Asymmetrical bobs are smaller in length, and is split into a hairstyle with an uneven cut in that one side is more long than the opposite. A huge resurgence during the year of 2018, this classic trendy hairstyle is suitable for any type of face and hair textures without requiring to be maintained in any way! It’s a great option for women who want to spice up the classic hairstyle. It’s a different take on the traditional style and can be more enjoyable since it eliminates boredom from a basic haircut! For a dramatic effect the symmetry of bobs must be striking. In the event that one side of the bob is identical to the other side, it’ll be insignificant.

Styling Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

It is possible to choose a blunt cut for more emphasis but curly with wavy for more flair and personalize it by adding color and a fringe. The great thing about it is that you can get both the angle and length adjusted to fit your facial shape, or based on the face feature you wish to emphasize. Here are some of the most inspiring Asymmetrical bobs I’ve seen on Instagram to pick from should you choose to go for this cute style!

Edgy Neck-Length Asymmetrical Bob

edgy neck-length asymmetrical bob

You can sport an asymmetrical bob to get the ultimate high-fashion look! A subtle shadow roots provides interest and contrast to an edgy blonde color such as this.

Long Bob

Lob hairstyle

Make sure you show off your gorgeous red hair by displaying a choppy deep lob that is side-parted! Lobs like this give you an elegant summer style that flatters any skin tone. Asymmetrical bobs and long-bobs are a great combination because one side must be longer, which allows for longer length.

Uneven Bob with Deep Side Part

Uneven Bob with a Deep Side Part

An uneven bob with a large parted side is an chin-long style that improves the appearance of the face. To get a sleek and slimming appearance, try this cut using a long, slicked-back hair.

Frame-Framing Face Asymmetrical Bob with Bangs

face-framing asymmetrical bob with bangs

A dark espresso shade on a striking and stunning brunette with asymmetrical asymmetrical haircut with bangs can’t be more stunning without the face-shaping elements on the front.

Blonde Blunt Bob

Blunt Bob

What better method to showcase the irregularity of your hair than with straight cut ends? It makes a sharp, definite line that increases the sophistication of your style.

Black Bob for Curly Hair

 hairstyle for Curly Hair

Any hairstyle is any exception to the appeal that a wavy haircut can bring. Find your creative side by trying this gorgeous form if you’ve got short hair that has natural curls.

Cool Cut Pixie Bob that has a shaved side.

Cool Undercut Pixie Bob with Shaved Side

Get a jump on the bandwagon with a cool and new long pixie with cut sides. It’s rocker chic, and lets you add a touch of neck and ears stylishly.

Sleek Short Asymmetrical Bob

sleek short asymmetrical bob

Defy the norm with this super trendy unorthodox haircut! A short, asymmetrical bob style gives a more distinct look to the facial region, which is why it’s perfect for concealing other areas.

Bob with Layers inverted Bob with Layers

Inverted Bob

We’re in love with these gorgeous pastels that are layered on an inverted angled layered bob cut. If you’re a short-haired person this is a great approach to make you stand out but yet look professional all at the same time. Asymmetrical and inverted bobs employ cuts to make stunning haircuts.

Shoulder Length Bob

Shoulder Length haircut

A gorgeous pink shoulder length long bob (lob) with subtle peach undertones works well on neutral or warm-toned skin tones. The princess bubblegum, Asymmetrical bob could need some care in its shade however, it’s definitely worth the effort for every woman who wants to experiment.

Stacked Bob

Stacked haircut

Do you want to try something different using this classic cut? You can leave some long and fun wavy pieces on one side to create an elegant finish to an stacked bob.

Q&A session with style creator Kate Gallagher

Hairstylist @ Essence Center For Beauty in Old Saybrook, CT

What do you think of this style?

This particular style is an asymmetrical, sloping hairstyle. The main difference between this style and a typical graduated bob is the fact that the look is created by the heavy texturing beneath the occipital bone, which “collapses” the form and mimics the curvature that the face has. I like sculpted bobs that are collapsed because I find them simpler to create than a graduated style I also think they give a more contemporary appearance. This shade was created by me in the six months prior to the time this photo was taken. I used OLIGO’s Clay Lightener for some facial framing balayage and teasy light followed by a tone with the Redken Shades EQ Gloss. I absolutely love this type of balayage on my brunettes because of the low maintenance. My brunette balayages have their color changed only every few months which is great for busy moms as well as working professionals.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering the idea?

This asymmetrical bob is able to be adapted to almost any facial shape, except for one that is oblong, since the length at the front could highlight the longer face. I also suggest consulting with your client regarding their lifestyle prior to deciding on this style as there is no option to secure the hair which means they’ll need to dedicate themselves to wearing headbands or pins when they exercise or train.

