23 Best Short Bob Hairstyles

The Bob haircut has been in fashion for quite a while. Each decade has had variations of the classic short cut. Short bobs today are timeless and elegant. If you’re seeking feminine fashion that will last the age of the fashion and will last, then the short bob is the one for you!

Hairstyles for Short Bobs

There are no set rules regarding short hairstyles for bobs. But, it’s important to keep your facial form in mind and pick the haircut that best suits your facial characteristics. It is possible to work with many layers or create hair that is super smooth. If you have straight or curly hair, there’s the perfect short bob to suit your needs. We’ve got the most effective short bobs, but which one would you pick?

Inverted Bob

Inverted Bob

Do you want a luxurious, short bob style? A bob that is inverted could be the style you’ve been looking for to showcase the softness that your locks have. Because this style is finished with long strands of hair that frames the face looks stunning.

This cut is particularly good for those with an elongated facial shape. Face-framing cuts that are longer will assist in the shaping of cheekbones that have been sunk into the sun.

Short Messy Bob for Curly Hair

Short Messy Bob for Curly Hair Even spirited girls can pull off the classic hairstyle! If you’ve got curly hair and would like to display that curl in a natural way think about this messy short hairstyle.

For this style request your stylist to gently cut your hair to the side of your hair. Allow some hair pieces to fall longer than others, and then enjoy the softness of fringe that isn’t polished.

Inverted Bob With Bangs

Inverted Bob With Bangs The upside-down hairstyle is great to frame your gorgeous face! If you’re looking to showcase your eyes, consider adding some the bangs that are thin to your short hairstyle.

ideal the perfect inverted hairstyle that has bangs. This style is ideal for hair that is thinner side.

Deep Side Part For Thick Hair

Deep Side Part For Thick Hair If you wear a short haircut, hair immediately appears more thick. If you already have hair that is thick make it look more attractive by styling it with a long side parted.

Long cascading bangs provide extra volume, creating the appearance of a more easy to manage hairstyle.

Chin Length Bob for Curly Hair

Chin Length Bob for Curly Hair Hair that is curly appears extremely feminine with an long chin-length Bob. The side part helps keep curly hair in place.

By keeping the edges of your cut in the chin area You can draw out the lines of the chin. Make sure to get rid of frizz using smoothing conditioner.

Super Cropped Curly Bob

Super Cropped Curly Bob Do you believe it or that the curly locks can become as long as you’d like! If your curls are soft and natural keep some length on the cheeks’ apples to give your hair a romantic look.

The side ensures that this cut stays clean and fresh. It’s not overly fanciful. Its length slender hairstyle is easy to maintain throughout the day.

Sleek Bob For Silver Hair

Sleek Bob For Silver Hair When we get older hair becomes more fragile. Hair made of silver is easier to style using a sleek short hairstyle.

If your hair is silver by nature or a choice of color it’s stunning when cut into an even length, like this.

Severe Cut for Platinum Hair

Severe Cut for Platinum Hair Hair made of platinum is stunning So why not step it to the next level? Request your stylist to cut an asymmetrical cut and be ready to be noticed.

While this haircut is more of an Asymmetrical bob, any cut you pick will look stunning with a cool, lighter blonde shade.

Vintage Bob

Vintage Bob This classic hairstyle dates back to the roots of short hairstyles. If you’re in search of an imaginative, fun haircut, this style is the one for you!

It’s especially great for hair that is fine and has natural texture, to ensure that hair doesn’t look too bulky. Your stylist should cut the bangs in the brows, and then separate them in a neat way to make this bob look retro.

Stacked Bob with Strawberry Highlights

Stacked Bob with Strawberry Highlights Hair that is shorter is the ideal option to play with vibrant highlights. The length of the hairstyle ensures that any bright shade will not overwhelm.

We love that beautiful strawberry hue which frames the face of this sleek bob. Try pastels or opt for a icy blonde with strong accents.

Center Part Bob

Center Part Bob This bob’s center is particularly fashionable and trendy, particularly when it’s styled in a messy manner, such as in this style. The chin-length blunt chop looks sharp, and the middle part isn’t overly serious.

