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25 Amazing Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

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Who doesn’t want to have long hair? But managing your long, gorgeous hair is a difficult job. Tangles, knots you’ll have to manage could be a major headache. The styling aspect is a big issue. It’s a headache. My suggestion? Cut it short. Before you gasp, listen to me out! Hair that is thick has the volume and texture that short hair requires. With all the trendy and playful short hairstyles that are making the rounds I’m sure a few of them have caught your attention. With a short (pun intended) it seems that short hair is everywhere right today.

Are you ready to be daring and striking? Find out 25 gorgeous haircuts for short hair that are sure to have you running to the salon with stupor!

25 Incredible Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

1. Blunt Wavy Bob

Blunt Wavy Bob


Jennifer Lawrence has impeccable style The style that makes her number one of this ranking. You can show off your beautiful locks with this blonde hairstyle that is wavy. The blunt ends make her hair appear more full while highlighting the jawline.

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How To Get The Look

Make your hair curl by holding it in the iron for around 5 minutes. Blow the curls out to loosen them and transform them into to wavy. Make sure to spray hairspray prior to and after styling your hair. Split your hair to one side to show off the volume and add the height.

2. The Lob

The Lob


I love the whole outfit I love the whole outfit Emma Stone is sporting. It’s gorgeous! The long Bob (‘lob” is short for) is in high demand this moment. It’s the perfect choice for lengthy hours at work or late night partying. The slightly shaved ends of the straightness of her locks, giving them that perfect curvaceous shape.

How To Get The Look

Cleanse your hair and let it air dry at least halfway through. Maintain your blow-dryer at a medium or low setting to protect the hair from being damaged by heat. Use your round brush and place it the hair between it and your your head. Blot dry your hair with an low or medium setting, while sweeping your hair back and sweeping it upwards towards the ends.

3. Double Braids

Double Braids

Double braids look so hardcore. If you come across a woman sporting Dutch braids, you shouldn’t do anything to her. It’s a standard. With a myriad of braiding styles available to pick from, this style is flexible and enjoyable to play with.

How To Get The Look

Split your hair in halves from the front to the back. Make both halves into Dutch, French, or French fishtail braids. They can be braided to the very end, then roll them into buns at the ends or tie them into ponytails on the back.

4. The Stretched Mohawk

The Stretched Mohawk


It’s not a mystery the fact that Danai Gurira is a sexy lady. Did you know she’s also an author? Awesome, right? Danai’s hair is always short It’s not a surprise that she’s featured on this list. This faux-mohawk looks great on Danai. Danai is stunning!

How To Get The Look

This look is achievable by using a razor or a combing. You can shave both sides of your hair neatly and take the time needed to be sure you’ve got it just right. If you’re doubting your decision visit an salon. Separate the remainder portion of the hair into pieces and brush them lightly and stretch them in a circular motion. This is an excellent alternative to blow-dryer as it could harm your hair. Last but not least, apply a comb to your hair in the middle to create a stretched mohawk.

5. Wavy Lob With Bangs

Wavy Lob With Bangs


There’s nothing which Olivia Pope can’t solve. Therefore, it’s no surprise that women adore her style and debonair look. The actress in her role is just as beautiful! Kerry Washington’s curly lob is an absolute showpiece.

How To Get The Look

Maintaining a circular brush between your forehead and bangs stroke your bangs and down to give them an attractive curve. Make your hair curly in large sections using an iron for curls. Spritz with hairspray to keep your curls.

6. The Pouf Pony

The Pouf Pony


I love this classic hairstyle. Half pony, braid, or a bun , whatever hairstyle you prefer and there’s no way poufs won’t be able to jazz it up. The big pouf with messy ponytail is an amazing hairstyle for long, thick locks.

How To Get The Look

Tease your hair on the top and at the crown the top of your head. Make sure you comb this hair gently to smooth it. Then put all your hair into the form of a ponytail that is low. I must say, this hairstyle gives off serious Amy Winehouse vibes.

7. Volumizing Bob

Volumizing Bob


If you’ve ever seen Jennifer Lawrence with long hair and you’ve noticed that she appears dramatically different when she wears shorter hair. I like how short hair appears on her. If you’re blessed with straight, thick hair, you can try this hairstyle. The feathered ends will give the hair a soft look.

How To Get The Look

Hair cut the shape of a bob with feathers in salons. Make use of a curling iron or straightener to sweep off some of the hair’s ends. If you’re a hair colorist or a long side parting can show off your dark hair’s natural roots.

8. Thick Center Bangs

Thick Center Bangs


It’s true that it’s difficult to pull off big center bangs without hair that is thick. If you apply them to fine hair, it can make them appear slender and feathered. A light shade of your hair to give it texture, and show off the natural hair shade.

How To Get The Look

Hairstyles should be styled in loose waves. You can gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen them. Straighten your hair with an oval brush.

