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25 New and Convenient Medium Bob Hairstyles

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The bob was first seen in 1915, not as hairstyle, but rather as a hairstyle that was suitable to wear for… to dance. Yes, it was true. Irene Castle – a great ballroom dancer faced a major issue with her hair’s length that got caught up in her hair when she danced. One day, she chopped off her hair becoming the first female to sport a beautiful curling “Castle Bob” haircut. The haircut of today changed from extraordinary to something more casual. it was a great all-year-round style for women of any professional or age.

Opt for Bob: Ever-Versatile Bob Haircuts by Hair Type

Inverted, choppy, jaw-splimming messy, the long bob, also known as “Lob” hairstyle is able to make anyone appear stylish and modern. “It’s to be bold in the length department this year. The latest fashion is a sharp, squared-off hairstyle that is positioned just above the jaw. It’s fresh and gives off an French young, youthful look. It makes the traditional lob appear safe and suburban,” says Jonathan Soons the creative ambassador for the Headmasters Salons to Glamour. It can change, it gets shorter or more long, but it is an always-popular haircut.

Let’s conduct some study and find out the haircuts that work perfectly with the simple fresh, refreshing, and even slightly flirty mid-length hairstyle.

Inverted Lob Haircut For Straight Hair

The bob haircut adds the look of volume and vitality in straight hair. It’s great with the longer locks on the front and a voluminous nape.

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Wispy Bob With A Fringe For Fine Hair

Look at how gorgeously this blonde bob that is wispy and has the feathered fringe compliments the fine hair. In addition that the shoulder length length length lengthens the face, making it appear slimmer.

Long Layered Bob For Thick Hair

A brunette bob is always elegant, no doubt about it. Select a layered bob for your hair that is thick to make it appear vibrant and flowing.

Medium-Length Layered Bob For Thin Hair

Are you searching for medium hairstyles for bobs that make your hair look more attractive? Look into a medium-length layered hairstyle and wavy style to give an amazing volume and compliment the hair’s thinness perfectly.

Lob With Bangs For Curly Hair

We are in love with this gorgeous medium-layered hairstyle. The layered cut were made to complement each other and that’s the reason it chimes even when curly hair is present.

Medium Length Bob with Bangs

Change your medium-length haircut with a chic fringe that is a great option for anyone of any hair type, age and! Don’t forget the curly hair will require special cutting techniques to blend bangs with the rest of your hair in a perfect way. “If you’re sporting extremely tight curls, ask for dry cuts so that your stylist can clearly see the form they’re cutting into. If you’re having loose waves the wet cut is well,” says Jen Atkin, OUAI owner, to ELLE.

Additionally, a shoulder-length bob with bangs can complement any facial shape. Check it out and you’ll see it acting as a frame, making your face look more fresh and open.

Bob With Side Bangs For A Round Face

The angle of the side bangs make the face look more oval and adds length making this bob with a mid-length length the ideal choice for a face that is round.

Stacked Bob With Bangs

Take a look at this stunning blonde hairstyle. A stacked bob that frames your face with bangs can create an emphasis on your chin, eyes or cheekbones, whichever you want to improve to give an ideal face shape.

Bob With Shorter Bangs For Thick Hair

The thick hair looks stunning with shorter bangs if they’re paired with wispy strands. Blonde highlights can do the job perfectly, too, by creating a sense of depth and flow in this bob with a mid-length. The primary goal is to stay clear of cuts that are too short.

Asymmetrical Bob For A Round Face

We’re loving this gorgeous dark brown hairstyle. An asymmetrical bob is an illusion. It’s perfect for thick-haired, round-faced women who wish to make their face look thinner and more sharp.

Wavy A-Line Bob With Side Bangs

Blonde bob hairstyles that are sexy are stunning! Check out this hot A-line bob, sexy and flirty, featuring long bangs on the sides, and soft waves that are accentuated by shadow roots.

Does Bob work with layers?

