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23 Splendid Dark Blonde Hair Colors to Try in 2023

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Dark blonde hair color is a deep in-between tone that is great for women who are looking to create a balance between brown and blonde shades. This blonde shade is cool or warm, which means you’ll always have the right one regardless of the tone of your skin or season. What’s the best thing about getting dark blonde hair? The difficult task of keeping platinum blonde locks won’t be to be a priority. Are you interested in seeing some gorgeous ideas using dark blonde hair? Check out the article and choose an elegant, natural hair color that has an modern twist.

What Is Dark Blonde Hair Color Like?

In contrast to platinum blonde hair dark blonde hair provides an authentic alternative that is still fashionable. The darkest blonde shade is most dark shade of blondethat is just one tone behind lighter brown. Many refer to this shade in terms of caramel or ash blonde according to the warmth, and it is a great match with dark roots , creating depth in contrast to the lighter blonde hair strands.

Dark blonde hair color is often seen on models such as Gigi Hadid. It can transform the look of anyone. It’s a fantastic hair color that is suitable for all skin tones , and is an extremely low-maintenance hair color to wear.

Scroll down to see the most stylish styles that include the various dark blonde hair shades!

1: Dark Blonde with Subtle Highlights

A mid-length cut and subtle blonde highlights complement the natural dark blonde color beautifully. It’s a low-maintenance method to boost the natural hair color that does not need frequent touching-ups. Try highlighting your hair with a sandy blonde for an edgy, sun-kissed look.

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Natural Dark Blonde Hair

#2: Warm Dark Blonde Lob

The warm honey-colored tones complement darker hair tones well and go well with all skin tones. These shades are great with a twirled long bob to create a relaxed style. The look is easy to pull off, particularly in the case of naturally lighter brown hair.

Cool Dark Blonde Hair Color

#3: Dark Blonde Curly Hair

Be especially cautious when bleaching curly hair that is naturally curly. This is the reason why darker blonde hair can be an excellent choice for curly hair! For a bright and vibrant look it is possible to contrast with dark and golden blonde hair with highlights of butter blonde. The mix of blonde and dark shades improves the curly look and makes hair appear full and thick.

Highlighted Dark Blonde Curls

#4: Soft Ash Blonde

Ash blonde is the cooler hue of darker blonde which is perfect for cooling warm skin tone to create a well-balanced appearance. Opt for brunette hair to limit the damage. The soft waves will allow you to highlight the varied shades of hair.

Dark Brown to Darker Blonde Hair Color

#5: Dirty Blonde Bob

Fringe bobs work ideal for framing the face and making anyone look adorable. A bob that is short and with a dark blonde shade can be a great option since blonde hair colors are perfect for highlighting the best aspects of your face. Request your colorist to recommend dark blonde hair colors that matches your skin tone the best.

Dishwater Blonde Hair Color

#6: Subtle Balayage

Partial balayage is an extremely well-known hairstyle So why not try it with dark blonde hair? Instead of transforming through a transition from dark brown lighter blonde, a more subtle look can be achieved by adding a deep lynx. This is ideal if need a more subtle style.

Dark Blonde Partial Balayage

#7: Curly Dark Blonde Hair

When natural long curls are combined with a soft, buttery blonde shade, the look is truly beautiful. This is a great choice for women who prefer to be feminine or want the natural hairstyles of their curls to be noticed. Even though dark blonde hair isn’t as bad as having white hair make sure you maintain your hair in a healthy way and then style it using techniques that are heat-free.

Blonde Hair Color for Bleached Black Hair

8. Dark Blonde Hair Color with Shadow Roots

This dark blonde bob that is choppy and slick that has long, sweeping bangs shouts of the hottest hair styles. Add some darker roots to create the rock and roll look. Mixing dark roots with honey blonde highlights makes the hairstyle more sharp and low maintenance.

Honey Blonde Bob Shadow Roots

#9: Cool Dark Blonde Hair

If you’re looking to stay clear of hot-toned hairstyles try an ombre of a mushroom blonde. This cool blonde shade is lighter than many darker blonde shades, yet is still a striking contrast with ash-blonde wavy bangs and soft highlights!

Dark Ash Blonde Hair with Highlights

#10: Caramel Blonde Waves

The waves add great texture to the hair. Try dark blonde hair and blonde roots that are light brown for an appealing natural hairstyle. You can see how shiny, strong and healthy this hair appears!

