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24 Awesome Wolf Cuts for Medium-Length Hair

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The medium length wolf haircut an amalgamation of the classic shag and mullet for an elegant cut. The cut is positioned on the shoulders to provide versatility and allows women to wear a variety of styles. Jasmine Kokoszka, a stylist and salon owner from Austin, TX, explains the reasons why this cut works for all hair kinds. “The cutting wolf eliminates bulky hair and allows for the texture. It can also be adapted to thin hair to give it more volume,” she states. The layers in this cut can result in dramatic modifications. The cut’s edges appear more sharp and also highlights more distinct features around the face. If you’re hesitant to fully be a part of the style using layers, face-framing is an option. You can request a variation in the style of wolf that fits your hair’s texture and style the most. Talk to your stylist, because they will know the best places to create volume and movement. You are welcome to bring inspiring photographs. “Your hair stylist will guide you through some of the subtleties of hairstyles to help you make the most of your new style,” says Kokoszka. This is the hairstyle that will make you appear famous. The images below showcase the most sought-after medium-length Wolf haircuts that you should think about having!

Brunette Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Fringe

1. Brunette Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Fringe

You can rock a brunette shoulder-length cut with a choppy fringe that adds some vibrancy for medium length hair. Brunette being among the easiest colors of hair to maintain with no frequent visits to the salon You can concentrate more on the style of this cut of a wolf. The layers already provide plenty of volume to the look. Utilize a flat iron, or a large barrel iron that has a an air-tight spray to join the style and layers.

Mid-Length Wolf Cut with Curtain Fringe

#2: Mid-Length wolf Cut by Curtain Fringe

Women with a square-shaped face can wear an elongated wolf cut that is trimmed with curtains. A wolf cut can allow you to keep your length , while also adding layers to create the appearance of volume, fullness and texture. For a more interesting look curtains are the most effective option.

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Messy Wolf Haircut with Heavy Bangs

3: Messy hair cut by a Wolf with Big Bangs

Do a messy hairstyle with big bangs to create a textured and lived-in appearance. If you add shaggy bangs to the haircut that is wolf-like, it will draw attention to the eye and frames the facial features.

Wavy Wolf Hairstyle for Fine Hair

#4: Wavy Wolf Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Consider a wispy wolf style for hair with fine texture to create the illusion of fullness. The addition of a fringe in a style cut by a wolf hair that is wavy will frame your face elegantly.

Razored Wolf Cut with Bangs for Thick Hair

#5: The Razor Wolf cut with bangs to create Thick Hair

A wolf that has been cut razor-like with bangs to create thick hair is perfect for a layers style. With the help of a razor stylists can add wispiness and texture to create an exciting, shaggy cut.

Wolf Shaggy Cut for Curly Hair

#6: Wolf Shaggy Cut for Curly Hair

Try an wolf shaggy cut with curly hair to create a simple look. With the addition of layers and layers, a wolf cut cut for naturally curly hair can be an excellent curl-enhancing medium hairstyle.

Curly Wolf Hairstyle

#7: Curly Wolf Hairstyle

Curly wolf hairstyles are an excellent way to enhance curls and coils. If you’re in the market whether you can get a “wolf” cut cut for curly hair request hairdresser to add layers your hair according to your curls to create a fun new appearance.

Wolf Shaggy Lob with Face-Framing Bangs

#8: Wolf Shaggy Lob Bangs that frame the face

Try an icy wolf shaggy lob that has facial framing bangs for a large hairstyle. It looks great on any type of hair and length, including straight, fine hair A wolf cut will increase volume.

70s Mid-Length Shag with Choppy Bangs

#9: 1970s mid-length, Shag with Choppy Bangs

A mid-length shag from the 70s with hair that is choppy is the ideal hairstyle for an up-to-date and fun style. It’s great for thick or medium hair, a choppy cut is easy to style and requires minimal effort.

Mullet Wolf Hair with Soft Waves

#10 Mullet hair of a Wolf with soft waves

Mullet wolf hair that has soft waves is great for medium-length hair that wants to give volume and texture. The soft and edgy Mullet hairstyle that is layered can be made using a hot tool in the event that hair is not naturally curly. Ask your stylist about how to duplicate.

