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25 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles for 2023

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It is a given that gorgeous, thick hair can be difficult to style. It tends to flutter when cut short, and feels too bulky when worn long. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair can be a good way out, offering a variety of styling options they are also less prone to maintenance. They are ideal for playing with colors, textures and depth, and can be beautifully trimmed through thinning or layering. Let’s move on to the actual application of these techniques by examining real-world examples.

Thick Hair Styles for Different Face Shapes

Longer length hairstyles suitable for thick hair can be versatile enough to alter any facial shape, highlighting its strengths and concealing its weaknesses. The thinness can be offset by the addition of width, and sharp line lines are softened with waves and curves. For instance, if you have those with a longer face, you don’t want to lower it with the sleek length of your hair, do you? “A shoulder-length haircut is most flattering , positioned between your chin and shoulders. You’ll want to add the illusion of width, which you can achieve with waves” famous stylist Enzo Angileri advises to Byrdie and recommends an untidy bob haircut for faces with square shapes “since it emphasises layers and reduces the squareness.” This is how to apply it to basic facial types.

Collarbone Bob With A Blunt Fringe

Round faces can get an energised and slimmer look when framed by a neat collarbone bob and a complete sharp fringe.

Choppy Bob With A Fringe For Oval Faces

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Oval faces are benefited by the addition of dimension on the sides, which helps to protect the face from having a slim appearance. The thick frayed fringe is ideal for directing attention to the eyes, and oozes the laid-back look.

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Square Faces

If you have a square bone structure, it’s a good idea to soften it by creating waves and curves both on the top and sides as this style of layered illustrates.

Razor-Cut Lob For Long Faces

Long faces look well-balanced when texture and volume are placed on the sides. This cut-off lob does a great job at creating the look you want.

Shaggy Lob For Triangle Faces

The shaggy lob has highlights, length, and texture that are shifted beneath the chin, to balance the triangle-shaped face. The shorter and slightly arched fringe visually narrows the forehead.

Medium Length Bob Options for Thick Manes

From the beach waves to the sleek cuts, bobbed mid-length styles come in a range of styles that are fashionable and trending. Furthermore, many are low maintenance when they are adapted appropriately to your style. When your hair’s thick and frizzy be sure to style it on the longer end of medium to allow for effortless styling. If you’ve got straight hair Think about layers that are soft and prefer to loose cuts.

Do not be afraid to request trendy hairstyles, especially in the event that they can help bring your facial features into balance. For example, side-swept bangs can be a great choice with bobs, and can help offset the square jawline or a prominent forehead. “You’re covering the space between your brow and hairline taking a couple of inches off the face” famous hair stylist Garren to InStyle and explains the effects. Let’s take a look at some bob hairstyles including bangs and no bangs.

Inverted Angled Bob

This bob inverted boasts an elegant color scheme that includes the sweet babylights and balayage and yet, it’s cool with its curvaceous back and an the angled front.

Burgundy Bob With Side Bang

With a vibrant merlot shade The straight bob is smooth and round-brushed. It is also embellished with side bang which is long enough to put behind the ear to give an exciting twist.

Brunette Angled Bob With Caramel Highlights

This neat and tidy angle cut is noticeable with the caramel highlights that melt that work well with the subtle bulk-removing layers.

Polished Straight Layered Bob

This straight, polished bob could seem like a single length but it’s actually placed at the bottom to add some movement into the color scheme.

Messy Piece-Y Stacked Lob

Although the ash blonde hairstyle is placed in the back the bob conceals its structure with messy style with a chunky style.

Badass Layered Cuts for Bushy Locks

Layering is an easy method to add the appearance of bounce and shape to your thick hair, however you must be cautious when layering as too many of them can result in an excess volume that you’ll not be able to manage. However, if you’ve got hair that is fine choose layered, cut-offs of mid-length without second thought to increase the volume that fine hairs typically don’t have. Layering is also an excellent option for naturally curly women looking for flattering, medium-length hairstyles. “Layered cuts are best for hair that’s curly and thick as they provide movement to hair and eliminate the weight that causes it to become appear droopy, and pull your face downwards,” Larry Sims, hair stylist who created the iconic bob Victoria Beckham, the bob’s signature style Victoria Beckham, says to Redbook. Check out our gallery for some inspiration for layered hairstyles.

Short To Medium Sliced Bedhead Bob

If you’re in search of a modern medium to short cut look, you should look no further than this gorgeous bedhead style that has highlights and slicked tresses that give you a swagger and a flutter.

Black Undone Bob With Brown Highlights

Although this bob appears stylishly and unfinished, it’s got texture and dynamism and highlights to brighten its dark base color.

Lob For Thick Wavy Hair

It’s a good option for thick, wavy hair and creates a lovely skin-friendly frame as well as the sensation of airiness.

Short Tousled Bob With Bangs

The cute short bob comes with bangs, beautifully coiffed and growing longer at the temples so that they blend in with the facial-frame layers..

10 Best Mid Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair to Sport in 2022

While thick hair is typically messy, coarse, frizzy as well as bulky, many like the body and shape it offers and medium-length hairstyles are perfect to showcase its beauty. “There are many ways to deal with thick hair, including cutting it short or splicing it, taking out the inner layers, and even treatment with keratin to give hair that natural, smooth look.” David Mallett, Paris’s most famous hairstylist , with clients such as Carla Bruni and Charlotte Gainsbourg advises InStyle and warns against excessive layers with too-blunt edges and the “pyramid” form that can cause you to appear more dated than trendy.

If you keep these guidelines to mind will help you be able to get an eye-catching cut and length that is flexible for style, with gorgeous hairstyles for homecoming, weddings, and many other occasions. Some of them are listed in our top selection below.

Textured Brown Blonde LobThis texture-rich lob catches the eye with its bouncy wave pattern, and cool bronde colorthat mixes amazing blonde and brown tones.

Medium Blonde Cut With Sliced Layers

Enhanced by layers of heavily sliced This cut of ash shines with cool and warm shades that enhance movement and bring to life the textures.

Over Bouncy Bob With Layers

A bouncy bob with several short layers in the bottom will work well for women who is over 50. It provides an uplifting effect. The photo is a clear illustration.

Curly Updo For A Mid-Length Cut

With a haircut that’s mid-length will give you a gorgeous style by curling your hair and then securing them to the back.

Bob For Natural Black Hair

Natural black hair has the ability to get an attractive shape as well as an identifiable curl pattern in the bobbed hairstyle that melts layers.

Straight Angled Bob With Fringe

The straight bob’s graphic design works nicely with fringe which makes the style softer. Take note of the longer front hair for a more sophisticated look.

Medium Black Shaggy Hairstyle

We just love this hairdo that has a beautiful rounded fringe, and those rainbow-colored streaks of color all over the face.

Chocolate Brown Angled Bob With WavesSolid black hair isn’t dull when it showcases a deep color of chocolate brown. It is textured by cutting ends with point as well as loose curls.

Dimensional Neck-Length Bronde Bob

The tiniest neck length bob has a dimensional look but airy due to its softness, and emphasized by stunning color changes.

High-Contrast Long Choppy Bob

While not as dense and choppy as the previous style, the lob looks lovely as it is textured and brightened by amazing color contrast. We can see that medium length styles look great for women with different kinds of bone structure and texture. So the most important thing is to look into your individual characteristics and figure out the style that suits you best. We hope you discover our advice and photos useful in the process of achieving your new style, as well as we wish you the best success with your new look!

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