45 Pretty Braided Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look

If there is something genuinely eternal in hairstyles – it’s a braid. Its history began hundreds of years ago in Africa where the first braids adorned men and women’s heads. Since then, tight cornrows, flat fishtails, and messy French plaits have become a tradition that goes on for generations. So, keep scrolling to discover all the pretty celeb-inspired braided hairstyles for women with different hair types.

Choosing Braids by Hair Length

Ah, there are so many different braid styles… It’s like an eternal hairstyle story that’s always current. You can make your short hair much longer with box braids and clip-ins, or get your bob unforgettable with lacy French braiding, or even protect your curly hair when working out or jogging with neatly plaited pigtails. But how to make your choice? Keep reading and be surprised by the number of braided variations for different hair types and hair lengths.

Easy Braids for Short Hairstyles

Women who choose short cuts definitely love comfort and low maintenance. That is why braiding for short hair should be as practical as beautiful. Box braids, cornrows, crochet plaits, French braids, and fishtails are classical for a reason. They belong perfectly on short and medium length hair and can work as fun braids on one side. “It’s for those who want something simple and allows them to do their activities and work with their lifestyle. But it [braids] can still have glamour. It’s classical, as well as fashionable,” says Diane C. Bailey, Shea Moisture beauty ambassador, to Huff Post. So, let’s see how braiding can mix with chops.

Cornrows And Crochet Braids For Short Hair

Put your short hair into cornrows and top off the hairstyle with funny crochet braids. It will take some time, but the result is worth it.

Box Braids Bob With Colored Extensions

Box braids are perfect for those who never could grow long hair. Complete the look with colored extensions and be that in-style girl.

Updo With Cornrows For Natural Hair

Refresh your updo choices with cornrows in the back and natural curls on top. You may also use extensions for a fuller and brighter top section.

African American Short Tree Braids

African American hair looks bold and effortless when amped up with tree braids.

Romantic Bob With A Side Braid

A loose braid that takes off the hairline, wraps around the head, and lands somewhere under your loose waves will make your bob look playful and romantic.

Twists and Turns: Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

How to spruce up your medium length hair without blowouts, curling or flat-ironing? Oh, you will love these ideas! It is astonishing how braids can transform shoulder-length hair. But first, let’s talk about little secrets that guarantee easy styling of braids:

  1. A bit of backcombing near the hair roots before you start braiding will give you incredible volume.
  2. There is no need to use a large amount of mousse – it will make your hair heavier and plaiting – more complicated.
  3. You’d better fix the finished hairstyle with hair spray. It will make the hair look natural, and there will be no “dirty hair” effect.
  4. Use beautiful hairpins to hide the places of hair attachment or to fix short strands that fall out of the hairdo.

Nape Bun With Beautiful Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are also called inside-out plaits. They create a gorgeous pattern that looks beautiful when paired with a nape bun.

Messy French Fishtail

Being an unbeaten classic, the French fishtail fits any style: here you are having a ritzy dinner wearing a sleek braid, and there you are lazing on the sunny beach rocking it messy – not bad, ha?

Wedding Braided Updo

On a wedding day, everything should be just perfect. So, why don’t you try this incredible hairstyle? Start braiding from the forehead and end it with a looped bun at your nape.

Casual Braided Updo With A Bun

If you want to bring a piece of magic into your casual medium length hairstyle, then choose a fancy dimensional braid twisted into a bun.

Going Out of Control: Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair

You can make your long hair look bohemian with loose, chunky, and haphazard braids. Or add some texture through a few tiny braids while leaving the rest of your long hair loose. You can even divide your hair into two equal parts, braid them and twist into buns for an elegant evening look. And you don’t need to be a braiding guru for this – use expert tips and be gorgeous. “Adding a thin, pearl-accessorized braid to brushed-out waves […] creates a hairstyle fit for a princess. Or turn your pigtail plaits into a sophisticated up-do […] by pinning them on top of each other at the crown of your head,” says Becki Murray, assistant beauty editor, in her article for Harper’s BAZAAR. Braids will load your long hair with volume, femininity, and beauty. If you are ready to start a game with twists and turns, keep scrolling to see our collection of best long hair braids and get some inspiration.

