If you’re currently reading this article chances are there that you might have a stock of piled up unused hangers at your place. Or you’re just planning on buying new ones and retiring your oldies. Before you throw them into the trash and regret later on, check out these cool hacks to reuse and repurpose old hangers! I’m sure you’d be intrigued by the things your old rods can do.

1. Make Lampshades

You can make a cover for your lamps out of some old wire hangers. All you’ll have to do is to get prepared with some hangers, hot glue gun, measuring ruler, tape and some will power (that’s a must). And you’ll have your lampshade ready within a few hours.

2. Hanger Holder

These old hangers can be crafted into legitimate holders for so many stuff. You can hang in there the things which litter around all over your place and take up significant space. It would save space for other items in your house.

3. Flip-flops Stand

The flip-flop hangers we get to see at footwear stores are a great way to manage the flip-flops. And yes, you can make one for your home as well. Just cut the lower part of your old hangers and bend the rest of it as shown in the picture.

4. Mobile Phone Stand

Do you also get tired of holding your phone while watching a movie? Well, here’s a DIY solution for you. You’ll need a wire hanger, a pen, a rubber band and a glue gun for it. Untwist the hangers and assemble it in the way shown in the picture.

5. Fruit Basket

It sounds a bit hard to believe but you can create a fruit basket out of your old wooden hangers. Just cut them into half and drill two holes on either side of the piece with the hook. Insert a bolt in holes and attach all the hangers to form a circular basket shape.

6. DIY Smores Kit

It might seem hard for you to roast marshmallows and similar stuff. But now you can make a ‘roaster’ for your marshmallows using old wire hangers.

7. Book Holder

The wire hangers are probably the most versatile player in this game! You can use them to manage the books that are used too often to be put back on the shelf and too rare to be kept on a table. Simply bend the hanger as shown in the picture and hang it on the wall for a ready to use book holder.

8. Dish Drainer

Could you imagine this? Honestly, I didn’t until I saw this on a blog. You can use your wooden hangers as a dish drainer with this simple DIY method. It would be an excellent decor for your kitchen and a useful tool.

9. Turn your hanger into a ‘Hangelier.’

You can turn your wooden hangers into a mesmerizing chandelier, just try the method given in this source blog. This chandelier ( preferably with the yellow-colored bulb ) sets a classy mood and can make any dinner night into a special one!

10. Eyewear Holder

If you also put your eyewear recklessly anywhere around your house, you’d know the struggle of finding them in the time of need. This ready to use hanger hack will be your solution. Just hang your hanger on a wall, and it’s ready to serve you.

11. Hanging Towels

Ever thought of installing your hanger upside down? This might sound quirky, but it can be a style quotient in your bathroom. This upside-down hanger can serve you in multiple ways like to hang towels and bathrobes in the same hanger.

12. Decorative sunflower mirror

You can make an incredible sunflower mirror using a few wire hangers and a mirror. Follow the method instructed step by step, and before you would even realize, you’ll have homemade decor that you’ve manufactured by yourself!

13. Hanger tree

This one’s quite simple and perhaps the most eye-catching thing you’ll have at your place. Just arrange a lot of hangers in one set in another so that they acquire the shape of a tree. This would be an impressive showpiece and a useful hanging tool.

14. Cookbook Stand

You can use your old skirt hanger in the kitchen as a book holder. So the next time you’re up to cook something new, you won’t have to obstruct your flow of cooking. Don’t forget to set it up in such a way that you can quickly look at it from your cooking position.

15. DIY Hanger Wreath

If you’re financially broke by the end of the month (as usual) and the holiday season is coming up, then you don’t have to worry about the decorations. All you need is some unused wire hangers and a hot glue gun to arrange them into the desired shape.

16. Entryway holder

You can use your old wire hanger as an entryway holder as well. Just hang your hanger upside down and attach a jar to it as shown. This will take care of your keys, and the rest of it may be used as a scarf organizer.

17. Artwork display hangers

Have self-made artworks to display but nothing to hold them? Well, if you have a few old hangers at your place then you have the perfect thing to show your(or your kids) artwork. So, just get them and try this simple DIY to give your artworks the exposure they deserve.

18. Make a Topiary

You can make a topiary from your wire hanger. It is straightforward to make and looks incredible once set up. Just straighten up the round hook part of your hanger. Twist the rest of the hanger in any shape of your choice.

Insert this hanger into the soil of the pot, and after a few days, you’ll have a soothing view of your plants.

19. Bubble Wand

Now this one’s a bonus for your little kids out there! You can make a giant bubble wand for them. Simply bend your old wire hanger into a circular loop, submerge it into the soapy water and finally give it a smooth air blow.

20. Make a toilet paper holder

The old hangers you were about to throw can be used in your toilets as well. To make a toilet paper roll holder, you will need a pair of pliers, a wire hanger and of course a toilet paper roll!

21. Make a Tent for your cat

You never thought of this, right? Neither did I until I saw this on a blog. It’s pretty handy, and you can easily construct it at your home without any real hassle. Plus, you’ll have a tiny cute home for your little one.

22. Candleholders

Candlesticks are a thing of the past, and you can try to make these candle holders. They will give a hanging look to your candles and will make them look elegant. All you have to do is to grab some hangers and a plier and follow the steps given in the blog.

23. Store your Rings

To securely store your rings, you can duplicate your hand using your wire hanger. For this, take the outline of your hand on a piece of paper and accordingly bend your hanger. And you’re ready to put rings into it.

24. Pool Bug Skimmer

You can also make a skimmer out of your old hangers. Just grab one of your wire hangers and a perforated (with tiny holes) piece of cloth. Sew them together, and you have a DIY skimmer at absolutely 0 costs.

25. Plastic Bag Holder

Convert your hanger into a plastic bag holder with this DIY. You’ll need a wire hanger, a sewing machine, a fabric of your choice and thread to put them together.


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