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24 Best Medium Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas for Mid-Length Hair

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A medium-inverted bob is hairstyle that falls between the shoulders and collarbone in front, and then gradually becomes shorter to the back. This cut is rising up the list of most popular bob hairstyles across the globe right now. It’s stylish and trendy. an angular angle that runs from front to back giving an edgy, beautiful style. You’ll look stunning regardless of what you put on! Additionally, it’s extremely practical. The shorter length in the back creates an easy, low-maintenance style. It’s an amazing way to remove the weight of your mane , without making it shorter! But, if you’ren’t looking for a shorter hairstyle, ask the stylist you trust about getting a medium – to long inverted haircut instead. Expert stylist Dani King from Pennsylvania has some advice for those considering this cut. “Getting an inverted middle length hairstyle means that the back will be significantly longer,” she says. This means that you must get rid of buns and long ponytails! “It might take a while to adjust to! You should expect that your style habits will change due to the length change,” she adds. Don’t believe that you’ll be able to be restricted in your styling! There is actually an endless list of daily hairstyles as well as updos that you can select from. Look at the way Ashley Benson, Mila Kunis as well as Rachel Adams did theirs to perfection! No. 1 on Dani’s checklist of her top styling products includes Joico Kpak Restorative Styling Oil. “I am a fan of this product due to the fact that you can apply it prior to and after styling the hair. It leaves hair shiny and smooth. You won’t have to fret about frizz during the day when using this product!” And who doesn’t like that? Prior to your next hair appointment, take a look at these images of the most fashionable medium-sized bob haircuts!

Medium length Inverted Blonde Bob

#1: Medium Inverted Blonde Bob

It’s the medium-length , inverted blonde bob that exudes sophistication! It can be styled according to your preference and you’ll never be wrong with beachy, soft waves. Request blonde balayage to get an easy-to-maintain messy style that is low maintenance that flatters your fair skin tone.

The Inverted Blunt Cut on mid-length hair

#2: The Inverted Blunt Cut

The blunt inverted cut is a staple of hairstyles. The longer frame in the front is a great complement to any facial form, while the shorter length on the neck is great to wear in any weather. In the warmer months the crop will keep you cool and in colder seasons, your hair will not get caught with scarves or hats.

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Medium inverted bob with side parting

#3 The reverse of Bob With Side Parting

Inverted bobs with side-partings which are cut to the shoulders is a great method to maintain the length and create a look that has longer hair. Thinner layers and longer layers aid in maintaining the weight at the base of the hair, while creating motion.

Black medium length inverted layered bob

#4: Black Inverted Layered Bob

A black bob that is inverted is a stunning shape and is a fantastic option for any hair type. The styling process is simple with a blow-dryer or round brush. You can also add some oil to give it a smooth and shine.

Medium Inverted Choppy Bob

#5: Medium Inverted Choppy Bob

A medium-sized choppy bob that is inverted gives a looser feel to the hair that allows weight to be taken away from the heavier hair types. Texturizing techniques are utilized in lieu of layers to loosen the hair , giving it a an airier feel. The addition of loose, loose waves can complete this style.

Medium inverted wavy bob

#6: Inverted Wavy Bob

Choose a full-on Inverted wavy bob that will enhance your thick and voluminous hair. By placing a bit more emphasis on the shape that is inverted will increase the volume of the back and length of hair. The longer length can also slim around the eyes, making this look perfect for balancing bigger facial shapes.

Mid length reverse inverted bob

#7: Mid Length Reverse Inverted Bob

A mid-length reverse-inverted hairstyle is perfect for women who appreciate a clean and sleek style. The sleek medium inverted style is a bob that sits on the shoulder, and lengthens through the frontand enhancing the shine and sharpness of the cut. This style is ideal for women who like the idea of tying their hair but would like to cut it short.

Inverted Bob with Tapered Sides

#8 The Bob inverted Bob using Tapered Sides

Inverted bobs that have tapered sides are a fashion trend that is popular with women looking for the look of movement and texture. Hairstylists can make this look by making deep point cuts or cutting into hair for “invisible hair layers”. Style loosely with straightening iron by wrapping your hair around it, then dragging it to the ends. Then, finish with Balloon from R + Co.

Medium inverted bob with layers

#9 The reverse of Bob with Layers

Create this bob inverted with layers for your next style because it’s chic and beautiful! You can ask for subtle graduation and layers that are cut into the hair to create an easy, low-maintenance look. The long slit in the front lends it some edge.

24 Best Medium Inverted Bob Haircut Ideas for Mid-Length Hair

#10: Inverted Bob with Bangs to make Wavy Hair

The most beautiful medium inverted haircut for a bob that has bangs is one styled by a wave. The flow increases the volume in a slightly warm. It is possible to spray dry texture spray into your hair to give the hair appear vibrant.

Wavy Inverted Bob haircut on medium length hair

#11: Medium Length Wavy Inverted Bob

A wavy, inverted bob that is wavy on hair of mid-length is perfect for medium to high hair with a high density. The movement of the hair provides the hair with an exciting look. Combine your wavy hairstyle and a melting brown or blonde hair for an enthralling, trendy look.

Medium inverted bob for women over 50

#12: Inverted Mid-Length Bob for Women Over 50

Medium-sized bobs that are inverted for women over 50 years old should have plenty of texture as well as front layers that can accommodate naturally gray hair that is thinning. If you want to look younger think about adding some choppy bangs.

