A stylish Asymmetrical pixie cut is a haircut that has one side being shorter than the other. It’s a modern take on the classic pixie style. Sylvia Barson, a hairstylist from Jackson, MI, shares her opinion on this haircut, stating, “It’s a super trendy and cool cut that is suitable for women of all different ages.” Barson elaborates how crucial it is to make certain when you decide to get an asymmetrical cut, particularly if you already have hair that is long. “If you aren’t happy with how long the cut is on the short part growing out, it could be rough,” she says. Make sure you spend to your stylist to talk about these issues. Talking about the smallest of things can be a huge help, particularly with asymmetrical cuts. “If there isn’t enough distinct it won’t appear as symmetrical,” she explains. “It is only going to look odd.” Hairstyles like pixies just like any other hairstyle, require the right styling. “It’s difficult for your hair to appear elegant if you don’t style it,” states Barson. Pomade wax, cream, or other products are much easier to use to style your hair. These products offer a good quantity of texture and volume. Enjoy a fresh new look! Explore these images of the most popular short asymmetrical pixie cuts!

Straight asymmetrical pixie cut

#1: Straight Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Straight asymmetrical pixie cut is cut on the sides shorter and the top cut longer. Pixie cuts that are symmetrical work best for women with hearts-shaped faces. For this style get your stylist to suggest an pixie cut with fringes on both sides that are long and a slack short side.

Wavy asymmetrical pixie haircut

#2: Wavy Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

A wavy and symmetrical pixie style can be created by making use of an wand for curling. If you’re naturally curly hair allow it to dry naturally using a leave-on curl amplifier. Have your stylist cut the sides and then reverse for this easy-care style. The long length front is what you need to maintain, making this cut perfect for ladies who are always on the move and want an edge to their hairstyle. Keep in mind that pixies that are symmetrical require trimming every 4 weeks to keep their form.

asymmetrical pixie cut for women over 30

#3: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 30

Asymmetrical pixies for women who are over 30 is the ideal haircut that should be part of the stylist’s collection. The pixie hairstyle is short and asymmetrical. cut more tightly around the ear on one side and gradually moving around the jawline on the opposite side. It highlights cheekbones and creates an eye-catching shape.

Asymmetrical pixie with a blonde balayage

4. Asymmetrical Pixie With a Blonde Balayage

Asymmetrical pixies with blonde balayage highlights the texture of your hair by adding depth. A pixie that is short has an asymmetrical cut that emphasizes your most attractive features and provides an appealing youthful radiance. It needs little or any styling, resulting in an elegant, natural look.

Blonde asymmetrical pixie for short hair

#5: Blonde Asymmetrical Pixie for Short Hair

A blonde asymmetrical pixie that is suitable for short hair features an undercut with an overcut that blends. Asymmetrical pixies are best for women with medium to thick wavy or straight hair. For this style request your stylist to give you hairstyles that include the cut being undercut as well as an uniform top.

Asymmetrical pixie for older women with thin hair

#6: Asymmetrical Pixies for older women with thin hair

Asymmetrical pixies for women who are older and have thin hair is an original design that gives a youthful radiance. The short haircut makes it appear more thick. It’s the perfect option for women who are considering to grow out your natural greys. You can try a side-swept lower part that can be draped on your forehead. It softens lines that are too harsh. Asymmetrical pixie cuts is great for all faces and can transform your hairstyle instantly.

#7: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircut

Select an asymmetrical pixie cut if you want an interesting, fresh look on your hair. Bobs can be symmetrical on one side, by adding fringe. The shorter side should be cut significantly shorter than the opposite side in order to create an asymmetrical short pixie cut. The asymmetry is an ideal balance visually. Hair of all textures will benefit from this trendy haircut.

#8: Asymmetrical Long Pixie with Asymmetrical Bangs

Asymmetrical long pixies with bangs that are symmetrical is a stunning cut that can be adapted to suit your needs. If you want asymmetrical short pixie cuts the front is the focus element. You can pick which length is the most choppy for you. Make sure to wear this style towards the side to frame the face, emphasising its unique style.

Asymmetrical pixie for women over 40

#9: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 40

Select an asymmetrical pixie style for women who are over 40 for the hairstyle that gives you an attractive, youthful look. Get your stylist to cut many layers that will create a flowing form with length maintained at the length of the side. The shorter side and the nape may be cut with a blunt edge to create a striking look. To make the nape more dramatic make sure the nape’s color is lighter than that of the remainder your head.

Asymmetrical pixie with fringe

#10 Asymmetrical Pixie with Fringe

You’ll want to experiment with an asymmetrical pixie that has fringe to change your hairstyle quickly! The longer side smacking the cheekbone area reduces round faces. Asymmetrical short pixie hairstyle can be styled quickly using the use of a texturizing gel. It is possible to allow it to dry in the air or apply some blow-drying in order to increase the volume.

Asymmetrical pixie for women over 50

#11: Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 50

Asymmetrical pixies for women who are over 50 is the perfect option for hair that is fine. The layered cut that has longer hair on one side gives you a youthful appearance. The hair’s nape should be cut short in order to emphasize the sharp symmetry in the cutting. It’s best if it’s styled flat. will maximize the appearance of your slack locks. Dry your hair quickly with a texturizing geland move the hair to the side using your fingers to create a twirled look.

