Short choppy haircuts add amazing texture that will take your style up a notch. Whether you have a bob, pixie, or an a-line haircut, adding some grit or disconnected layers into your look will really change the shape and make it more interesting. You’ll be amazed by the versatility that these gorgeous choppy haircuts have to offer!

The world of choppy texture is versatile, flattering, and beautiful! Grab your pomade, wax, or texture spray to enhance your new chunky or razored cut. Now is a fantastic time to have short hair!

Be realistic when choosing short hairstyles for yourself. Ask yourself if your personality really wants a rocker and edgy hairstyle, or more of a soft and feminine style. If you’re not sure, opt for a longer hairstyle that has more versatility instead of pigeonholing yourself into one look.

Most of these short choppy cuts are super easy to style. Who doesn’t want a wash and go look?

Before your next hair appointment, check out these overwhelming ideas for short choppy haircuts!

Short Choppy & Messy Bob with Balayage

Short choppy and messy bob

Instagram @tanarosehair

A short, choppy, and messy bob with balayage is a very flattering cut for those who want a versatile and short choppy hairstyle. You can style with pomade, wax, or texture spray. Short choppy haircuts love texture!

Choppy Blonde Cut with Side Bangs

Choppy short blonde cut with side bangs

Instagram @romeufelipe

Try a playful choppy blonde cut with side bangs for an ultra-seductive style. The great thing about choppy layers is that they add texture to the hair. These layers emphasize that tousled style we all love with a shorter length. The addition of side bangs is a great option if you have a square face or prefer covering up a longer forehead.

Ash Blonde Wavy Choppy Bob

Ash blonde wavy choppy short bob

Instagram @maeipaint

An ash-blonde wavy choppy bob gives you a carefree look without a lot of maintenance. Toning highlights to ash-blonde can come with a little bit of at-home maintenance, but nothing too hard for you to handle! Throw a few fun waves in for a fun, lived-in style, and you’ll look like you spent hours on your hair.

Chopped A Line Lob

Short chopped a line lob

Instagram @styled_by_carolynn

A chopped A-line lob is a shoulder-grazing chic style. While a lob can feel like an in-between length, it’s a great way to feel empowered with shorter hair without going the whole mile. If you have a finer texture, keep the style one length with some shape around the midface. For thicker hair, get it a little thinned out for added texture.

Short Lived-In Choppy Shaggy Bob

Long Choppy Graduated Bob

A short lived-in choppy shaggy bob is an effortless, modern take to a classic haircut. It’s an eye-catching hair trend made by Australia-based stylist Stacey Wright.

This bob is achievable on both fine and thick tresses—even curly! The length at the front helps any face shape look elongated. Feel free to add a split fringe for more shape around the face.

This cut has chipped ends that are beneficial for ladies with finer density the most. “The chipped ends make the hair feel as though it has texture without losing the bulk,” says Wright.

Soft and bold! This short haircut is made even lovelier with a soft natural balayage, too. He explains, “We wanted this color to grow out softly yet feel textured with pairing it with a choppy concave lob.”

Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

Choppy Cut for Thick Hair

Instagram @michaelsebastian1

Messy, short choppy haircuts for thick hair are a stunning way to remove the bulk off your thick hair but still keep the volume you naturally have. This all-time chic and choppy bob style doesn’t need a certain face shape to make it work.

Short Choppy Layered Cut

Short Choppy Layered Cut

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

Featuring a short choppy layered cut that offers an elegant finish. It’s a razored short and choppy bob haircut, which looks great with a bit of a texture. This short choppy haircut is flattering on most women.

Choppy Cut for Fine Thin Hair

Choppy Cut for Fine Thin Hair

This short choppy cut is a tousled blunt bob on fine, thin hair. It’s disheveled yet can be dressed up or down. It was created by hairstylist Asuka Jacqueline Takei of Manhattan Beach, CA

The messy waves are created by “denting”, in different directions all over.

“Since it’s a messy short crop, you don’t have to worry about making those perfect dents with whatever tool you’re using. It can be created by flat iron, curling iron, or wands,” explains Takei.

Adding highlights to short choppy haircuts will brighten around the face, and soften everywhere else to minimize crazy visible regrowth. That way you can go for few months without refreshing the color.

“This choppy haircut is especially good for women with thin hair that’s short. The blunt ends will give a fuller look. If you have thicker hair, having more texture taken out will still give this fun short choppy bob without being too bulky,” she adds.

Beautifully Short Cropped Textured Hair

Beautifully Short Cropped Textured Hair

Instagram @tara_lorenzoni85

This short textured haircut is a go-to look for its super low upkeep and versatility for styling. If you want a wash-and-go choppy layered bob, add some beach waves and an ombre of your natural hair color. It will look amazing as it grows out.

Edgy Textured Short Choppy Layered Hair

Textured Short Choppy Layered Hair

Professional stylist Lauren Fletcher of Montclair, NJ created this short choppy layered hair that’s a fun flirty platinum textured bob. “It’s a pretty classic trend as far as the cut goes, above the shoulders, a little a-line, however, the interior is seriously texturized using slide cutting,” she adds.

Short choppy hairstyles are often a low maintenance cut, but some require a good amount of styling to look like this picture every day.

To style choppy hair:

– Use a moisturizing cream

– a flexible hairspray

– a texturizing hairspray

– 1 1/4″ Marcel iron

Short Choppy Shag for Curly Hair

Short choppy shag for curly hair

Instagram @curlfrann

A short choppy shag for curly hair. Short curly shags get rid of the triangle shape that tends to appear by rounding out layers and keeping a softer length on the ends. This cut looks beautiful with round and square face shapes. Use Afterworld Organics “Moisture Lock” to hold your curls in place. You can diffuse a No- Low heat setting to eliminate frizz. Apply GM Reverie’s Ever oil after scrunching the hair to soften the curls and break any cast that may have formed by curl holding products.

Choppy Hairstyle for Women Over 60 with Straight Hair

Choppy Hairstyle for Women Over 60

Instagram @theparlour

A gorgeous choppy short hairstyle for thinning hair women over 60 is an all-time favorite straight cut bob. Dark roots and blonde highlights for a natural grey hair, plus long layers, create an illusion of depth and volume.


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