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40+ Gorgeous Long Layered Haircuts Ideas (Bang, Thick Hair, Curly Hair)

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Each year, the hairstyles shift several times before the ideal one is discovered. Then, it’s lauded by all. Hairstyles evolve quickly and with such a ferocious speed that when you are deciding the hairstyle you like best on you , and you make the decision to for it, most likely it’s already changed and fallen out of fashion. Hair experts say that layered hairstyles are just for women who want an attractive bob with layers, numerous long layered hairstyles aren’t out of fashion as of at the moment. We don’t have anything against the layered haircut, of course however, it’s a fact that long hair looks beautiful on all shapes of face, regardless of whether it’s layered or not. So take a seat and begin a journey of revealing all the latest trends that are associated with long-layered haircuts. Let’s discover their style and determine which one will look best on you. In the end, we’ve highlighted a number of long layered hairstyles that will draw your attention and help you determine which style is the most well for you. Keep reading the article and when you’ve have finished reading you’ll be able save or take a screenshot of the haircut to present to your hairdresser. If you’ve never tried hair that is layered before and are pondering whether it’s worth getting it cut or not, you’ll be amazed by how beautiful and fresh they appear. They do not improve the overall health and appearance of your hair, but they can also enhance your facial appearance while framing it. Although our primary topic in this post is long layered hairstyles but it’s important to note that layered haircuts work across all lengths and types of hair. However, if you do eventually tire of the long layers, you could think about a shorter haircut that doesn’t compromise the layers.

The reason so many women choose to wear layers of hair after a while is because layers of hair can add more energy to your hair. It will appear larger, particularly in the wind when it is more swift and lively. In addition the layers don’t get affected by bangs, wavy or wavy hair or curly-layered hair which is popular these days. Many women who are looking to renew their look with a more youthful appearance are opting for a layered cut due to the lively feel and the transitions that are possible if you wear hair that is an Ombre and Balayage style. Whatever your hair is thin or thick layers are a great alternative to freshen up your appearance and highlight the best aspects of your facial skin.

Long Vs. Short Layers

Did you know that there are short hair layers and long hair layers that show the differences in different hairstyles? However, the layers you choose will not only reflect the haircut you choose, but it will also say a lot about your overall appearance and your personality.

Long Vs. Short Layers 1

Hairstyles with layers were extremely popular during the last 20 years However, many people didn’t realize that you could choose an alternative length of layers to make your hairstyle better. We wanted to explain the differences between shorter and longer layers, so you can make an informed choice before scheduling appointments with your stylist. The kind of hair layers you pick is dependent on you however, here’s what you should be aware of before you make a decision. Short layers mean that your shortest layer hair and your longest point of hair is 1 to 1.5 inches, or up 2 inches away from each other. In logical terms, longer layers mean an area that is larger between your thinnest layer and the longest part of your hair is greater. This type of hairstyle was well-known in the late 2000s, however it’s not being a trend in the near future.

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Long Vs. Short Layers 2

However, there are more differences between the two styles, beyond their length. Let’s look at the two styles and then compare them to give you an understanding of the distinctions and make the right choice on your own. Be prepared to spend an extended time making the decision on your own. In most cases, both styles are used to meet the requirements of various hairstyles. It is important to take the time to look up a discussion of styles and discuss the differences with your hairdresser at the hair salon.

Long Vs. Short Layers 3

Face Complexion

The appearance of your face plays an important part in determining the length of layered hairstyle you’ll opt for. It is important to remember that long layered hairstyles work well with both shorter and more lengthy levels of hair. To enhance the look of your hair and lively look, here are the facial forms you need to consider when choosing layers of hair. Face shapes with longer lengths are ideal for shorter layers as the face will appear round , or even oval. In simpler terms the points of your face will be equalized and your face will appear more proportional especially if you include some bangs to your overall style.

Long Layered Haircuts Face Complexion

For those with face shapes that are square or round and wish to appear larger it is best to opt for thicker layers, which can increase their face as well as make the face look more elongated. You can also mix longer layers with shorter ones. There’s not a restriction in this regard so lengthy as there are layers that can lengthen your overall appearance of the face. Faces with an oval shape should think of themselves as lucky. Their face is a magnet for both shorter and longer hair layers, which increase their attractiveness and facial appearance. You can also mix layers with no negative effects. No matter what you decide your hair will appear stunning.


Your layers’ length will decide the style you choose to wear in an amazing way. The short layers are surprisingly delicate and are often difficult to spot whatever length your hair may be. It’s so delicate that hairdressers struggle to tell them apart , and frequently believe that hair is with all layers, but it’s not. However, short layers can be used for any kind of hairstyle, from splitting your hair in different ways to wave it around, creating curls or simply keeping your hair straight by using an effortless but subtle fall.