9. Twist In The Front

Twist In The Front


If you’re a fan of straight, thick hair then this hairstyle is for you. In all likelihood, Gal Gadot is sporting this style! In her suit in pink to the red lips the Wonder Woman is stylish right up to the T.

How To Get The Look

Hairstyles that are wavy. Turn your hair upside down and shake it around as you comb it through using your fingers. Separate your hair on one side, then twist your hair in the front using an iron for curling.

10. Twirled Bob

Twirled Bob


I have the red lip, a classic thing you like. We all are fans of Taylor Swift’s hairstyle, style and red lip color.

How To Get The Look

Apply a hairspray or heat-protectant on your hair. Make your hair into curly twists using an iron for curls. Spritz with hairspray once more. Make use of a straightener to style your bangs into waves.

11. Retro Waves

Retro Waves


I am awestruck by Emma Stone’s outfit In La La Land, and it’s incredible that she chose to wear a vintage look to the Oscars. The gel-like look was created by using an emery board, some mousse along with a round brush and a blow-dryer. You may be thinking “What? Is it that easy?” Let me tell you that this style requires careful attention to do properly.

How To Get The Look

Apply a little mousse on your hair and combing it from the roots until the ends. Applying mousse in place of gel gives your hair a silky and non-greasy appearance. Use a round-shaped brush and the blow-dryer to make the waves.

12. Chin Length Bob

Chin Length Bob


Blue eyes and blonde hair That’s the aca-girl Brittany Snow. She is aware that her hair is among her most impressive features, and she’s not scared to experiment with hairstyles.

How To Get The Look

Get rid of all the knots and knots in your hair. Curl your hair’s ends using curling irons or velcro rollers. Take note of that the side sweep doesn’t begin at the very beginning in her hairline. It starts is a few inches away while her hair to the opposite side is gently wrapped around her hairline.

13. Spiky Hairdo

Spiky Hairdo


Halle Berry is the poster child of thick, short hair. The gorgeous actress knows how to fashion her short locks. With the sides shaved while the hair’s top is spiked the spiky hairstyle is clearly for thick-haired people.

How To Get The Look

Apply a bit of gel or mousse on your hair. Blow the sides out, and then, using your fingers, begin to spike your hair on the top. If you’ve got big forehead, you can try slightly side-swept bangs.

14. The Rachel

The Rachel


I couldn’t resist putting this one in! The Rachel hairstyle of the 90s that’s almost as famous in the same way as Jennifer Aniston herself. In reality, Aniston’s stylist was a notch above when she was given this haircut. Layers are an absolute win for ladies with thick hair. They really show off your hair’s volume.

How To Get The Look

In the salon, request a layered shag hairstyle, if your stylist lives in a cave and isn’t aware of the “Rachel. This style requires regular hair styling. By using a round brush as well as the blow dryer it is possible to achieve this style every day. The top must be brushed downwards, and the ends must be pulled outward.

15. The Classic Shag ‘Do

The Classic Shag ‘Do


This hairstyle needs to be renamed in honor of Meg Ryan as it’s her signature hairstyle. The actress has worn this hairstyle throughout Addicted To Love, You’ve Got Mail, French Kiss, Kate & Leopold… The list goes on and on.

How To Get The Look

The shag hairstyle is made up of layers below the crown which are trimmed at the ends. I don’t recommend cutting your own hair in order to create this look. Have it cut by professional hairdressers.

16. The Low Bun Updo

The Low Bun Updo


Zendaya has amazed everyone by her singing, acting and her style. Her hairstyles are always in style. The person who thought that short hair couldn’t be styled into updos ought to learn from Zendaya.

How To Get The Look

Part your hair to the sides and create a deep side parting that is slants towards the center. Comb your hair back using some gel. Put your hair into the form of a low bun (you can place it in the center or move it to either side). Wear the pearls, an elegant dress or a light-colored makeup to turn heads.

17. Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob


When Taylor surprised us with her stunning look everyone wanted it! I don’t believe this trend will be over anytime soon.

How To Get The Look

Feathered ends really enhance how much volume your hair has and hair that is dirty is stunning. Feathered ends give an appealing soft touch on your hair. If you’re interested in cutting your hair yourself with a point, you can use cutting with a point to achieve the feathered ends.

18. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical BobAsymmetrical Bob


Brittany Snow is teaching us something. A bit of makeup and a good hairstyle can make a big difference. The asymmetrical bob style has women from all over the world captivated. If you have long beautiful hair, then take a look with this slick straight cut.

How To Get The Look

Have a symmetrical haircut at a reliable salon. Straighten your hair to perfection. Straightening irons are the best option. If you’ve got frizzy hair, clean your hair and let it air dry. If your hair is dry take a small section and smooth it down. Apply this technique to all of your hair while you are standing under the fan until it is dry.

19. Sleek Back Hair

Sleek Back Hair


Kristen Stewart is known for her cool short hairstyles. Hair that is gelled back is a perfect fit for hair with thick layers as if it were it’s dream. It can make hair that is thin appear very flat and can make your face appear larger than it really is. Hair that is thick looks stunning when it is slicked back.

