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24 Simple & Elegant Nail Ideas to Express Your Personality

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Simple is always fashionable even as trends in fashion change in clothing, hairstyles, and in nail designs as well. While more trendy nail styles can be a lot of fun, the more basic elegant, subtle designs are designed to stand all the tests of time and the woman who wears classic, elegant designs will always look stylish.

If you’re looking for easy yet stylish nail designs to enhance your style, one thing people overlook is taking proper care of their nails. Your nails can say a lot about who you are. Based on how the nails look, people will be able to tell if you are in a particular field. If you’re working to put together the ideal outfit for a night out, with your nails looking matte and unpainted may make your outfit look unfinished. Just slathering your nails in stunning shades of lacquer can enhance the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Beautiful nail designs aren’t difficult to come up with.

Nails are also used as a way of communicating with themselves. Different cultures have distinct styles that they attempt to create by using their nails. The Frech like a chic look that is feminine . On the other hand, the Japanese young people tend to lean toward nail polishes that are adorned with different kinds of crystals, accessories, and even loudspeakers. The great thing about nails is that you can determine how you would like to express yourself , and it’s so simple to accomplish. There are numerous options to create a appear practical, but also stylish. The nails in this collection are elegant, clean and unique, needing that final change to turn each design into a piece of wearable artwork that is yours to create! Read on for 50 trendy, yet simple and stylish nail designs.

1) Pretty And Pink With A Sparkly Twist

Pretty And Pink With A Sparkly Twist

The first of the 30 nail designs we have is this collection of pure pink nails that have a glittery accent nail that gives the nail a bit of a kick. The basicity in the rest of nails are offset by the bright shine that the nail with the three and the result is just adorable as it is stunning!

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2) Skip White French Tips And Add Some Sparkle

Skip White French Tips And Add Some Sparkle

Forget the classic French manicure and these nails swap the plain white with a touch of sparkle! The natural, unadorned gloss that the nail polish has is offset with a flash of shine at the tips. what could be another “more similar” style is modernized with the help of .

3) A Simple Well-maintained Manicure

A Simple Well-maintained Manicure

There are many things that sparkle, but not all of them are gold but not every nail needs to sparkle to look stunning. This stunning nail design is made of pure pink nails which are polished to a shiny finish, to make them appear transparent against your skin with a slight fade in color to truly grab everyone’s focus.

4) Using A Solid As The Accent Color

Using A Solid As The Accent Color

The exact opposite of many other nail art designs listed on this list This reverse-accent nail art style is an excellent example of how nail art ideas can be altered to fit every nail lover! Simple nail designs such as this one are easily reversed to create a totally new style.

5) Stripes Are Very In Fashion Currently

Stripes Are Very In Fashion Currently

If you’re looking for nails that are subtle and quiet The gold nails with a striped design provide just enough of the classic metallic shine to make them eye-catching however, not enough that they look too overwhelming. The single stripe concept is also a great idea to apply with other polish options as an accent color stripe.

6) Metallic Nails Replicate A Mirror Look

Metallic Nails Replicate A Mirror Look

On the other hand you can say that should you desire striking, stunning, designer nails These are the ones for you! A silver or gold nail design that has shimmering metallic sparkle is an appearance you make your entire ensemble around, and with enough glitz and sparkle that anyone will look at you in a different way.

7) Using Pale Tones To Offset Some Glitter

Using Pale Tones To Offset Some Glitter

The combination of pink and gold glitters on nails that are not bare These designer nails come in various colors, but they come together to create beautiful, shiny nails that don’t appear odd or unconnected. The sparkle in the nail’s accent connects all the colors together and makes this simple nail design appear complex and precise.

8) A Bright Matte Finish

A Bright Matte Finish

The bright, robin’s Egg blue hue of these nails makes an almost floral, spring-like nail design that’s made stunningly elegant due to its simplicity. Long nail designs which isn’t too complicated that it’s not possible to finish quickly, this design takes inspiration from traditional manicure styles to give a manicure that’s both sharp and sweet.

9) Neutral Nudes Compliment Any Outfit

Neutral Nudes Compliment Any Outfit

Some nail designs are beautiful because they’re intricate and intricate. They’re stunning because they’re not. If you’re sick by nail patterns that appear like they’re only suited to one particular outfit or style These lovely, neutral nail designs have just enough shine to effortlessly blend with almost everything you wear.

10) Textured Nails Can Draw Attention

Textured Nails Can Draw Attention

Nail designs don’t need to be flashy or striking to be gorgeous. The beautiful, knit pattern of these nail accents is an excellent match with the deep, dark shades of the other nails to ensure it’s possible that the dark nail style isn’t overwhelming the eyes and the delicate, soft design remains stunning with its subtlety.

