25 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles for 2022

By all odds beautiful, thick hair is tricky to style, tending to fluff when cut short and feeling too bulky if worn long. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair offer a nice way out, giving plenty of styling options, while coupled with less tiresome maintenance. They are great for playing around with textures, colors and dimension, and they can be handsomely debulked by thinning out or layering. Now, let’s proceed with the actual use of those techniques through real-life examples.

Thick Hair Styles for Different Face Shapes

Medium length haircuts for thick hair are versatile enough to transform any face shape by accentuating its advantageous features and masking its weak points. The narrowness can be balanced by added width, while harsh lines can be softened by curves and waves. For example, for a long face, you wouldn’t want to drag it down by a sleek lengthy ‘do, would you? “A shoulder-length haircut is the most flattering — somewhere between the chin and shoulders. You want to create width, which you can easily do with waves,” celebrity stylist Enzo Angileri says to Byrdie and also recommends a tousled bobbed hairstyle for square-shaped faces, “since it emphasizes layers and will de-emphasize any squareness.” Here is how it works on basic face types.

Collarbone Bob With A Blunt Fringe

Round faces can gain a slimmer and sharper look when framed by a very clean collarbone bob coupled with a full blunt fringe.

Choppy Bob With A Fringe For Oval Faces

Oval faces benefit from added texture on the sides, saving them from a narrow feel. And this dense choppy fringe is great for channeling attention to the eyes, while oozing the laid back style.

Medium Layered Hairstyle For Square Faces

If you have square bone structure, it’s smart to soften it with curves and waves both on top and on the sides, as this layered style shows.

Razor-Cut Lob For Long Faces

Long faces seem well-proportioned when volume and texture are placed to the sides, and this razor-cut lob does a good job for the effect required.

Shaggy Lob For Triangle Faces

This shaggy lob features the length, highlights and texture shifted below the chin to balance the triangle face, while the short and a bit arched fringe visually narrows down the forehead.

Medium Length Bob Options for Thick Manes

From beach waves to sleek cuts, mid-length bobbed styles offer a variety of looks that are hot and happening. Moreover, many of them ensure low maintenance when adapted correctly to your personality. If your hair is really heavy and prone to frizz, keep it on the longer side of medium for easy styling. If you have straight locks, think of soft layering and give preference to choppy cuts.

Don’t hesitate to ask for trendy bangs, especially if this can help to balance your facial features. For instance, side-swept bangs work well with bobs and serve to offset a square jaw line or a large forehead. “You’re covering the area between your hairline and brow, removing several inches from your face,” says iconic hair wizard Garren to InStyle, explaining the effect. Let’s explore more bob looks both with and without bangs.

Inverted Angled Bob

This inverted bob boasts a delicate color scheme with both balayage and sweet babylights, yet it feels pretty edgy with its rounded back and angled front.

Burgundy Bob With Side Bang

Sparking with a bright merlot shade, the straight bob is softly round-brushed and adorned with side bang, long enough to tuck behind the ear for a new twist.

Brunette Angled Bob With Caramel Highlights

Neat and clean, this angled cut stands out with its melting caramel highlights, working great with subtle bulk-removing layers.

Polished Straight Layered Bob

This polished straight bob may seem all one-length, but it’s slightly layered at the bottom to bring in some movement into the creative color palette.

Messy Piece-Y Stacked Lob

Though this ash blonde bob is stacked in the back, it almost hides its structure in messy styling with a piece-y finish.

Badass Layered Cuts for Bushy Locks

Layering is a simple way to give shape and bounce to thick tresses, but you should be careful with layers, since too much of them can end in excess volume you won’t be able to cope with. But when you have a head of fine hairs, go for layered mid-length cuts without a second thought to gain the volume fine tresses usually lack. Layering is also a go-to option for naturally curly girls seeking for flattering medium hairstyles. “Layered cuts work best on hair that’s thick and curly because they give hair movement and remove the weight that makes it droopy and pull your face down,” Larry Sims, celebrity hairstylist who gave the signature bob to Victoria Beckham, says to Redbook. Glance through our gallery for some layered inspo.

Short To Medium Sliced Bedhead Bob

When searching for a current short to medium cut, look no further than this charming bedhead style with highlights and sliced tresses to deliver both flare and movement.

Black Undone Bob With Brown Highlights

While this bob looks fashionably undone, it has texture and dynamics, and the highlights serve to juice up its otherwise gloomy base color.

Lob For Thick Wavy Hair

It’s a nice choice for thick wavy hair, creating a beautiful touchable frame for the face, also coupled with an airy feel.

Short Tousled Bob With Bangs

This cute short bob comes with bangs, handsomely tousled and getting longer to the temples to blend with face-framing layers..

10 Best Mid Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair to Sport in 2022

Though thick hair is often unruly, coarse, frizzy and bulky, we love the rich body it boasts, and mid-length hairstyles are great for its showcasing. “There are many modern ways to work around thick hair including under-cutting, splicing, removing the interiors, or even keratin treatments to give hair the smooth, natural look,” David Mallett, Paris’s most famous hairstylist with clients like Carla Bruni and Charlotte Gainsbourg, says to InStyle and warns against over-layering, too-blunt ends and a “pyramid” shape, which can make you look rather outdated than edgy.

Keeping these tips in mind, you’ll get a fashion-forward cut with a length that allows for versatile styling, including beautiful updos for homecoming, wedding and other occasions. Just a few of them are collected in our top pick below.

Textured Brown Blonde LobThis textured lob strikes the eye with its dynamic wave pattern and a cool bronde color, mixing some awesome brown and blonde tones.

Medium Blonde Cut With Sliced Layers

Enhanced through heavily sliced layers, this ash blonde cut sparkles with warm and cool hues, enhancing movement and bringing out the texture.

Over Bouncy Bob With Layers

A bouncy bob with multiple short layers on the bottom works fine for a lady over 50, delivering a rejuvenating effect – the picture is an obvious proof.

Curly Updo For A Mid-Length Cut

Having a mid-length cut, you can get a stunning updo just by curling your locks and pinning them creatively in the back.

Bob For Natural Black Hair

Natural black hair can get both a nice shape and a defined curl pattern within a bobbed hairstyle with melting layers.

Straight Angled Bob With Fringe

This graphic straight bob goes well with fringe, making the look a bit softer. Note the longer front tresses for an edgier touch.

Medium Black Shaggy Hairstyle

We can’t but adore this shaggy ‘do with its lush rounded fringe and those rainbow-inspired streaks all around the face.

Chocolate Brown Angled Bob With WavesSolid dark hair is anything but dull when it flaunts such a rich shade of chocolate brown and gets textured through point-cut ends and loose waves.

Dimensional Neck-Length Bronde Bob

This itty-bitty neck length bob is dimensional, yet airy thanks to its choppiness, emphasized by amazing color transitions.

High-Contrast Long Choppy Bob

Not as choppy and motley as the previous ‘do, this lob is still lovely textured and brightened up with a fascinating color contrast. As we can see, medium-length styles are flattering for women with different types of bone structure and hair texture, so the key is to explore your personal features and to find what works best for you. Hope, you’ll find our tips and pictures helpful on this journey to your brand new look, and we wish you every success in your efforts!


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