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30 Wolf Haircut Ideas for Women in 2023

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There’s a haircut that has been appearing all over the world recently, the cut of the wolf. The cut has turned into an instant Tik Tok trend and is well-loved by women due to its bold and edgy. The hairstyle is distinguished by its thick layers and the volume of the crown. It is a blend of mullet and shag. A lot of women have made it in the privacy of their homes by plaiting the hair in ponytails and cutting the ends, however it is recommended to go to the salon to get the look that you want. The best thing about this style is that it is versatile and can be made on any lengths and types of hair. It is also a great match to color, and can be more striking or subtle according to your preferences. Read on to discover the essential information you require and be in awe! Wolf cut which can be described in short is a blend of two fashionable and trendy haircuts – the shag and the mullet. It is believed to have originated from South Korea, the wolf cut has a lot of shaggy, chunky layers on the top and wispy curly ends in the back. While the edgy wolf haircut is growing in popularity, stylists are battling to make this dazzling hairstyle to any hair texture and length and we’re putting the results into a stunning photos collection. Are you brave enough to pull off this style? For some ideas check out the most impressive images of the cut up to the present.

#1: Long Layered Wolf Cut

This is a gorgeous, long and heavily hairdo that is layered and doubles the trend of wolf hair by highlighting its vibrant, vibrant red hair. Make it look more voluminous using a round brush, and apply a texture cream to achieve the signature messy wolf cut style.

Wolf Cut Without Bangs

#2: Long Wavy Wolf Cut

This subtle variation that is a subtle version of the cutting wolf style is great for coarse and thick, naturally curly hair. It has lots of volume and texture it’s easy to keep in place with a simple spray of ocean salt or curl-enhancing serum.

Long Shaggy Haircut for Wavy Hair

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#3: Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair

A mix of thick fringe, stacked fringe, and layers of mullet-like ends is the best option for thicker, straight hair. Make the most of the appearance of this cut by the color. Bright chunky highlights can provide a sense of depth and motion in your style.

Wolf Cut with Bangs for Straight Hair

4. Voluminous Wolf Haircut using wispy layers

Although the wolf cut can be generally appropriate for all hair texture, it appears best with hair that is thick. With choppy, short layers at the crown, the thinner ends can appear unnatural and lack volume on hair with fine texture.

Block Colored Wolf Cut Hair Style

#5: Trendy Shoulder-Length Wolf Cut

You’ll be glad to learn how wolf cuts can be very versatile, and you can experiment with this look regardless of your face’s shape and hair style. The style looks cute however, you can make it more interesting by adding a messy texture to the top and longer layers that have hair that is choppy at the ends.

Cute Wolf Cut with Feathered Bangs

#6 6: Middle-Length Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

Here’s another among our cutting shaggy suggestions that will suit women of any hair type. But, in this innovative variant of the wolf haircut the bangs over the eyes, concealing one-third of the face that is suitable for long-faced women however, not so for round faces.

Medium Wolf Haircut for Straight Hair

#7: Stylish Shaggy Wolf Cut for Short Hair

Are you ready to try something different with your current hairstyle? Are you thinking of changing from the classic lob style to something sexy and trendy similar to this stunning cut of a wolf? Gorgeously textured, this shag cut is sure to impress you!

Trendy Wolf Cut with Choppy Layers

#8: Warm Blonde Pixie Wolf Cut

Transform your bulky, thick hair into a stunning, delicate frame for your face using this stunning pixie wolf-style. Make sure to choose light hair shades or highlights to add an airy appearance to your new, short hairstyle.

Voluminous Blonde Shaggy Pixie

#9: The Layered Wolf Cut with Bangs

Are you looking for something feminine but also chic? This wolf cut could be just the thing for you, particularly in the case of hair that isn’t very lively. Spray a texture-enhancing spray recreate this easy haircut and breathe life into your hair’s choppy layers.

Lovely Shaggy Cut for Medium Locks

#10: Cute Shag Haircut for Straight Hair

When your hair appears thin on top but bulky on the bottom, then you require a style that has a lot of body and volume on the crown, and light hair texture at the ends, like the cut by a wolf. Add some spice to your shaggy hairstyle with chunky pieces of hair and tiny micro fringes for an elegant style.

Textured Long Shag Hairstyle

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