Asymmetrical pixie with bangs

#12: Asymmetrical Pixie with Bangs

Asymmetrical pixie with bangs can be a fun and bold hairstyle to wear! The symmetry in the hairstyle makes this look stunning. It is possible to cut the fringe off on one side for an impressive style. Take note that this isn’t an ideal choice for women with large face shapes, but it can be a good choice for women with a more round face shape. Short pixie cuts that are symmetrical are easy to style however they will require trim every 3-4 weeks in order to appear their best.

Purple asymmetrical pixie

#13: Purple Asymmetrical Pixie

A purple asymmetrical pixie can be exciting, fun and versatile. With an asymmetrical short pixie you can style it in numerous ways. It is possible to blow dry it to give it a smooth, sleek finish , or even mess it up with with pomade to give it a fun hairstyle. Hairspray, hair mousse, and powder for texturing are your top allies when you’re rocking an asymmetrical cut pixie.

Grey asymmetrical pixie for women over 60

#14: Grey Asymmetrical Pixie for Women Over 60

A grey asymmetrical pixie suitable for women who are over 60 is an enjoyable option to freshen up any outfit. Make yourself appear 10 years younger with an edgy short side that will highlight your best side, with plenty of curls and lift on the opposite side to create a feminine touch. A nice root lift and curling irons are all you need for this cut-out style.

Long asymmetrical pixie haircut

#15: Long Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

You can request a long asymmetrical haircut during your next salon appointment. A side of the hair is shorter than another. Discuss with your stylist about which one is the most appropriate in terms of facial shape, features and the hair’s style.

Curly Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

#16: Curly Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

Enjoy a curly asymmetrical pixie hairstyle and give the gift of a quick and easy method to style your curls! The one side of the hair is cut shorter tightly around the head, to highlight the length of the cheekbone on the opposite side. Pixie hairstyles that are symmetrical can be customized for all types of curls.

Asymmetrical pixie for dark, short hair

#17: Asymmetrical Pixie for Dark, Short Hair

A contemporary asymmetrical ponytail for short, dark hairstyles that embraces the spirit of creativity. Its sleek ends are cut in a point to create the illusion of movement and softness. It also thins out any lines that are sharp. The pixie haircut is symmetrical and frames the cheekbones and eyes to highlight the features of our face that we admire the most!

Asymmetrical pixie cut with an undercut

#18 Asymmetrical Pixie Cut with an undercut

You can rock an asymmetrical pixie cut with an undercut to create the perfect look. When you request an asymmetrical undercut cut, be sure to indicate the length you want to cut. It could be anything from a tense buzz to add drama, or the length that’s longer to soften the edges.

Messy asymmetrical pixie

#19: Messy Asymmetrical Pixie

Let your personality shine through by putting on a messy, and asymmetrical pixie. It’s more fun to have hairstyles that are sexy. Be yourself and experience how easy to feel sexually attractive by sporting an asymmetrical hairstyle.

Low-maintenance asymmetrical pixie

#20: Low-Maintenance Asymmetrical Pixie

A low-maintenance, asymmetrical pixie is an excellent choice for everyone. Hairstyles that are symmetrical and short are individual to the person. If you’re considering making the switch, you’ll discover how simple it is to take care of.

Asymmetrical pixie with side bangs

21: Asymmetrical Pixie with Side Bangs

Asymmetrical pixie that has side bangs that have the top of the hair cut being long and short. The shorter layers should be kept to the back and the fringe being longer in front. Pixies that are symmetrical are best for women with medium-to-thick hair. Request your hairstylist to style an uninvolved pixie style with an extended side bang.

Edgy Asymmetrical Layered Pixie

#22: Edgy Asymmetrical Layered Pixie Hair

The trendy asymmetrical layered, edgy pixie is an edgy and short hairstyle which has a longer length on the other side. It’s ideal for women with an edge to their punk hairstyle. Because this haircut is shorter it’s more in need of maintenance. This style is ideal for women with hearts-shaped faces. Request your hairstylist to do straight cuts along the sides, with the top a bit longer.

Tapered asymmetrical pixie hairstyle

#23: Tapered Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

The tapered asymmetrical pixie style is cut on the side and the top cut off and the length extending. Asymmetrical pixie hairstyles add an elegant feminine look to the shorter hair. To achieve this look request your stylist to get the pixie style with short sides and a longer top with a side-parting.

Asymmetrical pixie for thick hair

#24: Asymmetrical Pixie for Thick Hair

Asymmetrical pixies for hair with thick layers is a longer cut with a side piece. This cut is asymmetrical for women with medium-to-tough straight hair. To achieve this look request your stylist for an asymmetrical pixie cut that is tapered and a the long frame for your face.

Asymmetrical pixie for a round face shape

#25: Asymmetrical Pixie for a Round Face Shape

Asymmetrical pixies for the round face style shows the beautiful ethereal look of a face that is small and round. Side-swept fringes are generally recommended and uniform side gently sweeping the cheek or chin can be an enjoyable way to ease into a shorter haircut. Asymmetrical short pixies may be styled to add volume, while also shaping and elongating the face to create harmony.

Asymmetrical Short Pixie Hairstyle for Women

#26: Asymmetrical Short Pixie

Asymmetrical short pixies are the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds : shorter hair and some length that can be shaped around the face. When you keep the hair length to one end, it allows the wearer the option to loosen it to soften the facial shape. The choice to braid or twist the longer length on the opposite side using clipping is an added benefit. Pixies that are symmetrical look beautiful for all hair types and ages. According to the look you’re looking for they are simple to make. Because the cut is relatively shorter, salon visits every 4-5 weeks are planned with a stylist in order to keep the cut.


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