20 Best Short Blonde Hair Color Ideas to Try in 2022

Everyone loves blondes, and women who have hair that is fine should think about cutting their hair with blonde shades right out of the gate. Why? Because short hairstyles allow thin hair grow volume and texture , as contrasted with longer lengths which can pull limp locks back and make their appearance even more slender and duller. Furthermore, light hair color doesn’t cause an obvious and uncomfortable contrast between the hair or the head. Additionally, a fashionable and well-chosen shorter blonde hairstyle is a good fit with all skin tones and facial shape, and is another reason to explore the most popular hair colors for blondes for 2023.

1. Platinum Blonde for Short Hair

Short platinum blonde hairstyles are equally well for women with yellow and pink skin tones because they can request a coiffeur to match a color to their toner. The current platinum blonde hair is available in a variety of styles that range from funky pixies , to layering hairstyles. People who aren’t quite looking to go blonde for the whole head may opt for platinum highlights that are trendy for hair with short lengths.

Platinum Blonde Hair Shade

2. Icy Blonde for Short Haircut

Cool-toned hair is the perfect option for women with light pinky undertones, particularly when they have dark eyes and aren’t afraid of striking contrasts. In the coming year, we’ll be seeing icy blonde in a variety of hairstyles, from textured and sleek bobs to buzzcuts as well as chic Pixies. Ladies who are older should consider trying hair with a white, snowy look for a smooth transition to genuine gray that is trendy. It’s impossible to miss fashionable cool blond hair that is icy with low light to get the most stunning three-dimensional look.

Icy Blonde on Pixie Haircut

3. Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair is not suitable for all since it can cause darker skin tones to get washed out. However, girls with light skin tones and eyes that are light can wear this hair color without worry. This is because they won’t need to bleach their entire length in order to create highlights in ash blonde. Ash blonde balayage is a different optionthat is ideal for larger plants and darker base.

Ash Blonde Shade on Bob Haircut

4. Stunning Honey Blond

If you’re a person with the appearance of a warm skin tone and want to find a more natural hair coloring to match tones of your complexion, nothing can be more suitable than vibrant and hot honey tones. We are awestruck by the honey hair style because of the warmth and beautiful sparkle it emits because it is able to reflect more light than cool shades. It is possible to incorporate honey blonde into your hairstyle by incorporating it in various ways, like highlights for fashionable blonde hair that is sun-kissed.

Honey Blonde Shade on Bob Haircut

5. Strawberry Blond Hair Color to Impress Everyone

The list goes on and on. From Nicole Kidman to Sienna Miller Many blonde ladies from the top list have donned this stunning bright blonde shade. Cynthia Nixon and Adele have demonstrated how to effectively pair it with a short haircut. If it’s the pixie cut or long chin-length bob, the warm golden-reddish hue can add some spice to the hairstyle and assist you in make a distinctive hairstyle. It would be unprofessional to not have inspiration photos to take with you on your next visit to the salon.

Strawberry Blond Color on Wavy Hair

6. Gorgeous Rose Gold Blonde Hair Color

The rose gold hairstyle isn’t going away, so you can wear it with any of the short blonde hairstyles you love. The color is a mix of shades of pink and gold (read as cool and warm) It flatters nearly any skin tone when the shades blend properly. Our suggestion: dark hair are fine, since they give depth.

Rose Gold Blonde Hair on Very Short Curly Hair

7. Champagne Blonde

If you’re unable to choose between a warm blonde shade or ashy shades the champagne blonde hairstyle gives one of the most appealing of both worlds. It’s perfectly balanced and is able to be tailored to suit different skin types, but champagne blonde hair requires a lot of maintenance. However, champagne-colored blonde looks elegant on hair with short lengths which is why it’s worth the effort.

Champagne Blonde Hair Color on Pixie Cut

8. Caramel Blonde

Experts recommend caramel blond for short hair with different types because the warm shade offers a lot of flexibility. No matter if you have thick or thin hair that is dark you can wear short hairstyles that feature caramel accents. In fact highlight highlights in caramel are definitely the most fashionable option to sport the color.

Shiny Caramel Blonde on Bob Haircut

9. Stunning Beige Blonde Color

Girls who wish to go for a lighter shade that isn’t too difficult to mix with different skin tones can get some designs from our list of the most trendy beige blonde hair colors. This neutral blonde hue isn’t warm or cool, as its light and sandy shade is elegant and timeless in it.

