The Best Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Women who have round faces prefer to distract attention from their roundness, whereas others would like to highlight the unique feature. Whatever category you fall into it is likely that you’ll find an appropriate option from the hairstyles that are short that women who have round face we have on offer. Let’s have a look.

1. Voluminous bob

Beautiful short hairstyle for round faced girl

Bobs are generally the best way to arrange hair that is short for faces with round faces. To make the face appear more elongated the top portion the bob is cut to create volume. The lower part is well-arranged.

2. Long straight bangs

long bob with bangs

Long straight bangs can be a fantastic option to show off the most appealing features of the round face , while making the cut appear fashionable. Hair that is left may be symmetrical, adding additional flavor to the look. But, this cut is extremely high-maintenance.

3. Over the shoulder style

short bobs with bangs

This bold , asymmetrical cut is a great way to combine the advantages of a cut and takes away the cons of having hair that is long. Hair cuts in a unique way that allows windblown bob make the perfect combination with hair that is longer only on one side. It is easily changed to a regular haircut if, for any reason you aren’t happy with it.

4. Long bangs and soft waves.

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 4-min

Soft waves are one of the most attractive short hairstyles that girls with who have round faces. The curls are neatly placed to wrap around the face in an arrangement that the roundness of the face is seen in the most beautiful light. Longer bangs are a nice addition to the round shape.

5. Straight bobs with graduated straight grades

cute short hairstyle for fat round face women

Straight hairstyles are typically the ideal choice for females who have round faces. A bob with a graduated style that has no volume will be perfect for faces with a round shape. In this situation, the shape of the face increases the volume of the hair , not vice versa.

6. Asymmetrical bob

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 6-min

The round-face’s greatest friend. It gives the impression of a longer chin and counteracts the impression of volume that the round face often creates. The bangs must be pulled back in order to create larger corners.

7. Gradually arranged

short haircuts for women over age of 50 who has round face

Graduated tousles are a real lifesaver for women who have small hair , round or slender faces. The layers give the appearance of lots of volume. The top layer of long white hair that falls around the neck gives an elegant finishing touch to the look.

8. Highlighted bob with symmetrical bangs

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 8-min

Highlights are an essential aspect of short hairstyles that are suitable for faces with round faces. Making use of various shades of colors can help you reduce the volume of the face, and then smoothly shift it to your hair. Bangs that are symmetrical are always an excellent way to help.

9. Youthful bob

short blonde hairstyles for round face 2016

This hairstyle is something other than adorable. The rounded style can make any woman appear young and lively. Long bangs provide an extra dimension to the look, and the varied length of hair makes you stand out from the crowd.

10. Voluminous pixie

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 10-min

The large Pixie is used for focusing attention on the top of the head as well as making the face appear less round. The ears are partly covered that will attract women who aren’t happy with their face shape.

11. Straight shoulder length Bob

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 12-min

This is an excellent style for women who have thin hair. This style may require some maintenance, but it’s well worth it. The simple cut can make anyone with a round-face look stunning. Bangs can be played with.

12. The short-perm

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 13-min

A messy, short curly hairstyle can be used to give a adorable and somewhat wild look for women with face shapes that are round. Natural curls may not require the most attention, however, perms require some style. If the curls remain on high, this hairstyle can do amazing effects for elongating the face.

13. Pixies with layers

round face short hairstyles

A layered hairstyles like a pixie is a fantastic option for short hair with oval faces to be cut. The most appealing aspect is that it is easy to achieve volume and low maintenance. This pixie can make anyone look younger.

14. Short curly flip

short curly hairstyles for teenage girl with round face

The vibrant nature of the curly short flip is feminine and gives every woman an extra zing. Because of the large curls, the top portion of the face of this model is enhanced, creating an appearance of an elongated facial form.

15. Windblown bob

round face short hair

It’s a charming way to form an Bob. The airy look attracts attention to the hair and makes the face appear more open. It’s not easy to keep but there’s an alternative to attain this kind of uniqueness.

16. Classical straight bobs for women with round faces.

short bob hairstyles for round face

The classic straight bob is usually the best choice for women who have round faces. The hair emphasizes face’s curves, but the sharp, straight ends give the appearance of an longer chin, which is perfect for round-faced women.

17. Hair extensions

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 18-min

Hair extensions can be a way out for females with round face who are bored of their short hairstyles. If pixies and bobs have become boring and dull extension hair is the perfect alternative. The longer the hair , the less noticeable is the round face shape.

18. Wavy shag

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 19-min

Short wavy shags are an ideal way to emphasize the heart-shaped, round or round face while maintaining a chic easy-to-maintenance style. Hair that is long and thick wavy hair can create various shags of any length and still maintain design.

19. Spiky highlighted all-over

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 19

The use of spikes is an excellent option to lessen the roundness. The right highlights can give any short haircut with a lot of fashion. A spiffy highlighted tousles are a stunning combination of three different ways to make a short hair look stunning.

20. Layers of edifices

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 20

Layers of asymmetrical height create a unique hairstyle that makes you appear stunning and stand apart from the rest of the crowd. This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions and will require the most serious care. The energy it brings can make any woman feel happy.

21. Spiky pixie

short haircuts for girls with round faces and thick hair

A spiky pixie makes any woman look younger and more wild. While this kind of look might be appropriate for younger women but women who are over 40 can do it easily and be amazed by the outcomes. A proper highlight is essential.

22. The wet shag

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 23-min

Shags are a good option for those with round faces. The fun of playing with shags will demonstrate that a simple haircut can be a style for any person. The addition of a wet-look to the shag can provide it with a feminine look that is quite simple to pull off.

23. Layered bob

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 24-min

The charming bob that is layered can be worn by women of any age. It’s also perfect for any kind of straight hair because it creates an appearance of sleek volume. This particular haircut is made by laying layers of long lengths, which gives the impression of a straight hairstyle.

24. Wild colored undercut

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 24

A bold undercut is a good enough option for women. A wild undercut is sure to be a huge hit. Making fun of different cut styles is a fantastic idea for ladies who have round faces. A few spikes at the top of the head are an added plus!

25. A Pixie with a texture

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 25

Pixies possess a variety of incredible properties. They will make women appear younger. A pixie with texture gives the appearance of more youthful fashion with lots of volume.

26. Creative style

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 27-min

Making your own style is always a good option to change your look and feel amazing. The braiding of long hair can create shorter hairstyles, while making use of highlights is an exciting approach to stand out the crowd.

27. Braided hair

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 27

Making a braid for a runaround is an excellent method to add some flavor to hair that is short. Few women can accomplish this by themselves and a visit to the salon an ode to the outcome.

28. Be sure to keep it simple

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 29-min

Sometimes, it’s not required to create a complex hairstyles in order to look the most attractive. Straight hair that is elegant is among the most suitable options for women who have a round face. But, the longer hair you wear longer, the more attractive.

29. Graduated shag

Short Haircuts for Women With Round Faces 30-min

The graduated shag is a fantastic option to control the short hair of young teens who have round-faced faces. The hair that is thick is usually difficult to manege and therefore the shag that is graduated with messy hairstyles is the best choice out there. It doesn’t require a lot of makeup, which makes it more appealing.


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