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The Ultimate Guide to Long-Layered Bobs for Every Hair Type

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If you’re looking to add texture or thickness to your thin hair, consider one of these long-layered bob styles! The long bob, or “lob,” falls between the chin and the collarbone and is a versatile cut that’s trendy this season. If you have long hair and are contemplating a change, a lob with layers might be the perfect solution to add volume and movement. Check out the gallery below for some inspiring long-layered bob hairstyles to elevate your look!

1. Adorable Bob and Bangs

Adorable Bob with Bangs

The cut is a delicately angled long and layered bob that has bangs. This layered lob cut ideal for women who have both fine and medium hair as it makes the hair appear larger, and it’s ideal for straight or curly hair. Hair that is curly can get this look too when they’re able to invest a little bit of time to the styling.

# 2: A ruthless and effortless Lob Internal Layers

Effortless Lob with Internal Layers

The effortless lob that has internal layers is the hairstyle of choice if have straight, thick hair and want to add an increase in volume. The internal layers, also known as secret layers are located between your crown as well as the Occipital bone. The shorter hair of the internal layers pushes your hair to the top, creating a full and dense.

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#3: Messy Layered Long Bob Haircut

Messy Layered Long Bob Haircut

A simple and adorable long hairstyle with a lot more to it , the texture layers at the back that work together with the greyish hue that is perfect for pale skin with blue eyes.

#4: Glam Brown Lob with Layers

Glam Brown Lob with Layers

The ideal summer cut is full of beautiful and rich tones, as well as shining look! An extremely glamorous method to make your layers of your lob look unique to you. For more stunning ideas similar to this, take a look at these fashionable long bob hairstyles.

#5: Cute Wavy Lob with Long Layers

Cute Wavy Lob with Long Layers

A beautiful wavy lob with layers of long hair is an simple way to create modern look. A long bob that has layers of long length has a distinct border line. The layers are seamlessly blended and eliminate any sign of a sloppy look. Take a picture of a long , layered haircut to your stylist during your next visit to the salon.

#6: Gorgeously Layered Lob With Blonde Highlights

Gorgeously Layered Lob With Blonde Highlights

A gorgeous lob that is layered that has blonde highlights the fashion right now. Layered lobs are an unruly, flirty, and messy style that’s fashionable and trendy. This is a modern version of a long hairstyle that is layered. To determine whether this haircut is the right one for you, during the next time you visit, try adding layers of face framing and bangs on the curtain to try the style before you commit to it.

#7: Remarkable Choppy Layered Lob

choppy layered lob hairstyle

A gorgeous , face-framing long haircut with short layers work great for women with more of an oval-shaped face. It’s an extremely flattering face shape. Include some beautiful light blonde highlights, and dark hair like these to create a modern style.

#8: Layered and Textured for Older Women

Layered and Textured Bob for Older Women

Pick a cut with a textured and layered look for women who are older. This style helps to keep the latest style and adds lots of movement and interest to your hair. Make sure to ask your stylist for plenty of texture during the next time you visit!

#9: The Long Bob for Women Over 60 With Thick Hair

The Long Bob for Women Over 60 With Thick Hair

The long bob that women who are over 60 and have thick hair can help reduce the weight of their hair. It’s a simple decision when it comes to your next cut. Layers add a bouncy and lightness on top, which makes it simple to keep. Think about this next time you go to the salon visit!

#10: Trendy Lob for Ladies Over 50

Trendy Lob for Ladies Over 50

Discover what’s on the menu with this trendy haircut for ladies who are over 50. Are you in search of an updated, contemporary haircut? The lob promises to provide with a perfect length. cut to cover the collar with layers of long layers of blended hair which makes it effortless to stand out with style!

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