25 New Balayage Styles for Short Hair

Balayazh is a term that has been making waves around the world of hair lately, but what exactly is it? In simple terms, it is a type of highlighting applied to get a perfect shade of tan. Imagine a perfect blend of hair color that is ombre. Sounds good? Sure and these adorable Balayage styles will confirm your enthusiasm for this fresh and stylish fashion.

All-over, Wavy Brown as well as Blonde Balayage Style that is paired with Short Hair

This hairstyle is insanely cute and bouncy, ranging featuring voluminous curls from ends to roots, to a stunning mixture of golden and dark brown blonde. The blonde just manages to give some lightness as well as volume hair and, when paired along with waves it creates a lively hairstyle that looks stunning.

Casual, Messy Curly Short Haircuts with Side Bangs - Summer Hairstyle for Short Hair

Edgy Pixie wearing Subtle Red Highlights

A slick, edgy hairstyle can only be enhanced with the use of balayage! She has washed-out the red hue to dark brown hair which adds a fun airiness to her frilly hairstyle. This is a great option for girls who are often awash in a sense of whimsy.

Textured Pixie Haircut - Balayage Short Hairstyles

Crazy Colors and Short Hairstyle

This combination of colors is incredible! A stunningly eye-catching hairstyle this stunning hairstyle is a striking mix of vibrant and exotic shades from purple to pink and blonde to mint green. It’s a fun hairstyle that offers a bit of fun and flirtatious with loose waves and a messy , messy finish.

Amazing Balayage Short Hair Styles

The orange Blonde with Pink A-line Bob Cut Short Bob Cut

It’s hard to deny this intriguing hair color However, we cannot be denied that we are in love with it! The short and choppy cut adds a touch of flair to her blonde faded orange hair, which is bright and playful with wispy, muddy pink streaks all over. Very unique to do so!

Blunt, Straight Short Bob Haircut - Color and cut would look so good

Brown and Blonde Boy Cut

Did you remember we discussed the look of tan earlier on in this post? This is EXACTLY the look we were discussing! Her brown hair is full of blonde highlights, creating natural results, which will look great with the boy’s cut hair pulled back.

Trendy Layered Pixie Hair Cuts - Woman Short Hairstyle Ideas

Light Ends and Voluminous Waves

It’s bordering on Ombre The elegant hairstyle has darker roots with a delicate blonde underneath that is fresh and light. The lightness of the hair adds a zest to her overall look and brightens her face and makes it sparkle. The body waves create an unpretentious bounce that is hard to ignore. I am in love with this feminine and sophisticated style!

Balayage Hair Styles

Balayage Faux Hawk: Shaved Hairstyle for Short Hair

Unique and unique This is an excellent option for women who are brave! The wild hairstyle features gorgeous bayalage hair coloring, accentuated by a fake hawk that sparkles with waves and curls. With lots of height and action It’s hairstyle that is certain to dominate the room quickly.

Messy Shaved Haircut with Short Hair - Hottest Balayage Hairstyles

Balayage Bowl Cut

Who said that bowl cutouts couldn’t be fashionable and stylish? This hairstyle is sure to bring an end to everyone who ever claimed they’re not interested in to cut their bowl! The gorgeous cut glides effortlessly over the eyes to create a gorgeous look. The trendy black-white balayage gives brightness and the appearance of lightness.

Cute Short Haircut - Balayage Hairstyles for Grey Color

Curled Graduated Bob

A bob that is graduated is an excellent option for women who prefer to create a little more length on their faces to frame their faces nicely and to make their hair stick out in the rest you could consider adding a touch of fun colouring! The locks are colored with blondes, browns and even in purple for an elegant look that goes well with gorgeous loose locks.

Angled, Curly Hair Cut

Chic, Sleek Straight Short Bob Haircut

Straight, sleek and stylish, this hairstyle can be worn anyplace. Dress it up with stunning earrings and gorgeous makeup or opt for a more simple style for work. The washed out red highlights her brown and chocolate hair It’s just stunning.

Chic, Straight Short Hairstyle for Women

Ice Cold Asymmetrical Hair Style with Short Hair

Ice cold? Perhaps ice cold hot. This hairstyle is vibrant and has dark blue roots, with an exquisite accent of platinum blonde with a slight little blue. The asymmetrical cut enhances the uniqueness and exoticity of this style and works well with her striking blue eyes makeup.

Great Balayage Hairstyles for Short Hair

Natural Grey and Blue Hued Pixie

Her long pixie hairstyle is gently swept to the side, swiping just over her left eye to create an attractive look. Her natural combination of blue and grey shades is fashionable and eye-catching however, it blends seamlessly.

