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30 Intricately Woven Side Braid Hairstyles

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The romantic boho, messy, or romantic The side braid is not just timeless and gorgeous but also very adaptable. When I refer to it as versatile I’m referring to the fact that you can play with a different side braid style every single day. Imagine adding stylish side fishtail braids to create a romantic curly hairstyle! It can elevate your hairstyle to 100. Side braids are the rage at present. They are stunning hairstyles all on their own or you can make side braids to give an intricately braided look to your updo or half-updo.

30 Intricately Woven Side Braid Hairstyles

1. The Intricate Side Braid

The Intricate Side Braid

Gorgeously intricate side braids can be worn to weddings as well as formal occasions. Imagine sporting this beautiful braid with a long dress with a beautiful piece of jewelry. This is the ideal hairstyle for the red carpet!

2. The Slanted Side Braid

The Slanted Side Braid

Do you want a hairstyle for your gym? Do this side-braid. It not only keeps hair off your face it also looks perfect. I’m betting this braid will draw the attention of others as you workout.

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3. The Fishtail Side Braid

 The Fishtail Side Braid

A braid with a fishtail is all you require to be beach-ready. You can sweep your hair from one side, then brush it back down to untangle it. Divide it in two sections to braid it fishtail. Make sure to make your braid pancake-like to give it plenty of volume and depth.

4. The Side Accent Braid

The Side Accent Braid

Side braids don’t need to be elaborate pieces of art. Simple side braids positioned as a half crown could make a stunning accent braid that can make your appear impressive.

5. The Side Braided Updo

30 Intricately Woven Side Braid Hairstyles

Are you planning an official event you need to attend to, and you’re not sure if your normal hairstyles are working? Try adding an angled Dutch braid to your updo. It’s sure to add some spice to your hairstyle, and add the perfect finishing touch to your look.

6. The Young Dutch Side Braid

The Young Dutch Side Braid

If you like hairstyles with a playful twist then you must try this! Make the side of a Dutch braid and then pancake it in order to make it appear extravagant.

7. The 5-Strand Side Braid

The 5-Strand Side Braid

If you’re anything like me, you braid your hair frequently. Make a stylish twist on it with this five-strand side braid. Split your hair into 5 sections, and move that left-hand corner across and under the other sections in alternating fashion. Next, take the left corner section and braid it in the same manner. Continue braiding in this manner until you’ve reached the point where you are. This is a fantastic hairstyle to wear at work or in the gym.

8. The Wedding Side Braid

The Wedding Side Braid

Side braids are the perfect hairstyle for weddings. A gorgeous loose braid, paired using fresh, beautiful flowers are enough to make your wedding day more memorable.

9. The Simple Side Braid

The Simple Side Braid

Being young can mean playing around with your hair. Try this easy side braid using only your hair on the front. It’s incredibly easy to do and highlights the texture of your hair gorgeously.

10. Side Braided Ponytail

 Side Braided Ponytail

Make braids in a Dutch braid along one of the sides until you get to the hairline in the back. Make sure to secure the braid with an elastic band. The hair is gathered into the form of a ponytail that is low. Then wrap an elastic band around the ponytail’s bottom. Remove some hair off the ponytail. Wrap it in the elastic band, obscuring it away from sight. A simple , yet effective hairstyle for gyms!

11. The Bouffant Side Braid

The Bouffant Side Braid

Side braids are all the rage in the town at present which is why I’m sure lots of women are sporting them. Give it a boost by putting on a subtle bouffant or long hair. This makes your face appear more slender.

12. Loose To Tight Side Braid

Loose To Tight Side Braid

My cheeks are large and are noticeable when I braid my hair in a tight way. The result is that my face appears to be even more round. The easiest solution is to begin loose, and then make the braid more tight as you move down. Add loose strands of hair to to enhance its look.

13. Low Bun Side Braid

 Low Bun Side Braid

It’s astonishing what a minor element such as a side braid could accomplish. It increases the appeal that the bun has. Imagine adorning this hairstyle with beads and an elegant clip. Perfect!

14. Side Braids With Bubbles

Side Braids With Bubbles

Don’t deny it. If you’re going to the gym, you’ll want your hair to remain away from your face, and still appear cute. It’s not a problem. It’s motivational! The side bubble braids do perfectly.