Caramel Hair Color

#11: Blonde Hair with Highlights

Dark blonde hair color cannot be overlooked when you are doing this artistic balanceage, which blends caramel, cinnamon and creamy shades. Make sure to try this style with voluminous hair for the ultimate effect!

Dimensional Light Brown Hair Color

#12: Dirty Blonde with Money Pieces

If you’re pale You might want to stay away from cooler blonde shades, thinking that it would cause your skin to appear more blemished. However, those with fair skin tone can wear an ashy blonde, and it doesn’t make them appear dreadful. You can try this darker blonde hairstyle with soft waves to get an effortless look.

Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color

#13: Dimensional Dark Blonde Hair Dye

Nothing evokes Old Hollywood glamour like big blonde curls. However, you don’t necessarily have to choose lighter blonde hues to achieve the look. The dimensional all-over dark blonde shade with deep undertones could be a great option. Side partings can enhance the appearance and volume plus the bigger you have, the better!

Dark Blonde hair with Lowlights

#14: Sun-Kissed Dirty Blonde Hair

The balayage or ombre are both popular techniques that create a flirty contrasts against natural brunette and dark blonde hues. Find a colorist who offers lighter blonde hair ends for the sun-kissed appearance that will be perfect for the summertime or during the colder months. Make sure you find an experienced colorist who can provide the perfect blend of shades of your hair’s hue.

Dark Blonde with Platinum Blonde Tip and Money Pieces

#15: Dark Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

Black hair doesn’t have to be black to highlight it’s natural character! The dimensional blonde balayage can highlight the curls to make an afro more full. Dark blonde is an hair color that is easy to achieve and can be further enhanced by some platinum and honey blonde highlights.

Warm Dark Blonde hair with Highlights

#16: Sandy Blonde Hair Color

If you’d like your hair to look closer to a brown-colored hair palette choose darker caramel blonde. The dark blonde hue looks like brown, and is a fantastic natural option for women who have cool and warm skin tones. If you are a fan of neutral warm blonde hues This is a great option to consider!

Golder Blonde Hair Natural Roots

#17: Dark Blonde Curls

If the traditional dark hair color isn’t enough for your ringlets try creating a unique twist by applying a the combination of gold blonde and a dark blonde shade. This can give your curls a more full look and more defined. Get your stylist to apply face-framing blonde highlights. Let this stunning color make each day a perfect hair day!

Warm to Cool Dark Blonde Hairstyle

#18: Dark Blonde Roots

Dark blonde hair shade appears to be the only blonde shade that can be your natural hair color. One of the most low-maintenance options to make your hair look more attractive and can still provide a transformational effect is to add highlights that ombre in lighter blonde. For brunettes who are naturally blonde who are naturally brunettes, this color of hair will require a lot of maintenance, even though.

Melted Dark Blonde Roots

#19: Ashy Blonde Hair Color

This hairstyle is a combination of several successful options with a cool dark hair color, a creamy blonde highlights to warm the appearance and a attractive long hair cut. This is a fantastic option if are looking for an edgy and universally flattering look. Use gentle curves and flat-iron your hair to perfection to create an almost futuristic version of the look.

Mushroom Blonde Hair Color

#20: Caramel Blonde Highlights

If you’re sporting a dark or light brown hair, for a natural hair base the warm blonde highlights can be a great accent. The messy Soft waves are a style which will let you highlight the gold blonde undertones.

Caramel Highlights on Medium Brown Hair

#21: Platinum and Dark Blonde Highlights

A bohemian-inspired style that is great to wear in summer are long, brushed-out curls. The dark, dark hair that gradually fade into a beautiful blonde balayage makes the look easy to maintain. Although the hair isn’t as bright it is also able to show highlights of dark blonde that create the perfect canvas for thin streaks.

Blonde Balayage on Long Medium Brown Hair

#22: Dirty Blonde and Framing Highlights

Dirty blonde is a great blonde shade, however it can appear muddy if applied as an all-over color or on a darker skin tone. To ensure you’re sure and to draw the eye’s attention try adding swirling layers and lighter blonde highlights around the face.

Dark Blonde Base Color and Platinum Highlights

#23: Brown Hair with dark blonde highlights

One great method to create a dark blonde hair cut is to opt for a messy hairstyle. The colorist can mix the lighter and darker shades to create a stunning shade for hair with short lengths.

Short Bob Subtle Balayage

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