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23 Best Long Angled Bob Hairstyles

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Long-angled bob hairstyles have become extremely fashionable. They’ve gained an increasing amount of attention in the world of young women. If they are styled properly, such hairstyles look fantastic on any kind of hair. They look great on ladies who have round or oval faces. But girls who have triangular, heart or square-shaped faces can also pick the most appropriate angled bob for their own. The bobs range from outrageous and wild to professional and strict. All you have to do is pick the best option.

Modish Long Angled Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles

If you’re a fan or long, angled hairstyles, or you’ve just decided to take an interest in them, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve compiled a list with 55 gorgeous Long Angled Bob Hairstyles you to choose from. Be sure to consider the shape of your face and hair. For women with triangular facial shapes, opt for shorter angled bobs. those with round faces ought to think about longer ones. Keep in mind that symmetry is trendy therefore take an interest in the asymmetrical bobs which will make you appear trendy. You can also look up different hairstyles and haircuts for bobs here.

1. Long and sideswept

long angled bob hairstyles 1-min

This long-angled bob style is ideal for ladies who have round faces. Hair is cut small in the rear. Then, the long angled portion is made in front. The hair on the back is then layers. The art of styling such bobs is difficult however the end result leaves a lasting impression.

2. Shoulder length Bob

long angled bob haircut for women

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This is among the most well-known hairstyles that are angled. It is cut slightly shorter at the back, and grows longer towards the front. This style is perfect when you have straight hair no matter the thickness. A daily style is highly recommended.

3. Asymmetry

long angled bob hairstyles 3-min

Classical bent bobs are shorter in the back but slowly increase in length in front. Also, there is an asymmetrical variant. The frontal strands of several are cut off to create the triangular shape. Try it!

4. Ombre

long hair angled bob hairstyle

Ombres are gorgeous with any hairstyle. Why not try one for the long-angled haircut? Make your bangs, and lower strands in a darker shades that the remainder of your hair. Then, your bob will be given a new, fresh look.

5. Burgundy and gorgeous

Nice angled bob long hair

Explore the colour of your new straight bob. Burgundy hairstyles look stunning on women with hair that is naturally dark. Hair dyed with color tends to dry out and can be easier to manage. Keep your burgundy hair tidy with special hair care products to dye hair.

6. Blond and long

long angled bob hairstyle for women

Blond is an excellent option for women who have long hairstyles with a angled angle. It usually gives volume to long bobs, and makes the hairstyle easier to maintain. Include some bangs in your bob, to make it look even more amazing.

7. Raven black, with bangs and black

long angled bob haircut you like

A messy raven black hairstyle is considered to be very sensual. Therefore, if you’re planning to wear a long, angled hairstyle, black raven will be an excellent choice. Bobs are difficult to keep tidy. Color choice releases you from this obligation.

8. Highlights from the creative

angled bob haircut for girl

If you’re looking you to let your angle bob stand out from the crowd opt for a unique highlight. They are typically chosen by women who wish to stand out and therefore, wild highlights are an excellent option. Experiment, experiment, experiment!

9. Different angles

cute girl long angled bob haircuts

If you’re a huge lover of bobs with angels but aren’t comfortable taking care of them, glance at this style. The messy look is created by changing angles. Even if it isn’t possible to clean your hair it will look stunning.

10. Outlined bob

girls long angled bob

If you’re looking to draw a line around your bob’s angled look, opt to a special highlight. Color the frontal strands of your hair with a darker hue as the other hair as seen in the picture. You’ll get a distinctive look that can turn heads.

11. Slight angles

long angled bob hairstyles

Hairy girls can opt for a slightly angular cut. There’s no need to create an acute angle to make this style appear trendy. Hair that is thick looks great with Oblique angles. The longer hair you have has, the better it appears.

12. Brown and straight

long angled bob hairstyles 12-min

Your hair’s natural color will always look stunning. A long, angelic bob is stunning on straight hair that is naturally colored. Make sure you keep it clean. This hairstyle is beautiful only when it’s sleek. If you’re no fan of using brushes then you should look to other styles.

13. The classics

best long angled bob hair

The classic long-angled hairstyle is ideal for women who have straight hair. There aren’t any bangs, as well as the sharp angles. It is best suited to dark hair, however it can be an excellent choice for blondes as well. Not sure what type to pick? Choose the classics.

14. Side swept bangs

long angled bob hairstyles 14-min

Long-angled bobs with bangs look great when they’re sideswept. However, bangs draw attention away to the angles. If you’re looking to emphasize the angle make sure to avoid massive and lengthy bangs.

15. Wispy Bob for hair with thin

long angled bob hairstyles 15-min

In case your hair’s thin opt for a wavy angeled hairstyle. Hairstyles can be styled to give more volume using an oval brush and a hair dryer. Make sure that the angles aren’t too obvious, or else the hair that is thin will stand out.

16. You can also add some volume

long angled bob hairstyles 16-min

The angled bobs look fantastic when paired with straight hair. They look more attractive with some volume. It is important that your stylist creates multiple layers on the back of the hair. This way , you will be able to add volume using the hair dryer.

17. Asymmetrical levels

long angled bob hairstyles for girl

Fashion today is asymmetrical and an asymmetry. If you’re given the an opportunity to make asymmetrical do it! The angled bob hairstyles look stunning in the event that the sides are different in length. The distinction could be apparent or perhaps not very attractive. Choose your preferred option!

18. Layers

long angled bob hairstyles 18-min

Long bobs with layers look great on women of all hair types. However, they are difficult to maintain neatly and neat, so you should be prepared to spend time in the mirror. You’ll surely be pleased with the outcome.

19. Long eye-covering bangs

long angled bob hairstyles 19-min

Eye-covering bangs can create a flirty style for any angled bob hairstyle. If the bangs you see aren’t making you feel uncomfortable, then you must take a look. You can always side-swept the bangs off of your eyes if you’re bored of this haircut.

20. Rihanna style


The bob gained popularity due to Rihanna. It is a perfect example of a stylish long-angeled hairstyle. There’s asymmetry as well as elegant elegance. If you’re looking to be fashionable, you should follow Rihanna and you’ll be happy with it.

21. Soft Waves


The soft waves look stunning. The only thing you have to do is curly your hair using curling irons. Then, run a comb over the curls before applying any hold spray. The curls will appear natural. an organic appearance.

22. Gorgeous Curls


The salon-fresh locks look beautiful with a bob that is angled. To make your curls look like this you’ll need to apply heated irons to tiny sections in your hair. After a few seconds of curling then take your hair out of the iron and make the curls set with a the holding spray right away.

23. Barely There Waves


This hairstyle has only just the tiniest hint of a wave. A slight wave can give the hair with less volume a amount of volume and texture which makes the look more alive.

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