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26 Most Requested Shoulder-Length Choppy Haircuts for Women

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Choppy shoulder-length haircuts are popular in the present! Choppy cuts focus on texture and sharp ends. They create a lively modern style that fits the majority of women’s facial shapes. Co-owner of the salon and stylist Heather Psoras from Richboro, PA is adamant that this style will look on every woman. “It can be styled in a variety of ways. It looks fantastic when it’s styled with a smooth or tousled look or with naturally curly waves or texture. It’s the perfect backdrop for multi-dimensional hair with lived-in colors,” Psoras states. The drawback of a mid-length , choppy hairstyle is that it isn’t capable of wearing braids. Psoras claims that this type haircut “causes hair layers to break through braids.” It also affects ponytail designs as you need to exchange your pony for a shorter one. The density and the texture of your hair is the most important aspects to take into consideration when choosing the cut that is choppy, according to Psoras. If you have hair that is very thick and has an ethereal texture, de-bulking and texturizing methods are perfect. These techniques create a flow to the hair. Hair with finer hair will also get the benefit of blunt edges layered with layers that are lightly textured. Discuss with your stylist the products and tools you should employ for styling. These details will allow you to determine what style you prefer and if it fits with your routine. If not, ensure you’re prepared to adjust your style to get it to work. Take a look at this hair style and feel inspired to freshen up your style. Here are some examples of how to wear trendy shoulder length choppy haircuts that will be your ideas!

Classy Mid-Length Chop for Older Women

#1: Classy Mid-Length Chop for Older Women

A chic mid-length haircut for women who are older is a chic and practical choice that blends elegance with the convenience of a low-maintenance style. A simple layered cut is ideal to wear curly or cut back for wash and go days. You can consider a few highlights that frame your face to bring more brightness to the face and give a look that is youthful to medium length hairstyles.

Low-Maintenance Choppy Shag

#2: Low-Maintenance Choppy Shag

A low-maintenance choppy shave is hairstyle which can be tailored to suit all hair types and texture. Layers of fine hair that are internal can give an illusion of thickness, while long cheekbone-length bangs frame your face and focus attention on the eyes. Its versatility as well as wearability for shaggy shoulder-length choppy cuts make them an extremely popular haircuts in salons today.

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Wash-and-Go Long Bob with Layers

#3: Wash-and-Go-Long Bob with Layers

A wash-and-go choppy long hairstyle with layers is ideal for women who is always on the move. Layer on some choppy styles to create motion and texture to your locks. Add a couple of loose waves later and you’re well on your way!

Mid-Length Chop with Internal Layers for Fine Hair

#4: Mid-Length Chop that has Internal Layers for fine hair

Try a cut that is mid-length with layers inside to create smooth hair. The shoulder-length hairstyle is easy to maintain and enjoyable. Layers inside are great for finer hair because they’ll give you that volume you want!

Shorter Layers on Collarbone-Length Hair

#5: Shorter Layers on Collarbone-Length Hair

Think about layers of collarbone-length hair If you’re looking to lighten your locks. Medium-length hairstyles with choppy cuts are trendy and adaptable. This hairstyle is perfect for women on going!

Heavily Layered Bob Cut

#6: Heavily Layered Bob Cut

You can try a thickly layered haircut if you’re looking for an edgy, new style. Cuts with a choppy style are the trend in the present. The more texture and layers , the more interesting. Hairstyles can be sleek or messy, based on the occasion!

Shoulder-Length Choppy Layers

#7: Shoulder-Length Choppy Layers

Look into shoulder-length choppy layers when you’re looking to spice up your hair. The most choppy layers will really stand out.

Medium-Length Chop with Highlights

#8: Medium-Length Chop, with Highlights

You could consider a medium-length haircut featuring highlights when you’re in search of an interesting new look. A medium-length cut can be styled in numerous ways! The highlights really highlight the dimension of your stylish new style!

Face-Framing Choppy Layers

#9: Face-Framing Choppy Layers

You might want to consider face-framing long, thick layers of choppy the texture! A mid-length cut is ideal to have lots of motion within your hair. If you’re obsessed with hair texture, you’ll love it!

Mid-Length Chop with Glasses

#10: The Mid-Length Chop and Glasses

A mid-length cut with glasses is a hot trend. The ladies want their choppy style finished with glasses to complete the style.

Uneven Layers and Balayage

#11: Uneven Layers and Balayage

Try balayage and layers that are uneven If you’re looking for the latest look with texture. A shoulder-length cut that has texture layers can make your balayage pop. Make sure to style it with gentle waves, and you’ll be rocking your brand new style!

Cute Shoulder-Length Bob for Women Over 30

#12: Cute Shoulder-Length Bob for Women Over 30

A pretty shoulder-length bob suitable for women older than 30 might be just what you’re looking for. The shoulder-length hairstyles are easy to style to maintain, easy to care for, and flexible. If you style them in loose or straight waves You will enjoy your hair!

Collarbone-Length Shaggy Layers for Women Over 60

#13: Collarbone-Length Shaggy Layers for Women Over 60

Layers of shaggy collarbone length for women over 60 are the must-have style! Cuts with texture that are medium-length are simple to style and are fashionable. Take a spray of texture to add a touch of texture to your hair and play with your old hair.

Messy Shag Hairstyle

#14: Messy Shag Hairstyle

You can try a messy style If you’re looking for an exciting fresh style. Cuts that are shoulder-length with lots of layers that are textured will give you that messy style you’re hoping for. Take a few products to highlight the texture!