11) Metallic Stripes Add A Bit Of Glam

Metallic Stripes Add A Bit Of Glam

To create different designs for nails Metal highlights can be used to emphasise the simplicity and design of the nail or draw focus to the hand of the wearer. Natural nails that are natural and unadorned stand out by the flash of light and reflections in the one, clear line of metallic enough to draw attention but not too loud.

12) Combining Both Matte And Metallic

There are a variety of nail styles the combination of classic styles and contemporary styles is an effective combination. These metallic and matte nails, for instance are a combination of an old-fashioned French manicure and a contemporary metallic twist to create a look just as fresh as it is classic.

13) Using Metallic For A French Tip

Using Metallic For A French Tip

Like the previous example this set of metal French tips are a good example of how nail art ideas from the past can be modernized with a twist. The delicate pink shimmers of the naked nails can be seen by the golden glow of the manicured tips and a couple of cute finger rings will connect the look perfect.

14) Canter Tips With A Brassy Accent Nail

Canter Tips With A Brassy Accent Nail

An asymmetry always looks appealing and nail designs like this one give the reason why this is. The metallic shine of the accent nail is amplified by the slashes of glitter paint, while the light beautiful, nude hue of the base coat will make that golden glow to perfection!

15) High Gloss Nudes Are Simply Gorgeous

High Gloss Nudes Are Simply Gorgeous

To match every nail flower as well as a flashy and glittery style There’s an absolute beauty like this one. It’s warm soft, quiet, and aesthetically pleasing to any type of nail or cut out of clothes. These manicures have been polished with a translucent sheen, so that each movement you make is amplified by their sparkling hue.

16) Abstract Art On Your Fingernails

Abstract Art On Your Fingernails

If your style of art is influenced by Impressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Realism, or some totally different kind of “ism”–no regardless of what your favorite kind of art this black abstract nail design is sure to be a masterpiece. The geometric lines and shapes draw the eye in different directions while the vibrant and blocky colors on other nails make for a striking frame.

17) Cute Spring Easter Colors

Cute Spring Easter Colors

To create a look that’s almost naked, yet still offers some fun springtime colors, this long nail style features delicate violet or lavender shade that’s ideal for almost any pastel style with just enough blue undertone to make the look cool, reserved however, just enough red to lighten the look a bit.

18) A Top Accent In A Brassy Tone

A Top Accent In A Brassy Tone

In lieu of accentuating the edges of nails, an easy A-frame highlight on the nail bed can result in the cutest chevron, arrow or pattern that can still have the same effect of catching the eye and draw it towards the sleek elegant and classy look which long, well-trimmed nails always seem to have a knack of giving.

19) Nude Champagne And Sparkly Accents

Nude Champagne And Sparkly Accents

To add a splash of sparkling color that gives hints of the casual elegance of high-end decadence consider adding more than one nail with a subtle dusting of glitter that is in harmony with the champagne-colored nude of the nail that is underneath. Nail designs like this might seem difficult however it shouldn’t require more than a couple of extra minutes to create the added sparkle.

20) Crystals On White Nails And Glitter

Crystals On White Nails And Glitter

Similar to other nail designs featured on this list the nail art style incorporates elements of glitter nail polish, sparkling nails with shiny nail polish to make an appearance which is individual! The sparkle on the two nails is reflected by crystals of the two nails and the glossy look ensures that both designs are fresh.

21) Arrows Are Always In Current Fashion

Arrows Are Always In Current Fashion

The white matte nail is always lovely and pretty however, it’s the adorable gold chevron that’s on one of the nails that transforms the nail design from traditional to adorable as could be! If you’re a nail enthusiast and does not have time to invest in the full set of glittered nails, even a tiny accent nail can make your nails stand out.

22) Gothic Colors With A Coffin Shape

Gothic Colors With A Coffin Shape

“Gothic Colors” does not necessarily refer to “black”. The color of these simple simple nails is dark enough to be striking and vibrant enough to not cause a complete downer! If you are a fan of gothic designs with darker shades of fashion, but you still prefer vivid, rich colors these are the nails for you.

23) Mixing Mattes With High Gloss Tapered

Mixing Mattes With High Gloss Tapered

Who is to say that you can’t get everything? One of the best blends of modern and old we’ve seen is this silver and gold nail design combines striking matte paint with high-gloss metallic finishes and the asymmetrical style blends the best of matte nails and metallic nails to create an eye-catching image.

24) An Ombre Confetti Glitter Is Stunning

An Ombre Confetti Glitter Is Stunning

Ombre is a style that was booming a few years ago, however, this simple nail design blends glitter and gold with shine to show how it’s continuing to wear in 2018. The nude nail color is the perfect background for the glittery nail style, and the final result appears natural sophisticated, comfortable, and relaxed.

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