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27 Easy Haircuts and Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair in 2023

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Hairstyles for long hair which are straight look stunning when they’re worn in a sleek and healthy manner. Make sure you take your long, straight hair to the next level by adding gorgeous layers and side bangs, a delicate texture, or pulling back to a gorgeous hairstyle. Even a tiny variation to your straight locks can transform the look from everyday to something that is captivating! Have a look at some of our top long straight hairstyles this year! Take advantage of the length of your hair, and get making your style look more polished with one of the hairstyles featured here. Get your flat ironing and blow drying abilities and you’ll be set to go! When you’re getting ready for the next appointment for hair, look through these images of haircuts suitable for straight long hair.

Long Blonde Balayage with a Center Part for Straight Hair

#1: Long Blonde Balayage that has an a central part

Long blonde balayage that has an angled center part that will keep you looking radiant. Long , straight and sleek blonde hair is a striking style it that will grab anyone’s notice. Keep this style going with violet shampoo and toning treatments every six weeks to allow the blonde to stay shiny and shining.

Very Long Straight Hair

#2: Very Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair can be as if it’s a blank canvas that is able to be styled in a multitude of ways. You can try a blonde-colored balayage style with deep roots for a low-maintenance hairstyle. A home-based care routine is crucial for any long hair blonde. Simply apply an appropriate hair mask like K18 every once a week, to help keep your hair strong and healthy.

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Effortless Long Straight Layering

#3: Effortless Long Straight Layering

Hair that is effortlessly straight and long does not require being straightened. An easy style for long locks can be accomplished by blow-drying them with the use of a big round brush. This method gives the long straight hair layers volume and flips to highlight the layers.

natural blended balayage on long straight hair

#4: Natural Blended Balayage on Long Straight Hair

Choose a natural, blended brown balayage for longer straight hair. Long straight hair is very simple to maintain. For those who want something that is low maintenance and simple to style and maintain then a long straight cut is perfect for you. Apply a smoothing serum towards the end to keep your hair’s flyaways.

Feathered Layers for Straight Long Hair

#5: Feathered Layers for Straight Long Hair

Use feathered layers with straight hair to add movement for heavier hair kinds. Long hair is prone to be heavy and weigh it down and the best cut for straight hair of long lengths that is layered with face-frame pieces will simply be to add a feather-like design which adds style and flow to your gorgeous long hair.

stylish long choppy layers with bangs for straight hair

#6: Fashionable Long Choppy Layers of Bangs for straight hair

Long choppy and stylish layers with bangs designed for straight hair can help bring the attention of the haircut back to your face. It can be great on both long and round face designs. Long straight cuts can be benefited from the choppy, layered hairstyle because it instantly draws the shape back to the top of your hair. A further benefit is to add a few bangs in order to add some life to the face, and also shorten long or cheeks that are chubby.

straight textured layers with blunt bangs on long hair

#7 Straight Textured Layers the appearance of a Blunt Bang on Long Hair

This trendy straight haircut for long hair that has bangs compliments the lengths without becoming too heavy . It gives just enough volume to the overall shag style. It’s an easy and perfect long haircut for oval faces.

long layers for women with straight hair

#8: The Long Layers of Women with straight hair

Long straight hair that is long with layers is a stunning combination. Include bangs to enhance face-framing.

longer step cut with curled ends for straight hair with layers

#9 A Longer Step-Cut that has curled Ends for straight hair with Layers

You can wear the fashionable long step layers that have curly ends such as these to create a soft and dimensional appearance. Curly and wavy ends give more depth and increase the impact of this straight hairstyle with long hair. shorter layers.

perfect straightened cut for long thin hair

#10: Perfect Straightened Cut for Long Thin Hair

In most cases it’s perfect to let your long straight hair that is thin, do its thing. Straight hairstyles that are long are best when they’re incredibly shiny, so make sure you employ the finest flat iron, even when you’re already straight.

silky long layered ombre hair

#11: Silky Long Layered Ombre Hair

Blonde is among the most fashionable colors among fashion ombres currently. A ombre style on straight hair will look better if have hair that is thick and doesn’t require a lot of volume to look gorgeous.

long waist length long cut for straight hair

#12: Gorgeously Long Waist Length Long Cut for Straight Hair

There’s plenty going on with this gorgeous waist-length, long-layered hair that we love each one! The blonde highlights are perfectly put around the face that softens her jawline.

beautiful long hair cut for straight fine hair

#13: Beautiful Long Hair Cut for Straight Fine Hair

The most appealing way to style long black locks is to wear it in layers. The beautiful subtle layers reduce the appearance of facial features that are angular and give a more interesting look to hair’s choppy ends.

Long straight shag with a side part

#14 A Long Shag with an Side Part

The best thing about a lengthy shag that has a side is the thicker layers in the back and in the area around the face. The stylist Honey Lulla of India created this cut to frame the face and give it the volume. Lulla improved the cut by adding the blonde hue with this technique of two tones. She says, “I’ve created two different undertones prior to applying this base shade.” “The accents on the facial area frame it nicely and add a more sophisticated look to the haircut and layering,” Lulla adds.

Blunt Cut with a Middle Part on Straight Long Hair

#15: Blunt Cut using an angled middle part on straight Long Hair

You can try a blunt cut using the middle section of long, straight hair for an elegant look. Straight hair that is long tends to appear dull and uninteresting. By adding a middle section while smoothing out the hair sharp cut provides a great definition.

