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26 Stunning Examples of Long Hair with Side Bangs

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Long hairstyles with side bangs offer endless versatility, from casual looks to elegant updos. Side bangs are celebrated for their slimming and face-framing effects, enhancing your overall appearance. Typically layered for a balanced look, these hairstyles require regular trimming to stay flawless. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Duchess Kate Middleton have made side-swept bangs their signature, highlighting their timeless appeal. Understanding your face shape and consulting with your stylist are crucial to achieving a flattering and customized look. Explore our gallery of long hair with side bangs for inspiration before your next salon visit!

#1: Gorgeous as well as Full Long Hair with Side Fringe

Beautiful and Full Long Hair with Side Fringe

Long hair that looks beautiful with a side-frird is easy to achieve with the right hot hair products and tools. Utilize a curling iron, and pull your hair to the side, keeping your hair looking natural. Apply a hairspray with a great hold in order to maintain your hair’s appearance full and full throughout the day!

#2: Hair Long Blonde Hair with Big Swoop Fringe

Long Blonde Hair with Big Swoop Fringe

Do you want to see all the glamour of your hairstyle? Take a look at this long hairstyle with a large fringe has all the big Hollywood glamour. Coloring your hair with to a golden blonde while making the hair’s roots couple shades darker gives your hair a blended however striking, contrast look. The most effective method of achieving this style is to use the curling wand, and then pin your curls until they dry and cool. Then, you can use a spray that is tousle and then gently comb your curls using an oversized brush.

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#3: Eye-Catching Long Wave hair with Side Bangs

Eye-Catching Long Bob with Side Bangs

This is a stunning long hairstyle with side-swept bangs which is an excellent choice for transitioning from short hair to long. Long and medium cuts create striking contrasts when combined with fringes and hair that is wavy.

#4: Blunt Fringe For Long Haired Women

Blunt fringe for long haired women

A short, slender fringe for women with long hair is an excellent option to create movement on the face. Long hair is often too much for a face with a smaller size. However, with an angular fringe that draws attention toward the face, and creates an elegant look.

#5: Long Hair with Curled Ends and Blunt Bangs

Long hair with curled ends and blunt bangs

Bring some glam to long hair by incorporating curly sides with blunt bangs. The fringe is a great option for long hair as it breaks into lengths. It is possible to choose blunter bangs that keep the fullness of the ends. If you want to add curly ends, try blow drying using a round, large brush. If it’s too difficult, leave your hair within large Velcro rollers to create the effect of blow-drying.

#6: Hair Long Ombre Hair with highlights

Long ombre hair with highlights

Long-distance ombre hair with highlights can be created using Balayage to break the color base and give it a fresher look. This style isn’t so expensive, but it is distinct. If you are deciding on the right shade to wear, go with natural shades to complement the tone of your skin. Make sure to choose stylists who specialize in balayage styles of various varieties.

#7: The hairstyle is long Layered Bob hair cut with Wispy Fringe

Long layered bob haircut with wispy fringe

The great thing about the long, layered bob cut with an elongated edge is it’s versatile. The layers bring out a dimension that softens the length. The fringe’s texture sweeps across the eyes to a degree that it can be suitable for all facial forms.

#8: Long Haircut with Straight Bangs

Long haircut with straight bangs

A long hairstyle with straight bangs can appear basic however it can provide high impact. The sleek hairstyle is still sexyand has minimal effort and a high impact. Straight bangs that are that are swept away to the side, they accentuate the cheekbones for a sleek style. For a finishing touch to your look, apply a drop of Aveda Brilliant finish gloss for an edgy look.

#9: Parted Bangs for Longer Hair

Parted bangs for longer hair

The parted bangs of longer hair create a smooth and feminine look. Cut expert Jennifer McQuillan of Florida creates the most elegant haircut. The hair is cut using the dry-cutting technique “to add volume, texture and concealed layers.” This kind of fringe is an ideal combination with a sleek style. “It’ll always look amazing with a lot of volume and a slight twist,” says McQuillan. To complete the look she recommends a root lifter for powder and drying texturizing spray.

#10: Delectable Long Brown Hair and Side Bangs and Waves

Delectable Long Brown Hair and Side Bangs

This basic brown long hairstyle gets steamy with the help of layers of waves and cuts. Then add the chocolaty sweetness of hair color and you’ll have an awesome length hairstyle with long side bangs.

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