tone of your skin. Make sure to choose stylists who specialize in balayage styles of various varieties.

#7 The hairstyle is long Layered Bob hair cut with Wispy Fringe

Long layered bob haircut with wispy fringe

The great thing about the long, layered bob cut with an elongated edge is it’s versatile. The layers bring out a dimension that softens the length. The fringe’s texture sweeps across the eyes to a degree that it can be suitable for all facial forms.

8: Long Haircut with Straight Bangs

Long haircut with straight bangs

A long hairstyle with straight bangs can appear basic however it can provide high impact. The sleek hairstyle is still sexyand has minimal effort and a high impact. Straight bangs that are that are swept away to the side, they accentuate the cheekbones for a sleek style. For a finishing touch to your look, apply a drop of Aveda Brilliant finish gloss for an edgy look.

#9: Parted Bangs for Longer Hair

Parted bangs for longer hair

The parted bangs of longer hair create a smooth and feminine look. Cut expert Jennifer McQuillan of Florida creates the most elegant haircut. The hair is cut using the dry-cutting technique “to add volume, texture and concealed layers.” This kind of fringe is an ideal combination with a sleek style. “It’ll always look amazing with a lot of volume and a slight twist,” says McQuillan. To complete the look she recommends a root lifter for powder and drying texturizing spray.

#10: Delectable Long Brown Hair and Side Bangs and Waves

Delectable Long Brown Hair and Side Bangs

This basic brown long hairstyle gets steamy with the help of layers of waves and cuts. Then add the chocolaty sweetness of hair color and you’ll have an awesome length hairstyle with long side bangs.

#11: Stellar Long Thin Hair and Side Bangs

Stellar Long Thin Hair and Side Bangs

The most attractive long hairstyles that work for hair with thin hair are full of texture. A stylish and appropriate haircut doesn’t mean boring and boring. Long, fine locks of hair softens any style that is subtle.

#12: Prettiest Side Bangs and Curls for a Round Face

Prettiest bangs for a round face and long hair

The pretty Asymmetrical blunt cut as well as long layers that have side-swept bangs give the round face clean edges. And, the added styling, such as layers and curls accentuate the hair cut further.

#13: Chic Side-Swept Bangs on Long Blonde Hair

Chic Side-Swept Bangs on Long Blonde Hair

Simple curls can make your long straight hair appear more alive! Control some movement in your long , blonde hair by keeping your full side bangs in the right place. You can sweep the long bangs across the forehead to prevent the frame of the face.

#114: Bangin Long Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

Bangin Long Blonde Hair with Side Bangs

It’s legally acceptable to wear blonde, so shine your bright locks! Add some side-swept bangs to create a stunning long hairstyle.

#15: Lovely Long Layers and Bangs for Fine Hair

Lovely Long Layers and Bangs for Fine Hair

The gorgeous side bangs of long hair swoop effortlessly across the face, creating soft long hair. Easy to keep and youthful hair, layers add texture to the hair’s thinness.

#16: Elegant Short Layered Cut with Side Fringe

Stylish Long Layered Cut with Side Fringe

“The greatest thing about this fashionable long hair style with bangs that are side-swept is how easy it looks , while also being well-put together,” says hair color expert and style creator Brett Russo of New Orleans, LA. “Go to a brown-red hue which appears to be your natural shade,” he suggests. You can add extension tapes (VoMor) to increase the volume and create a long-layered hairstyle. Side bangs prevent the cut from appearing too bulky around the face. They blend beautifully with the layers. Russa recommends going for it! “It’s very simple to maintain. Long hair is styled in around 20 minutes with a huge curling iron and large sections. Side part bangs are excellent because they don’t require an excessive amount of trimming or maintenance between treatments.”

17. Fantastically Long Choppy Hair with Side Bangs

Fantastically Long Choppy Hair with Side Bangs

This dark , sleek, long hairstyle with side bangs shouts Egyptian goddess. The hairstyle was designed by hairstylist Ashley Mills of Springfield, MO. “The bangs are quite thick and do not meld into the length of hair, however, it is a great choice for most facial designs,” she says. Side bangs that are long can be an ongoing battle. If your hair is long or long, whether it’s more dense or fine there’s an appropriate bangs style! Mills suggests, “think of the shape of your face, your everyday routine, and, most importantly your fashion. Perhaps some trendy micro bangs or soft 70’s curtains bangs? Don’t be afraid to look at long bangs on the sides before looking for a style that’s perfect right for yourself!”

#18: Wonderful Long Thick Hair and Bangs

Wonderful Long Thick Hair and Bangs

The cosmetologist Catherine Louise of Woodbridge, CT has created this trendy long hairstyle that has bangs on the sides. It’s an extremely contemporary, classic style. “The long layers with fringes are great for all women, with the added angles and longer fringes helps create a frame for the face. The hairstyle could be easily customized to fit any shape of face and any woman should be in a position to wear this trendy long cut with side-burns,” she says. If you have layers that are longer and angles, it is easier to manage the black locks. Naturally curly women can let their hair flow naturally and the layers can make the curls curlier! If they didn’t have layers, they would put more weight on their hair and the curls would become more straight. If you’re a straight woman Layers angles, layers, and fringe will to add movement, texture, and, depending on the hair’s body! Catherine states that this long cut with large bangs is an simple look! “Using the correct products to blow-dry your hair, like using the spray that helps to volumize it to give a bit of lift to your crown (top top of hair),” she adds. “Or applying a heat protector prior to adding curls. The layers of long lengths in the back can be used for any shape face with the front face-framing that is easily adjustable for every face shape to ensure it is the perfect fit for you.”