#15: Modern Shoulder-Length Bob

A contemporary shoulder-length bob can be trendy and sexy to sport hair with a fine texture. Thin layers and a messy perimeter add volume and the interest of an otherwise dull medium-length hairstyle. Make alternating curls using an iron of medium size followed by a spray of texturizing. get perfectly smooth waves which look fantastic for any event.

Layered Shag for Thick Hair

#16: Layered Shag for Thick Hair

Hairstyles with layers like a shag for hair with thick layers is the most sexy and sultry 70s-inspired style. For girls with high density hair textures, this shoulder-length haircut uses expertly carved layers and carefully placed choppiness to reduce the volume and draw attention to hair that is otherwise difficult to manage. If you’re feeling adventurous discuss with your stylist regarding adding a few panels of color to increase the shagginess and to draw attention to the facial-framing style.

Razored Shaggy Cut with Bangs

#17: Razored Shaggy Haircut with Bangs

A shaggy cut that is razored with fringe is a trendy alternative for women tired of traditional layers or all one-length hairstyles. From super-edgy and rock ‘n’ roll , to casual and comfortable cuts, the medium shag is a messy hairstyle which can be customized to any hair texture and styles. Find a stylist who is familiar with using a razor for adding more volume and texture. It will also give you the effortlessly cool look.

Razor Cut for Wavy Hair

#18: Razor Cut for Wavy Hair

A razor cut to create wispy hair is the best way to go if you’re seeking a feminine shape with layers of carved and wispy petals. If your aim is to draw attention to the cheekbones and eyes choose to frame your face with short layers and chunky bangs. Utilizing a razor to create long, curly haircuts that are choppy on hair that is naturally textured is not as controversial as it was a few years ago but it’s essential to choose a skilled hairdresser who is able exactly how to get the style you desire without creating split-ends or additional frizz.

Classic Shag Cut for Women Over 50

#19: Classic Shag Cut for Women Over 50

The classic cut designed for women who are over 50 and have fine hair is a fantastic option to appear young modern and contemporary but still look age-appropriate. A medium-length cut , paired with full bangs , and softly curled layers looks great for all hair types and ages, and can be worn with even those with the most active lifestyles. It is important to apply the right product to increase moisture or shine spray in order to help counteract an inevitable loss in elastic, and to keep your hair looking new.

Choppy Shag for Mid-Length Hair

#20: Choppy Shag for Mid-Length Hair

Think about a choppy shag medium-length hair if you’ve got thin, straight hair hair strands that tend to fall flat. Well-cut layers that are more choppy towards the end as well as a long cheekbone-length, long curtain bang can add a sexy look to this rock and roll-inspired shag. The perfect waves can be created using an iron flat or the large barreled curling wand. It is added salt sprays to improve the texture and boost volume.

Asymmetrical Long Bob for Mid-Length Hair

#21: Asymmetrical Long Bob for Mid-Length Hair

Asymmetrical long bobs that is suitable for mid-length hair offers an innovative modern interpretation of the traditional shoulder-length cut. A long side part with a beachy, relaxed look and face-framing highlights are incorporated perfectly to make this cut the perfect choice for women who are looking for a romantic and soft style to wear their medium to fine density hair

Texturized Medium-Length Lob

#22: Texturized Medium-Length Lob

A lob haircut that is texturized and medium-length is the most universally flattering cut for those looking for a simple, but fashionable appearance. Long layers and the collarbone-grazing beach waves add the perfect level of sophistication to this messy cut. Be sure to apply a product that blocks heat prior to styling lobs in order to protect the quality of your hair. apply an oil-based shine spray to give your hair an envious look.

Collarbone-Length Long Bob with Layers

#23: Long Collarbone Bob with Layers

A long bob with a collarbone length with layers is great when you have fine hair and want an easy, low-maintenance style. Long choppy layers as well as an angled center section are the main highlights of this hairstyle. The chic look is boosted by using a rooted shadow the dimensional blonde hue, and softly curled curls. Use the sea salt spray to create the beachy look without weighting down your hair.

A-Line Bob for Medium-Length Hair

#24: A-Line Bob for Medium-Length Hair

A-line bobs for medium length hair is a chic alternative for women with medium to thick hair who want mobility and flexibility without sacrificing length at the front. A subtle undercut takes the bulk from the nape and allows the delicate layering on the surface to pop out and enhance the angled look. Discuss with your stylist the different ways that choppy medium-length hairstyles will work for the hair’s texture.

Choppy Bob with Choppy Bangs

#25: Choppy Bob with Choppy Bangs

A hairstyle with a choppy texture can be a great way to show off the wild side of you. A blunt edge with hair that is razor-sharp and has hair that is wispy is perfect for those with fine hair and need a sleek cut which can also be straight or curled. The texture is crucial to make this cut an impressive way to showcase elegant tresses.

Shaggy Hair for Women Over 40

#26: Shaggy Hair for Women Over 40

Shaggy hairstyles that women can wear for over 40 are flattering and fashionable option to highlight your natural hair texture with ease and low maintenance manner. Layering can prevent shoulder-length hairstyles from becoming flat, and also emphasizes natural waves and curls, while preserving the length. The options for shag styles are endless and you should discuss with your stylist your style preferences, lifestyle and your overall style preference.

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