A hairstyle of this length is also required to be styled throughout the day, which is why it’s crucial to assess the amount of time you have to devote to the hair each morning. The hairstyle can be styled curly or straight depending on the texture of the hair. I suggest blow drying using a paddle brush in an a wrap drying style with a smoothing product such as Pureology Smoothing Serum to smooth and straighten hair. If you have naturally curly hair can apply a curl activator such as Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream or air drying or blow drying using diffuser. The hair was blow-dried straight, and then curled using the help of a 1.25inch marcel iron, creating an elongated curl.

Medium Length Asymmetrical Lob Cut

Stacked haircut

Q&A with the style creator, Lizzy O’Leary

Stylist @ Whistle Salon in New York, NY

What would you say about this style?

This vibrant red long bob that is symmetrical in Melanie is a great variation on a traditional design and shape! Melanie is a trendy designer of clothing who has her own business. So we collaborated to create this asymmetrical bob which can be elegant and fun. I love the unique straight-from-the-box color formula (we employ Wella Koleston Perfect for the base, and Wella Blondor Balayage pieces to give subtle depth and the Wella Color Touch Relights glaze to create a deep, yet transparent and glowing tone).

Melanie is a natural hair that is level 4 and we add some level 10 in the level 7 red formula to give her the extra lift. We are the Wella Master Color Expert, and I’ve always enjoyed the idea that once you’ve mastered the rules in and out, you are able to problem solve problems by breaking or bent them!

Do you have any suggestions for someone who is thinking about this?

The best thing about an asymmetrical hairstyle is that it’s quite easy to use! There are a variety of hairstyle options, based on the type of hair you have and texture. Hair that is curly or straight is beautiful when it’s paired with an enhancing product for curls that is scrunched the humid air and dried for an easy and relaxed style.

Melanie wanted some texture to the straighter style of her hair she had this time around, therefore we made loose, slightly curled wave using flat iron. Sometimes, she prefers an elegant look, so we flat iron straight. It’s all about your mood this is why it is a versatile hairstyle (but with a twist!) I prefer this cut for those with thicker hair, oval, heart-shaped or round faces, but the rules are designed to be to be broken!

Pink Pastel A-line Bob

A-Line hairstyle

Q&A with the style creator, Bettina Frost

Stylist @ Gila Rut Aveda Salons in San Diego, CA

What do you think of this style?

I’d add “versatility.” With the help of gentle graduations over the nape and keeping long layers, she’s capable of creating a variety of styles like this A-line bob style. You can wash and wear it with minimal effort, or simply add rings of iron that are flat around the top to spice it up, increase the illusion of volume and give it motion. You can also flat-iron for more smoothness and a more look. If she gives it an A-line design, it allows the wearer to look relaxed in line with her busy working and lifestyle.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering the idea?

Although it could be an unusual style for the majority of people hairstyles, this particular asymmetrical haircut is able to be adjusted in many different ways. It’s not often that I steer a client from trying it. In the event that your face appears more round this is a great option because it lengthens the face shape. In the event that your face appears more long and based on your hairline I could reduce the angle and raise the length up to or below the chin to the front. I could suggest a long side fringe that helps to broaden the cheekbones. The hair’s texture, density, the ability to keep it in place, and the ability to cut will determine the need of an undercut as well as the intensity of the graduation, as well as where I will place the layers.

In general, I suggest a 6 week pre-book in order to keep it in good shape and fresh. It is however, appealing to those who are low maintenance also, since this will grow beautifully. Due to the initial angles and shape of the perimeter as it grows out, it gets less concave and may appear more round This is also pleasing. Therefore, depending on the initial direction of cut it could take months before it loses any shape and becomes convex, and appears like it’s hanging down or sliding in the back.

Beachy Waves Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

Wavy Asymmetrical bob hair Cut

Q&A with the style creator, Jessica Evans

Hairstylist @ Space07 Salon in Sacramento, CA

What would you say about this style?

It’s a very cool texture. It’s a little symmetrical, which is fun, but also offers the user the possibility of straightening it to keep it clean and elegant.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering this?

It’s not obvious in the image, but she has a huge undercut in her back. Therefore, we need to make sure that we keep that cut shaved to ensure that it doesn’t grow shaggy. The overall appearance (color as well as cut) is extremely high maintenance. Additionally, it’s a long process to achieve at all. Any person who wants to try this look must be prepared to invest the money and effort to maintain it both in the salon as well as at home.

Short Layered Bob

short layered bob hairstyle

Opt for a more textured and layers hairstyle that is asymmetrical. A long side part with a deep, gorgeous blonde hue make the look complete.

Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob

Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob

Q&A with the style creator Kim Taglienti

Hairstylist @ Art + Science Salon & Spa in Philadelphia, PA

What do you think of this style?

This style is a smooth, shaggy asymmetrical hairstyle with a chocolate color base which melts into the color of milk chocolate/caramel. The most interesting thing about it is that it has texture and depth. I love things with symmetry in their appearance, and having dimensional hair colors help highlight the best features of the hair. I am a huge fan of using the curling iron or wand to add texture and waves to hair.