#19 Basic Long Straight Hair with Bangs to the Side

Simple Long Straight Hair with Bangs to the Side

This gorgeous long, one-length cut is the hair that dreams are made out of! It was invented by the stylist who is also owner of Hairloom Salon in Oxford, AL, Rachel Roland. A long hairstyle with side bangs help add a touch of softness and frame the face. “To recreate this long hairstyle that has side-burns apply an anti-frizz smoothing lotion prior to blow-drying using the paddle brush,” Roland explains Roland. “Then just a couple of quick strokes using a flat iron and some shine spray can provide you with that smooth appearance.” If you’re contemplating long hairstyles with side bangs, it’s crucial to keep your locks healthy and strong. Hair this long could require a bit more focus. Maintaining a healthy and healthy hair routine that includes regular trimmings as well as treatments will make sure your hair is silky smooth and beautiful in the natural beauty!

20: Vibrant long red hair with long Side Bangs

Vibrant Long Red Hair with Long Side Bangs

This gorgeous long hair with long side bangs is made up of two aspects both the cut and color. The hair was created by hairdresser Anthony Lim of San Jose, CA. “The cut is among the signature cuts of Oribe haircare, which focuses on the flow and movement of hair without numerous layers. The color was created using a mixture of babylights in foils and balayage on the ends was applied. It’s elegant with longer layers of hair and you should embrace the look,” says Lim. This style is appropriate for the majority of women looking for motion and lightness, without cutting their hair short or getting thinned out. Long swipe bangs give soft diffuse effects, which makes your face appear more thinner. For styling this long hair using layers and bangs Lim recommends using the entire line of Oribe products. “Prep using Supershine, the ultimate leave-in conditioner, blowout using extravagant plumping mousse, smooth the ends using the royal oil for blow-outs (heat sealing and smoothing hair shafts) And then, apply impermeable spray to provide a light hold, with shine and anti-humidity” Lim says. To keep your hair’s long sides bangs and colors sharp Tone at least every six to eight weeks. then cut every 3-4 months and then do the Olaplex treatment every two weeks.

#21: Cutest Face-Framing Side Bangs on Long Hair

Cutest Face-Framing Side Bangs on Long Hair

This gorgeous long-cut that has side bangs made by hair stylist Jasmine Murillo of Charlotte, NC. “Use Aveda volumizing tonic and Phomollient to give body to your hair,” she says. “Ask your stylist to create long bangs with long layers to allow you to move, as well as soft layers of face-framing to highlight the face.” The side bang in long hair are a common design and a perfect choice for women who want layers! It’s long enough for you to pull back and give you short, fun pieces that you can pull out to create an adorable ponytail. The shoulder-length hair that has hair with layered bangs is a gorgeous easy cut that requires little maintenance and is simple to style using an oval brush, blow-dryer, as well as some products that volumize.

#22: Attractive Bangs for Long Curly Hair

Attractive Bangs for Long Curly Hair

It’s the coolest long-cut that has lots of height, and long curly hair, with hair bits and bangs! The hairstylist behind it was Jikaiah Stevens of San Francisco, CA. “I recommend you locate an expert in curly hair and one who is able to cut using the straight blade razor,” says Stevens. “As to styling, curly hair ladies need to take home Undressed and hair Balm made by Hairstory along with Y.S. Parks soft mesh diffuser for socks.”

23: Stunning Long Shaggy Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Feathered Layers on Long Shaggy Hair

Cheers to the ’70s! This stunning long shag style with side bangs offers the versatility of many classic styles from the 70s in one. It was designed and developed by hairstylist Theresa Przybyla of Austin, TX. “Wanting the trend-setting “curtain bangs”? Are you looking to have an angled middle part? Perhaps you want to achieve maximum movement when your hair is split on the sides? Layers of hair descending is the way to go,” says Theresa. The long hairstyle allows you to keep the length of hair or not. It’s perfect to the lady who doesn’t require much maintenance. It is possible to wear it “air dried” with hairstyles are not required even if you don’t wish to! Get ready for a new sexually sexy shake-that-hair look!

#24: Beautiful formal updo Hairstyles that have Side-Swept Bangs

Gorgeous Formal Updo with Side-Swept Bangs

This hairstyle cut long featuring side-burns styled by style-creator Sue Jac of Mississauga, ON. “Use clips to get the full-on bun If your hair is chin-length! Begin by blow drying your hair to create maximum volume, then apply Hollywood waves mousse from the brand L’Oreal” Jac says. If you want to style your other locks, Jac advises “take one-inch barrel curling iron to your hair and add extensions to mix them up and then twist them in a gentle way and then securing the ends. If your hair’s bangs are essential to you feeling confident maintain them by using soft, face-frames pieces. This formal style with side bangs that take around 30-minutes.” It’s vital to avoid doing something that is so out of your normal style. A side bangs that are soft such as this is suitable for all hair types However, it’s recommended to keep the natural texture of your hair. In the event that your hair’s curly, keep it that way! Also, consider that you won’t want to stress regarding the hair (frizzing and becoming flat) at the time at your wedding.

25th: Lovely Long, Wavy Long Hair with Side Bangs

long blonde wavy hair for round faces

It’s not difficult to be a supermodel. This effortless wavy long hairstyle with bangs swept up toward the back will make you look stunning.

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