It’s not just the gents who are enjoying the unique and exciting appearance of an undercut these days. Ladies also love this daring hairstyle trend, and it’s easy to see why. Modern and eye-catching, the undercut is a stylish look that can dramatically update your appearance. It’s no wonder why celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna, have chosen to rock this fresh crop. As well as being fashionable, the cut is also very versatile and has options to suit every style. From small and subtle to big and bold, these are the best undercut hairstyles for women to inspire your next trip to the salon.

1. Long Hair Undercut

If you’re looking to add an edge to your long locks but don’t want to lose your length, consider opting for a stylish undercut on just one side of your head. The result will be a bold look that’s feminine and chic.

Long Hair Undercut

2. Undercut Short Hair

Undercut short hair can appear exciting and daring. Perfect for ladies who love a statement style, this fabulous look is sure to turn heads. The cut is also excellent for showing off facial features in a flattering way.

Undercut Short Hair

3. Nape Undercut

For a subtle take on the undercut hairstyle trend, consider opting for a nape undercut. The small shaved section, which sits at the top of the neck, can inject your look with a simple yet stylish aesthetic.

Nape Undercut

4. Bob with Undercut

Turn your sophisticated bob hairstyle into a dramatically modern cut with the addition of an undercut. You can do so with a standard, temple shave or nape undercut. Then, just choose whether you want to wear your hair straight for a sleek appearance or wavy for a more relaxed style.

Bob with Undercut

5. Colored Undercut

Colouring your undercut hairstyle can make it into even more of a statement style. All you need to do is decide whether you want to dye the top, the underside or both and then pick your favourite shade.

Colored Undercut

6. Undercut Ponytail

Undercuts can look great with a range of hairstyles, including the classic ponytail. Just throw the long hair on the top of your head up into a high pony for a stylish look that shows off your excellent shave.

Undercut Ponytail

7. Wavy Undercut

Whether your hair is naturally curly or you use heat to add a few kinks and coils, a wavy undercut can make a top hairstyle option. The contrast between beautiful waves on top and short cropped sides creates a stylish statement that can suit anyone.

Wavy Undercut

8. Bowl Undercut

Add a cool retro touch to your hair with a bowl undercut. Perfect for looking fashion-forward and fresh, this great cut is unique and awesome, and appears even better in a unique shade, such as lilac.

Bowl Undercut

9. Slick Back Undercut

Want to look sleek and stylish? The slick back undercut may just be the hairstyle for you. The amazing look can work with all lengths of hair and is perfect for injecting short, straight strands with an edgy yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Slick Back Undercut

10. Temple Shave Undercut

There are many different undercut hairstyles to try. One excellent option is the subtle and stylish temple shave undercut. The cut, which features a small shaved section of hair around the temple, is perfect for trying this hairstyle trend without dramatically changing your look.

Temple Shave Undercut

11. Topknot Undercut

Want to show off your on-trend nape undercut? Why not rock your long hair up in a topknot?

Topknot Undercut

12. Side-Swept Undercut

A side-swept hairstyle is perfect for showing off a stylish undercut on one side. The asymmetrical look is seriously striking and stunningly gorgeous.

Side-Swept Undercut

13. Spiked Undercut

For the lady who loves an edgy hairstyle, the spiked undercut makes a perfect choice.

Spiked Undercut

14. Undercut Pixie

A classic pixie cut partners perfectly with an undercut. The chic and short look can be rocked in a variety of ways including both messy and sleek styles.

Undercut Pixie

15. Pompadour Undercut

Why let the gents have all the fun with the pompadour undercut? This bold and stylish look is perfect for fashion-forward ladies and is a favourite of the singer, Pink.

Pompadour Undercut

16. Dreadlocks with Undercut

Combining the long twists of dreadlocks with the short and sharp appearance of an undercut can create a standout hairstyle.

Dreadlocks with Undercut

17. Undercut for Curly Hair

If you have wild, unruly curls, an undercut can make the perfect hairstyle option. Not only will the cut keep your curls from overwhelming your face, but it’ll also utilise their natural texture on top for a gorgeous appearance.

Undercut for Curly Hair

18. Layered Undercut

The undercut can be interpreted and personalised in many amazing ways. For a fresh and dynamic take on the trendy cut, try a layered version, which features a temple shave and nape shave.

Layered Undercut

19. Undercut with Shaved Design

If you’ve already got an undercut and are looking to give it an update, why not have your hairstylist shave an eye-catching design into it?

Undercut with Shaved Design

20. Cropped Undercut

Cropped cuts are cool but can appear a little dull if left one length all over. As such, an undercut is an excellent option for making short styles more exciting without growing them out.

Cropped Undercut

21. Red Pixie with Undercut

A fiery red pixie style with an undercut is a perfect choice for fierce and fashionable ladies. You can even wear it with a matching red dress for an unmissable appearance.

Red Pixie with Undercut

22. Blonde Undercut

A blonde undercut hairstyle can appear seriously striking and lovely. To rock this look, just ensure you select the right shade of blonde for your skin tone.

Blonde Undercut

23. Mohawk Undercut

To achieve a bold, Mohawk undercut, ask your stylist to shave the hair on either side of your head, leaving a strip down the middle. Then, style your Mohawk up high for a daring ‘do.

Mohawk Undercut

24. Faux Undercut

Do you love the look of an undercut but aren’t quite ready to shave off your strands? A faux undercut created with a tight side braid can provide you with the same great look without any chopping.

Faux Undercut

25. Punk Undercut

If you’re drawn to the undercut because of its dramatic and edgy appearance, you may want to consider a punk version of the cut. Not for the faint of heart, this look, which features shaved sides, baby bangs, and a long length at the back, is bold and unique.

Punk Undercut


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