Straight V-Cut for Black Women with Long Straight Hair

#16: Straight V Cut for Black Women with Long Straight Hair

There’s a healthy, sleek shining, and healthiness in this sleek haircut for long hair . It was designed by salon and stylist Kelly Walker of Virginia Beach, VA. “Lightly style the hair away from the neck and then back to keep naturally curly hair changing into curls, which means it will remain in its natural form,” adds Walker. “Also combing and wrap the hair into the form of a beehive to keep the straight look until you shampoo.”

A Simple Long Straight Ponytail

#17: A Simple Long Straight Ponytail

A simple straight ponytail is a gorgeous hairstyle. A long , straight hair such as this could be easily dressed up in formal attire or more casual to casually go out. Whatever the case the ponytail style on long hairstyles will look fashionable.

Cute Angled Cut with Long Side Bangs for Straight Hair

#18 Cute Angled Hairstyle with Short Side Bangs that are perfect for straight hair

Cute angled style featuring long, side-burns straight hair is ideal for women who like the versatility. It was created by stylist Kimberly from Florida This lengthy straight hairstyle is low maintenance. Kimberly performs most of her cuts when her hair is dry. “I’ll perform the basic haircut after I’m it’s wet, but make sure to refine the hair after finishing. Based on the type of hair it will involve texturing as well as removing length and weight,” she explains.

Blonde Long Hair with Long Layers Hairstyles

#19 The Blonde Long Hair with Long Layers of Hairstyles

A blonde long hairstyle that has long layers of hair looks great with babylights as well as a cash piece. Hair stylist Edith Gonzalez of New Mexico chose this style of straight hair to frame her face and create radiance around the face. “I created babylights for an organic look so that the main piece will stand out more,” says Gonzalez. “The shade is really ideal for everyone due to the low maintenance it requires.”

Long Layering for Straight Hair

#20: Long Layering for Straight Hair

Long layers of straight hair can result in a beautiful frame-of-face effect. It’s ideal for women with a round or oval face shape, claims Honey Lulla, a stylist and salon co-founder from India. Lulla utilized a well-known foiling technique to create this cut a mixture of cool and warm tones. “These provide a sun-kissed appearance and add plenty of volume and glamour the hair. Long, straight hairstyles display these particulars beautifully,” she adds.

dark brown long layered haircut with a bright balayage

21: Dark Brown Long Layered Haircut that has a bright Balayage

Opt to go for a long-layered haircut that features the bright balanced. It is layered on the sides, and the back was cut vertically. This elevated the hair to 45 degrees. After that, using the shortest layer as a reference cutting the top at 90 degrees. The layers of squares on top of the hair provide stunning motion. The cut that is applied to long and straight hair is flexible and requires minimal maintenance. It is beautiful straight, straightened with body or curled. This style is perfect for women who have long hair that is of any texture.

sleek face-framing long layers with dark brunette roots style

#22: Sleek Face Long Layers Framing with dark brunette roots style

The purpose of this cut was to create round layers. This long cut is fun since there are a number of round shapes that are joined to form the overall look. Make a rounded border to begin cutting. Add the layers that are round. Then, the layers for face framing were added, and then styled round to give the overall cut another fashionable element. This style is best for women with medium-length, straight hair. This particular haircut is a fantastic cut for straight, long hair. The rounded parts highlight the hair’s style. If you are a woman with an oval shape it will compliment the cut. This cut is perfect for women who don’t want to style her hair by bending the ends, and a moving back to create a frame of the face. The High Dive from R+Co is a wonderful moisturizer as well as shine lotion that provides styles such as this one a smooth appearance.

Rooted Platinum Blonde on Long Straight Hair

#23: Rooted Platinum Blonde on Long Straight Hair

A platinum blonde rooted on the long, straight hair of an attractive look that is worth exploring. The roots give the appearance of a longer-lasting style. Additionally, it allows for shorter appointments. The color of this long straight hair and cut allows for easy styling.

movement with long layers on straight hair

#24: Motion using Long Layers of Straight hair

“This straight , layered cut for long hair lets you keep the duration of hair along the perimeter, yet allow for movement by incorporating longer layers that run through the interior of the cut. Do you like the facial framing that accentuates the face and enhances the face’s shape? This cut is a great choice for straight, long hair. is ideal for females who live a varied lifestyle. It is possible to wear it up or blow it out or let it dry naturally. This is the perfect hairstyle for prom night, night out or work-related events or even a wedding. There are plenty of choices! For this particular look make use of Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep as well as Aveda Confixor Liquid Gel to keep an unfrizz-free hold. Next, you can use boar bristle round brush for round brush hard-set.

Perfect Face-Framing Long Straight Hair

#25: Perfect Face-Framing Long Straight Hair

The ideal face-framing for long straight hair can be easy to achieve with some lighter colors to the area around your face. Hair that’s long and straight can appear elegant and sexy if it is given highlights, and has a stunning elegant, smooth and silky appearance. For long hairstyles suitable for women, ensure to blow dry your hair downwards to prevent any significant hair loss. Apply heat protection and a shine spray following.

Long & Straight Chocolate Brown Color Melt

#26: Long & Straight Chocolate Brown Color Melt

You can consider a long and straight chocolaty brown melt color if looking for a touch of heft. For styling your long straight hair, consider the Aveda Smooth Infusion to get a smooth look and shine.

Soft Creamy Blonde on Long Straight Hair

#27: Soft Creamy Blonde on Long Straight Hair

Think about a soft, smooth blonde in long straight hair to add the extra dimension. Long hairstyles for women will be a perfect fit for every face shape. A blunt cut can give the illusion of fullness when it’s styled straight. The Spritz is a leave-in with Keratin to protect against heat damage prior to cutting.

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