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26 Best Chin-Length Bob Hairstyles For Women

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The chin length bob is a hairstyle that is cut close to the mid-neck and chin. Chin-length bobs can also be described as a medium bob haircut. This bob length is compatible with nearly all facial designs, but it is best suited to slim faces the best. If you’re looking to broaden the jawline this bob cut will be the perfect fit for you!

Chin-length hairstyles are suitable to women of all different ages. Hairstyles of this length suit every face shape and texture. If you’re a lover of shorter hair, or are thinking about cutting your hair short for the very first time, we’ve put together an assortment of 26 best Chin-Length Bob Hairstyles that are guaranteed to get you excited to schedule the next visit. A few people might think it’s difficult to think of different styling options. Many people fall into that trap “it’s too short and I’m unable to do anything except keep your hair in a straight line.” But that’s not this is the situation! Look at these styles for motivation.

Effortless Chin-Length Wavy Bob

effortless chin-length wavy bob

The most appropriate way to describe this style is easy elegant. The thing I love of it is just how stunning chin-length blunt bobs appear. For women who don’t have hair with a natural curl It’s simple to put curls into the hair and shake out the hair to create a casual, messy style. Try R+Co Trophy as it’s also a shine and texture spray that’s almost like the spray wax. It can be used to shake your hair’s curls to give your hair body. Also, it smells amazing!

Straight and simple, the look is extremely doable which is what this striking “chic” style is into. It’s a fashion-forward appearance and, when it’s cut completely straight and even, looks stunning.

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Pink and Red Chin-Length Blunt Bob

pink and red chin-length blunt bob

Think about a chin-length blunt bob with plenty of texture and sharp bangs. Request your stylist to bleach it out and then give it some peach and rose shades to give it the pink hue. Although this length can be very appealing to the majority of women of us, it’s something to consider.

Timeliness, Lived-in Chin Length Bob

timeless lived-in chin length bob

The haircut is timeless and versatile. It can be styled clean and modern , like in the picture above, or tucked in and curly to create a more natural look. This is a style that every hair type and personality will love. If you’re looking for something fun and playful or sleek as well-dressed, this style is easy to keep to suit any life style. The most effective advice for those thinking about this style or already own it is to enjoy it! The hair is an accessory, and should reflect to the world your personality.

The most effective way to recreate this look at home is to begin by pre-drying before applying your product then use flat wrap techniques (which involves moving hair about the scalp both ways) until hair is approximately 90 percent dry. Then, cut the hair in a new section and style it with the flat iron or round brush to add sparkle and bounce. In other cases, you can roll the hair flat until it’s completely dry and then use an iron flat to make truly fun movement and texture.

Fashion-Forward Chin-Length Bob for Older Women

fashion-forward chin-length bob for older women

It’s a stylish and stylish look. I love how elegant and elegant it looks. I would definitely suggest oil or a serum for smoothing (depending on the type of hair) along with an anti-humidity hairspray to finish. Anyone who is a working woman or an at-home mom could rock this. An oval-shaped face will look best with hair that is bobbed. Should you be sporting a cowlick on the back, I would not recommend a complete fringe!

Punk Chin-Length Bob Haircut

chin-length punk bob hairstyle

Opt for a punk-inspired cheek-length bob, with micro-bangs to frame your face.

Adorable Chin Length Asymmetrical Bob

Adorable chin-length asymmetrical bob

This is such a refreshing cut. It’s great for people with some coloring experience. If you’ve been through a lot of previous coloring or bleaching, this is great to eliminate the dry ends! I like the symmetry of it and feel that it matches the new color flawlessly.

The perfect woman for this cut is one with straight or Wavy hair. This cut is extremely flexible and is able to be styled straight or with waves from the beach. If you’ve got hair that is wavy you can easily blow dry it using an angled and paddle brush for a more smooth style. If you are a fan of the symmetry it is important to ensure that the stylist has at minimum 3 inches of in the opposite direction from left to the right. Anything less than that seems like an error!

