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33 Stylish Fall Hair Colors Ideas for Autumn 2023

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The fall season brings beautiful shades of nature surrounding us, and we’re looking forward to fitting into. Are you ready to choose from these beautiful autumnal hair colors that will transform your hairstyles? We’ve compiled the most popular choices from the most popular autumn hair colors of 2023. So you’re sure to find something that you like regardless of the color you choose for your base or the hairstyles you like.

Best Fall Hair Color Ideas

Scroll down to discover elegant reds, rich browns, and soft blondes that are ideal as autumn hair colors. Keep up-to-date on the latest trends in hair colors to make heads turn this fall.

#1: Chestnut Brown

This trendy hairstyle does not require a separate intro, however the vivid one-process chestnut shade is exactly the job. One of the top shades for the fall of 2021, this rich, warm brown shade is sure to highlight your haircut.

Chestnut Hair Color for Fall 2021

#2: Golden Blonde

Although blonde hair is an excellent option no matter what season it is it is the dark and golden blonde hues are popular among autumn hair hues. The caramel highlights appear perfectly and sharply against naturally dark blonde hair.

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Dark Blonde Hair with Highlights

#3: Mysterious Copper Curls

If you prefer more subtle red shades that don’t appear too fake Then copper is the perfect color for fall. If you wear your hair curly and messy using this shade it will appear much more gorgeous and suited to the autumnal setting.

Copper Fall Hair Color

#4: Delicious Chocolate

The most appealing feature of chocolate is that it is natural looking and provides incredible definition to your face. The golden highlights of the face frame make the hair look more warm and inviting. The perfect fall hair color option for brunettes!

Brown Hair with Face Framing Highlights

#5: Creamy Blonde Hair

Buttery blonde is one of the most beautiful hair color options for dark skin types that create curls and curls that shine, without having the delicate hair structures go through multiple cycles of bleaching. Dark hair roots make your hairstyle stylish and low-maintenance.

Natural Hair Colored Creamy Blonde

#6: Bronze Hair

With a golden glow Bronze is among the most sought-after autumn hair colors. The lighter, more cinnamon-colored tones that surround the face provide the ideal emphasis to this look and are a great reason to be awed by the colorist as well as the salon.

Bronze Hair Shades for Fall 2021

7: Dark Brown with Caramel Highlights

Beautiful long dark brown locks that have caramel highlights look stunning. The light golden brown compliments any skin tone and is an excellent reason to try it this autumn.

Long Locks with Pretty Caramel Highlights

#8: Copper Red

The red hair color comes in many beautiful shades to choose from! Opt for this beautiful copper red and your leaves will turn green and envious.

Red Hair Color for Fall

#9: Mocha Brown Hair Color

Mocha is a gorgeous darker shade of the chocolaty browns family that works equally well with cool and warm skin tones. A unique twist to consider for every brunette the winter and fall seasons.

Warm Dark Brown Shade

#10: Bronde

Mixing brown natural hair and subtle blonde highlights is an excellent alternative for brunettes going blonde this autumn. Consult your colorist about placing the most light color on the streaks that frame the face. A melted look is easy to maintain and can prevent significant damage.

Dimensional Blonde with Melted Roots

#11: Pumpkin Spice

The pumpkin spice hair trend has become a huge hit on Instagram just a few years ago and it’s still an excellent choice for the time of year when the pumpkin trend isn’t anything special. Choose gold or dark copper for the base color , to ensure that the fiery balayage really shine.

Bright Ginger Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

#12: Dirty Blonde with Dark Roots

Have a look at this fresh variation on hairstyles with ombres! The transition from dark roots to filthy blonde locks with highlights of platinum is an eye-catching. The shag-style conveys the confidence and lack of care.

Modern Blonde Shag

#13: Cappuccino Locks

Any brunette hair color that is inspired by the name of a coffee shade can create a gorgeous fall hair shade. A subtle blonde balayage with soft messy waves can create interest and dimension to your hair.

Chocolate Hair with Blonde Highlights

#14: Natural Ginger

Dark ginger hair is especially fashionable this time of year. You’re not blessed with a natural, flawless hair color? Have your colorist suggest an intense reddish brown that has bronze hues or bring it along.

Natural Red Brown Hair

#15 Wishwater Blonde with Highlights

The dishwater blonde hair color is very low maintenance because it doesn’t become brassy in a short time. If you do decide to freshen it up by adding some streaks of lighter blonde or platinum, keep some shampoo for toning on your disposal to keep your hairstyle looking the best it can.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

#16: Mahogany and Copper Balayage

This gorgeous color is perfect for hair with medium or long lengths particularly if you love hot hair shades and aren’t afraid to look beautiful and drawing interest. Select the most attractive reddish-brown shade as the base color, then elevate it with highlights and lowlights that are in shades of the top autumn hair colors: Auburn, copper golden and strawberry blonde.

