If you’re reading this post, it’s likely you have piles of hangers that haven’t been used. You may be thinking about buying new ones and then retiring the ones you have. Before you dump them in the trash , only to regret when you look back, consider these creative ways to make use of and reuse old hangers! I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by the possibilities your old rods could do.

1. Make Lampshades

It is possible to make the cover for your lamp from old wire hangers. All you need to do is get set with some hangers and a hot glue gun, measurement rulers, tape, and can power (that’s essential). You’ll have your lamp shade in a matter of hours.

2. Hanger Holder

These hangers from the past can be transformed into legitimate holders for all kinds of stuff. It is possible to hang items that are scattered throughout your home and take up a lot of space. This will free up space for other things within your home.

3. Flip-flops Stand

The hangers for flip-flops we come at the shoe stores can be a fantastic solution to keep the flip-flops in order. Yes, you can make one at home too. Cut off the lower section of your hangers that you’ve got and bend the remainder of it to the way in the photo.

4. Mobile Phone Stand

Do you get annoyed by having your phone in your hand while you watch a movie? This is a great diy solution that you can try. You’ll need a wire hook and a pen, as well as a rubber band, and a glue gun. Untwist the hangers before assembling the hangers in the manner illustrated in the image.

5. Fruit Basket

It’s a little hard to believe, but you could make a fruit bowl out of the hanging wooden hooks. Simply cut them in half, then drill two holes on each end of the piece, using the hook. Put a bolt through the holes and then attach all hangers together to create the shape of a circular basket.

6. DIY Smores Kit

It may be difficult to cook marshmallows or similar items. Now, you can create a an ‘roaster’ to roast your marshmallows by using wire hangers.

7. Book Holder

Wire hangers are the most versatile players on the table! They can be used to organize the books you use frequently enough to put back on the shelf , or too uncommon to keep on tables. Just bend the hanger in the manner illustrated in the photo and hang it up on the wall to make an easy to use book holder.

8. Dish Drainer

Do you think you could imagine this? In truth, I was not aware until I came across this on the blog of a blogger. It is possible to use your wood hangers to serve as a drainer for dishes using this easy DIY technique. It’s an ideal design for your kitchen and an efficient tool.

9. Make your hanger an “Hangelier.’

You can transform your wooden hangers into stunning chandelier by following the technique described in this blog. This chandelier ( most likely with a yellow bulb ) will create a stylish atmosphere and will turn any mealtime an unforgettable one!

10. Eyewear Holder

If you’ve put your glasses in a haphazard manner within your home, you’ll be aware of the difficulty of finding them in times of the need. This easy to use hanger hack is the solution. Simply hang the hanger on the wall and it’s there waiting to serve you.

11. Hanging Towels

Have you thought of putting your hanger upside-down? It might sound odd however it could add style to your bathroom. The hanger that is upside down can help you in a variety of ways, such as hanging bathrobes and towels within the same hanging rack.

12. Decorative sunflower mirror

It is possible to make a fantastic sunflower mirror by using just some wire hangers and mirror. Follow the instructions step-by-step and, before you even know it, you’ll have a an original decor that you created entirely by yourself!

13. Hanger tree

It’s simple and could be the most striking item you’ll find at your house. You just need to arrange many hangers in one set and the other in the form of the shape of a tree. This can be a striking exhibit piece as well as a useful hanging tool.

14. Cookbook Stand

It is possible to use your old skirt hanger inside the kitchen to serve as an organizer for books. When you’re preparing something new, you don’t need to hinder the flow of cooking. Be sure to arrange the dish so that you are able to quickly glance at it from the cooking position.

15. DIY Hanger Wreath

If you’re financially ruined at the end this month (as is the norm) and the time for the holidays is upon us, you don’t need to fret about decorations. All you require is a few hanging wires that aren’t being used and an adhesive gun to arrange them in the shape you want.

16. Entryway holder

It is possible to use an old wire hanger to serve as an entryway storage device as well. Hang your hanger upside down and then attach the jar in the manner illustrated. This will help you keep track of your keys, while the rest could be used to create an organizer for your scarf.

17. Artwork display hangers

Do you have self-created artworks that you want to display , but you don’t have anything to put them on? If you have an old set of hangers at your house, you’ll have an ideal way to showcase your(or children’s) artwork. Therefore, grab them and do this easy diy project to give your work the attention they deserve.

18. Make a Topiary

It is possible to make an ornament from wire hanger. It’s simple to make and looks stunning once installed. Straighten up the hook that is round on your hanger. Then twist the remainder of the hanger to any shape of your preference.

Put this hanger in the soil in the pot and within a few days, you’ll enjoy the most peaceful sight of your plants.

19. Bubble Wand

Here’s an idea for those little ones who are out there! You can create a huge bubble wand to use for the kids. Just bend the metal hanger to form a circular loop put it into soapy water and then blow it with a gentle air blow.

20. Create an holder for toilet paper

Hangers that you used to hang clothes on and were going to throw out can be used to hang your toilets, too. To create an holder for toilet paper rolls you’ll need an plier as well as a wire hanger, and of course , a toilet roll!

21. Make a tent for your cat

You’ve never thought of this, did you? It was me until I read about it on an online blog. It’s quite handy and you can build it in your own home without much difficulty. Additionally, you’ll be able to build an adorable little home for your baby.

22. Candleholders

Candlesticks are an item of the past and you can make candles with these holders. They can create a hanging appearance for your candles and create a stylish appearance. All you need to do is take a few hangers, pliers and follow the directions on the website.

23. Rings are safe to store. Rings

To ensure that your rings are stored securely You can copy the hand you hold using the wire hanging. To do this, draw you hand’s outline on a piece paper, and then bend your hanger. Then, you’re ready to insert rings on it.

24. Pool Bug Skimmer

You could also build an skimmer from the hangers you have discarded. You just need one of your wire hangers , and an elongated (with small hole) bit of fabric. Attach them and you’ll have an awesome DIY skimmer with zero cost.

25. Plastic Bag Holder

Turn your hanger into an holder for plastic bags with this easy. You’ll require a wire hanger as well as a sewing machine, the fabric you want and thread to stitch them together.


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