The medium-length blunt bob can be fashionable. But layers are more flexible in terms of customization. The selection of layers is entirely dependent on your shape of your face and the nature of the hair. Faces with square shapes can appear more softer by wearing round layers, and oppositely. The layers around the jawline can make it easier to visually lengthen the appearance of a round face. Make sure to get onto a layered bob in case you have thin hair. “Ask your hairdresser to smooth the layers of your cut. For fringes, you should focus upon softening, and feathering the edges. By layering the hair and softening the edges the hair will appear more balanced, with less emphasis on length,” adds Sam Burnett, founder and creative director of Hare and Bone, to Mary Claire.

Let’s look at how layers work with medium-bob hairstyles.

Inverted Bob For Wavy Hair

The ideal medium-length bob to wear for curly or Wavy hair is the inverted bob. It works well with hair that is thin and can increase its volume.

Feathered Bob With A Bang

Add dimension, play with lengths and create the perfect face shape! You can do it all when a fringe and hair cut are combined, such as this adorable hairstyle that features hair that is feathered and a micro bang.

Messy Bob With Layers

The shaggy bob that has layers that wrap around the face are an ideal base for a messy, five-minute hairstyle.

Bob With Bangs For Black Women

The bob that is feathered and mid-length with long, sculptured bangs are an outstanding fashion for black women who have long hair.

Long Messy Bob For Thin Hair

A blonde hairstyle that has dark roots, messy hair layers is a volume enhancer that is recommended for hair that is thin and has an oval face.

The Final Shot: 10 Best Shoulder-Length Bob Hairstyles

It isn’t a matter of what type of hair or facial shape you’ve got hairstyle – a medium length bob will highlight your strengths and hide imperfections. It’s a hairstyle that is universal that appears on magazine covers as well as red carpets every year. Keira Knightley, J. Lo and Kaia Gerber each opted for the medium bob and each time it did the trick. “Bob will bring back the confident, normal girl who isn’t afraid to take a the risk of cutting her hair,” says celebrity stylist Jenny Cho to Hellogiggles.

If you think that a slender shoulder-length bob can get you there look no further. Scroll down to see the 10 perfect medium bob haircuts. Get inspired and get it!

Straight Long Blunt Bob For A Round Face

Straight bobs are always in fashion! See how beautifully this straight frame frames a round-face. Be careful of its length . Jaw-length or even shorter front locks could make your face appear as balloons.

Inverted Lob For Wavy Hair

Try an inverted balayage style if you have curly or wavy hair that is easy with styling. This gorgeous layering ash blonde bob is amazing!

Sexy Wavy A-Line Lob

Are you looking for medium-length haircuts for bobs that enhance a round face? This stunning A-line lob style with blonde balayage is perfect for you!

Stacked Wavy Shoulder-Length Bob

A stacked shoulder-length bob that is stacked with the layers of loose waves is sure to leave you feeling comfortable.

Caramel Balayage Bob For Black Hair

Freshen up your black hair by a caramel balayage bob with layers! These chunky caramel layers function as beautiful accents to the hairstyle and create an amazing volume effect.

Black Weave Bob With A Bang

If you want to create an unforgettable style do not be afraid to experiment with weaving with a luxurious bang. It’s not the most classic look however, so why not?

Long Layered Bob For Round-Faced Women

Highlights that are subtle look great with wavy hair strands of bristles that are choppy. You should opt for this look if you have an oval face with thin hair.

Wavy Choppy Bob With Subtle Highlights

The subtle highlights look stunning with wavy hair strands of hair. The bob is choppy and bouncy. Select this hairstyle if have a round face and thin hair.

Shaggy Layered Lob For Thin Hair

How about creating a stunning dimension for hair that is thin with medium-sized Bob hairstyles? This shaggy layered lob can do what it says! Apply a soft mousse for styling . It helps to preserve the volume of the hair.

Shaggy Razor Cut LobThe shaved-off mid-length bob can make your hair look more chic and feminine. It’s an ideal combination for fine hair as well as an oval face or heart shape.

If there was the Oscar for hairstyles, the shoulder-length bob could win the award each year. The bob with a mid-length is a fantastic option for those who aren’t willing to opt for an extra-short hairstyle or are struggling to style. It’s a low-maintenance, multi-faceted haircut with millions of variations. The wide range of cutting techniques allows it to be adapted to any facial shape and hair kind, making the appearance perfect. Therefore, you should find the best option for you and apply it with an entirely an innovative twist.

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