So Beautiful Pixie Haircut - So Perfect Gorgeous Color

Platinum and Green Messy Pixie – Short Haircut for Fine Hair

The shorter length of her pixie hairstyle will leave plenty of layers that can be twirled gently to give a stylish, effortlessly chic look. With a striking and vivid striking contrast between platinum blonde hair with subtle green tints her hair’s color is vibrant and gorgeous! The hair looks stunning with some dark lips.

Cute Short Hairstyle and Color - Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

Black and Blue Long Pixie

This rockin’ look features the vibrant and bayalage mix of electric blue and black. The combination, naturally is stunning when paired with the bright pink glasses. Talk about hip hairstyles and an amazing style!

Short Haircut with Blue Hair Color

Darker Brown Bayalage Curls

It’s classy and sophisticatedI am obsessed with the brown Bayalage! It’s a stunning shade with darker brown roots that lead to gorgeous mousy locks of brown that loosely curl to perfection. Apply a shining cream or gloss to give those brown beauties a gloss beautifully.

Soft Wavy Brown Bob

Greys, Blues, Greens

It’s a 2016 style that is trend-setting and awe-inspiring! It is a combination of three of the most popular colors of 2016, such as gray at the top, with subtle green and blue in the lower portion. It’s a unique look that is stunning when paired with messy waves. This is definitely a casual, cool style that you can wear throughout summer.

Stylish Layered Curly Hairstyles for Short Hair 2016

Subtle Grey Cute Short Hairstyles with Fine Hair

Grey as one of the most popular hairstyles of the year and looks gorgeous in this pixie bayalage cut. The mane is long but is cut in a blunt manner on the bottom to add some volume and body. The mix of grays provides amazing dimension that’s both elegant and refreshing. This is a great match for simple shades of makeup, but also blend well with dark, mysterious hues.

Perfect Haircut and Color - Short Hairstyles for Heart Face Shape 2016

Brown Volumized Bob, Short Straight Hair Style

This style is as natural as hairstyles can be! A beautiful mix of light and dark brown hues work well for a smooth, sunkissed appearance. A little volume added on her bob with a graduated hairstyle, it gives a lot of bounce and flirty fullness. It works perfectly with her perfect colored hair.

Textured Layered Dimensional Style - Short Bob Haircuts for Women

Grey and Silver

There’s only one best way to describe the hairstyle stunning! In order to take those dark gray roots to the next level, she applies silver sparkles on her lower hem for an amazing hair color that steals the spotlight. It’s stunning, and curls make it a chic hairstyle that you can wear to prom or to any other formal occasion.

Grey Balayage Hair Styles - Messy, Curly Hair

Blonde and Brown Undercut

A funky undercut is modern in its own right however, apply a cool two-tone color to your locks and you’ll see this cut take off! The top half of her hair is longer and blonde, and her buzzed and shorter undercut sprayed with light brown to create a striking look.

Trendy Hair Styles Color 2016 for Short Hair

Grey and Purple – Short, Shaggy Hair Styles

We have seen gray with green and blue earlier, and it was so chic and stylish. Another color that is extremely trendy for 2016? PURPLE! The purple and gray combo is chic and stylish Cut to perfection and packed by volume due to a lot of hairspray and teasing.

Getting haircut and Color for Women - A-line Short Hairstyles

Darker Blonde, Asymmetrical Short Pixie Haircut

This is, in fact, one of the most stunning hair colors we’ve seen. It’s a gorgeous look that has lots of lowlights and highlights as well as a dirty blonde style that’s packed with layers that are long. This look is perfect for dark eyeshadow and extremely dark lips.

Chic Short Hairstyle with Side Bangs - Summer Haircuts 2016

Platinum and Purple Choppy Pixie

She wraps her platinum locks around her face to highlight her appearance beautifully. The back of her hair is deep purple and stunning. The pixie is choppy and looks great with hot pink lips and a pair of look-at-me earrings!

Layered Short Haircut - Easy, Everyday Hairstyles for Women

Grey Bayalage A-line Bob Hair Style

So sophisticated and SO stylish. Gray bayalage is brimming with highlights and lowlights to give an organic look, and blends perfectly with her elegant hairstyle. We like how she creates ample length on her face, which makes it the perfect style for round faces.

Angled A-line Bob with Grey Hair Color

Lighter Brown Shoulder Length Bob

The cut is right up to the shoulders the cut is full of bounce and perk. What makes this hair stand out is the blend of highlights and lowlights every shade of light brown to create an extremely rich and dimensional look filled with natural hues.

Natural-Looking Dark Blonde and Brown


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