Shoulder length hair styles are currently favorite among many celebrities. Kendal Jenner, Lucy Hale, Kerry Washington have recently cut off their long locks in favor of middle length cuts. They are much easier to maintain than long hairstyles and give you some sense of flexibility and ease. Moreover, they give a touch of sexiness and sassiness to your look. Save our inspiring ideas to style your hair.

Lovely Curly Hairstyles

Lovely Curly Hairstyles With Caramel Highlights #shoulderlengthhair #longbob #hairstyles #curlyhair #caramelhighlights

Lovely Curly Hairstyles picture 3

Lovely Curly Hairstyles Blonde Color #shoulderlengthhair #longbob #hairstyles #curlyhair #blondehair

Hairstyles for shoulder length hair are mainly created with the help of a curling wand. The variety of curls you can create is huge, and you can choose the one depending on what you are up to.

Straight Hairstyles For Shoulder Hair

Straight Hairstyles for Shoulder Hair Blonde Balayage #shoulderlengthhair #longbob #hairstyles #straighthair #blondebalayage

Straight Hairstyle for Shoulder Hair picture 1

Straight Hairstyles For Shoulder Hair With Colored Highlights #shoulderlengthhair #longbob #hairstyles #straighthair #highlights

Shoulder length hair does not require a lot of efforts. You can look gorgeous every day spending the minimal amount of time. If you want additional movement to your style, try balayage or ombre. It looks amazing on this type of hair.

Amazing Loose Curls

Amazing Loose Curls picture 1

Amazing Loose Curls picture 2

Amazing Loose Curls picture 3

Loose curls are very pretty combined with shoulder length hair. Make some curls at the bottom with a large curling iron and brush them through just a tiny bit. It blends greatly with the natural texture of your hair. Don’t forget about hair spray.

Wavy Long Bob

Wavy Long Bob With Chestnut Highlights #shoulderlengthhair #longbob #hairstyles #wavyhair #chestnuthighlights

Wavy Long Bob picture 2Wavy Long Bob picture 2

Wavy Long Bob picture 3

A wavy long bob is so cute that you need to recreate it as soon as possible. It is super easy to do with the help of texturizing spray and a large curling iron. Add a side part and some messiness for a sexier look.

Cute Tight Curls

Cute Tight Curls picture 1

Cute Tight Curls picture 2

Cute Tight Curls With Ash Blonde Highlights #shoulderlengthhair #longbob #hairstyles #wavyhair #ashblondehighlights

Tight curls look super fancy on shoulder length hair. They give you the feeling like you just walked out of some 60’s movie. If you want them, get some hot rollers. When the rollers are removed, you may brush your hair through or leave it as it is.

Braided and Bright Shoulder Hair for a Cute Look

Braided Shoulder Hair for Cute Look picture 1

Braided Shoulder Hair for Cute Look picture 2

Braided Shoulder Hair for Cute Look picture 3

Has it ever come to your mind to braid your shoulder-length tresses? It’s time to try.

Bright Ideas to Wear Shoulder Length Hair

Bright Ideas to Wear Shoulder Length Hair picture 1

Bright Ideas to Wear Shoulder Length Hair picture 2

Bright Ideas to Wear Shoulder Length Hair picture 3

Sometimes it requires a while to make your hairstyle appear natural, but it is definitely worth it.

Chic Wavy Shoulder Length Hair

Chic Wavy Shoulder Length Hair picture1

Chic Wavy Shoulder Length Hair picture2

Chic Wavy Layered and Bright Hair picture3

Middle length hair can be styled in many ways. But if you decide to add some waves to your tresses, this will grant body, movement, and some carefree vibe.

Fabulous Haircuts for Women

Fabulous Haircuts for Women picture2


Fabulous Haircuts for Women picture3

There are many options how to style longer locks. Straight or wavy hair will ideally work for an everyday look or a special occasion.



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