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25 Gorgeous Layered Bob Examples

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The ideal bob for you could be shorter (ear-length) or medium (chin-length) or longer (lob). Find out which one you prefer by taking a look at the stunning examples below! What bob do you envision yourself wearing in pride?

1. Loose Boho Curls

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob Examples

One of the great things about an layering bob is that it can highlight and highlight every hair type from straight to curly. We love how large loose curls create a cheek-length bob a fun and playful look.

2. Mega Volume Waves

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesWe’ll never be bored of waves, because there are many ways to style these! The long layers of this chin-length bob provide to the shape and give it some more body.

3. Long Bangs and Soft Layers

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesIf you do not want your layered bob to appear as the same as everybody else’s, try playing with fun twists, like those long hairstyles with a sideswept sweep. The soft layers that are angled create a new length and allow your hair plenty of motion.

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4. Hollywood Waves

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesLong layering lets you keep a neat shape for your bob. there aren’t any chunky, short layers here! A curling iron or curling wand is all you require to make these gorgeous full-of-body curls for the look.

5. Feathered With Blunt Bangs

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesFeathered hair is reminiscent of the 70s’ laid-back vibe, while the sharp, savage bang gives it a an updated and fashionable twist. The layers assist in transforming the bangs into the long chin-length bob.

6. Invisible Layers

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesInvisible layers can be one of the most recent haircut trends that can be worn at any length. But isn’t this style perfect for the bob? The layers are carefully cut to prevent the “choppy” look , while also cutting the hair to keep the weight from the ends.

7. Burgundy and Copper Layers

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesThe most effective method to display your layers is to wear the bob haircut? Colors that are intense like copper and burgundy. These hues add dimension and elevate a hairstyle to the next step.

8. Casual and Tousled

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesTousled messy styles aren’t always “perfect,” but a thickly layered bob cut like this one will make it much simpler to create! Let the natural texture of your hair shine through with plenty of layers, both short and side-swept bangs, tucked behind your ears.

9. Super Side-Swept

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesA deeper side piece is an excellent option to change up your style and create more volume. The look is balanced with shorter layers, tapered in shape that add plenty of motion in the style.

10. Textured Lob

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesLong Bobs (lobs) are a fantastic method to sport the trend of short hair without having to commit to the traditional chin-length or length ear-length haircut. You can add beautiful layers of platinum and choppy for an unpretentious look that blurs the lines between medium and short length.

11. Blunt Layers

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesBlended Layers are fun, but the blunt layers can be a fun way to create a rock-star look to create an ultra-modern style. Instead of mixing layers with care make sure your stylist cuts shorter layers into one distinct line across the face. The layers that are blended are tapered at the neck’s nape.

12. Layered Ends

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesTo prevent unwelcome flyaways and difficult-to-style pieces, layer on the ends. These shorter layers near the ends break up what would have been a sharp cut and soften it slightly.

13. Goth Chic

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesMistresses in the dark, here’s the one for you! Many short layers give a bit of a dimensional look to an otherwise uniform black shade. These layers “stack” on the edges to give a more attractive form.

14. Trendy Tousled Waves

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesSoft stylish waves can make the most of any haircut that’s layered and we’re loving what they’re doing with this style! You can add a fun accessory, such as the wide-brimmed hat that we featured to complete the style.

15. Modern Mushroom Bob

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesUndercut at the rear, and long in front, this Bob creates a bulbous form because of the stacked layering on the rear. A pop of hue will give this cut a new life!

16. Layered and Stacked

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesA the stacked version of bob comes with layers that are gradually shorter towards the nape of the neck. It boosts volume towards the back, and long layers at the front provide flattering facial framing pieces to explore.

17. Blended and Sliced Layers

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesLooking for a casual look that can air dry and get great results? Opt to go for a short bob that has shorter blended layers that wrap around. A side part and shaggy hairstyles draw your attention on the top of the line.

18. Voluminous Long Layers

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesLots of high-volume is what you need to make the most of a layer haircut in straight hair. Long layers that start around the temples help break the cut and prevent the weight off the bottom.