How To Get The Look

Apply mousse, gel or foam on your hair, then combing it. For straight hair types, you can use gel because it can be applied to your roots with ease. If your hair is curly make use of mousse or foam because it is simple to apply it to thick curls. Comb the sides in a backwards direction and then downwards. The hair should be lifted towards the middle as you comb it, creating an illusion of a mohawk. Spritz with hairspray to keep the hairstyle in the right place.

20. The Low French Twist

The Low French Twist

This is a great variation on the French twist and is ideal to show off your thick hair.

How To Get The Look

To untangle your locks, use an hair comb. The hair should be tangled at the top of your head to make an elongated pouf. In case you’ve got layers on the front, take them to style in the final. Keep the remainder part of the hair as a ponytail and then lift it up in your palm for it to be flattened. Then, roll your hair with your other hand, then make it pin-up and then you can pancake it. The hair you have remaining and tie the ends of it into the bun.

21. The Blow Out

The Blow Out


Zendaya opted for the Jackie Kennedy look at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards, which was very different in comparison to her more flamboyant style. She added her own flair to the look thanks to her sleek eyebrows and simple makeup.

How To Get The Look

Dry your hair with the lowest setting until your hair is at least 80percent dry. You can clip off the top the top half of your hair, leaving the lower portion open. Make sure that your round hairbrush has strong grasp on your hair start with blowdrying the hair using medium settings. It is best to use the brush away from your root, curling it to the ends and securing it for three seconds before taking it off. This will create the perfect blowout. Do a backcomb at the top of your head to make the appearance of a pouf.

22. Swept Back Hair

Swept Back Hair


Kristen Stewart strikes again with this stunning hairstyle. The dark roots provide the perfect accent to the platinum blonde hair.

How To Get The Look

Apply dry shampoo to give the texture of your hair. Hair should be brushed to the side using an oval hairbrush to provide it with a bit of lift. Spritz with hairspray to hold the hair in the right place. Wear this hairstyle with a gorgeous red lip so that the entire world can drop on your head.

23. Twisted Low Updo

Twisted Low Updo

This is a simple but elegant hairstyle. Women with thin hair need to make their hair pancake-like to get an ideal twisted bun but those with thick hair will be able to do it in a flash!

How To Get The Look

Make your hair look curly (with rollers or curling iron) and then ruffle it using your fingers. Twist your hair into sections, then pin it in the back of your head to create an elongated bun. Make sure to add accessories!

24. Side Swept Front Wave

Side Swept Front Wave


If you like her or don’t You can’t deny the fact that her style of dressing is spot on. In her own words Taylor Swift will never go out of fashion. In at the start of her professional career she was a stickler for her long , thick locks. However lately, she’s opted for shorter, more sophisticated looks in recent times and she’s very stylish!

How To Get The Look

The look can be done with just a little mousse and a round brush as well as hair pins. Apply mousse onto your hair, then brush it back. With a round brush and the blow-dryer, make that stunning swoop from the front. You can sweep your hair all to one side, and then hold it in place with hair pins.

25. Undercut Braid

Undercut Braid


The braided hairstyle has young ladies from all around the globe up to their feet. It’s fierce and hot.

How To Get The Look

Comb your hair in order to untangle it completely. Utilizing a rat-tail comb separate hair from the opposite the side. Hair clips should be tied back to the remainder part of the hair. Start French braiding this side piece of hair. When you are at the rear of your head secure the braid with a pin under the remainder of your hair.

Now that you’ve figured out the most flattering short hairstyles to wear your gorgeous and thick locks Here are some care techniques to keep your hair robust and full of volume.

How To Maintain Thick Hair

  • Apply a conditioner and shampoo that address particular hair issues you’re dealing with.
  • Avoid using excessive amounts of conditioner or shampoo. The use of a coin-sized quantity of product is sufficient. Similar is true for mousse, gel or foam.
  • Try to avoid using hair styling tools that use heat to make your hair look more stylish. Instead, use rollers to style your hair.
  • When you’re working with a tool for styling, make sure to apply heat protection prior to starting to avoid damage from heat.
  • Make use of natural leave-in conditioners in order to ensure your hair stays moisturized and hydrated. It’ll ensure your hair is strong without the use of harsh chemical.
  • You should deep conditioning the hair you have at least every week. Use conditioner on your hair and then cover it by a shower cap and then shower. The steam will assist in letting the conditioner penetrate deeply into the cuticles of your hair. Cleanse your hair by rinsing it off with cold water. This will seal the cuticles. This will lock your hair’s moisture.
  • While combing your hair, start at the ends, and gradually begin to work your way up. This helps prevent hair fall and breaks.
  • Massage your hair with warm oil once a week. Massage your head while applying the oil. Apply the oil for at minimum an hour (or over night) to provide nourishment to your hair.
  • If your hair is frizzy you can wrap it in a t-shirt made of cotton or silk scarf prior to you go to bed.
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