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23 Beautiful Hairdos 2018

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Long hair is both an opportunity and a disadvantage when you don’t have the time to blow dry itout, the hair may appear dull and boring. However, it gives you to make stunning hairstyles. Today we’re sharing 25 gorgeous hairstyles to help you get inspired. Take a look and check them out.

1. Romantic Side Braid

Processed with vsco with hb2 preset

This beautiful side braid offers soft, romantic appearance when it falls across the side of the hair. The more thick your hair more voluminous, the better for this style… however, you can loosen the braid to give the appearance of hair with more volume. Check this page to find out the entire tutorial.

2. No-Hair Tie Braid

No hair tie braid long hairdos

Do you have no hair tie during a hot day? Don’t worry, just tie your hair into the side braid, and finish it off with this backcombing method. This technique may not work for delicate, slippery hair, but it’s sure to work on hair with some texture. Learn more about the technique at Camille Styles.

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3. Sleek Braided Bun

Sleek braided bun long hairdos

If you enjoy the way you style your hair to ensure it’s split in half then this cute braided bun design could be the perfect choice for you. Just take your hair in half like you normally do, make a chic braided bun. Take a look at the entire process on Breakfast at Vogue.

4. Twisted Crown Style

Twisted crown long hairdos

The gorgeous twist of hair is wrapped around your hair, creating an elegant look that’s perfect for a formal occasion. The trick to this look is to begin with wet hair It’s true and this allows the twist to be much simpler to create. Learn how to do it the at A Beautiful Mess.

5. Faux Twist Fishtail

Processed with vsco with hb2 preset

This is braids that look like fishtails that is more of a twist style. Start by pulling a small twist of hair from either side, and then tie the braid with a knots… Then repeat this process time. Visit Breakfast at Vogue to learn more about this look.

6. Simple Twisted Pony

Curly easy twisted ponytail

This gorgeous hairstyle is created by twisting and pining curly hair. It’s a lot easier than it appears to be and can be applied to any kind of hair, as long as it’s of a certain length. Go to Ma Nouvelle Mode to check out the entire tutorial.

7. Faux Hawk Updo

Bun hawk hairdo tutorial

Here’s a fun hairstyle that looks like mohawks, which is why they’ve cleverly labeled the look as a fake hawk-style. In order to achieve this style you’ll have to separate sections of your hair and then create a series of twists. Visit Riva the Diva to learn how you can achieve this look with your hair.

8. Top Knot

Top knot bun tutorial

This fun style looks fantastic on any person with long hair. And it’s easy to create. The trick to getting the perfect hairstyle is to make it a part of hair that is dry for the second day only. If you try to style it after blowing dry the hair, it’ll be difficult to use. Learn more here.

9. Knot and Toss

Knot and toss half up hairdo

The next step is another option, which is the “knot or toss” that is an up-half style which is ideal for long hair. This one requires an area from on the left is wrapped around another piece from the right side and covered with. Learn the entire tutorial at Pretty Plain Janes.

10. Criss Cross Braid

Processed with vscocam with hb2 preset

This hairstyle offers a distinctive look. It is made up of two braids that across each other, creating the ponytail in a curly style. A slight tug on the pony adds some volume. Visit Breakfast at Vogue to find out how you can achieve this gorgeous style.

11. Waterfall Braid

Small waterfall braid long hairdo

The tiny waterfall braid is positioned across the top of your head from one end to the top, and then on to the other (hence it’s name). Every time you cross another piece it, you take a small piece to join the same way as braids that are french. Find the complete tutorial at Instructables.

12. Bubble Ponytail

Bubble ponytail diy long hairdo

This fabulous style is bound to be a hit, due to its distinctive “bubble” design. The key to this style is to divide the hair using elastics and then loosen them all by using your fingers. Go to Stylishly Me to check out the steps.

13. Crown Braid

Crown braid diy long hairdo

This beautiful ‘do makes an interesting alternative to the ponytail, especially If you’re fed up of having your hair dangling all day long. This long braid is swathed all through the crown. Go to Gina Michele’s website and look over her extremely helpful video tutorial.

14. Upside Down French Braid

Upside down french braid long hairdo

The glamorous hairstyle is an alternative to the traditional french braid. The braid is created by starting at the bottom before finishing with a puffy bun on the top. Visit Stylishly Me to learn how you can recreate this style yourself.

15. Hair Bow Bun

Bun with bow long hairdo

This is a different style that is atop the head, however this time, it’s the use of a cute pink bow. The blogger has tried various kinds of buns. She offers her top tips together with tips and tricks on her blog Akamatra.

16. 5 Minute Updo

5 minute updo long hairdo

The bohemian chic look can be put together for a special occasionor worn casually for an office day. The creator claims that it takes only five minutes to create! Visit Hey Wanderer to learn how you can recreate this charming hairstyle for yourself.

17. Side French Braid

Easy side french braid long hairdo

Side braids look fantastic on photos And this one looks amazing from every angle. The best part is that it’s made in a similar way to the traditional french braid, just put in a different position. Go to Ma Nouvelle Mode to find out more about it.

18. Three Bun Updo

Three bun long hairdo

This gorgeous design has a distinctive appearance, and is actually quite easy to create. It’s made of three buns which are placed on the nape of your neck. That’s all you need to do! Go to Go Make Me to find more information about this beautiful hairstyle, which is super versatile.

19. Topsy Tail For Grownups

Topsy tail for grownups long hairdo

If you were a child in the 90’s, you’ll surely remember the topsy-tail that was so popular during that time. But there’s good news: the topsy tail is coming back and in a grown-up version! Go to Camille Styles to find out how to recreate this vintage style on your hair.

20. Rolled Chignon

Simple rolled chignon long hairdo

Here is a stunningly elegant hairstyle that has an elongated look. It’s actually a rolled chignon and it’s done by first securing two twists halfway up , and then rolling the rest of your hair. See the complete picture tutorial on Camille Styles to find out more.

21. Braided Updo

Braided updo long hairdo

The tutorial is specifically stating the style is ideal for thick and long hair, and it’s easy to understand the reason. It involves a lot of braiding, looping and wrapping. Visit Pearls and Scissors to check out the many photos which will teach how to create this look.

22. Lace Ponytail

Lace pony bridal long hairdo

This is a beautiful look that can be achieved with an elastic, lace and possibly some hairspray. Just gather your hair into ponytail, then wrap the lace around the head, and continue by wrapping it around the ponytail. Find out more about it on Bridal Musings.

23. Twisted Rope Crown

Rope crown long hairdo

This beautiful style looks somewhat like rope, which gives it an old-fashioned look. The trick to achieve this style is twisting two pieces of hair. Visit the Ducklings In A Row blog for more information on how to create this look with your hair.

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