Messy Braided Updo With A Bun

A messy style done on wavy hair braided on one side and gathered into a twisted bun will feel very natural.

Chunky Side Braid With A Chain

You can make a side braid look very unusual by weaving a ribbon or sparkling chain through it and pulling at its sections for a chunkier, lacier look.

Relaxed Braided Updo For PromShow off your neck and ears with sparkling earrings and wear a relaxed braided hairdo that will fit perfectly for a prom or wedding.

Ponytail With Side Braids

For effortless downtown vibe, try a cool ponytail with side braids and pompadour styling.

Chunky Mohawk Braid

If you are not ready for shaving your head, then mohawk braids are just what you need. We love this look with two thin side braids and a huge braided mohawk on the top. Hope you will love it too!

Braided for Sure: Choosing Braids by Hair Type

As you can see, there is an overwhelming choice of braided styles and patterns. But it does not mean that all of them will suit you. For example, box braids can be destructive for thin hair, since these tightens the hair much and for a long time. Do you need to sacrifice? We don’t think so. And hairstylists strongly agree with us. “I’ve seen countless women strive for styles that have had detrimental permanent effects on their natural tresses. No style is worth you losing your hair,” says Unique Dandridge, hair care specialist, to Bustle. In the case of thin hair, it is better to do twists: they weigh less, and the roots are more manageable with it while the hair grows out. And how about the rest of the hair types? Well, let’s see what kind of braiding will be perfect for them.

Updo With Dutch Braids For Straight Hair

Your straight hair will be shining with beauty in French or Dutch braids that won’t show up the roots.

Low Braided Bun For Thick Hair

Thick hair loves braids. Make two side braids and twist them into a low bun in the back of the head for a natural and convenient hairstyle.

Curly Braided Updo For Thin Hair

Choose a volume-boosting braided hairstyle for your thin hair to create a fairy-tale look. Don’t hesitate to use clip-ins and backcombing for getting more dimension. It is also better to curl the hair before you start styling.

Curly Hair Updo With Braids

If you have curly hair, you are the lucky one. This hair type is perfect for making any hairstyles with braids that you like.

Wavy Braided Updo

Wavy braided hair amazingly combines with fluffy side twists, which can be gathered or left to fall freely on the shoulders.

Back to Black Braided Hairstyles

Twisting and braiding, especially in the cultures with strong African traditions, are sacred and passed down from generation to generation. In addition to beauty, braids also helped protect the hair: braided hair was less exposed to the environment which prevented its damage and tangling. But time goes by. Classic braided styles have been continually changed and updated by modern techniques. Today’s braided hairstyles not only help protect fragile kinky hair but also create head-turning looks. So, what we’ve got next are simple, doable, yet still, fabulous braided hairstyles that flatter black hair so much.

High Ponytail With Cornrows

Try this version of cornrows combined with a high ponytail. Even if you have a short cut, you can always use extensions.

Black Lemonade Braids

French braids are cool but lemonade braids are way cooler for black beauties!

Black High Bun With Braids

Get the hair out of your face with a tight high bun and small horizontal braids in the back of the head.

Updo With A Reverse Braid

Opt for a chunky reverse braid to make an updo that will wow everyone. Color transitions will look astonishing in this case.

Half-Up Half-Down Crochet Topknot

Start to rock a half-up, half-down crochet hairstyle with a topknot and loose ringlets in the back.

Searching for Classics: Cornrows

Cornrows or canerows, as they were called in some parts of the Caribbean, are one of the most ancient types of braiding which appeared in different parts of the globe independently. You can easily recognize classical cornrows looking as simple, straight lines braided closely to the scalp. To create such a hairstyle, a stylist makes upward motions to get a continuous, raised row. Cornrows can also be adorned with beads, hair cuffs, and other hair accessories.

Cornrows are one of long-life hairstyles, so braid it once, and you don’t think about it again for at least several weeks. But be careful with the tightness: braids pulled too tight or worn too long can cause hair loss. So, please do not skimp on a good stylist, be patient, and become a wearer of one of the chic cornrow hairstyles we have found for you.

Black Cornrows In A Ponytail

Create a funky style with skinny black cornrows. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its simplicity: after waking up, you will have not much to do with it, unless you want to fix those cute baby hairs again.