Flawless Chin Length A-Line Bob

Flawless Chin Length A-Line Bob

Q&A session with style designer Rebecca Llewellyn

Owner & Master Stylist @ THE HIVE at Citizen Salon Studios in Calgary, AB

What do you think of this style?

This is a trendy enjoyable bob with an intriguing twist. I absolutely enjoy the color the most. With her blonde highlights the pink hue adds an element of personality. However, because of the many porosities that her hair has the pink looks more distinct than a flat shade. Particularly for this client we needed a light commitment shade, and once this temporary hue fades it will leave her with her original blonde highlights.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering this?

The pink hue is only temporary, so you should be okay with the color fade. However, the sleek, modern A-line haircut will steal the show when the pink tone disappears. If you have thick hair, I’d suggest a tiny undercut to the back to eliminate the weight and get an even a-line. This client is a perfect example but you can’t really see it. If you have hair that’s not as thick cutting it short isn’t essential. I love a hairstyle and I believe there’s a style for nearly every facial shape and hair kind.

Fresh Chin Length Choppy Bob

fresh chin-length choppy bob

The entire chin-length of this choppy hairstyle was cut using the help of a razor. Make use of a texturizing spray as well as volumizing powder to achieve any kind of fun short hairstyle. The curtain bangs compliment the shorter style. They don’t need to be cut for every woman. You can pick different types of bangs.

New Wave Chin Length Bob that has Bangs

New Wave Chin Length Bob with Bangs

Q&A with fashion designer Ashley Wylie

Hairstylist / Barber @ Melrose & Mcqueen Salon in Atlanta, GA

What do you think of this style?

I would describe this style as a fresh method of cutting a blunt 60s Bob. I love that the style is a bit classic, yet adds a modern twist by shaving the bob’s undercut completely around. It also removes the weight of my model’s extremely large and heavy hair.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering this?

The more thick the hair the more thick it is, the more voluminous it will be. The majority of my model’s weight was removed after we shaved her underside and if the client has hair that is thin is going to diminish the bluntness we created by the remainder the cut.

I’m also in search of people with straighter hair to get an appearance like this. It’s easier to create straight hair’s texture rather than smooth out curlier hair so that it shows the sharp bob line on the chin. Since my model has straight hairstyle, it’s easy for her to maintain this look by herself.

If you have the straight dense, thick hair that My model wears, you could create the look by using a few different products. In the present, I am loving EVO hair products everywhere. I added Day of Grace leave-in and as well as End Doctor (which is a smoothing sealant) prior to blow drying. Dry the hair with the round brush and blow dryer but only smoothing those areas of hair that are prone to becoming fuzzy.

When it’s dry, you’ll have to worry about getting that sloppy texture using Salty Dog salt spray, as well as EVO. Squeeze a little bit of it into the hair in small sections that are then allowed to dry. make use of a flat iron to form a slight bend over the head . Pull straight down a piece of hair while gently bending the iron both in and out. You can rake through the hair using your fingers, and you’re done!

Playful Yet Professional Bob

playful yet professional chin length bob

This look embodies the variety of what is the Bob. It’s precise and deconstructed as well as fun and professional and timeless yet innovative.

In this cut there was a line that was formed close to the jawline. The cuts exposes your neck. If you’re not happy with that neckline, you may be interested in a long hairstyle.

Consider where you will part your hair. If your hair is versatile you might want to have your stylist cut your hair in the middle, so you can wear it three styles (left part, middle part, right). If, however, you’ve been wearing your hair parted in the same direction for several years, be sure the stylist trims your hair with this particular portion. If not, you’ll always have a hairpiece that is hanging from the wrong side and is too long.

Keep in mind that your bob isn’t required to be uniform on all sides to look stunning! Split your hair in different ways to play with symmetry and pull one side back to create the balance and proportion.

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