Purple Medium-Long Choppy Inverted Bob

#13: Purple Medium-Long Choppy Inverted Bob

Wear this medium-long choppy, inverted hairstyle in a deep red or purple hair shade to create an unpretentious look. If you’re looking for a classic look, a dark shade with subtle hints of a lighter brown shade is the best and can be paired with olive skin tones. If you’ve got straight hair, choose gentle choppy ends for more definition.

Inverted Curly Bob Haircut on Medium Length Hair

#14: Inverted Curly Bob on Medium Length Hair

Try this inverted curly bob Try it out giving your hair of medium length a more attractive shape. The cut maintains the fullness, but doesn’t allow your curly locks to grow too bulky. You can apply to a blonde shade to give them more fresh-looking hair. Make sure to use the cream for styling to minimize frizz as well as define curls.

Mid length inverted bob with fringe

#15:”Mid Length Bob inverted Bob featuring a Fringe to Straight Hair

A bob that is inverted with fringe is a great cut for thin, fine hair, showing the perimeter of the cut. If you are considering an inverted haircut take note of what your features are first. For example, the neck-length inverted hairstyle can soften jawlines that are sharp.

Mid length inverted bob with fringe

#16: Mid-Length Bob Inverted with an undercut and highlights

For a soft edginess for a more subtle edge, let go of the one-length hairstyle and opt to this mid-length inverted hairstyle with an undercut. This cut lessens the bulk of your locks in the back, allowing you to enjoy the classic inverted bob. If you’re looking for a soft color that needs just a little touch-up You can’t go wrong when you have blonde hair highlights.

Medium length Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

17: Popular Medium Inverted Bob with Side Bangs

The medium-length bob inverted with side bangs shouts the volume and shine. Make use of the effect with a round style brush with a blow-dryer for styling to get the look of the moment. A dark-rooted, platinum blonde will brighten your face, without doubt.

medium shaggy inverted bob for thin hair with blonde balayage

#18: Inverted Shaggy Bob for Thin Hair with Blonde Balayage

A shaggy bob that fits hair that is thin is a good idea. This type of bob with layers adds body and motion to your hair. Shags that are paired with bobs that are inverted such as this can add more texture in hair of mid-length and look great when paired using soft, bouncy waves. If you want to add an extra WOW factor then an ombre or deep-rooted balayage can do the trick.

Shoulder-Length Inverted Bob

#19 Dark Shoulder Length inverted Bob to create thick Hair with Curls

What a beautiful hair style! This is a shoulder-length inverted bob that is perfect for thick hair. With this style, you’ll be able to sport the wavy style that will jazz up dark hair. To finish off add shine spray to ensure that your hair’s shine last throughout the day.

Modern Short to Medium Inverted Bob Haircut

#20: Modern Short to Medium Inverted Bob Style

A contemporary short-to-medium inverted bob is among the classic haircuts of bob that are sure to remain on the trend list. Why? It’s flexible and easy to keep! Bob cuts can be used for any type of hair. Medium to short inverted Bob cut can be pulled off without or with waves and still look good!

Medium to Long Inverted Stacked Bob

#21: Sleek Medium to Long Inverted Stacked Bob Cut

A slim medium-length to long inverted stacked bob , which is short in the back and grows longer in the front. This fashion trend shows that growing hair short shouldn’t be a problem. The inverted and stacking bob cut creates an attractive and versatile look. It is possible to wear your long locks to the front with waves and texture the moment you get them, or show it off with long straight locks the following day. The medium-long inverted stacked hairstyle is actually an angled hairstyle. It was designed by hair stylist Jen Herber of San Diego, CA. “This isn’t a simple maintain cut” states Herber. “Inverted hairstyles should be styled regularly to reflect the shape and the angles in the cut. This isn’t a wash and wear cut, unless you have straight hair. This cut is suitable for most women, it’s simply a matter of changing the length of your front to fit the shape of your face.”

Collarbone Length Inverted Angled Bob with Layers

22: Collarbone Length Inverted Angled Bob with Layers

Do you like a collarbone-length, inverted angled bob that has layers to create your new style? The layered, inverted cut will flatter all facial forms. It provides a soft edges that frame and enhances the facial features. If the hair is thick, the subtle layers could reduce the volume. They can prevent the hair from appearing as an oversized helmet or a mushroom.

Inverted Layered Chestnut Brown Bob

#23: Brown Inverted Bob for Coarse Hair

This is the ideal medium-length inverted bob that women with coarse, thick hair. “This hairstyle is inverted and keeps it shorter enough that you do not need to be concerned about that dreaded flip-out that shoulder-length styles can cause,” says hairstylist Katelyn Phillis from Dayton, OH Katelyn’s best advice? “This haircut is perfect for anyone who is looking for shorter hair, but is concerned that it won’t make their faces appear more attractive. It’s possible to keep it neat and shorter in the back, and enough length on the front so to allow you more space to alter the frame of your face to highlight (or reduce) certain aspects of the face. ”

Black medium length inverted layered bob

#24: Medium Layered Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

Do you want to transform your beautiful and dark locks to the latest trends that require effortless style? We have it! The perfect medium inverted, layered Bob that is perfect for hair with fine. It’s amazing how the layering bob frames your round face , as well!

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