Layered Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

#11: The Layered Wolf Cut with short Bangs

A long wolf with a layer of bangs is perfect for women who are over 50. Hair layered can provide excellent movement and definition for medium length hair.

Shoulder-Length Wolf Haircut

#12: Shoulder-Length Wolf Haircut

Try a shoulder-length wolf cut for a moderate fashion. Simple, yet stylish A wolf cut shoulder-length hair is a great way to highlight the texture. Your stylist can suggest lots of layers.

Dimensional Wolf Hair with Pink Highlights

#13 Dimensional Wolf Hair with Pink Highlights

Hair of wolves with dimension and pink highlights is a trendy and stylish hairstyle. Requesting longer face-frames can create an elongated cut that can be great for a pop of hue.

Wolf Shag for Thin Hair

#14: Wolf Shag for Thin Hair

You can try a wolf shag on small hair, to help make it appear more full. If you have the right styling and texture products A wolf shag cut is an excellent option to give volume.

Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

#15 Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

A Wolf cut with choppy layers might be the next haircut you experiment with for a fresh and fun look. Medium-length haircuts are the best to give a shagginess messy but easy to style cut.

Short Textured Layers on a Mid-Length Wolf Cut

#16: Short Textured Layers on a Mid-Length Wolf Cut

Short , textured layers on a wolf cut of mid-length gives women who are over 40 an effortless yet stylish look. If you’re asking for shorter layers the stylist can add volume and texture to give added definition of medium-length hair.

Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

17: Wolf Cut with Shaggy Layers and Bangs

A wolf cut that has bangs and shaggy layers can frame and complement the round face. Ideal for medium length hair A cut that is wolf-like is ideal to create a simple style, and the layers add an abundance of texture.

Medium-Length Razor Shag

#18: Medium-Length Razor Shag

Use a medium-length razor shag to increase the natural texture. By adding lots of layers on curly and wavy hair shags can give fantastic bounce to hair of medium length. Find out if your hairdresser’s shaver can work for your particular type of hair texture.

Mullet Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

#19: Mullet Wolf Cut for Straight Hair

Mullet-wolf cuts cut for straight hair is an excellent option for adding more volume and texture to hair with a finer texture. A lot of layers look great when a haircut is mullet and can create a shag-like effect like the Miley Cyrus haircut.

Wolf Cut with Heavy Crown Layers

20: Wolf Cut with Heavy Crown Layers

A wolf cut that has thick crown layers can provide lots of fullness, volume the crown on the scalp. Perfect for any hair type, a wolf cut to medium hair can add volume to all the right places , and also leaves ample length.

Tousled and Textured Wolf Hairstyle

#21: Tousled and Textured Wolf Hairstyle

Try a textured and tousled Wolf hairstyle to get an easy yet sophisticated style. Ideal for medium cuts and layers that can be styled effortlessly using a hot tool or the texture product.

Curtain Bangs on a Wavy Wolf Style

#22: Curtain Bangs on a Wavy Wolf Style

Hairstyles with curtain bangs that are an wavy wolf cut are the perfect cut to create a fuller look in all the proper locations. Soft layers can give a wolf cut to medium-length hair an amazing texture. Curtain bangs that are awavy Wolf style are the ideal haircut for adding completeness to all of the proper locations. Soft layers can provide a wolf cut to medium-length hair an amazing texture.

Wolf Haircut with Feathered Layers

#23: Wolf Haircut with Feathered Layers

A wolf-like haircut that has feathered layers can give wispy to an exciting, striking look. Because some wolf cuts may be rough, a feathery texture can soften a cut for specific hair types, including fine, medium and coarse hair.

Choppy Wolf Cut with Bangs

#24 Choppy Wolf Cut Bangs

Try an angular wolf cut with bangs for the Billie Eillish style! Ideal to wear with straight hair. the choppy look in a medium-length wolf hairstyle will add depth and the appearance of texture.

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