Do you have any suggestions for someone who is thinking about this?

Absolutely do it! This particular client has lots and plenty of hair, however, I’ve also done it on those with shorter hair. Hair of all types can make this asymmetrical style! The shape of the face can dictate the length as well as the layers, based on how long or short we take.

For this client, I used Aveda’s glossening straightener for wet hair. Then I used the damage remedy for daily repair of dry hair before curling. I finished her off with Aveda’s Control Force hair spray. This cut is great for any way of life because, depending on how long you’ll have left, you’ll still be able to put it back into ponytail.

The Side-Swept Bob with Bangs. Asymmetric Bob with Bangs

Side swept short Asymmetrical bob with Bangs

Q&A with the style creator, Antonio Demetrio

Team Consultant / Manager @ Headmasters in London, UK

What would you say about this style?

The “Lobsymetric” It’s an interesting twist on a recent trend, which has been called “the the lob” (long hairstyle). With the addition of an asymmetrical element it highlights how long the lob is, and gives a unique boho-inspired side-swept look.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering the idea?

The asymmetrical bob and bangs was created on the shape of a heart. With a longer length, it softens the appearance and adds contrast with the shorter sides which highlights its bone structures. The hair should be rough dried to create the natural look of texture as well as volume. After that, gently twirl the longer parts to create boho-inspired indie waves that break up and relax the hardness and volume.

I applied L’Oreal Techni Art Pli when blow drying to increase the natural texture of the bangs bob hairstyle, and also create an underlying structure that allows the waves to remain as I did a wave and completed my asymmetrical bob using the combination with Paul Mitchell super skinny serum and Redken rough past. This blend is great to define and soften waves since this serum softens and gloms the hair, while it defines and splits hair waves. It also highlights the texture, while maintaining the hair’s shape throughout the day.

If you’re thinking that you’re a fan of this style, it’s perfect for all hair types and types of lifestyles. You can style this look elegantly for a professional appearance as well as casual and messy for your casual occasions.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Wavy short cut

Q&A session with the creator of style Sabrina Jeffreys

Hairstylist @ Salon Surreal in Evans, GA

What do you think of this style?

The best feature of this wavy Asymmetrical bob is the texture cut which is so refreshing and enjoyable! The model has lots of hair and I wanted to have some movement, but not appear too heavy. I was able to achieve this through cutting with a razor, cutting point and texturing. I used balayage to her hair, adding a bit more highlighting around her eyes. In order to finish this asymmetrical bob style I made use of an iron for curling marcel. There are a variety of irons available to create this look. A symmetrical bob cut with a razor can look a bit more sophisticated.

Anyone have any advice for those who are considering the idea?

It’s great for all facial shapes and hair styles. It’s an enjoyable method to change your hair in case you’d like to trim some length but you’d like to increase it easily. For styling, you’ll have to employ a styling mouse or cream (depending on the type of hair you have) to have more control over hair curling or blow drying. It is an excellent idea, particularly for hair that has been colored. After curling, brush or comb through the curls with an open or vented brush, and finish with a medium-hold hairspray, which will leave hair that is comfortable and soft.

Asymmetrical Bob For Fine Hair

asymmetrical bob for fine hair

This cut is a soft and more fashionable variation of an asymmetrical bob that was popular just a few years ago. Your stylist should utilize both the scissors as well as the razor. The scissors will ensure that the hairline stays straight while using the razor to create texturing the hair to keep it soft and light. The most impressive aspect of it is dramatic effect that the angle creates that is close to the face.

Are you willing to commit to this look and cut it close to your hairline? This cut will appear totally different when you have a longer length.

Where is the point of the longest at the top? Chin length? Collarbone? What is your angle? Do you prefer an stacked bob or one-length bob that has texture? Do you have time and love making your hair look good? This is not an easy wash-and-wear style. It should be styled using round brushes, flat iron or both.

When you think about an asymmetrical bob think about the shape of your face, and also the length of your neck. Should you be sporting a neck that is shorter it could be that the bob is nearly touch your shoulders. Should you be blessed with a longer neck, a chin-length bob could look a little too small. A bob looks completely different for every shape of face and body shape.

The thoroughness of your consultations is essential to create an asymmetrical hairstyle that you will love!

Sleek Asymmetric Bob for Older Women

sleek asymmetric bob for older women

You can consider a sleek, asymmetrical hairstyle for women who are older for an elegant and timeless style. The sleek styles can slim the face, while adding elegantness to the overall look and adds youth for the cut. Asymmetry on a mature face can free it wrinkles or loosening, and have the effect of lifting your face. When paired with a modern design, this cut may remove years from the appearance , and can brighten your eyes as well as smile.


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