Beige Blonde Color on Wavy Bob Cut

10. Flattering Pearl Blonde Hair Color

Hairstyles for blondes with short lengths are stunning when they have the eye-catching shimmer and silky texture that is created by metallic shades in the shade of pearl blonde. This shade is the best hairstyle for blonde bob or pixie for those with cool, cool complexion with eyes that are green or blue. But this lighter blonde color isn’t as awash with silver, which means dark-eyed women may also try it.

Pearl Blonde Color on Short Chic Haircut

11. Most Attractive Silver Blonde Color

In the case of silver blonde hues they’re more demanding for skin tone due to the cool shades of ashy that are that are added to the skin tone. This is how the silver tone contrasts with the platinum tone of light blonde which is more like a pure white. As you may have imagined the silver blonde hairstyle can be paired with cool skin tones, whereas warmer complexions will require some peachy tones blended with silver.

Silver Blonde Color on Chic Bob

12. Exotic Ginger Blonde Hair Color

Contrary to a popular opinion the copper tone is different from golden blonde in the sense that it’s deeper, darker and more orange in comparison to yellow. It is therefore an ideal choice for those who are naturally redheads and want blonde hair, particularly in the case of skin that is light. It is certain that you will see some beautiful examples in our hairstyles for short blondes.

Ginger Blonde Hair Color on Pixie Cut

13. Sandy Blonde

The Sandy Blonde is the delightful middle place between butterscotch and beige with the former looking somewhat yellowish, while the latter leaning more like brown. Sand shades blend cool and warm tones with the proper proportions to give the most natural look that makes them among the most fashionable styles of blonde hair.

Sandy Blonde on Bob Haircut

14. Buttercream Blonde

The golden hues that are built on a medium-sized base are full of cool tones that give you more options in the trend of lived-in hair. A well-crafted mix will produce blonde hues that are matched to your skin tone and give stunning sun-kissed highlights which we’re all crazy about.

Buttercream Blonde on Messy Bobcut

15. Blonde Babylights

When it comes to natural-looking hairstyles It is impossible to overlook blonde babylights hair coloring that is all over the place today. Although these stunning shades of blonde look great on everyone but they also require minimal maintenance. Therefore, they provide us with another reason to change from the beachy highlights to more subtle nuances.

Blonde Babylights Color on Bob Cut

16. Dark Blonde

Short hairstyles don’t have to be extremely light to be stylish. If you’re playing near light brown darker shades can range from ashy dark blondes for those who have lighter skin tone to a creamy dark blonde for an edgier complexion. They are a great match when paired with shadow roots. Or, you could opt for a dark blonde ombres for the same amount of depth and simple treatment.

Dark Blonde Color on Wavy Bob Cut

17. Dirty Blonde

If you’re not keen to increase the volume of your brown hair to many levels, then dirty blonde shades are an ideal option. The brownish hue blends well with the golden or ashy shades effortlessly and is a perfect match for every skin tone and eye shade. It’s also low-maintenance because it is well-known that a mixture of shades conceals hair growth unlike anything other.

Dirty Blonde Color on Short Cut with Long Fringe

18. Blonde hair with Dark Roots

It’s a relief to say goodbye to the days of having to go to salons once our hair have grown a few inches. The trendy dark hairstyles can be embraced by nearly any blonde shade, while giving more dimension to any cut. Furthermore, you’ll be able to have the most beautiful blonde hair without having to visit hair salons over the course of months.

Blonde Hair with Dark Roots on Pixie Cut

19. Mushroom Blonde

While this shade does not sound appealing the multi-toned nature of it has made it very popular with women who want to find unique versions that have dark hair. The shades of mushrooms contain plenty of beige and ash to complement different complexions and provide a smooth transition between brown and blonde.

Mushroom Blonde Hair Color on Bob Cut

20. Cinnamon Blonde

If you’re bored of the tiniest golden blonde, you can switch to a different warm hair shade, but with a reddish undertone. The cinnamon blonde hue is deep and spicy, which means it will brighten dark hair without a lot of effort. We like this blonde-brown shade in the highlights, but you might prefer the full-color.

Cinnamon Blonde Hair Color on Bob Cut

How to Maintain the Perfect Blonde Shade?

Don’t go overboard with frequent washes. Be generous enough to purchase the best shampoo that is specially formulated for hair with blondes. 5 minutes of conditioner and cool water rinses after washing your hair will seal the cuticle of your hair to keep the color for a longer time. Hair masks that are applied weekly and shampoos and toners for brassiness will keep your hair well-hydrated and will prevent your first shade from discoloring.


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