15. Curled Fishtail Braid

Curled Fishtail Braid

If you’ve got an occasion to attend the venue, a normal braid may not be suitable. Make your hair soft with large curls and then make a side braid with a beautiful fishtail braid. This hairstyle looks stunning when worn on light or dark hair with a ombre. Simply beautiful!

16. Fluffy Side Braid

Fluffy Side Braid

If you have trouble adding some volume in your hair then you should try this hairstyle. Apply mousse to your hair immediately after blow dry it. Then, braid it into an untidy side fishtail braid. Make sure to pancak it as hard as possible. The romantic style is ideal for the first time you meet.

17. The Undercut Side Braid

 The Undercut Side Braid

A simple way to make an undercut-like hairstyle by using an elongated French braid that is placed on one side. This is among hairstyles that will suit every face shape and style.

18. The Complete Under Side Braid

The Complete Under Side Braid

The perfect braid cut undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles of the times. It is a great match with almost any outfit and gives you the appearance of an absolute rock star!

19. Color Flaunt Side Braid

Color Flaunt Side Braid

If you’re always having your hair in the side, do this small twist. Create the French hairstyle with a side-braid. It is stunning when hair has highlights, or two-toned hair.

20. Flawless Side Braid

Flawless Side Braid

Let’s be honest. I like loose braids a lot greater than tight braids. There’s something elegant and elegant about loose side braids. Hair is curled and styled it in a mermaid-style braid. Make sure to spray an adequate amount of hairspray so that your hair curls will stay in place regardless of how you slap the braid.

21. Accessorized Side Braid

Accessorized Side Braid

Hair accessories are an excellent option to add some flair to the side braid. Instead of using gaudy hair clips, go with simple beads and flowers. They tend to highlight the braid, and also give your hair a glamorous look.

22. Braided Updo

Braided Updo

A side braid can be used an elegant updo on its own. Create a lace side braid that has the top portion is always a tuft of new hair. Begin on one side and work your way to the hairline in the back on the opposite side. Curl the ends then tie them back so that they are loose. If you have hair that is long then wrap it in a bun, and let the loose ends hang.

23. Cascading Side Braid

Cascading Side Braid

I don’t know about you yet my Insta feed is brimming with this swooping Dutch braid. It’s true that it appears somewhat complex, but it’s actually easy. Make sure the top portion that you braid always has a fresh hair addition, and you keep blending the top section with the rest section of braid.

24. Highlighted Side Braid

Highlighted Side Braid

If your hair has been highlights, you’ll would like to show it off at every chance you get. The best method to showcase your highlights is to wear side braids. This highlights your new hairstyle as well as your natural hair color with a harmonious balance.

25. Edgy Side Braids

Edgy Side Braids

Everyone wants the look of a sexy, cool badass. This hairstyle can definitely achieve it! Make a few small side cornrows to make a faux undercut. This hairstyle can also increase the volume of your hair.

26. Betty Cooper Braid

Betty Cooper Braid

Do you want to look trendy but not getting rid of that girl-next-door look? Get ready for hairstyle that is braided Betty Cooper hair look! I’m planning try this style in the near future. It’s stunning.

27. Twisted Side Braids

Twisted Side Braids

I am amazed at how imaginative hairstyles we’ve created. Take a look at this stunning hairstyle. Start by French twisting two hair sections across both sides. Make sure to stop at the back hairline to secure your twists using small elastic bands. Cover a small amount of hair in these elastic bands in order to wrap them around. Then braid the ends of these ponytails to about 1 inch tight fishtail braids, and secure the braids with elastic bands. Cover the ponytails with hair and wrap it over the elastic band so that they make them more secure.

28. Scarfed Side Braid

Scarfed Side Braid

This has to be the classic twist on hairstyles that are side-braids. The scarf should be placed on your head as an elastic headband, and then take your hair and sweep it to one side. Create a side braid by connecting the ends of your scarf to the two corners.

29. Dutch Side Braided Ponytail

Dutch Side Braided Ponytail

This is a great small twist that can be added to braids. I like how the Dutch braid makes a statement. It’s gorgeous with the neat and tight high ponytail. It’s an excellent way to celebrate the fall season!

30. Side Braid Crown

Side Braid Crown

Who wouldn’t like to feel like an Khaleesi? Join two side braids on the crown and let loose your inner princess. You’ll certainly be the king of the world in this stunning hairstyle.

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