19. Heavy Fringe

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesA striking, silvery platinum really sets off this stunning layered bob apart with bangs that are off! The bangs have been cut thick to create a long and asymmetrical fringe that is grazes the eyebrows. Long layers are essential for keeping the shape elegant.

20. Shaggy Lob

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesShaggy Long layers make this cut much more flexible in terms of the styling options. Try experimenting with the middle or side section or straight hair, waves or curls for a variety of styles.

21. Short Layered Taper

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesShort layers that run around the perimeter of this do create the broadest point of the haircut. From the mid-point towards the neck’s nape, the layers begin to taper until no weight at the ends.

22. Effortlessly Casual

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesSoft layer that curvature towards the skin. the slender, eyebrow-grazing bangs help stop this layered bob appearing too formal. Highlights can be added to the lower layers for a more interesting look!

23. Messy Texture

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesIf blended soft layers aren’t your style You might like this messy version of short layers. The layers are stark and sharp because they’re designed to be the focal point of the look.

24. Relaxed and Layered

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesIf you’re sporting straightened hair following a relaxer There’s no better look to sport than a slender, heavily layers bob!

25. Deconstructed Ends

25 Gorgeous Layered Bob ExamplesKeeping all the layers of choppiness and layers on the ends will allow the freedom to make your bob look more stylish. With the majority of hair being the same length, updos and braids like styles are much easier. However, the uneven and choppy ends of this cut make it more contemporary.

Things to Consider With Layered Bobs

There are plenty of pictures of how beautiful layers of a bob can be with a range of hair colors, styles and face shape. We’ve demonstrated the way these styles appear on medium, short and long lengths of bob. If you’re thinking about wearing this kind of bob in the near-term There are a few things to consider prior to you schedule your appointment. Layers of hair can make the perfect answer for your hair’s itch however if you’re not sure what you’re signing up for this could be a choice you’ll regret. We must avoid hair loss and discuss the factors to consider before deciding to get a bob that has layers.

  • Layers can be quite a hassle. Yes, they’re adorable and add volume, and body to any hairstyle even Bobs. However, layers that aren’t correctly cut can be difficult to style and appear wacky when dry your hair. Consider this before you request layers to your hair.
  • Do you prefer short layer or long ones? The short layers can be cut in close proximity and are ideal for adding the volume of an Bob. If you’re looking to have an stacked bob or layers that only reach the ends, then you need shorter layers. Longer layers allow the most space and can be “sliced” in the hair. Choose longer layers if you’d like more movement, but not too the length, or if prefer loose and casual hairstyles with your hairstyle.
  • Learn about your styles. Before you purchase an bob with layers consider the styles you’ll be able to choose from. The majority of bobs aren’t long enough to accommodate ponytails or buns. So if buns or ponytails are your favorite hairstyles, you may prefer the lob.
  • Are you comfortable with doing your hair every day? If your hair’s texture is easy to dry your hair and go, then you’re in luck! The majority of women who wear an layered, short cut such as a bob will discover that maintaining their hair is essential. Be sure to be comfortable with this before getting the cut!
  • Are you able to achieve the style you desire with a longer length? If layers are what you’re looking for it’s possible to create the look you’re looking for without having to opt for a cut that is as short as an hairstyle. A medium or long bob style that has many layers could be more manageable to control and offer more styling options than a bob that is short.
  • Have you got a reliable stylist who can do the haircut? You should ensure you have a skilled, reliable stylist to manage the hair change when you’re trying to add layers that will give your new hair a lift. We do not recommend cutting off layers and bobs yourself.

Layers can transform the classic bob cut to something that’s more lively, playful, and contemporary. If you’re convinced that this style is right for you, take photos of your most loved hairstyles and show it to your stylist. They’ll be able recreate the style in a manner that is perfect for the texture and type of hair and flatters your face shape. If you’re looking for the cutest, more slender hairstyle, it’s difficult to beat a classic cut with soft layers that are blended. Don’t be afraid of jumping into the fray and make this hairstyle your own!

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