Accessories For Bobs

Accessories For Bobs

Huge headbands are all trend these times. They are especially adorable with a bob cut short! Then pull it back like shown here you can leave just a couple of loose layers in order to fram your face.

If you don’t like headbands think about a side part with a beautiful barrette.

Textured Blonde Bob

Textured Blonde Bob A hairstyle with a textured blonde is the ideal way to show off your gorgeous highlights! This bob is short, and the hair is lightly layered to create a natural look.

Super Sleek Bob

Super Sleek Bob Are you not wanting a slick look? Get a polished look for your short bob by wearing this elegant cut.

Hair is here all one length. However, it is possible to be divided either in the middle or on the side. This is especially effective for more fine hair kinds.

Bob With Short Layers

Bob With Short Layers If you’d like more of a spunky look with your short bob, request your stylist to recreate this style by using short layers. Layers begin at the top of the head and end at the nape of the neck.

This look is fun and extremely easy to maintain. Maintain the style by putting on short, side-swept bangs.

Honey Blonde Balayage

Honey Blonde Balayage This warmer honey balayage is great for blondes of all kinds. These natural-looking highlights on your bob’s short haircut will mean less trips to the salon as hair gets longer. Because the cut is rough, you can comb it out by spraying it with texturizing.

For a frame on your face concentrate your balayage around the front parts of your face. It instantly brightens your appearance.

Bob With Super Short Fringe

Bob With Super Short Fringe This hairstyle is designed ideal for the more edgy baby. Short bangs with a super short cut are the best method to showcase a gorgeous face! A short bob style such as this is certainly a nod to the modern style, so if this is calling your name, don’t hesitate to embrace it!

If you’ve got curly locks, longer, more side-swept bangs could be more suitable for you.

Chocolate Bob With Caramel Highlights

Chocolate Bob With Caramel Highlights When you’re looking for highlights in caramel, the haircut is all about artistic placement. This dark chocolate shade nourishes your face while subtle lighter caramel-colored highlights surrounding the cheeks instantly add a pop of color to your face.

If you’re looking to amp more with the spunkier part of your short bob give the ends that are wispy a subtle flip by using the help of a hot wad.

Subtle Bronde Balayage

Subtle Bronde Balayage The short bob hairstyle accentuates the vibrant brightness contrast. For this style request the stylist for the base color dark, and build the color gradient all the way to warm blonde at the ends of hair.

The result is extremely natural and adds an element of dynamism to a basic short bob hairstyle.

Funky Bob With Lavender Tips

Funky Bob With Lavender Tips What better way to try an interesting, short cut and try a splash of shade? Selecting a light, soft shade like this delicate lavender at the tips of your hair will make it look more feminine.

This contrast looks subtle, and is amazing when paired with longer bangs, and a shorter stack in the back.

Shiny Aubergine Bob

Shiny Aubergine Bob This luxurious style is all about colour! Let these subtle violet highlights with the sleek style of a hairstyle.

No matter if your hair is thin or thick the additional dimension of this shade can instantly take your short bob style up to a new level.

Asymmetrical Bob


Asymmetrical bobs can be an imposing look when you’re looking for a shorter haircut. The key is to keep it delicate, but not too much. In the event that one part is long in comparison to the next, the cut may appear too drastic.

Maintain the length from on the short side until that of the longer side, and you’ll make a lasting impression.

Round bob

Round bob Round Bobs have a resemblance to the 1920’s, when bobs were used by flapper girls. Since they were first introduced, they’ve never been out of fashion. Nowadays, the style is more rounded to give it a modern edge.

This style of hair is a single length and is cut at the neck’s nape. To maintain your hair all you require is a hairdryer and a round style brush.

Choosing the Perfect Short Bob Hairstyle

There are a myriad of ways to look stunning with a short bob haircut. When you pay particular attention to the shape of your face and the natural texture of your hair It’s simple to find the perfect short bob style that can elevate your appearance. As you will see, whether you have curls, bangs or straight hair We have a stunning short bob style for you! What was your most loved?


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