For thicker layers, the styling and parting particularly the latter, can be more challenging. It looks amazing if your hair is very lengthy (like this article, which focuses on predominantly lengthy hair.) But, if it is quite shorter and has a large gap between the shortest and the lengthiest part of your hair, it could appear more thicker or thin than the remainder of the parts. It could also appear dull on certain areas.

Long Layered Haircuts Styling


There are two kinds of situations when it comes to volume: there’s not enough and too much. This is also where various lengths of layers play a role. The shorter layers are perfect for people who don’t have enough volume and would like to look more volume regardless of whether your hair is thicker or shorter. Hair is typically thinner towards the ends which is why short layers are more suited to the overall appearance.

If you’re announcing your long hair You want to minimize the volume you have, and appear smaller than your hair itself. Women often cut their hair short in order to not have excessive volume, which makes hair difficult to keep. If you choose to wear longer layers, you can have the hair’s length and shine and not cut it short. Volume will remain precisely the quantity you require.

Long Layered Haircuts Volume

Editor’s notes:

Short layers look great on both longer and shorter hair, which is great since in this article, we’ll focus on long hair. The shorter layers make the hair appear more subtle, and puffier. In addition, shorter layers make your hair appear larger and appear more lively. In the case of longer layers, they look better when you show them off on hair that is longer. There’s a noticeable change and you’ll have less trouble making your hair look good if you wear long layers with long hair. If you choose that you’d like to chop your hair shorter it is also advisable to opt to shorten the layers because it’s difficult to wear short hair while wearing super-short layers.

Long Layered Hairstyles

If you’re considering long layered hairstyles it’s essential to know how to cut your hair after you’ve got the haircut. Do not worry, one of the greatest benefits of this style is that it is wearable with passion, regardless of the style you pick. Take a look.

Layered Straight Hair

Straight layered hair can be a stylish hairstyle that is suitable for those who have shorter layers. It also shows the stunning and dramatic transition when you combine super-long hair and long layers. Straight hair is typically thought of as an iconic style. It’s never going out of fashion and is the ideal appearance of a hairstyle with layers. The greatest thing about it is that it’s simple to maintain and style unless you have naturally curly hairstyle that may become wild and restless.

Layered Wavy Hair

If you’re blessed with naturally long, wavy hair and you have problems in styling, we’ve got some good news. The wavy and the layers can be a great option especially if you typically have long hair. When you have hair that is longer layers will make your face appear more framed. In addition, they’ll make you appear younger and take the bulky look of your hair. Make your hair look more fashionable and stylish, while also adding subtle accents for your haircut.

Curly Layered Hair

Curly Layered Hair Style

While naturally curly hair is less common in comparison to other styles many people wonder if they can make their hair curly and still keep the staircase-like transition between layers. Yes! Plus curly layered hair is trendy and loved by all age groups of women. Layers are among the most effective options to frame the face, while providing a clearer and more simple definition to your coils and curls. In addition, layers can make your hair more bouncier and much easier to move around and flaunt by itself.

40+ Best Long Layered Haircuts Design Idea

Without further delay we’ll look at the top long-layered haircuts to show your hairstylist , and discuss ways to add fashion and life in your hair.

Long Layers On Long Hair

Long Layers On Long Hair 1

Long Layers On Long Hair 2

Long Layers On Long Hair 3

Hair that is long and voluminous have a lot of choices to think about when they’re trying to style their hair. They’re additionally exposed to a large range of different haircuts and hairstyles they can try out without compromising the size of the hair. As you can see in the images above Some of the most effective combinations are those that combine long layers with long hair. This adds a lot of movement to your hair , and lets less hair’s layers shine and shine. Make sure you have hair that is sufficiently long. The longer hair on the shorter could cause it to appear fragile and thin.

Short Layers On Long Hair

Short Layers On Long Hair 1

Short Layers On Long Hair 2

Short Layers On Long Hair 3

Do you find that being subtle with your hair something you really think about when you are getting your haircut? In this case, shorter layers are the perfect choice for you. They will make your hair appear more frizz-free but without sacrificing your look. Your hair will remain shiny however it will be able to show an energy and bounce and appear lively as it moves. If you’re looking to add a new twist to your hair that isn’t too big or saggy hairstyle, this one is the one for you.

Layered Hair For Thick Hair

Layered Hair For Thick Hair 1

Layered Hair For Thick Hair 2

Layered Hair For Thick Hair 3

Women and men alike want thick and full-bodied hair, but they don’t realize that thick hair is impossible to maintain. Sometimes, it appears like it’s too bouncy and floppy and it can be difficult to brushor even cut and style. If you’re looking to maintain healthy and strong hair that doesn’t thin the long layers can make it appear thinner but without diminishing its general density or appearance.