Beautiful Long Cornrows

There is no need for your cornrows to be complicated. They will look beautiful, anyway. Get the braids into a ponytail or leave them loose and dynamic.

Updo With Side Goddess Braids

Simple, yet awesome, the side goddess braids look magnetic and flattering.

Long Weave With Side Cornrows

A great idea for weaves, cornrows added to loose hair with a deep side part will create a mermaid look, especially on long waved hair.

Two Goddess Braids

You won’t find two cornrow hairstyles that look the same. If you prefer thicker cornrows, opt for goddess braids. These two are eye-candy!

Old School: Box Braids Styles

For those who have no time to deal with natural hair, we have a fantastic solution. Box braiding is a simple technique that helps protect your natural hair and gives the benefit of low maintenance. Work with three-strand braids of different thickness. Each braid goes from a square-shaped section. “No matter how big or small your box braids are, they’ll always have four corners,” explains Larry Sims, celebrity hairstylist behind Zendaya and Gabrielle Union, to Cosmopolitan. “Box braids can be done with natural hair or with extended hair for extra length, thickness, and fullness,” adds Stacey Ciceron, Oribe consulting stylist. Still, you’d better stay away from box braiding if you have weak, brittle hair. In all other cases, keep scrolling to see some excellent ways of box braids styling and the most eye-catching photo proofs.

Top Knot For Box Braids

Style your African hair into a large box-braided top knot for gorgeous volume.

Long Orange Box Braids

Here’s an electric acid-orange set of box braids that we can’t resist! Especially with this diamond-shaped sectioning.

Fulani Braids In Pigtails

Fulani braids are an alternative to box braids and simple cornrows. This hairstyle is also simple, yet full of surprises… Don’t you think it looks very playful?

Ponytail For Boxed Braids

If pigtails are too childish for you, a gorgeous ponytail made of boxed braids – how about that?

Long Box Braids With Platinum Ombre

Use highlighted extensions for a platinum ombre effect — an excellent way to try a new hair color without exposing your hair to chemicals.

Last but Not Least: 10 Best Braided Hairstyle Ideas

“Protective styles are no longer just a summer thing. Braids are something we wear year-round because they’re super easy to maintain (and not having to bother with your hair for two months is a blessing),” says Aimee Simeon, a beauty writer for Refinery29. And we couldn’t say better. If you are searching for a fresh style, then braiding is just what you need. Choose twists and plaits for casual hairstyles or special occasions. Discover a new you with long-lasting box braids and cornrows. Anyway, braids will help you create a unique style and add some extras to it, like in these top 10 braided hairstyles we couldn’t miss.

Ponytail Hairstyle With Weave

The ponytail with weave is beautifully decorated with a couple of symmetric braids running from the centre point of the hairline to the crown. Simple but cool, we think.

Protective Braided UpdoIf you are looking for an elegant protective hairstyle, a shiny updo with a crown braid will be a touchdown!

Fulani Braids With Golden Cuffs

Unleash your creativity with Fulani braids. The skinny braid in front of the ear is typical for this look but particularly cute in this case.

Loose Updo With A Twist And Bouffant

Use twists and a little bit of imagination to make an impressive updo for a special occasion.

Pull Through Ponytail Braid

Looking for a ponytail that will look like a chunky plait? We’ve got one! All you need is a few hair elastics and some time, and here you are – a voluminous braid made of pull-through ponytails.

Unusual Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Some plaits look like real art. Opt for unusual braided patterns to create an unforgettable wedding hairdo.

Sleek Low Braided Bun

Going out tonight? A braided low bun will save your time and make you look fabulous.

Long Lacy Side Braid

A sophisticated side braid with a few loose curls along the face – and you are a real princess from a fairytale.

Long Red Lemonade Braids

The outstanding red lemonade braids with curled ends are worth a double take.

Cute Long Single Braid With Flyaways

Even a single messy braid with flyaways can look super cute and provide a sweet beach party look. No matter what braided hairstyle you choose, it will give you a chic new look. Opt for long-lasting cornrows and box braids or make a delicate braided updo for this evening. We believe the leading style award will be yours!


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