Mahogany Fall Fair Color

#17: Warm Brown Balayage

The warm brown balayage color is great for brunettes wanting to change their look and brighten their locks without becoming blonde. The tones of chocolate brown and chestnut are among the latest autumn hair colors that you can explore.

Subtle Brown Balayage

#18: Dark Red Hair

Every colorist will tell you that requests for dark red shades are on the rise as fall is on the way. While deep reds are usually used to enhance natural brunette hair and black hair, you can explore something completely different and add some caramel or copper highlight tones to the basic shade.

Red Hair with Highlights

#19: Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is soft enough to bring brightness to your appearance. However, it’s not too extravagant or glam and is more is a perfect choice for warm autumn evenings with a cup of tea and a hot slice of apple pie.

Honey Blonde Bob with Framing Layers

#20: Black Hair Balayage

Contrary to the spring and summer season, which can withstand any hair color experimentation every autumn sets the tone to more natural, more calm shades. Fall 2023 isn’t an exception. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider an appointment for a hair dye, however. Enhance your hairstyle by applying the latest shade or a subtle balayage that looks beautiful and fashionable.

Subtle Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

#21: Burgundy

Let the fall hair colors shine and deep violet-red will be ready to claim its rightful place. The intense hue of the vine is sure to elevate your look quickly and turn heads throughout the fall of 2023.

Burgundy Hair Color for Fall 2021

#22: Honey Spills on Black Hair

The style gives us the impression that this hair is infused with delicious honey nectar. It’s a great way to inject sparkle and warmth to your hair without being too far.

Black Hair with Caramel Highlights

#23: Strawberry Blonde

This clever mix of strawberry blonde and cinnamon hues is worth a visit for a visit to the salon. This shade is perfect for brunettes who is preparing to lighten up for autumn hair color.

Medium Brown Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

#24: Wheat Blonde

The harvest season is now over however, the wheat hue is still awe inspiring natural blondes. It’s neither warm nor ashy the blonde shade makes for a perfect fall hair shade.

Cool Blonde Hair Color

#25: Dimensional Auburn

The latest version of the ombre style is to place lighter shades on the bottom and around the face, and keeping the crown shaded. The dark red that is dipped into apple cider hair is a fantastic illustration and is a great hairstyle for the fall of 2023.

Apple Cider Hair Color for Fall

#26: Cool-Toned Platinum Blonde

The cool-toned blonde, with darkened roots and platinum-colored ends looks stunning and elegant. This is exactly what makes this one of the more intriguing designs for the fall season.

Long Blonde Bob with Darkened Roots

#27: Dark Brown

2023 will be a single process color and why not opt for the deep, deep dark chestnut brown that will enhance the natural hue of your hair. It’s definitely a good choice for brunettes who aren’t planning to make a drastic change in their hair color.

Dark Brown Hair Color for Brunettes

#28: Black Hair with Burgundy Ombre

The various colors of red wine either as solid colors or when mixed with other hues – are amazing hair colors for the fall. This is among the most effective coloring options that can make a fresh hair color easy to maintain and low-maintenance.

Red Purple Hair Color

#29: Chocolate Brown Highlights

Highlights that highlight dark hair colors typically involve striking blonde hair, but one of the latest trends this year is creating subtle highlights in the brown tones. Your hair will appear like it’s been glazed in milk chocolate. We recommend this option for brunettes who have naturally darker hair.

Medium Brown Highlights for Dark Hair

#30: Copper Blonde Curls

A lovely copper blonde shade is similar to warm caramel and flatters women with blue or green eyes to perfection. Make a dramatic impact with darker melted roots and add big e-girl streaks and you’ll surely be sporting one of the most popular fashions of the season.

Light Copper Hair with Chunky Streaks

#31: Ash Brown

The cool-toned ash brown shade is among the most intriguing shades of fall hair that you can use to enhance the natural hair color. Consult your stylist about the right color combination to get this slick shade.

Mushroom Hair Color

#32: Cherry Cola

If you’re blessed with naturally dark hair, and aren’t looking to put bleach on your locks, you should consider the dark shade of auburn or a color similar to this with a red undertones. The deep cherry coke shade is perfect for brunettes and looks great on thick, long locks. Wait for the fall sun to pop it with deep reds, and you’ll be amazed by the benefits this autumn hair color could bring.

Cherry Coke Hair with Burgundy Highlights

#33: Creamy Blonde Cool Highlights

This highlighted look is a fascinating choice from the autumn hair shades 2023. It’s a stunning look when your hair is long, allowing all of the gray and cold platinum highlights to shine and contrast each other.

Dirty Blonde with Highlights and Shadow Roots

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