Long Straight Layered Hair

Long Straight Layered Hair 1

Long Straight Layered Hair 2

A lot of women are unsure the need to layer their hair, especially if they sport straight hair all the often. Layered straight hair can also be referred to by”the U and V cut if it’s the way you wish to style your hair while keeping the layers shorter. It gives texture and movement and makes hair appear more healthy and active. It’s also easier to style and brush, like the pictures above.

Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long Layered Hair With Bangs 1

Long Layered Hair With Bangs 2

Long Layered Hair With Bangs 3

If you’re not afraid having bangs in the course of your hairstyle layered bangs are the perfect benefit of having layered hairstyles. They add more texture, and are also stylish and simple to keep in place for those with straight hair. They can also add dimension to your hairstyle overall.

Face Framing Layers

Face Framing Layers 1

Face Framing Layers 2

Face Framing Layers 3

Do you feel that hair layers play a significant influence on how your looks? There are many hairstyles with layers that are created to frame the face, making the appearance appear more round. Consult your hairstylist on the best way to blend your hair in order to frame the face. However, be sure you look over the examples above for inspiration.

Curly Layered Hair

Curly Layered Hair 1

Curly Layered Hair 2

Curly Layered Hair 3

If your curly hair is made up mostly of curls or rings, layered hair is a great choice for your. If you have messy and long curly hair that’s hard to manage, long layers will increase the texture of your hair and allow it to get its bounce back. Along with that the layers of your hairstyle can make your hair appear more sleek and also increase its the ability to move.

Long Shaggy Layered Hair

Long Shaggy Layered Hair 1

Long Shaggy Layered Hair 2

Long Shaggy Layered Hair 3

The shaggy hairstyle is an opportune choice however, it’s beneficial if you love your hair to be bouncy and wild. Layers of hair retains its wildness and freedom but it will also possess an underlying texture to it that makes it feel more agile and buoyant when it’s done. If your hair is medium-long or truly long, layers both longer and shorter, appear stunning.

Long Layered Balayage Hair

Long Layered Balayage Hair 1

Long Layered Balayage Hair 2

Long Layered Balayage Hair 3

The previous paragraph mentioned that a haircut with layers gives a texture and feels fashionable and trendy. If you add some balayage and you’ll end up with a ideal combination that gives your hair life and adds a dimension. Layers are great with balayage hair. And If the method is correctly executed the hair is sure to shine, and take a lot of breaths.

Very Long Layered Hair

Very Long Layered Hair 1

Very Long Layered Hair 2

Very Long Layered Hair 3

Long hair requires long to get to. If your hair’s healthy smooth appealing, vibrant and attractive it shows how much it was cared for. In this regard we know that a lot of women are unsure if they should take the risk of getting hair layers, or not. If you’re looking to play with layers, you are free to experiment with longer layers to create a more textured appearance. If you’re concerned about ruining your hair that you’ve worked hard for choose shorter layers and consult with your hair stylist about any options you can use.

Long Layered Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair

Long Layered Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair 1

Long Layered Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair 2

Long Layered Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair 3

Layers of thick, curly hair are great together. Your hair will be more smooth and textured due to the added depth and dimension, but without being too rough and fuzzy when touched. If your hair is too thick, adding layers will diminish the thickness , and make your hair feel as silky although it’s quite long and curly.

Choppy Layers For Long Hair

Choppy Layers For Long Hair 1

Choppy Layers For Long Hair 2

Choppy Layers For Long Hair 3

There are lots of similarities between shaggy and choppy hairstyles. Both look wild and agitated and appear as if there are many layers which define the texture of hair. If you feel that chaos keeps their hair maintained This is an excellent hairstyle. It complements the contour of your face, and makes you appear elegant. You can also add some bangs to create an even more stunning appearance.

Long Feather Layered Hair

Long Feather Layered Hair 1Long Feather Layered Hair 2

Long Feather Layered Hair 3

Feathered hair is not much different when compared to hair that is layered. It’s a style that features an exclusive shape for the ends of hair. When you mix them with layered hair you’ll end up with a style that is stylish and sophisticated. The longer hair, the better, but make sure you manage it correctly.

Long Layered Hair With Swoop Bangs

Long Layered Hair With Swoop Bangs 1

Long Layered Hair With Swoop Bangs 2Swoop bangs typically used in conjunction with layers of hair. They are a great way to transition between shorter and longer layers, and can also improve the appearance of your face. While they are more often seen with shorter hairstyles they can also look good on longer hair, as long as you regularly take care of your bangs and style them in a way they are in harmony well with your hair.

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